The Legend of the Dragon King

Chapter 775 - The Test

Chapter 775: The Test

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Wu Zhangkong had not changed much since three years ago. Time did not manage to leave behind any traces on this cold and arrogant god’s face, only that his aura had become even more drawn-out.

Tang Wulin hastily walked forward a few steps upon seeing him and spoke respectfully, “Teacher Wu, I’m back.”

Wu Zhangkong walked forward too and gave him an unexpected hug. “At least, you’re in a better state than me.”

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment. The image of Wu Zhangkong taking him along as they headed to Heaven Dou City back at the beginning to witness the situation in the graveyard suddenly arose in his mind. He was slightly distracted. “Teacher Wu…”

Wu Zhangkong released him. “It’s good that you’re back. There’s no need to say anything else. Come, let me bring you for the physical test.”

Xie Xie smiled as he gathered over and pointed to his nose. There was no doubt it was him who notified Wu Zhangkong.

Tang Wulin was in a chaotic state of mind due to Gu Yue since he returned to the academy. He felt slightly better after he had made his peace with giving up his search for Gu Yue for the time being.

However, none of the teachers had stopped him from searching for Gu Yue for the past few days. Whether it was Zhuo Shi, Feng Wuyu, or even Wu Zhangkong, no one stopped him. He only realized it when he had calmed down and had a clear mind.

“Teacher Wu, I’m sorry that ever since I returned…”

Wu Zhangkong shook his head. “Perhaps, you’ve yet to understand the inner court’s situation. Let me explain to you in the simplest way. You’re regarded as an adult by the academy upon entering the inner court. You’re responsible for your behavior, but at the same time, the academy won’t be as restrictive as when you were in the outer court. Other than the periodical examination, the inner court is quite lenient with its students. You can do whatever you wish and no one will stop you. Moreover, your relationship with Gu Yue is recognized by the Sea God Lake Date Festival. The academy will certainly support you and even help you look for her. If there’s any information on her, they’ll inform you. According to the current information gathered from the search, it’s highly possible that Gu Yue is hidden by the Spirit Pagoda. Otherwise, there’s no reason why we can’t find her. However, the academy has an unusual relationship with the Spirit Pagoda. Unless it’s at the request of the pavilion master, it would difficult for us to confirm the matter. The pavilion master seems to be rather annoyed with you.”

Of course, Yun Ming was infuriated by Tang Wulin. His best disciple was missing because of Tang Wulin. It would be odd indeed if he were not upset.

Tang Wulin felt uneasy upon listening to Wu Zhangkong. There was no doubt Wu Zhangkong had been helping to look for Gu Yue all along. Otherwise, he would not have understood the situation so well.

‘Is Gu Yue at the Spirit Pagoda? Could it be the problem between me and her lies in the Spirit Pagoda? It can only be the Spirit Pagoda that is capable of causing fear to the academy. Yes, this must be the reason.’

At this point, Tang Wulin felt like he had an objective. Despite knowing that the objective was extremely challenging, it was still better than having no objective at all. At least, he had a goal to work hard for.

The testing room was exceedingly large. It was larger than he had imagined where the machines in the room were unusually huge.

“You’re going to be subjected to an overall test to allow us to understand your physical condition so we can tailor your cultivation later,” Wu Zhangkong explained to Tang Wulin.

“Sure!” Tang Wulin responded.

“First, we’re going to test your soul power.” Wu Zhangkong brought him to the front of an instrument with two spherical objects. Tang Wulin had used such an instrument before so he hastily stepped forward and held it.

Wu Zhangkong switched on the instrument. Soon, the reading appeared.

“Soul power: Rank-47. Rank: Soul Ancestor. Soul power concentration level: Level-6.” A digital voice echoed.

Wu Zhangkong’s raised his brows unwittingly when he heard the word ‘level-6’. He looked at Tang Wulin in astonishment.

“Soul power concentration level, what’s that?” Tang Wulin was puzzled. He had never received any information about his soul power’s concentration level when he underwent a similar test in the past.

Wu Zhangkong explained, “When you have achieved a certain level of soul power, the quantity is not important anymore but its quality. The concentration level is its quality. In simple terms, a nine-ring Title Douluo’s soul power achieved through the consumption of heaven and earth treasures is completely different than the power achieved through cultivating little by little until rank-90. The concentration levels are at least different by three levels. The higher the concentration level, the more condensed one’s soul power is. Each level corresponds to a rank. Your soul power concentration level is level-6. This signifies that even though you’re a four-ring cultivation base, in reality, your soul power’s condensation level is equal to a Soul Emperor achieved through ordinary cultivation. When these two factors are multiplied together, your actual rank is comparable to a rank-52 Soul King.”

This was the first time Tang Wulin had ever heard of such a concept. He could not help looking toward his comrades with a quizzical look in his eyes.

Xie Xie shrugged. “Those who cultivate with Mysterious Heaven Method like us enjoy an advantage at our soul power condensation level. I’m also a level-6 but my cultivation base is actually five-ring. Everyone should be about the same.”

“Hehe. I’m a level-7!” chubby Xu Lizhi chuckled as he gathered forward.

Xie Xie spoke in an unpleasant tone, “You’re not the same as ordinary people. You can devote yourself entirely to cultivate your soul power and condense it!”

“What do you mean by not the same as ordinary people?” Ye Xinglan darted a look at Xie Xie.

Xie Xie was flabbergasted for a moment before reacting to the question. He then looked toward Yuanen Yehui by his side.

Yuanen Yehui acted as if she had not seen his reaction. Xie Xie coughed once. “Not the same as ordinary people as in you are gifted with unusual natural endowments. Xu Lizhi, am I right?”


Wu Zhangkong spoke, “You can say that Xu Lizhi is gifted with unusual natural endowments. The soul power condensation level’s elevation is even more difficult than cultivating one’s soul power. It’s especially difficult to elevate to the next level after one has achieved level-5. My condensation level is only at level-7 after putting in great effort despite the fact that I’ve already attained rank-77 soul power. Come, let’s do the next test.”

Tang Wulin finally understood the importance of soul power condensation level after listening to everyone’s explanation. There was no doubt that he still had a lot of room for elevation since he had only attained level-6 with a four-ring cultivation base. This was very interesting data.

“Test your spiritual power first.”

Tang Wulin was seated below a large instrument whereby a helmet was lowered onto his head.

Wu Zhangkong spoke, “The inner court’s instrument is larger but also extremely safe. Relax your mind and then unleash your spiritual power naturally encircling your head. The instrument will then record it.”

Tang Wulin closed his eyes because he wished to feel the extent of his spiritual power at present. He had a preliminary estimate that his spiritual power should have broken through to Spirit Abyss when he was in the Dragon Valley. However, there was no way he could confirm his guess without a proper test.

After all, the Spirit Sea spiritual power’s requirement was only five hundred points, while the Spirit Abyss’s requirement was at five thousand points! It was a whole new world once he entered the Spirit Abyss! There were many powerful soul masters whose spiritual powers were still at the Spirit Sea level!

To Tang Wulin’s knowledge, Teacher Wu could not have achieved this level back when they were heading to Star Luo Empire at the beginning.

The machine began operating as the lights were turned on. Each light represented one hundred points of spiritual power. The lights turned on at an extremely fast rate with more than ten lights being illuminated in an instant.

The group of people were hardly surprised. After all, they had figured out that Tang Wulin’s spiritual power had achieved Spirit Sea. It was quite normal for him to accumulate one thousand points of spiritual power after such a long time. In fact, they had all achieved this level of spiritual power. Xu Xiaoyan had the most spiritual power amongst them. She had already achieved a breakthrough to three thousand points at the upper mid-range of Spirit Sea.

As for Gu Yue, she had never participated in any test at the academy. She performed her test at Spirit Pagoda so no one knew her exact spiritual power.

The lights on the instrument continued lighting one after another. Soon, another ten more lights were illuminated.

It was two thousand points!

The group of people began to show their astonishment. After all, Tang Wulin was an assault-type soul master. He was already rather impressive with two thousand points of spiritual power. His level of spiritual power was enough to sustain him up to the Title Douluo if he were to show some restraint when he chose his spirit soul.

Then… it was three thousand points!

The expressions on their faces turned from astonishment to shock when the machine hit three thousand points.

Three thousand points was the high-order level of Spirit Sea.

Xu Xiaoyan cried out involuntarily, “Big brother’s spiritual power is not going to exceed mine, right?” Before her voice died away, she witnessed the thirty-fourth light illuminate. Her own spiritual power was only at three thousand three hundred.

This was…

Tang Wulin’s spiritual power had exceeded three thousand points. This was an extremely rare sight among the inner court disciples. Spiritual power was very important to soul masters, more so than soul power. Thus, it was rare for a soul master to cultivate his spiritual power unless it was for the purpose of fusing with an even higher-order spirit soul.

It was four thousand points!

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