The Legend of the Dragon King

Chapter 187 – Forging at the Skysea Alliance Tournament!

Chapter 187 – Forging at the Skysea Alliance Tournament!

“It seems like we need to start studying tactics properly,” Tang Wulin said earnestly.

“Let’s go, we’ll plan in our room,” Xie Xie replied.

To them, Wu Zhangkong was a goliath that they had to face.

At that moment, Tang Wulin’s soul communicator rang. Glancing at the caller ID, he saw that it read “Teacher” and immediately knew who was calling.

“Wulin, come see me as soon as you’re free. I have something to talk to you about.” Mu Chen’s voice was lower, different from his usual calm self.

“Yes. Teacher, I’m free at the moment so I’ll go right away.” Although Tang Wulin didn’t know what the matter was, Mu Chen had always treated him well. He naturally had to show respect in return.

“Mn. I’ll be waiting.”

Tang Wulin hung up and turned to his friends. “I need to pay a visit to the Blacksmith’s Association. You guys go ahead and talk without me. Just update me when I return. However, I’ll give you a rundown of Teacher Wu’s soul skills first. We will most likely be facing his first soul skill, Frost Scar, and his second soul skill, Frost Mist…”

Tang Wulin continued to explain what he had observed of Wu Zhangkong’s first two soul skills. By the time he left for the Blacksmith’s Association in a hurry, everyone was still gaping in shock at the tales of their teacher’s power.

Tang Wulin discovered that there were other people there as well when he arrived at Mu Chen’s office. Apart from Mu Chen, Cen Yue and Mu Xi were also present. Mu Xi had clearly rushed over as soon as the ceremony had finished.

“Teacher.” Tang Wulin bowed to Mu Chen.

“Mn. Take a seat.” Mu Chen pointed to the two-seater sofa in front of his desk. Cen Yue was already sitting in one of its spots, and Mu Xi stood at Mu Chen’s side. This pampered girl stared at Tang Wulin with an odd expression that she had never shown him before.

When Tang Wulin sat down, he discovered a familiar object on the desk. It was a cerulean metal with irregular, life-like veins running through it. Depending on the angle from which one looked at it, the lines would take on a completely different appearance.

It was the rare metal, Blue Coppertite. It had a powerful innate ability to amplify soul power, but its internal composition was highly complex and wrought with numerous impurities. Only after being Thousand Refined could it be used to make goods.

Tang Wulin only needed a single glance to recognize that he had Thousand Refined this chunk himself. After all, to Thousand Refine, a blacksmith had to grow extremely familiar with the item and treat it as if it were their own child.

“Do you recognize this?” Mu Chen said with a frown.

“Yes, I do.” Tang Wulin shot up from his seat and stood straight as a pillar. “Teacher, did I do something wrong?”

Cen Yue awkwardly smiled at Tang Wulin. “No, it’s not that you did something wrong, but you did something too well. Did you know that you’re quickly approaching your teacher’s level?”

“Huh?” Tang Wulin gave Cen Yue a blank stare.

Mu Chen said, “Tell me what the characteristics of Blue Coppertite are.”

Tang Wulin quickly answered, “Blue Coppertite is a type of copper alloy that is composed of thirty percent copper, a trace of coppertite, and a variety of other trace elements. Coppertite is a special compound and the origin of the metal’s name. It’s an excellent conductor of soul power and is even called a soul power amplifier. Soul Masters usually choose this metal when building their battle armors, but since it has numerous impurities and a complex internal structure, it is extremely difficult to forge. It cannot be properly Hundred Refined and instead needs the Thousand Refinement to purify it. Only when the properties of Blue Coppertite have been stabilized and condensed can it be considered completely Thousand Refined. Its value—”

“That’s enough,” Mu Chen interrupted him. “Not only have we verified that this is the Blue Coppertite you forged, we’ve also determined that it’s at the peak of the second-grade. In other words, it’s only one step away from being a first-grade metal. Do you understand what this means?”

Tang Wulin mumbled, “More money?”

Cen Yue burst into laughter.

Mu Xi helplessly said, “Do you only have eyes for money?”

Mu Chen shot a glance of annoyance at his daughter, warning her not to say anything else.

Tang Wulin sunk into thought.

Is it bad if I’m focused on money? Blacksmithing is currently the only way I have to make money, and who knows how much I’ll need in the future.

“This means that you are on the verge of Spirit Refinement.” Mu Chen’s words startled Tang Wulin out of his thoughts of self-doubt.

On the verge of Spirit Refinement? Dazed, Tang Wulin raised his head to look at his teacher.

In a deep baritone, Mu Chen said, “Thousand Refinement is also known as Half-Spirit Refinement. This is because, at that point, blacksmiths are able breathe life and spirit into metal which they can then shape according to their will, improving the quality of the final product. Second-grade Blue Coppertite can amplify the power of a battle armor part by 110 percent, while first-grade Blue Coppertite can amplify it by 112 percent. If it were Spirit Refined, it would amplify the power of a battle armor part by 115 percent.

“This is why anyone in the blacksmithing world who can produce a first-grade metal is only a step away from becoming a Spirit Blacksmith. I inspected the metals you handed in to complete your tasks, and most of them were of the second-grade. This means you’re already a fourth rank blacksmith.”

Fourth rank?

These two words finally made Tang Wulin realize the significance of his second-grade products.

According to the Blacksmith’s Association’s regulations, one needed to be able to Thousand Refine and shape two metals in a row to become a fourth rank blacksmith. Yet Mu Chen said that he was already a fourth rank blacksmith since he could forge second-grade metals. This was the first time he had heard of something like this.

“Do you find this strange? What I’m saying is different from the association’s regulations, right?” Mu Chen asked.

“Mn. It’s a bit strange. I haven’t even tried forging a mecha component yet,” Tang Wulin probed.

Mu Chen sighed. “The association doesn’t have this in writing because very few people are able to forge second-rank metals before becoming a fourth rank blacksmith, not to mention you who has a success rate of over 50 percent. My original plan was to have you rest during this time as it might help with your comprehension, but you’re just too amazing. You’ve really surprised all of us and made major progress!. According to the unwritten rules of the blacksmithing world, just having a 20 percent success rate in forging second-grade metal makes someone worthy of becoming a fourth rank blacksmith. In light of this, congratulations!”

Fourth rank? That means I can accept even harder tasks that will bring in twice as much money! If I can reach Spirit Refinement, then the money will more than just double!

Tang Wulin’s eyes began to shine.

“Isn’t this little money grubber only imagining how much money he can make now?” a gentle voice sounded off to the side.

“Mn.” Tang Wulin unwittingly grunted in agreement, but a strange feeling came over him soon afterward. He saw that Mu Xi was standing at his side, clearly harboring some evil plans for him.

Mu Xi let out a disdainful laugh. “Dad, just look at how immature your disciple is. All he knows is money. He doesn’t even have a dream.”

“Be quiet,” Mu Chen said in displeasure. “You’ve always been given what you wanted, but him? If he didn’t need money to live, would he have to care about it at such a young age? Wulin, just ignore her. There’s nothing wrong with wanting money. We’re a business after all, and a business is all about money. It’s good that you’re currently saving money. It’ll help when you are able to Spirit Refine.”

“Huh? Does Spirit Refining cost money?” Tang Wulin stared at Mu Chen in shock.

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