The Legend of the Dragon King

Chapter 1958 - Head Back Firs

Chapter 1958 Head Back Firs

Tang Wulin was silent. If he was only confronting the soul beast legion at the moment, mankind would stand a chance fighting against them. After all, the number of mankind’s powerhouses was sufficient. They would still be able to fight against the other side even when the opposing side had Da Ming and Er Ming.

However, the situation was now different as quite a number of mankind’s powerhouses were currently under Gu Yuena’s control. Her influence was overwhelming. There was utterly nothing he could do to turn the tide now!

Mankind was too weak and feeble.

Gu Yuena said indifferently, “It’ll only take about three to five days to gather all the soul masters who are under my control. Tang Wulin, you have five days. Seriously, think this over and decide if you wish to surrender or be exterminated.”

“Your Highness, you can’t let him off,” said Di Tian anxiously.

Tang Wulin had created way too many miracles on many occasions. Moreover, he was the leader of Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect. He also had a close-knit relationship with the lord of the plane and the life core. If he was given a chance to awaken those people, things might still turn out different.

“Presumptuous!” shouted Gu Yuena coldly.

At once, the color of the sky and the ground changed. The entire world seemingly turned nine-colored. A terrifying divine consciousness burst forth which created an immense pressure.

Despite the Beast God’s abilities, he felt like he was blinded. He let out a muffled grunt and was forced to lie on the ground from the immense pressure.

Although it only lasted for a moment, the aura emitted by Gu Yuena earlier was truly powerful. Tang Wulin obviously felt the divine consciousness emitted by Gu Yuena during the momentary outburst was no weaker and might even surpass the abyssal Sage King. Her divine consciousness was superior to his.

Gu Yuena closed her eyes and spoke slowly in a deep voice, “Five days, you’ve only five days.” Upon saying that, a silver radiance flashed once, and she vanished out of sight.

The fresh flowers on the ground wilted. In the sky, numerous powerhouses turned around following Gu Yuena’s departure. A number returned to the Spirit Pagoda, while the soul beasts flew back to the Ten Thousand Beast Platform which was suspended in midair.

Da Ming took a deep glance at Tang Wulin before he heaved a sigh and left.

Tang Wulin gazed after their departing silhouettes and looked at the withered flowers below. His face was ghastly pale while his fists were tightly clenched. He never expected this to happen.

“Wulin.” A huge hand was placed on his shoulder. Tang Wulin turned his head to the side and found that it was the Heartless Douluo Cao Dezhi.

“Let’s head back first,” said Cao Dezhi in a deep voice.

“Hmm.” Tang Wulin nodded. He turned around and flew in the direction of the Eternal Sky City with the four great Limit Douluos.

The silhouettes flew past them along the way. All the silhouettes were headed in the direction of the Spirit Pagoda. They were all in a confused state of mind and had blank stares.

The Eternal Sky City was brimming with vitality, yet everyone had a lot on their minds at the moment.

Tang Wulin seemed to be back to his normal self. His aura appeared to be icy cold.

A soul master under the influence who had been captured earlier now stood before him. A golden glint glistened in Tang Wulin’s eyes in the meantime. He was sensing the changes in the soul master.

Other than the four great Limit Douluos, there were the seven old demons with him. Naturally, the seven old demons were not infected.

It took a half hour before the golden glint in Tang Wulin’s eyes faded.

“How is it?” asked Long Yeyue eagerly.

Tang Wulin shook his head quietly. “I believe there is a seed that is planted in his sea of spirit. The seed is very unique. It’s completely fused with his sea of spirit. It appears to be an illusory object, but it can’t be removed unless his sea of spirit is dead. However, it’ll also mean that the person is dead too. I suspect that Gu Yue used the powerful divine consciousness unleashed from the Dragon God core to utilize the seed’s influence over the person’s sea of spirit. It should be a secret skill which belongs to the Dragon Clan. Unless someone whose divine consciousness can surpass the Dragon God core, it’s utterly impossible to negate the control otherwise.”

Upon hearing this, their expressions turned unpleasant.

The Dragon God was of God King rank. Even if the Dragon God core was not as powerful as before, it was still a rank-1 Godhood. In addition, there was Gu Yuena’s control ability. Let alone Tang Wulin, even if his grandfather Tang Hao who was lord of the plane were to wake up, his grandfather’s divine consciousness may not necessarily rival the Dragon God core!

Tang Wulin had a solemn expression. He folded his arms. A radiance could be seen flickering vaguely in his eyes. Judging by the current situation, they would not stand the slightest chance.

Suddenly, the soul communicator on his wrist rang.

He took a glance at the display. Tang Wulin could not help frowning deeply. He responded to the communicator and heard an anxious voice at the other end of the communicator.

“Wulin, how are things on your end? The situation is getting out of hand here. Many media channels played the satellite recording of your marriage proposal earlier. As a result, we can’t hide this event from the public anymore.”

The person who called him was precisely the Speaker Mo Lan.

It had been quite a while since Tang Wulin heard her speak in such an eager tone. Mo Lan could still remain calm even when they were confronted by the abyssal plane in the past. She had united the people and supported them at the frontlines.

Although Tang Wulin was aware that the situation did not look good for sure, he did not expect the repercussions so soon.

“Sister, how’s the situation now?” asked Tang Wulin in a deep voice.

Mo Lan seemed to have regained some calm. “The situation is really bad. The population is in a fragile state due to the abyssal plane’s event recently. Due to the sudden occurrence of this situation, their emotions have suffered a crushing blow. Many high-ranking officers in the army quitted their posts without reason. It’s quite apparent that they are under an external influence. They’re all headed to the Spirit Pagoda’s headquarters. Hence, the army is left without a leader. I think even the Skycrosser Douluo is under influence as well. Not everyone is aware of this incident yet, although it’s spreading across the continent rapidly since we can’t contain the spread of the information anymore. Fear is spreading among the population. The safety and defense measures installed in many cities are affected as well. The situation is getting out of hand.”

Tang Wulin took a deep breath. He knew the situation was bad, yet he did not expect it to be this terrible.

Mo Lan heaved a sigh. “If the catastrophe of the abyssal plane was due to external causes, the disaster before us now is definitely our own fault! We destroyed the world, so the world is fighting back. It’s only that we didn’t expect it to happen so fast. Brother, you must be calm. You are mankind’s only hope now.”

A dash of dejection flashed past Tang Wulin’s gaze. How could he remain calm? He stayed calm with great effort since he had undergone many trials and hardships.

“Sister Mo Lan, try your best to control the army. After all, there are a number of military officers who are still clear headed. Begin with the lower-rank military officers and enact martial law over the rioting cities as soon as possible. We can’t allow chaos to reign. Gu Yue gave me five days. I hope that you can handle the situation for the next five days. As to how we can overcome the situation, I’ll do all within my power.”

Mo Lan knew that Tang Wulin had yet to come up with a better idea at the moment.

“Alright, Wulin. I’ll do my best to pacify the people’s emotions. However, I’ll make a public announcement that you have a way to save the day. If you need anything, let me know. I’ll try to provide as best I can. I’ll head over to meet you as soon as I can, once I’m done handling the affairs here. If there’s no other alternative, I shall represent mankind to negotiate with them. After all, I don’t think they plan to destroy the entire Douluo Continent like the abyssal plane.”

Tang Wulin nodded.

The reason why Gu Yuena gave him time was actually to seek out a compromise. Mo Lan’s opinion was spot on. The soul beasts were not trying to destroy the entire Douluo Continent, but to take the leading role on the Douluo Continent. Compared to the invasion of the abyssal plane, the current situation was more optimistic.

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