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Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Chapter 49


What the kindergarten kids said were all different. They were all disconcerted that no one truly recognized the situation correctly. The principal decided to call their parents first.

The parents of the boy who hit Kwon Eun Hyung appeared at the school within 30 mins with their car. As soon as they saw Eun Hyung, they threw abusive words at him.

“Oh my god, how can you dare beat my son like this?! Who the hell are you? Why are your parents not arrived yet? What kind of parent would teach their child to beat children like that?”

“Um… Sang Hyun’s parents, please calm down. They are not here yet, and Eun Hyung also got beaten too.”

“Okay, we will wait, but when are they coming? We should leave soon.”

The gentleman with a suit responded then stretched out his wristwatch in front of the principal. Just one glance was enough for one to realize how pricey his watch was.

The principal turned pale and dropped his gaze Eun Hyung.

He then asked, “Um… is your father working right now?”

“Excuse me? Whether it’s his father or mother, tell one of them to be here.”

“I mean, his mother is…”

The principal was hesitant to say that Eun Hyung’s mother had passed away just a few months ago. As if the other boy’s mother realized the principal’s stuttered nuance, she yelled immediately with a high-pitched voice.

“There was a reason why he acted like that! Hey, you, where’s your mom? Where is she!?”

“You shouldn’t do that!”

“I shouldn’t do what? He’s from a family who raised a boy like him! Hey, shouldn’t you apologize immediately? If you’re so ignorant, then you should stay calm! Who the hell are you to beat my boy like that! You little…!”

Her stinging voice poured out to Eun Hyung, who turned pale. The principal looked at him pathetically and tried to contain the lady’s anger, but she continued roaring like an animal.

When they heard the absence of Eun Hyung’s mother and his father who was a driver, there were no qualms on their words and attitudes. They began to spit out insults to the little Eun Hyung. At that moment, the door slowly swung open.

The boy’s parents turned their heads to the door with nasty a look. They thought there would soon appear a driver with shabby clothes. The one who came into their sight was, however, was wearing an unexpected outfit.

In front of the door, there stood a pale-faced lady with impressively frosty blue eyes. From her eagle-like sharp eyes and straight-edged nose, they could surely grasp the history of her beauty. The guy behind who looked younger had a warmhearted face, but his tallness and his gait were elegant enough to overwhelm others.

What both of them wore was from another level of luxury. The principal and the boy’s parents looked at the people who had just arrived, which made them soon recognize the situation.

The newly appeared lady and the man looked familiar. They all saw them on TV a few times. The successor of the Balhae Group, weren’t they that famous couple?

Their fame was more than that of any celebrities. The boy’s parents, however, could not imagine how Kwon Eun Hyung, the son of a driver, was related to that power couple.

Before they were about to open their mouth, the heiress of the Balhae Group cut into the talk.

“He is like my son. His parents are very close friends of mine, but they could not make it today, so please share what you have to say to me.”

“Um… uh…”

“Did he do something wrong, principal?”

The warmhearted man asked the head of the school with his hand gently touching Kwon Eun Hyung’s hair.

At that moment, what Kwon Eun Hyung felt was not a relief; instead, he felt sorry for them. He knew how busy the successors of a conglomerate were, but he came to this place with his wife regardless of their tight schedule.

As the Balhae Group couple appeared, the situation was easily and thoroughly settled; however, the incident left an unforgettable lesson in Eun Hyung’s heart.

‘Fight your own battles.’ In other words, before talks of them needing to call their parents would arise to fix his problem, he should handle the situation clearly and thoroughly on his own first to avoid further troubles.

After that, Kwon Eun Hyung developed his strength to stick to his promise. Eun Jiho, who once got into a scuffle with him because of his fancy hair color, was well-aware of Kwon Eun Hyung’s unexpected aspects.

Kwon Eun Hyung did not pack the situation up by just striking the bullies. He stepped closer to the fallen men and spoke to them in a friendly voice with a smile on his face. This was, to Eun Jiho, still unforgettable.

At first, he spat out nonsense.

“In Jeollanam-do, many cuss words use body parts. Did you know?”


Kwon Eun Hyung giggled, shoving his hands into his pocket. Then, as he dropped his gaze, his face suddenly turned icy-cold, which was enough to cause goosebumps for those present. That grin of his was still on his lips, but his eyes were so bleak that they thought something would happen for sure. He soon talked with a smile.

“Have you heard of playing ping pong with your eyeballs?”


“What about jumping ropes with your intestines?”


“Dare you to try seeking revenge, and I’ll show you if those are possible.”

The bullies who picked a fight just 5 mins ago all became tongue-tied and were just looking up at Kwon Eun Hyung’s smiling face.

Although it was the same abusive word, depending on who it was said would make it sound ridiculous or incredible frightening; Eun Hyung belonged to the latter.

What the words meant were too exaggerated that it might sound absurd when others heard it, but Eun Jiho could barely laugh while looking at Kwon Eun Hyung’s bleakley smiling eyes. He looked as if he was about to put that into action immediately.

Kwon Eun Hyung turned around to pull Eun Jiho’s shoulder with a bright face.

He spoke with a refreshing tone, “Let’s go. Why are you like that?”


“Huh, what?”


After that incident, Eun Jiho also engraved a new creed in his heart. Never wake a sleeping tiger, or else you’ll get fu*ked up.

Eun Jiho, who was recalling those memories, was intensely anxious. He looked at Kwon Eun Hyung who slowly came to his seat, right behind Eun Jiho’s, and sat down.

His thirst of blood filled inside his eyes. It was surely revealing that someone rubbed his fur the wrong way. No, it was even more. Someone would have not only woken up the sleeping tiger but also stepped on his spine to do a tap dance.

He had never seen that savage look on Kwon Eun Hyung’s face until now. They wanted to ask what was going on, but the thirst of blood flowing over his eyes made everyone shut their mouths in silence.

Fortunately, Yoo Chun Young, who was Kwon Eun Hyung’s childhood friend, broke the ice.

“What’s up?”

“Yeah, what’s going on?”

Eun Jiho did a double-take by asking the same question. The response, however, came out from the seat in front of them.

As they turned their heads to the front, Ban Yeo Ryung, who sat right in front of them, began to spread her murderous aura. That energy was so brutal that the girl sitting beside her shrunk her shoulders, trembling with fear.

Ban Yeo Ryung spat out, “Dude, a boy was walking arm-to-arm with a girl he never saw before. He even locked his fingers together and later had his chin on her shoulder.”

“Uh, yeah, what about it?”

“What would you think if you saw something like that?”

Ban Yeo Ryung threw that question and lifted her black eyes to scowl at Eun Jiho.

He tried to brainstorm an answer but soon turned pale to realize that only one person existed in this world for Ban Yeo Ryung to react like that. No, come on. Today was the first day of class, but nah…

Eun Jiho looked back and found out he was not the only one who grasped that. Woo Jooin, who looked pure and delighted until a few seconds ago, had a blank face like a plaster cast. The character inside his portable game player was knocked down, but that would not be the reason behind his scornful look.

Yoo Chun Young’s frosty eyes became more rigid, but the most decisive was Eun Hyung’s face. His lips were drawing an arc, a crooked one, but his eyes had no signs of generosity at all. He soon smiled and respond to Ban Yeo Ryung’s words.

“Maybe he’s into her?”

“You felt the same too?”

“That’s what I saw.”

Kwon Eun Hyung’s remark was like dropping a bombshell to Eun Jiho. They were then certain that Kwon Eun Hyung saw the situation in person. Ban Yeo Ryung soon growled a threatening sound. What she spat out next almost made Eun Jiho cough out loud.

“I’m going to destroy him.”


Are you shooting a drama? However, when he was looking at Ban Yeo Ryung’s face, he saw the seriousness in her eyes.

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