The Legend of the Dragon King

Chapter 1351 - The Qilin Douluo’s Story (Part One)

Chapter 1351: The Qilin Douluo’s Story (Part One)

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At the same time, the people were shocked and puzzlement quickly followed. Since he was a Limit Douluo already, if the Qilin Douluo was willing to render his services to the empire, the empire would have swept every heinous crime he had ever committed under the rug. This was something they were sure about.

However, he did not ask the empire to help him conceal anything. Instead, he lost this match in the Battle of Five Gods and it seemed like he would be giving up on his life as well.

Today’s battle was truly interesting. The Qilin Douluo and Tang Sect’s Sect Master fought so fiercely that the heavens and earth seemed like they had been overturned. However, true experts with cultivation bases of Title Douluo and above could see that Tang Wulin was still slightly away from the highest rank. If the QIlin Douluo was a real Limit Douluo and had he fought with his Limit Douluo’s cultivation base, Tang Wulin would not possibly be a match for him.

However, he was already on the brink of death. Only now had he displayed his Limit Douluo strength. Why did he do this?

Everyone including Tang Wulin had a million questions in their minds. Nobody understood what had happened to this second-best Limit Douluo in the Star Luo Empire. What led him to this choice? He was forfeiting victory and was even rushing to his own death.

Tong Yu’s expression was very sour. His body was completely dark red in color right now. The scales all over his body were covered in a layer of destructive aura. However, he did not seem bothered by it. The scenes of his projected thoughts were starting to change.

One of the scenes suddenly enlarged and displayed itself in front of the audiences in the coliseum. Everyone was able to have a clear view and this included the Star Luo Empire’s citizens who were watching the battle on the television.

The scene changed. There was a young boy and a young girl.

The girl was very beautiful. Although she only looked to be about seven or eight years of age, she was slim and graceful. She was wearing a white dress decorated with pink flowers as she danced trippingly among the grass. The little boy stood on the side and silently watched her. Although he was very young, his gaze was especially gentle.

If they looked closely, they could notice a faint trace of Tong Yu’s profile on the boy.

The dancing girl stopped and waved at the little boy. The little boy immediately ran over and gave her a towel. Then, he took out water and food from his backpack and gave them to the little girl as well.

Tong Yu’s deep voice sounded at this moment. “A long time ago, a boy fell in love with a girl. They were both from humble backgrounds. The girl was beautiful from the day she was born. She was noble and graceful. Maybe it was fate. When he met her for the first time, the little boy had started to like the little girl.”

Everyone knew that he was talking about himself.

If it was an ordinary person recounting his life’s story, not many would have been interested to listen to it. At least, it would not be forty percent of the entire Star Luo Continent’s population listening to it.

However, at this very moment in the Battle of Five Gods, when a Limit Douluo, a near-death Limit Douluo was recounting his life’s story through thought projection, a perfect silence came upon the coliseum. Everyone was silently listening.

Whether it was the people who hated him or had no knowledge of him, they were silently listening to him right now.

“The little girl was very pretty. Hence, she was loved by adults and children alike. The boy was one of those who loved her. He was quite brave. Although he was young, he had told her that he liked her. He even told her that he would like her for a lifetime.”

“At that time, the little girl proudly told him that she will marry a great hero when she grew up. She would marry the most amazing person in the world. So, the little boy set his goal as becoming the most amazing person in the world. He swore to the girl that he would work hard.”

A story such as this might have happened to thousands of people. Maybe everyone had similar childhood memories. However, when such a story came from the mouth of a Limit Douluo who stood at the top of the world, it gave the listeners a completely different feeling. His story sounded shocking.

“From that day on, the little boy followed the little girl around. He would get her anything she wanted, by hook or by crook. In order to escort her to school, he would wake up an hour earlier and run to her house every day. At their age, even when their parents found out, they would just shrug it off with a smile. After all, they were still young.”

“However, nobody understood just how much he loved her. In his eyes, she was his goddess. The girl was eight years old, and the boy was nine.”

The scene of the thought projection changed silently. It was still showing the little boy. He was sitting cross-legged on a bed with a determined look on his face.

“After his martial soul awakened, the little boy had been working especially hard in his cultivation. However, he found out soon enough that his martial soul was only an earth-attribute dog. His innate soul power was only at rank-2 and he had no future or any other prospects in this. However, the boy had a surprisingly strong heart. This was because he had one single conviction, he wanted to become the most powerful person in the world no matter what. This was his promise to her. When that day came, he could marry her.”

The scene changed again. The little boy and little girl had grown up slightly. The little boy appeared slightly silent, while the little girl looked even more beautiful than before. Around her were many of her peers from both genders. The little boy was only gazing intently at her from a distance, silently.

“The little girl was so attractive that no matter where she went, she was always the focal point of everyone there. The little boy was contented just by looking at her every day. On the other hand, the little girl still arrogantly ordered him around. Some of their peers even said that he was like a lowly dog that followed her around. However, he endured it willingly as if it was something pleasant, as long as she was happy with it.”

“When she was happy, she’d invite him to play along. When she was unhappy, she’d hit him and yell at him, as if he were her punching bag. However, the little boy was never angered by her. This was because in the little boy’s heart she was still spending more time with him in the end.”

“Back then, the little boy’s family wasn’t rich. He saved his lunch money to buy the little girl what she wanted. He would eat the cheapest foods.”

The little boy in the scene appeared lean and haggard, he was even slightly shorter than the little girl. The little girl was brimming with youth, while the little boy was gloomy.

The scene changed to the front gates of an academy. The little girl ran into the academy jubilantly. The little boy followed behind her, but he was clothed in ragged garments.

“With his tireless efforts, the little boy finally managed to pass the entrance examination to the academy which the little girl wanted to enroll in. However, he could only enroll as a training student. He was allowed to study in the academy in exchange for his services in the various jobs the academy would assign to him. However, the little boy still felt that he was one step closer to success.”

“The days went by, the little boy and the little girl grew up. Soon enough, they entered their youths. The little girl grew prettier while the boy still looked dull. Also, he started to discover with fright that a group of admirers was starting to flock around the girl.”

The duo in the scene was in their mid-teens. Tall and handsome boys surrounded the girl while the little boy looked from nearby with clenched fists. He was still holding the little girl’s bag for her.

As he spoke, a faint smile crept onto Tong Yu’s face as he stood there. He seemed to be completely immersed in his memories. Currently, practically the entire Star Luo Empire was watching his memories and listening to his narration. Even the emperor Dai Tianling had no intention of cutting him short at the moment. This was the wish of a Limit Douluo, it might even be his final wish. Regardless of how this story would end, he would allow him to finish.”

“To prove his own power, the little boy had secretly challenged the little girl’s admirers time and time again. Even if he was completely beaten up, he did not care. He had another moniker from that time on, rabid dog. However, what broke his heart was that the little girl had furiously told him one fine day that she hated him because he had caused her to lose her friends and nobody wanted to play with her.”

“The little boy told her that he only wanted to protect her. If she did not like it, he would just follow her orders. He did not want her to give him the cold shoulder.”

“From that day on, the boy became even more silent, and he cultivated even harder. However, his natural talents were after all too weak. With their growing age, the girl’s strength had long surpassed his while he was gradually being eliminated among his peers.”

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