The Legend of Futian

Chapter 2114 - Taking a Master

Chapter 2114: Taking a Master

Many people gathered in front of the ancient tree and watched Duo Yu obtaining the Divine Technique through awakening. The villagers were overwhelmed with mixed feelings. After all, Duo Yu was only an insignificant orphan in the village. He couldn’t even cultivate before the transformation of Four Corner Village. No one expected him to be the one who inherited the last Divine Technique.

The outsiders were also astonished by the magic of Four Corner Village. They couldn’t see anything, but Duo Yu was able to obtain the Divine Technique through awakening. It felt like everything was destined to happen.

Most importantly, however, they cared about the Divine Technique itself. Duo Yu obtained the Divine Technique that was previously lost to Four Corner Village. It was the Eye of Samsara, which was an extremely powerful divine method of illusion that could trap the target in the endless cycle of death and rebirth. The targe couldn’t escape from the illusory world of samsara and would eventually die after his spiritual will was destroyed.

At this moment, a pair of intense and eerie eyes became visible in the sky above Duo Yu. A similar scene appeared behind him as well. It was the Life Spirit he awoke.

At this point, a mysterious incident popped into the outsiders’ minds. Many years ago, another extraordinary cultivator inherited the Eye of Samsara and left Four Corner Village. Nevertheless, a horrifying tragedy happened to him shortly after he rose to fame in the Shangqing Domain.

An incredibly powerful cultivator from the Palace of the Illusory God—a top force in the Shangqing Domain—carved out the eyes of the last inheritor of the Eye of Samsara. He stole the Eye of Samsara and integrated it with his own eyes. Therefore, the Eye of Samsara—one of the seven Divine Techniques of Four Corner Village—was lost in the Outer Realms.

In order to protect Four Corner Village, the master prohibited the villagers from having dealings with the Outer Realms. Many forces and groups in the Shangqing Domain were hankering after the precious Divine Techniques of Four Corner Village. Back in the days, Blind Tie also suffered a similar ordeal because of that.

He and the inheritor of the Eye of Samsara both had a tragic story. But there was one difference. The person who attacked the inheritor of the Eye of Samsara fully passed off the Eye of Samsara as his own. Blind Tie, on the other hand, lost his eyes and only part of the cultivation method of the Divine Technique.

Therefore, technically speaking, one and a half Divine Techniques of Four Corner Village were lost in the Outer Realms, including the whole Eye of Samsara and half of the Divine Hammer of the Protector.

Duo Yu now inherited the Eye of Samsara decades later. People couldn’t help but speculate that Duo Yu was a descendant of the cultivator whose eyes were carved out.

Either way, Four Corner Village reclaiming all seven Divine Techniques was earth-shattering news and had special significance to the villagers.

Moments later, Duo Yu opened his eyes, and the extraordinary phenomenon disappeared. Surprisingly, instead of looking exhilarated, he was only sitting still in a daze.

“Duo Yu.”

“Duo Yu, good job.”

“Duo Yu, don’t forget about your auntie when you become an amazing cultivator in the future.” Loud noises came from all sides. People in Four Corner Village were offering congratulations to the young man.

Duo Yu looked at the familiar faces as a fatuous grin spread across his face. He stood up and scanned the crowd as if he was searching for someone.

“Mr. Ye is at Little Ling’s place,” Fang Cun walked over and spoke to Duo Yu.

Duo Yu immediately ran off. Many people watched his receding figure and noticed his change. He could run much faster after his awakening.

“He needs to thank Mr. Ye for everything.”

“Exactly. Duo Yu can change his name now.”

A lot of people laughed and joked. Duo Yu sprinted to Old Ma’s house and happened to see Ye Futian walking out from the yard.

Duo Yu tried to stop, yet his body kept moving forward. His feet slid down the road, and even his shoes were smoking due to friction.

When he finally stopped completely, Duo Yu raised his head and looked at the man in front of him. He didn’t know what to say. Instead, he scratched his head and cracked a silly grin at Ye Futian.

He wouldn’t even dream about cultivating if Ye Futian didn’t take him to the ancient tree. Becoming a cultivator was nothing more than a foolish wish for him. Even when the master announced that everyone in the village would be able to cultivate in the future, Duo Yu didn’t think that he would be included.

He was the most insignificant person in the entire village.

Inheriting the Divine Technique was beyond his wildest dream.

Indeed, everything that happened just now felt like a dream to him. Not only could he cultivate now, but the villagers also told him that he inherited one of the seven Divine Techniques passed on by their ancestors.

“Mr. Ye.”

Duo Yu prostrated himself and knocked his head on the ground to show his gratitude to Ye Futian.

He didn’t know any other way to express his pure, raw emotion.

Ye Futian gazed at Duo Yu’s skinny body that was dressed in shabby clothes. He didn’t stop him. This reticent young man must have been holding back his feelings for a long time. Perhaps it was better for him to vent it in this way.

Fang Cun was running after Duo Yu. But he stopped as soon as he saw Duo Yu bowing down before Ye Futian. Instead, he quietly watched them from far away.

Ye Futian walked over to Duo Yu and squatted down. He patted Duo Yu on his head and said, “Why are you crying? You are a grown man who can cultivate now. You will be responsible for protecting the village in the future.”

Duo Yu raised his head and saw the smile on Ye Futian’s face. He used the sleeves to wipe his eyes yet still couldn’t stop tears from rolling down his cheeks.

“Mr. Ye, can I learn cultivation from you?” Duo Yu asked, crying. He stared at Ye Futian with shining, expectant eyes.

Ye Futian was moved and didn’t have the heart to turn Duo Yu down. He smiled and nodded, said, “Of course.”

“Then you’re my teacher now, Mr. Ye,” said Duo Yu, “The villagers often say that ‘a teacher for a day is a father for a lifetime.’ With you as my teacher, I will finally have a family.”

Ye Futian was surprised. He outstretched his arms to hug Duo Yu and said, “Duo Yu, everyone in the village is your family. You have always been a member of the village and will always have families by your side.”

“Yes,” Duo Yu gave a solemn nod and beamed radiantly despite the tears on his face.

Standing next to them, Old Ma was touched by the scene. Although Little Ling also lost her parents, she had Old Ma to care for her. On the other hand, Duo Yu was an orphan who was tossed around and neglected by everyone. He never dared to show his feelings and always had a silly grin on his face. No one had paid attention to him or cared about his well-being.

Otherwise, his emotions wouldn’t erupt so suddenly and dramatically, and he wouldn’t see Ye Futian as his dearest family.

Honestly speaking, Ye Futian didn’t have much contact with Duo Yu. He only took him from the riverside to cultivate under the ancient tree.

“Disciple Fang Cun greets the master,” a voice said. Ye Futian turned around and saw Fang Cun also prostrating himself on the ground. He wanted to be Ye Futian’s disciple as well.


Ye Futian blinked rapidly and had an almost irresistible impulse to beat up this boy.

“I suppose the master has acquiesced in taking me as your disciple. I promise to follow you around and cultivate studiously,” Fang Cun said while knocking his forehead on the ground continuously. Ye Futian stared at him in frustration and said, “Aren’t you a clever one!”

“Hehe,” Fang Cun simpered, “Master, thank you for your compliment.”

Ye Futian was at a loss for words.

“Uncle Ye, I want you to be my master too.” Little Ling also ran over to them from afar.

“And me,” Tie Tou shouted. They both kneeled along with Fang Cun and said to Ye Futian, “Disciple Little Ling and Disciple Tie Tou greet the master.”

Little Ling and Tie Tou were still innocent children who probably didn’t understand what they were doing. Even so, they imitated Fang Cun and repeated his words in their tender voice. They simply wanted Ye Futian to be their teacher.

After all, Uncle Ye treated them so well.

Ye Futian felt like he was “coerced” by a couple of children. Now he could not extricate himself from this difficult situation and had no choice but to take them as his disciples.

“The children have shown their wholehearted devotion. Just take them,” said Old Ma. Blind Tie was also waiting nearby.

A lot of people were watching them from afar with mixed feelings. The four children each inherited a Divine Technique. What kind of a position in the village would Ye Futian rise to once he became their teacher?

No one thought that an outsider would be able to enjoy such a high status. Before Ye Futian’s arrival, only the master had this level of prestige.

How did Ye Futian achieve that?

In the meantime, everyone had to admit that all four children only started to show their talents for cultivation after Ye Futian arrived at the village.

“I believe the other three’s wholehearted devotion. But I can’t take Fang Cun,” Ye Futian said. Fang Cun was too slippery and crafty.

“Master, you can’t be prejudiced against me. Heaven knows how sincere I am,” Fang Cun swore solemnly, but Ye Futian didn’t buy it at all.

A group of people walked over to them, including cultivators from the Muyun family. Muyun Lan said, “The master is the only teacher in the village. Even if he didn’t take you as his direct disciples after you started cultivation, you should be grateful and treat him as your master. Why are you all begging to become Ye Futian’s disciples? Do you have any respect for the master?”

“The master told us a long time ago that even though he teaches us how to read, write, cultivate, and seek the Great Path, he doesn’t want to officially take us as his disciples. Now that we have met another man who can teach us cultivation, of course, the master wouldn’t mind,” Fang Cun replied.

“Fang Cun, you’re so pathetic. Even a person like him can be your teacher,” Muyun Shu scoffed, “Is he good enough?”

“The kids sincerely want to acknowledge Ye Futian as their master. This doesn’t seem to concern the Muyun family. Why don’t you mind your own business?” Old Ma looked up and said to them, “By the way, there is another dispute that needs to be settled now. All seven Divine Techniques have emerged. The inheritors are chosen by the spirits of our ancestors and can represent the will of Four Corner Village. Shouldn’t we call for the villagers and make decisions on things that are still hanging in the air?”

The cultivators from the Muyun family were not pleased. Did Old Ma really want to cast out the Muyun family?

They did agree that the inheritors of the seven Divine Techniques would work together to pass judgment on the affairs of Four Corner Village.

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