The Legendary Master’s Wife

Chapter 2

Trading Division

After leaving the room, You XiaoMo finally finds out the name of the young man with the blue aura. He is called Jiang Liu. He actually lives next door. In the beginning, he was unremarkable but ever since the assessment, he has thrived because of his blue aura. A blue aura proves that he has the potential to be a high level mage. Furthermore, high level mages are hard to come by in Long Xiang continent. Many mages can only pace back at forth at the low and intermediate levels. But if one is able to become a high level mage, the future is limitless. The more you are able to refine high level miracle pills, the more respect you will get from people. Therefore, high level mages have always been the target of big-name sects.

Three days ago, those who were brought into TianXin sect with You XiaoMo were all accepted as probationary disciples. But after Jiang Liu was shown to have a blue aura during the assessment, he was promoted to an official disciple. Since Jiang Liu is now an official disciple, he will not have to face the entrance exam half a year later. Furthermore, during yesterday’s assessment, someone from the Grand Elder’s lineage took a fancy to Jiang Liu. Today he was invited to move to the inner courtyard. Therefore he has come to bid them farewell. Aside from You XiaoMo, the others are all envious of Jiang Liu.

“How nice, when will I be able to become an official disciple like Jiang Liu?”

“Work hard, then maybe we can fulfill this dream half a year later.”

“If only it is this easy.”

You XiaoMo finally can’t stop himself from blurting out, “Is it really that hard?” He doesn’t want to be driven out of TianXin sect. In this strange dimension, staying with TianXin sect is probably the safest bet.

The person who was speaking gives him a look, and just when You XiaoMo starts to feel flustered, he indifferently looks away, saying with a long face, “TianXin sect has very stringent demands of their mage disciples. From what I know, if you wish to enter the inner courtyard, you must refine a level 3 miracle pill. Furthermore it must be within the next 6 months.”

At once, sharp intake of breaths could be heard, accompanied by disbelieving faces with mouths hanging open. Low level mages are also able to refine level 3 miracle pills, but that requires at least two to three years of perseverance, and even then success is not guaranteed. There is no guarantee that any one mage, even a low level mage, will be able to refine a complete level 3 miracle pill. A level 2 miracle pill seems more probable. Hearing his words, everyone becomes disheartened.

Although You XiaoMo doesn’t know what it takes to become a mage, looking at everyone’s expressions, it seems to be a difficult path. Like this, he starts to feel that his future is becoming darker and darker.

“But, it’s not as if we have absolutely no hope.” Looking at everyone’s depressed expressions, that person suddenly perks up.

“What hope? Spit it out.” Everyone is hanging in suspense.

That person speaks secretively, “TianXin sect is a very large sect. The disciples number in the thousands and tens of thousands. Putting aside the Warrior division, looking just at the Mage division, the yearly expenses are huge. You all know that although mages can earn money, in the early stages, the burn rate is high. Therefore TianXin sect also has a trading division, specialized in making money for TianXin sect.”

Hearing this, even You XiaoMo pricks up his ears.

“If you are able to attract the attention of the elders from the trading division, when the time comes, even if you fail to attract the attention of the inner courtyard, you still will not be forced to leave TianXin sect. It’s just that from then on, your destiny with alchemy comes to an end.”

After his words, everyone seems lost in thought. After hearing this, You XiaoMo understands that the trading division is a business. But this means one must be business-minded. Furthermore, from what he said, it seems that’s not all there is to it. What twists and turns lie ahead, You XiaoMo doesn’t know, but he doesn’t intend to give up. After parting from the rest, You XiaoMo decides to head to the library to take a look.

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