The Legend of the Dragon King

Chapter 1772 - Devour The Divine Weapon

Chapter 1772: Devour The Divine Weapon

The Life Tribute transformed into a ball of green rubber-like object which squirmed in an attempt to struggle free from the Golden Dragon Spear. How could the Golden Dragon Spear give it a chance to slip away though!

Regardless of its efforts to break free, the Golden Dragon Spear only glowed brighter while the Life Tribute grew darker as its life source was being devoured by the spear.

“Tang Sect Master, what… Can’t you stop it?” Yu Guanjie was at a loss, whether to laugh or cry upon witnessing the scene. He suffered a double loss here!

Before he came, he never expected such a situation to happen.

Tang Wulin could not help giving a forced smile when he said, “I want to stop it, but I can’t either! Think about it. It’s capable of devouring so much abyssal energy. I’m actually a carrier for it. I can’t stop what it wants to do. The divine weapons have spirits, and they are capable of evolving. Devouring life forces is actually a natural process for the Golden Dragon Spear. It’ll leave only a tiny amount of the most essential part of the life force to nourish itself. As its carrier, I help it to carry some life force that is fed to it on normal days. Hence, I can’t stop it from doing anything. It loves your Life Tribute very much. Just like how you can’t take a toy away from a child once it becomes the child’s favorite. Otherwise, it will throw a tantrum. We’re counting on it in the abyssal battlefield, so I can’t offend it now, can I?”

The corners of Yu Guanzhi’s lips twitched for a while. ‘What do you mean you can’t? It’s not right! Does it even matter if I say it’s not right?’

What was happening here?

He felt like weeping but the tears did not flow. The Life Tribute belonged to his clan and not the Federation. Who would approve of the divine weapon being destroyed like this? Even if he were the head of the clan, he still felt really bad for losing such a precious divine weapon.

“Tang Sect Master, you’re going to have to compensate me for that!” Yu Guanzhi gave a forced smile.

Tang Wulin said, “Look, how can I compensate you? Our Shrek and the Tang Sect are both poor, humble organizations. We don’t have any other divine weapons in our possession!”

Yu Guanzhi swore under his breath. ‘Can Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect still be considered poor, humble organizations? Were they poor, humble organizations that had survived for twenty thousand years?’

However, he could not allow himself to lose his temper. He could only heave a long sigh. “Ever since I became the head of the clan, the Life Tribute has always been with me. To me, it’s more than just a divine weapon. It’s also a partner, friend, brother, and family member. Tang Sect Master, I really don’t want to lose it!” As he was speaking, the regimental commander’s eyes reddened in grief.

‘Is he putting on a show? It’s quite impressive.’ Tang Wulin bemoaned in his heart. ‘You were not even sad a moment ago. How did you get yourself into this mood? Your acting skills are truly impressive.’

Tang Wulin looked a little helpless. “But there’s nothing I can do! Look, you’re the one who started this. You asked for it, but I don’t have a divine weapon to offer in compensation!”

Yu Guanzhi heaved a sigh. “It’s done. What else can I say? The crucial point is that I can’t explain myself to the clan. Tang Sect Master, how about this? I don’t want any divine weapon anymore. I hear that you’re a rare super genius in the world of blacksmiths. Your speed in the Heavenly Refinement is unprecedented. Can you make a few sets of four-word battle armors for our clan? I shall bear the loss of this divine weapon and take the punishment willingly from my clan.”

Tang Wulin looked at the person before him in bewilderment. This person had no shame…

He had the audacity to ask for a few sets of four-word battle armors as if it was as abundant as chinese cabbage, as if it could be acquired with no effort.

“One set.” Tang Wulin looked helplessly at the person before him.

“Deal.” Yu Guanzhi agreed without the slightest hesitation.

The Life Tribute being devoured was something beyond his expectation. Nevertheless, he had a plan before coming here today. He would ensure that he was on favorable terms with Tang Wulin. It was important as Tang Wulin was the only Divine Craftsman capable of performing the Heavenly Refinement in the world now!

As the head of a powerful clan, he had to think ahead for his future generation! There was no doubt as to the import of having a four-word battle armor.

Actually, he did not really intend to acquire the Eternal Heaven. With a Divine Craftsman in their fold and given enough time, Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect would certainly achieve a period of great prosperity in the future.

Imagine the sort of situation it would be if all of Shrek Academy’s powerhouses of Title Douluo-ranked cultivation base and above were given four-word battle armors. No other force could achieve what they could.

In a sense, it was only possible to suppress Shrek after Tang Wulin’s era had passed.

The new era of Shrek had dawned following the incident where Tang Wulin severely injured Qiangu Dongfeng in a single strike.

The final speckle of radiance on the Life Tribute had vanished completely. On the other hand, the Golden Dragon Spear turned into a dazzling stream of golden radiance before plunging into the area between Tang Wulin’s brows and vanishing without a trace.

Tang Wulin’s life source was also retracted soon after. It was extremely easy for Tang Wulin to control his aura due to his current cultivation base.

Devouring a divine weapon in exchange for a set of four-word battle armor felt like a good bargain.

At present, he clearly felt the excitement coming from the Ancient Life Tree. The Ancient Life Tree wanted nothing more than the purest and highest quality life force to promote sublimation and a qualitative change in itself.

Outside, the Life Subtree had grown two fold within a short period of time. Its crown was over fifty meters in height, and it was flourishing. In fact, all sorts of plants had begun to take root and germinate in the surrounding mountains in the darkness of the night. An enriching, dense life source filled the air.

In other words, the effect of devouring such a life attribute divine weapon was way better than devouring a large number of abyssal creatures during the day.

Tang Wulin felt the effect was the same as devouring a quasi god from the abyssal plane.

Most importantly, he could sense the intense feedback from the Ancient Life Tree which elevated his life signs exponentially. He was already close to the state of his senior brother disciple’s Leakproof Golden Body. The only obstacle remaining was the final breakthrough.

Yu Guanzhi heaved a sigh and looked at Tang Wulin enviously. He said with a bitter smile, “It seems like the objective of my visit has not been achieved at all. Tang Sect Master, what are your thoughts on this war?”

If everything that happened earlier was the unexpected gain of his plan, then he was back to square one now.

After watching the video of Shrek Academy’s five great Limit Douluos fighting against the three great quasi gods, Yu Guanzhi was well aware that Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect’s support was absolutely crucial in defeating the abyssal plane.

Tang Wulin said, “The goal of us engaging in the prior battle has already been achieved. We managed to stop the abyssal plane from venturing deeper. However, the Black Monarch had appeared within a short time. It’s possible that the abyssal plane’s invasion will surpass the incident of six thousand years ago. The Black Monarch isranked ninth in the abyssal plane, so anyone with a ranking before her will be even more powerful. This is definitely terrifying. We must try our best to gather our strengths and stop the passage as soon as possible. The majority of the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy’s powerhouses are already here, and we are ready to take action any time. The rest is now up to the Federation.”

Yu Guanzhi nodded in agreement and said, “I’ve already acquired the blueprint for the seal array from the Blood God Army. Meanwhile, I’ve instructed my staff to put in extra hours to expedite all the required materials. However, I’ll still need your help to engrave the seal array. I shall send the blueprint to you later.”

An idea emerged in Tang Wulin’s mind. He knew the importance of the blueprint. Though it was a top secret in the Federation, the Central Army Corps’ regimental commander took the matter lightly and was going to hand it over to him. Getting the blueprint was not an easy thing to do!

Tang Wulin was well aware that Yu Guanzhi was still the deputy minister of the military headquarters, just like the Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie.

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