The Legend of the Dragon King

Chapter 966 - The Heartless Douluo

Chapter 966: The Heartless Douluo

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A name suddenly surfaced in Tang Wulin’s mind. He almost blurted out, ‘You’re the Heartless Douluo?’

He was able to surpass the Atlas Douluo, had a high status in the Tang Sect, was a representative of the Tang Sect here, was able to become the Blood God Battalion’s Blood One, and was a general in the military. To have achieved all these, he undoubtedly had to possess untold strength. There was only a single person in Tang Wulin’s mind who fulfilled all these conditions and that was the Heartless Douluo, Cao Dezhi.

The Heartless Douluo smiled. “You’re a smart kid. I know that you’d be able to guess. The general public had thought that I, Cao Dezhi, had gone somewhere to enjoy myself for my own reasons. However, who would’ve known that sixty years ago, I had only just begun to understand the meaning of my life? Yes, I’ve been here for sixty years. I have ventured into the depths of the abyssal plane as many as eight times to scout the situation within the abyss. I’ve lived a rich life for six decades now. I’ve succeeded the previous Blood One. He was from the Battle God Hall and was Battle God Hall’s hall master for the last three generations. He only told me one thing back then. He said that it’s lonely here, but I’ll be proud. Life is lonely, but the soul is proud!”

“Today, six decades later, I agree very strongly with his statement. I’m also proud of every soldier in the Blood God Army. Their souls are proud. So, when Zang Xin told me about his wish for you to come here to train, I agreed because I hope that you can also possess a proud soul. This is extremely important for your future. At the same time, it’ll allow you to see this world more clearly.”

The Heartless Douluo. This was really the Heartless Douluo! When he heard his words, the gloominess within Tang Wulin’s heart vanished completely.

It could not be denied that restoring Shrek Academy to its former glory was important, but guarding the abyssal passage was just as vital!

Guarding a place for sixty years as if it was only a day? What kind of sentiment was this? Yes, their souls were proud.

Tang Wulin took a deep breath. “Hall Master, I might not be able to completely comprehend your train of thought right now, but I’m willing to stay here. I understand what you mean. I’ll also give it my all and work hard to improve myself.”

The Heartless Douluo smiled. “Everyone has their own responsibilities. My responsibility lies here, while yours lies with the academy. Don’t act with undue haste when you’re anxious for success. You must remember, the academy only has hope if you’re alive. Even if your generation isn’t able to rebuild the academy, you must lay a firm foundation for the next generation. The continent’s current situation is chaotic, whether internally or externally, every side is experiencing a series of problems and changes. What you must first do is continue improving and obtain the strength to protect yourself.”

Tang Wulin nodded seriously.

The Heartless Douluo continued, “You’re strong. This makes me happy. Alright, I’ll tell you about the true conditions of the abyssal plane so you’ll have a better understanding.”


The smile on the Heartless Douluo’s face vanished as he spoke with a lowered voice, “The abyssal plane will be more powerful than you imagine. In that world, there are a hundred and eight layers of abysses. Every layer is connected via spatial passages, and a monarch resides on each level. Hence, there are actually one hundred and eight monarch-ranked existences. We call them the 108 Abyssal Monarchs. Among these 108 Abyssal Monarchs, the first thirty-six layers’ monarchs have strength on par with human Title Douluos, so there’s no need to fear them that much. The monarchs of the next thirty-six layers are equal to our Hyper Douluos, meaning they’re also manageable. But the final thirty-six layers are experts that might even surpass Limit Douluos. Indeed, the final eighteen layers’ monarch’s are practically demi-gods. The 108th Abyss Great Monarch has power akin to a god’s.”

“The energy in the abyssal world exists in a special form. It’s completely different from our origin energy. They’re able to devour life on our world and convert the origin energy for their own use to strengthen the entire plane. On the other hand, there’s nothing useful for us in the abyssal plane. Otherwise, the Federation might have put together a great army to march on the abyssal plane. With no benefits to gain, the Federation has entrusted the guarding of the passage to the Blood God Army.”

“The 108th abyssal layer’s energy is conserved. In other words, in that plane, all the energy makes up a total amount, and this total amount won’t easily change. If it’s reduced, then it has to absorb energy from the outer world to replenish it. The outer world’s energy is our life energy. That’s why after they connected to our plane, the abyss has constantly tried to invade us and strengthen their own overall energy.”

“In a certain sense, you can picture the abyssal plane as an entity, a complete living organism. The abyssal creatures are but its cells. When the cells die, the energy will be recycled and new cells are made. This is the most terrifying thing about the abyssal creatures. We can defeat them and kill their experts, but we can’t utterly destroy them. For example, the Abyss King that you encountered before this, Mei Empress, were extreme abyssal experts from the final thirty-six layers. They were affected by the abyssal passage seal and could only project part of their strength here. Otherwise, there was no way that Blood Eight would be able to block that.”

“From the current looks of things, only the first thirty-six layers’ abyssal monarchs can pass through the passage. That’s why, when I’m here, experts of their ranks wouldn’t dare to come through recklessly. After all, even if they can be reborn, the process of recovery after death is extremely long and arduous.”

“Every time I ventured into the abyssal plane, my objective was to kill more and more abyssal experts and buy us more time. Fortunately, six thousand years ago, a great person completed the seal. If the seal was not completed and an abyssal monarch from the final thirty-six layers came, it would be a devastating blow to us. Although mankind’s soul technology is advanced, it’s not at the level where it can fight with these creatures yet.”

Tang Wulin drew a cold breath. One hundred and eight Abyssal Monarchs! He finally understood why this man was so determined to guard this location. Yes, if there were no experts such as him to suppress the abyssal passages, there would be an unprecedented catastrophe once the passage was cleared and the seal was destroyed. Nobody would be able to bear the consequences of such a tragedy.

“I’m now thinking that if we’re able to kill the 108 Abyssal Monarchs, we will be able to completely annihilate their abyssal energy and prevent them from coming back to life. From what I know, the core of all 108 layers of the abyss is their monarch. Once the monarch is truly dead, it might lead to the crumbling of that layer’s abyssal plane. The abyssal creatures belonging to the plane will also crumble completely and die out. If that’s the case, maybe we can really get rid of the abyssal plane, our great enemy. But all this can only be possible if you’re powerful enough. Among the 108 Abyssal Monarchs, the final eighteen monarchs are all stronger than I am. They’ve already taken notice of you. So, if you enter the abyssal plane, they might very well attack you wildly until you die. Hence, I can’t let you take unnecessary risks. On this side of the passage, I can guarantee your safety thanks to the suppression of the seal, but if you’re in the abyssal plane, I can’t make any promises.”

When he said this, the Heartless Douluo revealed a faint smile on his face. “So the responsibilities on your shoulders might be heavier. If, in the future, you’re able to cultivate until you reach the ranks of a Limit Douluo and at least have the ability to protect yourself, I hope that you can come with me as we venture deep into the abyssal plane and attempt to kill the 108 Abyssal Monarchs. We’ll completely eradicate this danger from the continent.”

Tang Wulin eyes widened in shocked, and he felt his heart heat up. If he could really kill the 108 Abyssal Monarchs and absorb their energy into his body, he might no longer face any problems breaking through the Golden Dragon King’s Seals.

However, he had only absorbed a portion of the Black Empress’s energy and his dragon core had changed. If he absorbed energy from the 108 Abyssal Monarchs, just how immense would that amount of energy be?

The Heartless Douluo continued, “Of course, your current cultivation base is highly insufficient, but I can at least see hope for the future in you. One day, if you’re able to cultivate up to my rank, you’d stand a great chance of killing some abyssal monarchs with that Golden Dragon Spear of yours. At the very least, you can intimidate them so that they won’t casually approach the abyssal passage anymore.”

Tang Wulin nodded slightly. If such a day were to come, then it would definitely be good news for him.

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