The Lazy Swordmaster

Chapter 4

The Poisoned Soup


"Young Master?"

Ian stretched his arm towards Riley, who would not say a word.

He found it strange that Riley would not turn to look back at his beloved mother, even though she was in such a state.

"Where are you going? You must sta..."

As a man who had practiced swordsmanship under the Iphelleta house for his entire life,

he could feel a sudden change in Riley’s aura.

His curiosity rose.

It was similar to the time when the first and the second sons of the Iphelleta house ridiculed his mother.

Ian thought he could see his potential once more.


"Ah, yes?"

Riley's cold tone made Ian realise just how selfish his thoughts were.

It was not the time to try to read the atmosphere or Riley's emotions.

"Watch my mother."

After giving this brief order, Riley immediately left the dining room.

Without even looking back towards his mother.


There was a reason as to why Riley did not look despite his love for her.

The expression on his face was as cold as stone, filled with anger.

His mother may be unconscious, but Riley did not want to show such emotions in front of her.

Riley slipped out of the dining room, sped through the corridor and stopped.


Clack, clack.

A woman in heels appeared from the corner and confronted Riley with an unsurprised 'Oh'.

"Riley? Is that you?"

From the vanity of her clothing, to the white face powdered with makeup.

With just one look at her luxurious appearance, one would be able to tell that she was someone of importance in the mansion.


Riley smiled brightly at her with his rage burning within.

The woman was the first wife of the house.

For Riley, she was another mother to him.

'Orelly Finn Iphelleta' was her name.

"I thought you were having dinner with Iris. You seem to be in a hurry. Do you need something from me?"

Orelly tilted her face, with a innocent look.

"Yes, um... I forgot to greet you earlier."

As Riley lowers his head, she waved her hand with a laugh.

"Oh, there is no need."

Riley looked into her eyes and saw the burning desire within them.

Eyes burning with malice and ill intent.

An average person may not notice, but Riley had seen such eyes in his previous life.

"Lady Orelly, may I ask. Where did you go just before this?"


"This smell, it does not seem to be from your dinner. It smells more like that from the kitchen."

Orelly tilted her head once more.

"Nice nose you have there. Yes, I was simply curious as to what the menu is today. I have not yet eaten dinner, you see."

"Haha, that does not seem to be like your usual self."

"Hoho, oh you! I could say the same to you Riley. I'm surprised you are actually on your feet instead of lying around."

She stared into Riley with her narrowed eyes.

It seemed as if she was looking down on him.

Her gaze looked kind at first, but Riley could see the hidden meaning in it.

“Move, bitch. Get out of the way.”

A phrase he knew from his previous life that best described the situation.

It was a warning.

Telling him to not try anything rash and act like a corpse just as he always had.

She must have been quite agitated due to the recent talks about the successor.

"Oh Master Lazy Blade, it's good that you are showing such manners but your mother must be getting worried. Shouldn't you go back?"

Orelly whispered to herself as she turned her back to Riley.

"Oh wait, is it the other way around? My bad."


"Who cares, right?"


Riley entered his mother’s room, and questioned Ian who was looking after her.

"How’s mother?"

"She is alright. For now."

She had made it through the worst of it.

That thought sank deep in Riley's heart.

With an expression as serious as Riley's, Ian put his hand on Riley's shoulder.

"Young master, may I have a word with you?"

Ian whispered with a grim face.

He was wary of the possibility that someone would be eavesdropping.

"The truth is, in the soup..."

Riley cut Ian's words before he could finish.

"There was poison right?"


Ian nodded in surprise with cold sweat running on his back.

He was wondering how Riley managed to find out, but that was not an important matter.

"... Yes, the poison is not strong enough to significantly harm a normal person, but Lady Iris is a special case. Her body is already weak from her genetic condition. It must have been a combination of both that caused her to faint."

Riley stared at his sleeping mother.


It bothered him that he could not do anything but watch his mother fall.

"Therefore, someone in the mansion tried to assassinate Lady Iris. She is being targeted. We have already captured the maid who was in charge of the dinner. She will be questioned soon. And..."

Ian fixed his tie and bowed to Riley.

The action showed Ian’s feelings of guilt.

"I am sorry. This old man was not aware of this until it was too late."

Ian had looked after Riley ever since he was born.

He had neglected housework in order to try to convince Riley to train his swordsmanship.

The result was Lady Iris's poisoning.

If he had been on guard, it would not have happened.

Ian was prepared for the punishment.



"About the dream I had, in that strange world."


"There's a saying like this."


"Don't wake the sleeping lion."

Riley spoke while opening and closing his hand.

"Where's my wooden sword?"

"Young... Master?"

Riley continued as he walked out the bedroom.

"I must go to the training room."

Today, Riley's eyes burned quietly, as he thought of his mother.

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