The Legend of the Dragon King

Chapter 1058 - Xie Xie Seeing Something He Shouldn’t Have Seen Again

Chapter 1058: Xie Xie Seeing Something He Shouldn’t Have Seen Again

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The golden storm appeared unexpectedly. The entire space seemed to be torn apart. The competition stage shook violently while the audience witnessed the surrounding space about to collapse.

Undoubtedly, the strike was as powerful as the complete outburst of a three-word battle armor master.

Tang Wulin revealed his naked upper body that was all covered with golden scales. The audience could even hear the strong pulsating sound of his Dragon Core.

At this moment, the thick and vigorous blood essence fluctuation that burst out from his body shocked every single person on the scene.

It had ended!

Yuanen Yehui did not reappear. She vanished with the destruction of the door of light. However, Tang Wulin was not in a better state himself. There were cracks on most of the scales which covered his whole body. Amidst the mighty explosion, his body was covered in fresh blood, and it was all his own blood!

He panted loudly. He was almost sucked into nothingness a moment earlier.

What an impressive Yuanen Yehui!

Apart from the shock in his gaze, Tang Wulin felt a certain excitement. He had never expected that Yuanen Yehui had already progressed to such an impressive extent. She was capable of seizing the opportunity during his observation of her to burst out with such a terrifying, attacking ability.

Tang Wulin almost failed to block her attack despite his two-word battle armor’s protection coupled with his all-rounded amplification of the Golden Dragon King. At the end, he sacrificed his battle armor with his soul power and bloodline power which was a heavy price to pay for launching the Golden Dragon Tremor Burst. Only then did he manage to turn defeat into victory.

Meanwhile, the ghastly punch had left behind a profound impression on his mind.

It was a first for him being caught in such a tight corner ever since he participated in this year’s competition.

Although Ye Xinglan comprehended the Swordsoul, Yuanen Yehui had surpassed her ability now. Moreover, it was Tang Wulin’s first encounter with Yuanen Yehui’s main martial soul after all this while. It turned out her main martial soul was not the Titan Giant Ape but the Fallen Angel!

Even though his wretched condition was mostly due to him being overly conservative, he managed to affirm that Yuanen Yehui’s fighting capacity had achieved such a powerful level. How could Tang Wulin not feel excited for having such powerful comrades?

“Phew!” Yue Zhengyu exhaled. He slowly stood up as he watched Tang Wulin, on the screen, caught in a tight corner. At this moment, his gaze turned unusually determined.

“Xiaoyan, I plan to begin the second stage of the Holy Baptism ceremony.”

Ye Xinglan was similarly watching the screen. Her gaze was burning hot, and her eyes were filled with an intense will to fight. Fine threads of fissures seemed to be cut open by an invisible sword in her surroundings.

Xie Xie knocked strenuously on Yuanen Yehui’s door, yet, nothing stirred within the room.

Due to her outstanding performance in the competition, Yuanen Yehui was awarded a Star Dou Cabin exclusively for her use which was why she participated in the competition from her room. As she was not allowed to enter the Star Dou Cabin dressed, she refused to allow Xie Xie to wait for her in the room.

Xie Xie had seen the result of the competition earlier. He understood Yuanen Yehui’s ability the most. As a result, his heart was filled with concern.

Not a sound was heard from her room at present. Something bad had happened to her for sure!

A radiance flashed once. Xie Xie’s Light Dragon Dagger was seen shimmering in an instant as he cut the door lock. He pushed open the door and dashed into the room swift as the wind.

In the next moment, his body was frozen on the spot akin to a timber pile.

He saw the Star Dou Cabin opening up. Yuanen Yehui was crawling out from inside the Star Dou Cabin without a stitch on.

They gazed into the eyes of each other. Yuanen Yehui was both embarrassed and furious at the same time. “You’re dead…”

Before her voice faded, her eyes rolled and she lost her consciousness.

Xie Xie moved in a flash and hastily caught her falling body. For a moment, he hardly felt romantic. On the contrary, he felt a gush of sorrow invade his heart.

‘I… I truly didn’t do this on purpose…’

Four semi finalists!

The Golden Dragon King entered the semifinals but was hardly impressive in qualifying.

What sort of power was derived from the Golden Dragon King’s final outburst? Was it a supplementary ability that came together with his battle armor?

Despite having entered the semifinals, the Golden Dragon King’s odds of becoming the champion dropped. The odds were one-to-three.

The Golden Dragon King had no weakness, but the Strength King lost in an unjust manner.

What sort of ability was displayed in the Strength King’s outburst in the final moment? Could the contestant possibly be an evil soul master?

All sorts of news broke out at the end of this round of the competition. For a short while, Tang Wulin and Yuanen Yehui became the focus of attention.

Tang Wulin was the only person remaining to enter the semifinals amongst the Shrek Seven Monsters.

The schedule of the four semi-finalists heading into the final battle had been drawn up by the organizer. Tang Wulin’s opponent in the semifinals was the Gale Saber Demon Sima Jinchi who defeated Ye Xinglan. He was the powerhouse with a profound comprehension of the Swordsoul.

It was an original punch technique!

After reviewing the entire process of the battle with Yuanen Yehui, Tang Wulin finally understood that Yuanen Yehui had created her own set of punch techniques with a profound comprehension of the secret behind her fist’s consciousness. She combined her twin martial souls and the punch technique seamlessly to achieve a quantum leap in her abilities.

It was the path that belonged to soul masters. There was no doubt that Yuanen was progressing better than him.

The Thousand Accusing Fingers was a skill that was passed down to him by Old Tang. It was indeed powerful. Perhaps, even Yuanen Yehui’s original creation of the Cloud Vortex Divine Punch could not rival it. However, it did not belong to him, so it would not be beneficial to sublime himself.

Tang Wulin’s elevation in his abilities was mostly due to the mutual cooperation of his Dragon Core and soul core. In addition to his status as the Nature Child which allowed the Nature Seed to fuse with his body, his natural endowments had surpassed those of his comrades by far. Yet, he had fallen behind in his own comprehension of his abilities.

In this area, Ye Xinglan managed to exercise preliminary control over her Swordsoul and Yuanen Yehui who created the original Cloud Vortex Divine Punch were ahead of him.

They had both found the correct path for themselves which was their lifetime pursuit. How about himself, then?

Could it be that his future was foreshadowed by the Golden Dragon King which he was bound to accept the gradual elevation brought by the Golden Dragon King Seal’s abilities?

In any case, whether it was a skill that was passed down by Old Tang or an ability bestowed by the Golden Dragon King’s essence, they did not actually belong to him!

Such a thought lingered in Tang Wulin’s mind.

‘Yes, I must find the path that belongs to me.’

His starting point was higher than his comrades. Consequently, it was even more difficult for him to find his path.

Tang Wulin had never thought of it before his fight with Yuanen Yehui today. His natural endowment was too powerful such that he was solely dependent on it. He was not doing anything wrong per se. Going by the current situation, he still remained peerless.

What about his future? If his pursuit in the future was to be at the peak of the world, then he would certainly need to find a path that belonged to himself. Without his own path, he would never achieve his dream.

‘My path, where is it?’

Tang Wulin pondered quietly. He sat there throughout the night, yet he did not have a clue.

He realized that it was not a path that he could find just by meditating painstakingly. Instead, he would need a certain amount of luck and opportunity.

He let his mind settle quickly because he knew that the most important task for him now was to integrate all the abilities he already possessed. He had relied on his blood soul fusion skill to remain standing at the peak of his rank. He would possess a richer and more rigorous foundation when he was done integrating all his abilities.

He did not allow himself to be disturbed by his thoughts after figuring out the next direction of cultivation. He entered the meditative state rather rapidly as he still had to fight in the mecha battle’s eight-into-four competition in about ten hours. As compared to the soul master battle, it would be even tougher for him.

“How do you feel?” Blood Two looked at his son by his side.

Blood Nine frowned. “If I’m not mistaken, Wulin is acquainted with the opponent. I’ve watched his earlier competitions as well, and he’s not the same person he was in today’s round. He hasn’t expressed his dominance at all.”

“Hmm.” Blood Two nodded. “However, what do you think of his final outburst?”

Blood Nine answered resolutely, “That’s definitely not a supplementary ability that came together with his battle armor for no one will give his or her own battle armor the ability to self-detonate. Even if there is one, the power can’t possibly be that massive. The power of his single strike is as powerful as the full force strike of a Title Douluo-ranked, three-word battle armor master. It’s impressive! However, I can tell that it’s very exhausting for him as well.”

At this point, his expression was caught in a daze briefly. He said, “Although I refuse to admit it, I’m beginning to feel that his ability is fast approaching mine.”

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