The Legend of the Dragon King

Chapter 649: Legend of the Dragon God

Chapter 649: Legend of the Dragon God

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"According to the Spirit Pagoda's ancient records, there was an important event that took place in the Divine Realm which invoked the Dragon God. The event almost destroyed the entire Divine Realm."

"The so-called Godhood is actually a sublimation after one's life force has achieved a certain level. In fact, the definition of God in the beginning originated from this definition of mankind. Thus, the apex of existence, for humans from the planets, form the Divine Realm. They also founded a series of hierarchical systems in the Divine Realm. Anyone who had cultivated to that level, be it a human or a beast, could ascend to the Divine Realm as long as one could overcome the final hurdle. Moreover, one would be assigned to different ranks according to one's potential and strengths."

"Legend has it that there were Five Great God Kings in the Divine Realm. They formed the council of the Divine Realm and were the rulers whereby they supervised the world under them. Because the Divine Realm was created by these high-ranked humans, these Godhood humans regarded themselves superior over the rest. In the beginning, everything was fine. With the passing of time, an ideology that the beasts were supposed to serve the humans took hold. What followed was the Godhood humans naturally prevailed over the Godhood beasts, and the humans ended up enslaving the beasts."

"The Godhood humans were more powerful. They controlled the hub of the Divine Realm with the five God Kings. Their powers far exceeded the Godhood beasts, so the Godhood beasts had to endure the abuse. One day, a Godhood beast encountered an unjust treatment where it was being hunted down. Upon learning of the mistreatment of one of their own, the Divine beasts were infuriated. The Five Great God Kings dealt with the Divine officer who mistreated the Godhood beast, but they could not pacify the wrath of the Divine beasts. Out of rage, the Dragon God proposed to lead the Divine beasts into leaving the Divine Realm and establish another Divine Realm that would solely belong to them. The council of the Divine Realm controlled by the Five Great God Kings would never approve of that. Thus, a major conflict erupted. However, the Dragon God refrained himself and chose to compromise. Not long after that, when he felt that he was well prepared, he led the Divine beasts into starting a war."

Tang Wulin and Ye Xinglan listened in disbelief as Gu Yue continued with the story. If Gu Yue's story was true, then where did the information regarding the Divine Realm from the Spirit Pagoda come from? It was inconceivable.

It had been many years since any human had entered the Divine Realm. Hence, the Divine Realm was only a legend in Douluo Continent, Star Luo Continent, and Heaven Dou Continent. Nevertheless, Gu Yue's vivid description seemed to have brought them into that world.

"The war lasted for a long time in the Divine Realm. It brought an unfortunate catastrophe to the Divine Realm. More than a third of the Godhood humans were casualties during the war. It was the heaviest hit they suffered since the creation of the Divine Realm. But at the end, the Divine beasts lost the war. The council of the Divine Realm was overly powerful. The Dragon God was severed into two by the Xiu Luo God of the Five Great God Kings."

Gu Yue suddenly stopped talking. She raised her head and looked toward Tang Wulin. Her gaze burned as she said, "The Dragon God was a high-level Godhood, so he was immortal. Even the God Kings were incapable of killing him. His origin force came from the chaos energy when he created the world. Even though he was split into two, he did not die. It was possible for him to regenerate himself. The two portions of his body transformed into two giant dragons. One of the giant dragons had diamond-shaped golden scales over its body and inherited the Dragon God's strength along with the original body's attack and defense. Thus was born the Golden Dragon King!"

Tang Wulin's body was trembling and his expression changed to one of shock. "What?"

Gu Yue continued with her story. "The other portion transformed into the Silver Dragon King. The bloodline that your body possessed is the purest form of the Golden Dragon King bloodline. The Mountain Dragon King was the Dragon King's descendant. So, no matter how powerful the Mountain Dragon King is, it can't compare with your bloodline's lineage which was originally a part of the God King. Do you get it now?"

Tang Wulin understood Gu Yue's elucidation. He had never expected that the bloodline in his body was actually that powerful.

It was half of the Dragon God, and it was totally unbelievable.

"So what happened after that? What happened to the Dragon King and the Divine beasts in the Divine Realm?" Ye Xinglan enquired.

Gu Yue's eyes looked peculiar. "The Godhood humans banished the Divine beasts from the Divine Realm completely. No one knew of the whereabouts of the Golden Dragon King and the Silver Dragon King. Ever since then, there was no Godhood beasts in the Divine Realm. Any beast that was qualified in ascending to the Divine Realm was suppressed in the world beneath and rendered incapable of subliming to a higher level."

"This is tyranny!" Ye Xinglan frowned.

Coldness seeped out of the corners of Gu Yue's lips. "This is the human's natural instincts. Wasn't it the humans that created the ideology of dividing the world into 'us' and 'them'?"

Ye Xinglan looked at Gu Yue in astonishment. "You sounded like you're not human."

Gu Yue was stunned for a moment. "Let's not talk about this anymore. I'm here to inform all of you about this myth in the ancient records. The bloodline in Tang Wulin's body should be the purest form of the Golden Dragon King bloodline. So, he's certainly of a higher level than the Mountain Dragon King. It's only that Tang Wulin have yet to master the control over his bloodline's strength at the moment. He should also have a similar effect when it comes to the suppression of attributes. Thus, if we were to consider anyone among us who stands a chance in defeating Long Yue's Mountain Dragon King martial soul, then it can only be Wulin. Hence, I agree with Ye Xinglan's suggestion to forge battle armors for Wulin at full speed to elevate his power."

Tang Wulin looked at Gu Yue, then he looked at Ye Xinglan again. His brows were knitted together while his expression looked peculiar. It felt as if something was revealed in his mind. Gu Yue's words seemed to make him recall something distinctly, yet he could not grasp the thoughts of his memory.

Ye Xinglan replied, "Very well, that's settled then. I'm leaving."

Gu Yue spoke as she gazed after the departing Ye Xinglan, "I'm leaving too."

Tang Wulin suddenly raised his head and looked toward her. "Gu Yue, did you really find the information regarding the Golden Dragon King and the Mountain Dragon King in the Spirit Pagoda? What exactly do you do at home?"

Gu Yue smiled indifferently. "Have you forgotten? My martial soul is the Seven-colored Dragon. I didn't finish explaining when we were with Xinglan earlier. The Golden Dragon King inherited the Dragon God's strength and abilities, while the Silver Dragon King inherited the Dragon God's elemental control ability. We're from the Seven-colored Dragon's lineage and we possess a portion of the Silver Dragon King bloodline. You guessed right. The information isn't from the Spirit Pagoda, but it's our family secret."

Tang Wulin squinted. His gaze was burning as he looked at her, "So you're saying that you're nice to me because my bloodline is related to yours?"

Gu Yue was stunned for a moment. Her expression turned cold. "You can say that."

Tang Wulin's gaze was frozen. "Is that true?"

Gu Yue's heart felt a sharp pain for no reason as she looked into his crystal clear eyes. She nodded her head forcefully. "Yes, it's true!"

"I understand now." Tang Wulin mirrored her nod in all seriousness.

Gu Yue wished to ask, 'What have you understood?' But, she did not say anything as she walked to the door and pulled on it.

"Gu Yue!" Tang Wulin's voice echoed from her back.

Gu Yue stopped abruptly with her back facing Tang Wulin. "What is it?"

Tang Wulin took a deep breath to calm his emotions. "So, if you approached me at the beginning because of my bloodline, how about now? Do you still feel the same now?"

Gu Yue's body stiffened slightly. "Yes!" She pulled open the door and walked out.

Tang Wulin was in a daze as he looked blankly at the door and listened to the sound of it closing. It almost felt like a large door in his heart was closed as well.

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