The Legend of Futian

Chapter 2112 - Condescending Attitude

Chapter 2112: Condescending Attitude

Ye Futian looked at Muyun Lan and noticed the people around him who were from the Nanhai family. He said, “The people with you are also outsiders. Is that wrong?”

“No, it’s not,” Muyun Lan replied.

A surge of invisible energy sprang from Nanhai Wuji’s body and pressed on Ye Futian. Frowning deeply, Ye Futian stared at Nanhai Wuji.

He certainly sensed how dangerous Nanhai Wuji was.

“I heard that the Great Emperor once issued an injunction that forbids master cultivators from setting foot in the Four Corner Continent,” Ye Futian spoke in a flat voice.

Nanhai Wuji’s expression remained the same. Of course, he knew about the injunction. No one in the Shangqing Domain didn’t. It was why they had never visited Four Corner Village or explored this corner of the world in the past.

He finally had a chance now.

That being said, he didn’t dare to ignore the Great Emperor’s decree. He only came, knowing that he wouldn’t be punished.

“The Divine Priest of the Great Emperor issued a new order several days ago. The injunction regarding the Four Corner Continent and Four Corner Village is lifted now,” Muyun Lan looked at Ye Futian and said. His words set tongues wagging. Some people already heard about it through families living in the Outer Realms. But the majority of the crowd didn’t know about the news yet.

People living in Four Corner Village were particularly confounded. They used to be protected by the Great Emperor’s order. What did it mean to them now that the injunction was lifted?

Ye Futian also showed a surprised look on his face. Why would the Great Emperor revoke the decree all of a sudden?

“When did this happen?” Old Ma narrowed his eyes and asked.

“The Great Emperor is the ruler of the Divine Prefecture. There is nothing he doesn’t know about. Everything that happened in Four Corner Village didn’t escape his attention either. The injunction is not necessary anymore now that Four Corner Village has transformed and is connected with the Outer Realms,” Muyun Lan said calmly.

An odd look came over Ye Futian’s face. He recalled his time in the Eastern Barren Territory many years ago. The decree about the Eastern Barren Territory was revoked, and Princess Donghuang later showed up and took away Mr. Du.

After that, he entered the Upper Worlds and almost died in the Void Realm. Princess Donghuang gave him a chance to survive by letting him go through the Gate of the Void Realm. It was how he arrived at the Divine Prefecture.

Now, the injunction about Four Corner Village was also lifted after his arrival. These two things seemed to be somehow connected. Could it be a simple coincidence?

It also meant that he was under the surveillance of Donghuang the Great wherever he went. He never escaped from his watch. Since the Great Emperor knew about everything that happened in Four Corner Village, he certainly learned about Ye Futian’s visit.

It was not a good feeling. On top of that, Ye Futian couldn’t figure out why Donghuang the Great Emperor chose to revoke his decree now.

Perhaps, it was only because Four Corner Village didn’t need to be sequestered and protected anymore now that its laws had changed and it had opened up to the Outer Realms.

“Since the injunction is lifted, even outsiders can take action in Four Corner Village now,” Muyun Lan stared at Ye Futian and continued speaking. An invisible form of pressure immediately enveloped Ye Futian. Ye Futian was reminded of the time when he was facing Ning Hua back in the days.

Muyun Lan was a renowned figure in the Shangqing Domain. He must possess tremendous power.

His cold voice seemed to be another form of intimidation.

Ye Futian was not the only one affected by Muyun Lan’s energy. Even Blind Tie, Old Ma, and others sensed the invisible pressure. The entire village would be put in grave danger if outsiders could fight inside the village. After all, most villagers were common folks.

They had no clue why the Great Emperor revoked his decree at such a critical moment. Was it because the village stopped being cut off from the world?

“You shouldn’t forget who you are just because you have been outside,” Blind Tie faced Muyun Lan and said. Even though they were allowed to fight in the village now, Muyun Lan shouldn’t forget that he was born and raised in Four Corner Village himself. A battle inside the village would only damage his hometown.

“Of course, I know who I am.” Muyun Lan looked at Blind Tie and said, “This is where the Muyun family resides and is where I was raised. No one wants the village to be prosperous more than I do. I hope the villagers can go to the Outer Realms and broaden their horizons. Therefore, I certainly don’t want a clash to happen in the village. I would hate to see anyone starting a fight here, let alone myself.”

“Why are you still talking if you know all that?” Old Ma spoke evenly.

“I’m only reminding you not to forget who you are. You should remember who grew up in the village and who came from the outside,” Muyun Lan scanned the crowd and added. “The seven Divine Techniques have come out, and everyone in the village will be able to cultivate in the future. I will direct more resources for cultivation back to the village to help the master train more cultivators. Only that will make sure Four Corner Village gains a strong foothold in the Shangqing Domain. I can let bygones be bygones and forgive your past misdeeds.”

Muyun Shu’s face changed upon hearing his brother’s statement. He raised his head and looked at his elder brother with a puzzled face. Was Muyun Lan going to let them off? Muyun Shu was not pleased with such a decision. But he had no choice but to obey his elder brother. He glared at Ye Futian and the others with frosty eyes.

“I heard that you came from the Donghua Domain and have done many things for Four Corner Village. You can stay here and become a member of the village in the future. Four Corner Village will be a sanctuary for you and protect you from the danger in the Donghua Domain if you repay us by helping the villagers’ cultivation process.”

Ye Futian listened to Muyun Lan and quietly stood in place. Old Ma, on the other hand, gave Muyun Lan a death stare. Muyun Lan’s seemingly magnanimous proposal revealed what a haughty man he was. His condescending attitude suggested that he was the ruler of Four Corner Village while Ye Futian was merely an outsider.

Muyun Lan gave Ye Futian a chance to be a member of Four Corner Village as compensation for everything he had done for the village. Ye Futian could escape from his enemies from the Donghua Domain by taking sanctuary in the village.

“Are you the one calling the shots in Four Corner Village?” Blind Tie challenged Muyun Lan in a cold voice. He stood upright like a statue and didn’t flinch, even when facing master cultivators like Muyun Lan and Nanhai Wuji.

“Of course, it should be a collective decision made by the villagers. Nevertheless, I am a member of Four Corner Village. Any suggestion I offered is to bring advantage to the village. I’m sure everyone in Four Corner Village can understand me,” Muyun Lan said. “I hope you don’t forget that you are also a part of the village.”

“Of course I won’t forget. However, before making these hypocritical suggestions and presumptuous judgments, you should think first about what you have done for Four Corner Village,” Blind Tie responded calmly. “It’s none of your business whether he stays or not. The village will take care of it.”

Muyun Lan gazed at Blind Tie in silence for a few moments. Then, he replied, “I guess I will have to wait and see.”

After that, he also walked over to the ancient tree and glanced at the young people cultivating by its side. As someone who came from Four Corner Village, he understood that these youngsters would all become extraordinary cultivators in the Outer Realms.

Ye Futian wasn’t too bothered by Muyun Lan. He was an outsider indeed. Nowadays, however, he was more important to Four Corner Village than Muyun Lan.

To some extent, he didn’t stay because he needed Four Corner Village as his safe haven. Instead, it was because the village needed him.

That being said, he didn’t give too many thoughts to Muyun Lan’s speech. Everything would work out in the end.

Following the footsteps of the Nanhai family, more and more cultivators came to Four Corner Village. A lot of top cultivators were curious to visit the village since the decree was revoked now.

At this point, another group of people arrived at the entrance of Four Corner Village. The head of the group was also a master cultivator. He took in a deep breath and carefully examined the village. Then he spoke quietly, “Turns out it is an independent world.”

He heard that Four Corner Village only looked like this due to the transformation. What was it like before? He supposed that he would never get an answer.

More and more people swarmed into Four Corner Village. In the meantime, a large number of cultivators from the Four Corner Continent also gathered here. Many forces in the Shangqing Domain sent people here to see what would happen in Four Corner Village.

It was quite an assembly on the Four Corner Continent.

Rumor had it that the future of Four Corner Village might be determined in the following days. Would this magical village become a top force in the Shangqing Domain?

So far, no one really knew the strength of the village.

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