The Law of Webnovels

Chapter 188

Chapter 188: Chapter 188


Law of the Web Novel Article 17, a female protagonist in a web novel is mostly vulnerable to horror movies, especially ghosts, haunted places, darkness, mice, bugs, etc. When she confronts those things, the female protagonist falls into a male protagonist’s arms instead of handling them gallantly. Yikes! I’m scared!

If the heroine is usually proud of herself and has a personality like, “Ha! I can do this alone!” It works twice as good as before!

The male protagonist then gets attracted to the girl’s unusual feminine character…

Oh, no! It’s not the right timing to think about these things. I stretched out my hand and touched Ban Yeo Ryung’s pale cheek. She was breaking out in a cold sweat for real.

I should’ve remembered that Ban Yeo Ryung had been covering her eyes as if she came to the theater to watch her palms instead of the horror movie. I totally forgot about that. I was also scared but not as much as Ban Yeo Ryung though…

Looking at Ban Yeo Ryung sweating from every pore with a pale face, I felt like everything that I’ve thought until now was all so stupid. Ghosts? What about them when she was so scared right now like this? Ban Yeo Ryung would even faint just by the appearance of a ghost puppy…

‘Perhaps, there won’t be any ghosts coming out. Just a ghost puppy is enough to scare her!’ I realized these new things and asked Ban Yeo Ryung.

“Are you sure to go there? Or do you want to go back?”

“No, I’m ok!”

“Wow, you’re so stubborn…”

‘I’m afraid she might be crying later,’ with that thought in mind, I grabbed Ban Yeo Ryung’s arm tightly.

Usually, Eun Jiho, Ban Yeo Ryung, and I would’ve gone to a near place together; however, now it was the moment that I missed Eun Jiho easing our fears by emphasizing how brave he was from saying, ‘Dude, I can beat even the ghost of the ghosts!’

Or else, Yoo Chun Young might have helped us at the least. He wasn’t funny but never got scared of ghosts. I fetched a short sigh.

Only our footsteps resonated around the alley for a while. The school was visible from a distance, and we took a long walk; however, the school was nowhere near us. In the meantime, there seemed to be no more people around. Not even an ant was to be seen in the dark alley where Ban Yeo Ryung and I were walking.

The uneven concrete walls surrounding us and a dusted car parked under the telephone pole… Suddenly, I sensed the presence of someone from my back. Ban Yeo Ryung and I turned our heads back at the same time. We then turned pale.

A sleek car, that seemed to remain soundless until now, was following behind us without turning the headlights on. If the vehicle didn’t hit something just now, we would never have known the car was following us closely. When it came to mind, I got goosebumps.

‘What the heck,’ I grasped Ban Yeo Ryung’s wrist in a hurry. Ban Yeo Ryung, who had sharp eyes except for love affairs, also seemed to have finished judging the whole situation around that time.


It was then when her urgent voice burst out like a lightning strike. I heard a voice coming out as the window went down.

“Oh, hold on! Yeo Ryung, mama!”

The voice was too familiar to encounter in this situation that I blinked in surprise. ‘Oh my god… that voice is…’ Even in this urgent situation, the voice, that brightened the ambiance just by its appearance, sounded very intimate.

When the car door opened, a swaying light-brown hair came into my sight.

The boy then slightly jumped out of the car and smiled at us; however, his grin looked somewhat awkward than usual.

“Um, hi…”

Even his voice sounded out of strength. As if she also noticed that, Ban Yeo Ryung blinked and gave me a look. She asked me, ‘What’s wrong with Jooin right now?’ through her eyes. I shook my head to indicate that I had no idea too. Then I turned back to look at Jooin.

“Hmm, you didn’t want to run into us, huh…?” I asked.

I didn’t know what to say further; therefore, I rolled my eyes awkwardly while waving my hand in the air.

Jooin looked like a kid who got caught for making trouble. He was just staring at me in the dark. When he reacted like that, it looked as though he was looking up at me regardless of his height taller than me.

So, to put it together, Eun Jiho would have told Jooin that he opened up Jooin’s story to me; Jooin might know that I heard his mother’s story. In the meantime, Jooin never reached me out, probably because he didn’t know what to say to me at all.

He was coming toward the shut-down school to participate in the courage test by car. When he saw Ban Yeo Ryung and me, he couldn’t cut across us nor that he could go together with us; therefore, he might have followed behind us quietly with the headlight turned off.

Then everything makes sense. At last, I looked at Jooin again.

Jooin showed a face full of rich smile as if he noticed what I realized from my gaze and words. He then looked back and dropped a remark.

“Noona, I met my friends now, so I’ll go with them. Thanks.”

“Oh, really? Are they your friends?”

As soon as I heard the word ‘noona,’ a heavy yet soft and sweet voice escaped through the open window. It was a beautiful, woman’s voice that seemed to cool down the summer heat.

The voice sounded, for real, unique. ‘What a gorgeous voice,’ I thought, blinking my eyes. Then I came across something in my head.

As I took a closer look, the lady was riding… a BMW! It wasn’t a rarely seen car in the streets of Seoul; however, women had to pay high insurance for imported cars. Thus, in other words, a young lady who could drive a luxury car like that meant that she was from a wealthy family… When my thought reached that part, the car door suddenly opened.

A chic stiletto came into my sight. When the other side of the high heel came out, the lady got herself out of the car eventually and shut the door with a thud. She then slightly pulled down her sunglasses and looked at me through the open space.

Her glance looked a little frightening compared to her smoothly curved face and slim body. Her thick brown wavy hair reached her waist. She was taller than average, which made her look like a model. Overall, her face seemed to glow dazzlingly.

It wasn’t easy to receive this kind of assessment from me, who grew up watching Ban Yeo Ryung for a long time. I, however, frowned my brows while staring at her. As soon as I had that gaze, the lady also furrowed her beautifully shaped brown brows.

‘Uh… um… huh…?’ Before I could react further, she then strode toward my direction. It was such a quick pace despite her wearing 20 cm heels.

When she finally stopped her steps right in front of me like a well-disciplined soldier, she looked at Woo Jooin and opened her lips.

“Is this girl whom my Eun Hyung likes?”

“Excuse me?!”


As I screamed instinctively while being freaked out, Ban Yeo also yelled out loud beside me with a fainty voice. ‘What did you just say about Eun Hyung?’ Feeling dizzy, I looked up at her.

It wasn’t as much as Ban Yeo Ryung, but she also was surrealistically beautiful to look at in the summer evening. Her appearance resembled a marigold blooming in a dusky field. As soon as I had that thought in mind, the lady shoved her face into my sight. I blinked my eyes.

“Let’s see. It’d be either the two of you. Well, you look more like Eunmi than her. Jooin, is it her?”

When she stood straight from bending her waist and got away from me, I, at last, drew in a big breath. What came out from her mouth at the next moment was, however, an unfamiliar name.

I flickered my eyes. As if she thought the same, Yeo Ryung murmured from beside.

“Eunmi? Who is she?”

“Oh, noona. That’s…”

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