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Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Chapter 43


* * *

It seemed to be true that a wealthy foundation sponsored our school. All the walls were super clean, and the desks shone flawlessly as if we were all using newly renovated facilities.

The lockers at the back of the classroom were all new and so were the cleaning supplies at the corner. The windows were wide enough to let the sunlight fully penetrate through and fill up the room with its brightness. Over the windows, one could indulge in the magnificence of the view of the city as well as the blue sky that seemed unreachable.

Everything surrounding the freshmen, those who all passed the 24th So Hyun High School entrance exam, seemed to be congratulating them; however, those in Class 1-1 did not look bright enough.

They did not have the luxury of evaluating if their surroundings were meticulous or not, but were just gazing forward with nervous eyes.

Usually, on this day, kids share conversations like asking their names and their former schools, but the whole class remained rooted in a ghastly silence. Even the kids seem to perceive that this ambiance was somewhat abnormal.

Wouldn’t they want to start off the first day of high school in a vibrant atmosphere as well? However, they could not possibly do that.

Their stiff and vacant eyes fixed only on the blackboard were, rarely and carefully, rolling toward the middle of the classroom. The kids fully knew of the reputations of those who were sitting in the middle of the class with a variety of hair colors.

The Four Heavenly Kings of Ji Jon Middle School! The girl who had her face buried to the desk with a saddened look boasted her long black shiny hair, which indicated that she was Ban Yeo Ryung, the flower blooming them all.

A few boys who saw her face at the auditorium thought to themselves—”Why is she like that? Wish to see her face for long.” They, however, soon took their gazes off of her and turned their heads back to the front after noticing the fierce eyes of the four boys sitting behind her.

The silver-haired boy sitting right behind Ban Yeo Ryung had a face that seemed as if it came from out of this world. The kids soon realized what a self-halo effect was after staring at the silver-haired boy for a while.

Some of them saw celebrities in concerts or came across them on the streets, but they did a double-take when Eun Jiho came into their sights. Especially, his long wavy silver lashes on his black shiny eyes that were overwhelmingly attractive.

Kids looked furtively at Eun Jiho but turned their eyes quickly to somewhere else when Eun Jiho he averted his gaze at them. It was because once they had eye contact with Eun Jiho, their heart would jump out of their skins.

Holy hell were they wrong though for diverting their gaze to others around him was even more dangerous for their hearts.

The boy sitting next to Eun Jiho had light brown curly hair, which turned into a transparently golden shade under the sunlight. The face under that hair was flawless and small regarding his overall proportion.

A few kids were wondering why Woo Jooin had a face like a wet weekend. It was him who leaped for joy with a broad smile on his face in the morning; however, out of nowhere, his expression reflected his broken heart when he saw the classroom list in the hall.

They soon thought of the girl who went to the same Ji Jon Middle School but was not in the same class with the Four Heavenly Kings.

Ham Donnie. She might not have been as impressive as Ban Yeo Ryung, but she drew attention anyway since she’s a graduate of Ji Jon Middle School. Woo Jooin looked down in the mouth for not being the same class with Ham Donnie.

Right behind Woo Jooin, there sat the blue-haired Adonis, Yoo Chun Young, who appeared frequently on TV and magazines these days. He also had the blues present in his cold countenance that might freeze the fingers of those who dared to lay their hands on him.

Yoo Chun Young received comments about his icy cold appearance, but it was even more frightening when he actually showed them his grim expression. The kids then turned their heads to look at the final boy sitting next to Yoo Chun Young, which made them ease a bit. The Four Heavenly Kings emitted a frosty and depressing aura around them except for one, Kwon Eun Hyung, who was the only generous looking boy among them.

An attractive wine shade sat on his hair and soft green lights sparkled in his eyes. He lowered his gaze softly and bent his eyes like a crescent moon which made a favorable impression to others. His arced lips also played the role of him standing well with others.

A girl who was lost in admiration after seeing his gorgeous look reddened when Eun Hyung erupted into laughter out of the blue. He already had a smile on his face that made people feel delightful, but once he laughed, bending his eyes into a crescentic shape, the effect was like dropping a bombshell.

The girl grabbed her crazily throbbing heart then stared at the girl who sat in front with her head buried to the desk. No, the girl was actually scowling at her.

Pieces of information regarding the Four Heavenly Kings in Ji Jon Middle School was not foreign to her, but her school was quite far away from their middle school.

Since they lived far apart from her, she refused to get interested in them regardless of their handsome appearances. The pictures of the Four Heavenly Kings were always around her, but she never even had her eyes on them.

She saw Yoo Chun Young’s picture once in a TV show, but since his look was too unreal she was all like, ‘Gosh, too much Photoshop!’ and changed the channel with a snort. Now that she encountered his face, she accepted the fact that Chun Young in reality far exceeded what his images bore.

The girl could not stop herself from falling into the Four Heavenly Kings, which led her to be jealous of Ban Yeo Ryung who was a close friend to them since middle school. Not to mention, that Ban Yeo Ryung was sticking her dazzling face on the desk and had no intentions of lifting it up.

The girl said to herself, “Come on, show me that precious face.”

‘How stunning are you for those Four Heavenly Kings to be deadly serious about you?’

As if Ban Yeo Ryung read her mind, she raised her head from the desk at that very moment. That made the girl cease her suspicions about the sleeping beauty eventually.

Along with Ban Yeo Ryung’s motions, her jet-black hair waved and sparkled under the sunlight. The light then shed on her curved white forehead, her perfectly shaped nose, her charming red lips, and her deer-like sleek and smooth neck.

Her face remained hidden behind her jet black hair, partially covering her eyes and cheeks, but just the silhouette of her face was enough to reveal Ban Yeo Ryung’s beauty, which brought the girl down in the dumps.

‘What… what the…’ It took a while for the girl to mutter. ‘What… what is all that!?’

Ban Yeo Ryung then blinked twice as if feeling her drowsiness taking over her. She lifted her pale hand to sweep her hair behind her ears, which even showed the beauty of her blue veins. Every aspect of Ban Yeo Ryung proved that it was surely possible to seduce someone with just a fingertip. Her charms bewitched even those who shared the same gender as her, and, of course, her beauty captivated the boys even so. They looked as if Ban Yeo Ryung’s magnificence had possessed them.

Yeo Ryung then placed her hand down, exposing the entirety of face at long last.

Her sparkling eyes, sugar-coated skin, plumped cherry lips, crescent-shaped brows, and peach blossom-like face looked as if she was a Renaissance painting. Even her reddened cheeks after laying her face on her desk looked terrifically lovely.

Ban Yeo Ryung rubbed her eyes with her sleeves—which looked extremely cute—blinked her wet eyes twice—which was insanely beautiful—and turned back to say something at Eun Jiho and Woo Jooin. Those who heard her purely refreshing voice that resembled a gently ringing glass bell seemed to have exploded into a million pieces.

Her small shoulders covered with her black hair, pale wrists revealed through the thick jacket sleeves, and the long lean legs stretched out of her skirt was a sight to marvel.

In the end, all the kids in the class surrendered to the fact that the only girl who could stand confidently next to the Four Heavenly Kings was the phenomenal Ban Yeo Ryung.

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