The Legend of Futian

Chapter 2575 - Indestructible

Chapter 2575: Indestructible

Within the Ziwei Segmentum, everyone raised their heads to look at the sky above. No matter on which continent they were cultivating, they were witnessing this extremely shocking sight.

The heaven had turned flaming gold in color, with a terrifying pattern of flames, as if it intended to temper the entire world.

Someone wanted to destroy the Ziwei Segmentum!

In Ziwei Imperial Palace, Lord Chen and the others looked up into the sky. They knew that it was extremely far away from them, but they could see it clearly because the entire world was covered by it. The destructive divine light also covered the Ziwei Segmentum so that no matter where they were, it was omnipresent.

What was the outcome of this battle?

The vibration seemed to have stopped, and the Ziwei Segmentum did not continue to oscillate. This could only mean that the previous battle had ended. However, what was this in front of them right now?

There were many living creatures on the countless number of cultivation continents in the Ziwei Segmentum, not just powerful cultivators. Many of them did not understand everything that was happening in their world. However, after today, they would know what this world was really like, and how shocking was the real world.

The place where they lived and cultivated was just a corner of the world, as inconspicuous as a grain of sand in the desert.

For the endless living beings that existed in the entire Ziwei Segmentum, this day was earth-shaking. At the same time, aside from the shock they felt, there was also a disquiet. The golden divine flames filled the sky, and the entire world was wrapped in it. Was this a force that could bring about the end of days?

Would Ziwei Segmentum be obliterated?

And would their place of cultivation be no more?

Many people started to pray, bowing to the void. They prayed in their hearts that they would receive the protection of Ziwei the Great. In Ziwei Segmentum, everyone believed in Ziwei; Ziwei the Great was their one and only God.

“Look yonder!”

Someone looked up into the sky. After the terrifying golden divine flames had shut down their world, these flames seemed to want to swallow the entire world whole. However, at this time, beneath the golden divine flames, an extremely bright starry light screen lit up. Likewise, this starry light screen also covered the entire world, preventing the invasion of the golden divine flames.

“Someone is protecting us.” The people of Ziwei Segmentum continued worshipping toward the sky.

“Is it Ziwei the Great revealing himself??”

Their belief in Ziwei came from the bottom of their hearts. After all, the entire Ziwei Segmentum was a world created by Ziwei the Great.

“It’s Futian.” In Ziwei Imperial Palace, Lord Taixuan was not surprised when he saw the scene above the sky. The cultivators in the imperial palace fixated on the sight above them; they were more worried than shocked.

“I’ll go take a look,” said Lord Chen as his body levitated into the air, heading higher up into the sky.

Now, the battle seemed to be over. The next step would be to resist that golden divine flames. He wanted to see what was happening there and how Ye Futian was doing.

“I’m going too.” Many people left by air at the same time, heading towards the sky.

This battle belonged to Ye Futian alone. He alone had resisted the army from Divine Prefecture and blocked the attack of the imperial arms. And they could do nothing to help him except watch the battle inside the safety of Ziwei Imperial Palace. They were so uncomfortable it felt as if their hearts were on fire.

Hua Jieyu was also among those who went into the air. Those eyes that stared into the firmament were filled with worries and concerns.

High above in the starry sky, Lord Chen and the others found signs of Ye Futian.

Here was a starry sky surrounded by billions of stars, circulating between heaven and earth, as if operated by a unique rhythm of its own. Ye Futian appeared in this starry sky as he sat cross-legged with eyes closed. His entire person seemed to have entered a state of chaos and semi-consciousness. Stars and divine light surrounded him, but that body seemed a little elusive.

What was even more astounding was that millions of starry divine light bloomed from Ye Futian, as if they were reaching and connecting to the stars in heaven, thus forming a starry defense. It was a coherent starry light screen functioning like a massive umbrella in the starry sky, which blocked the golden divine flames from entering in.

Lord Chen and the others saw that destructive golden flames, which were agitated with madness as they swallowed up the power of the Great Path. It wanted to purify all the auras in the world, to burn and refine them. This was the imperial arms, Heaven Tempering Enumeration.

Terrifying golden divine flames invaded, interwoven with the starry light screen. It seemed to be eating away the light of the starry Great Path slowly, swallowing and refining the Great Path of the stars.

Many stars surrounding the sky were covered bit by bit by the golden divine flames as if they could be refined and become part of the divine flames at any time.

“He is greatly weakened,” Lord Chen said as he looked at Ye Futian. Hua Jieyu wanted to step forward but stopped herself. No matter how much she wanted to, she had to restrain herself. She was worried that if she touched Ye Futian, there would be unimaginable consequences.

Ye Futian, at this moment, had fallen into a state of selflessness. He no longer belonged to himself but this starry world.

But at this moment, there was an extremely vibrant aura of life that bloomed from him. As the divine glory gleamed, it seemed that a tree of life appeared upon him, which merged as one with him so that his aura of life could not be extinguished.

“He is still fighting it!” Hua Jieyu’s beautiful eyes were a little red. Then they saw wisps of aura spreading towards the heavens from Ye Futian. Those ancient branches and leaves spread towards the firmament as if to populate this starry sky.

As that aura spread, all the stars in heaven seemed to become one. With Ye Futian as the center, as if he was the root of this divine tree, the stars in heaven became the branches and leaves of the sacred tree, a starry divine tree seemed to have come into being.

“This…” There was an expression of disbelief on Lord Chen’s face, as well as the others, as they watched the incomparable divine light shrouded this corner of the world. All of them looked at Ye Futian and heard Lord Chen say, “Let’s leave here and not disturb him.”

“I’ll stay here with him,” Hua Jieyu said.

“That’s fine.” Lord Chen nodded and led the others away, with only Hua Jieyu remaining.

The miracles in the starry sky continued to evolve. The outer limits of the entire world were enveloped by the starry divine light. It was impossible to see everything inside of it, but Hua Jieyu was standing inside. Vaguely, it could be seen that she was standing underneath this incredibly shocking starry divine tree.

Ye Futian had turned into a divine tree, and all the stars in the heavens were growing on this divine tree.

At this moment, those golden divine flames on the periphery roared as they were unable to invade anywhere because they were being isolated. There seemed to be two layers of seals: the Heaven Tempering Enumeration imprisoned Ziwei Segmentum, as the starry divine tree imprisoned the Heaven Tempering Enumeration in turn, isolating it from everything else.

Hua Jieyu sat cross-legged, not far from Ye Futian. She looked at him and believed that he would create miracles. Perhaps to him, this was just another kind of cultivation, and Ye Futian would come through this trial just fine.

The vision above the firmament was something that the people of the Ziwei Segmentum could neither forget nor ignore; all of them wanted to know what had happened. Afterward, Ziwei Imperial Palace announced to the world that the forces from Divine Prefecture had banded together for the express purpose of attacking Ziwei with the aid of the imperial arms. They wanted to rob Ziwei of the divine treasures left by Ziwei the Great and control the Ziwei Segmentum.

At this time of unprecedented crisis, the heir of Ziwei the Great, the Palace Lord of Ziwei Imperial Palace, Ye Futian, used his power to fight against the imperial arms, intercepted the cultivators from Divine Prefecture single-handedly. With his body of flesh and blood, aided by the will of Ziwei the Great, he was able to block that tempering imperial arms outside of Ziwei Segmentum, saving Ziwei from destruction.

The Ziwei Segmentum disbursed this news to all the stars and the forces that were at the level of the overlords until it had spread to all corners of Ziwei Segmentum. They assured everyone that there was no need to panic. Instantly, Ye Futian’s name became the stuff of legends in Ziwei Segmentum.

Ye Futian, the heir of Ziwei the Great, was also the spokesperson of Ziwei the Great in this world. Countless cultivators in Ziwei Segmentum bowed down and worshipped him.

At the same time, this incident incensed everyone inside Ziwei Segmentum. The trend to cultivate in the entire Ziwei Segmentum had reached its peak instantaneously. Countless aspiring talents had gone to ask permission to be admitted into Ziwei Imperial Palace to cultivate, preparing to fight against the Divine Prefecture one day.

Taking this opportunity, the Ziwei Imperial Palace announced to all of Ziwei Segementum that it would have the largest recruitment of cultivators in its history. Those who were the most outstanding in the entire Ziwei Segmentum would be trained inside Ziwei Imperial Palace as part of its plan to strike back in the future.

For a time, this news rocked all of Ziwei Segmentum, making way for a grand occasion that had never been seen before. Ziwei Segmentum was a world in isolation, never involved itself in the strife and confrontations of the outside world. The invasion by the Divine Prefecture ultimately ignited the desire for cultivation within the Ziwei Segmentum.

At the same time, the people inside Ziwei Imperial Palace, Ye Futian’s old comrades, also began to cultivate in earnest.

No one had any ideas if Ye Futian could survive this catastrophe and emerge safe and sound. They had no idea how this would end, but they did know they had to work hard to continuously elevate their cultivation realm.

In this battle of invasion incited by the Divine Prefecture, Ye Futian made good of his promise. The only way the people of Divine Prefecture could get inside of Ziwei Segmentum was to step over his dead body. He used his own body to block the threats outside, ensuring the safety of Ziwei Segmentum.

When the feast in Ziwei Segmentum was about to begin, countless cultivators gathered at Ziwei Imperial Palace. Lord Chen presided in the upper main seat as the host of the feast, but there was an empty space next to him, right in the center, which he did not occupy. There was one person who had not returned.

Three years later, outside of the starry sky, Wang Xiao was still there; he had not left. He said he wanted to witness the end of everything and confirm the outcome, so he was still here. He wanted to witness the moment when Heaven Tempering Enumeration melted down the Ziwei Segmentum and Ye Futian’s death.

But after three years, none of this had happened yet. The destructive power of Heaven Tempering Enumeration seemed to be cut off on the outside, and had not been able to invade the interior of Ziwei Segmentum.

Heaven Tempering Enumeration was an imperial arm that had covered the entire world, but so far, it had not been able to temper the Ziwei Segmentum. He could even perceive that the divine flames within the Heaven Tempering Enumeration were still locking horns with those endless stars. The two intertwined, but one had not been able to swallow nor destroy the other.

This meant that Ye Futian had been battling with him for three years now, and he had persevered. Not only did he not perish, but he also was still resisting the attacks of the Heaven Tempering Enumeration, protecting Ziwei Segementum from the fate of extinction.

At this time, Wang Xiao opened his eyes and looked at the space below. Could Ye Futian really stave the attack of the Heaven Tempering Enumeration forever?

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