The Legendary Master’s Wife

Chapter 17

The first time in the limelight.

You XiaoMo feels embarrassed from being stared at. After some hesitation, he asks, “May I ask if something’s wrong?”

Immediately, everyone comes back to their senses. Other than Big brother Wu, the other disciples wrinkle their brows. The relatively expressionless Big brother Wu finally reveals a slight smile and nods at him, “There’s nothing wrong. You did pretty well. Successfully dividing the soul force on the first try, like how Elder brother did during his time.”

These words are unmistakably words of praise. The other disciples are immediately shocked. Big brother Wu actually compared him to Elder brother. This clearly means that his ability to control the soul force must be quite extraordinary. Then thinking of how they failed after several tries, their faces turn quite unsightly. Their inborn talent is about the same as that of You XiaoMo. Other than the one with the yellow aura, the lowest among them, the other three are green. But now they have been bested by the youngest disciple. Furthermore, it’s the one they dislike, leaving them suddenly feeling dissatisfied.

You XiaoMo doesn’t think much about it. After being praised by Big brother Wu, he laughs a little in embarrassment. You XiaoMo really didn’t want to stand out. How would he know that he would succeed in his first attempt? If he had known it would be like this, he would have simply failed a few times to avoid this. Actually, he is aware that these four disciples don’t really like him. But he just doesn’t want to invite trouble, so he had always pretended to be clueless. Now that he has outshone them, looks like there will be an added chip on their shoulders!

Big brother Wu does not let him practice something else just because he succeeded. After a word of praise, he lets them go on practicing. You XiaoMo also doesn’t want to stand out too much, so he continues to practice dividing the soul force. But it gets really dull repeating the same thing over and over again so a question starts to form in his head. Can the soul force be divided into four? Thinking of this, You XiaoMo secretly looks at the other disciples. They are all completely absorbed. Big brother Wu is also not looking his way. But he still needs to be careful. He doesn’t dare to do it in the open. But if he does it in the cauldron, it should be fine. You XiaoMo observes the situation for a bit and only starts when he is certain that he won’t be found out.

First, he divides the soul force into three. Then he drops them into the cauldron. Once they reach the bottom, he quietly divides each further into another three, and let them run around in the cauldron. Over here to his opening, then over there to that opening, even to the extent of tying them in knots. In order to challenge himself, You XiaoMo decides to tie a bow.

Just when he was playing to his heart’s content, the other disciples finally succeed. When You XiaoMo looks over at them, they all look tired out and are sweating profusely. They also look spiritless, as if they had used up too much of their energy, on the point of collapse. Big brother Wu doesn’t allow them to strain themselves further, ordering them to stop and rest.

You XiaoMo quietly retrieves his line of sight. Looking down at the soul force bow in his cauldron, he suddenly feels embarrassed. He really didn’t mean to be so exceptional. He doesn’t understand why the other four disciples are so dead tired just from dividing the soul force. He himself is still full of vigor.

In order not to appear strong willed, You XiaoMo recalls his soul force and then sits on the floor like the rest of them. Unexpectedly Brother Chen at his side huffs in contempt. You XiaoMo looks up in surprise and sees the raging flames of anger in Brother Chen’s eyes. Although it is not terribly obvious, it definitely wouldn’t go unnoticed. What could this be about?

How could he know that although he doesn’t wish to stand out, but anyone with eyes can see that he is not the tiniest bit tired. But he still sits down with them to take a break, as if poking fun at them. How can the four disciples not be furious! On the inside, You XiaoMo’s face is covered in tears. He really doesn’t know what he has done to offend them.

At this point, Big brother Wu who had just gone out comes back inside. He heads straight for You XiaoMo with something in his hands.

“These are level one magic herbs. You can all now start to practice dissolving them.”

Saying this, he places the magic herbs on the wooden tables. Six types all together, twenty stalks for each type. Other than him, the other disciples also receive their share but they were only given three types. One can well imagine the other four disciples adding one more chip on their shoulders.

You XiaoMo turns his head and quietly sheds tears. Big brother Wu, are you trying to make me even more hated?


butterfly knot – bow

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