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Chapter 173

Chapter 173: Chapter 173


Oh yeah, that was the very point of the matter. As their voices rose angrily, there was nothing I could do. When I glanced around, our class and the girls in Class 1-1 looked as if they sensed something strange about the atmosphere. The spectators on the second floor also talked in whispers, ‘What’s going on? They were just talking until now, but why are they suddenly yelling out? Are they really having a fight? Oh, word? Why?’

On the other hand, a few kids seemed to understand the situation. When Choi Yuri’s name came out of the girl’s mouth, most of the questions began to fix themselves. So was I, as I also realized that. I dropped my hands with a sigh.

Staring at Choi Yuri’s clique quietly, I thought, ‘Oh, so that’s how it goes. The Choi Yuri thing ruined their images, but as the culprit left, they couldn’t blame her anymore, so they chose me…’ Still, it was logically incomprehensible. I grimaced. The biggest victim of the false rumor was none other than me, but why was the story developing into them distressing me instead?

Well… I glanced at Ban Yeo Ryung. Her eyes were stiffening as she looked back and forth between the other kids and me. While going through a lot of things with Ban Yeo Ryung, I knew that the world didn’t always revolve around those who didn’t do anything wrong. Some people were too afraid to offer a belated apology that they acted as if begging for forgiveness would end their world.

I looked at the middle of the court. The kids were growling face-to-face with a centerline between them.

“I’m asking you, why did you bring up the Choi Yuri thing over here? It’s all over, but why are you broaching that subject?”

As the girl in Class 1-1 spat out that remark, Lee Mina raised her chin then said in a sarcastic tone with a sneer.

“Oh, do you think that’s all over? Did you even apologize for cursing in front of her?”

“Come on, was it only us who cursed? Everyone did it!”

“But it was you guys who came up with a plan with Choi Yuri and spread the fake rumor, weren’t you? If you guys didn’t apologize to her, it ain’t over, get it? How dare you try to mess around with Donnie? Wow, fu*king ridiculous.”

This time, it wasn’t Lee Mina nor Kim Hye Hill but another girl who spoke on behalf of me. I didn’t really have a close relationship with most of my other classmates, so the girl who was taking my side made me so thankful, but… I rolled my eyes. The situation seemed to be getting out of hand. Those who just listened to the girls in Class 1-1 while crossing their arms also began to come forward asking, ‘Yeah, did you all apologize to her?’

Jesus… as I perceived that the conversation was heating up, I, at last, stepped forward. When I stretched my hand to tap Lee Mina’s back, she turned back, rejoiced at seeing me.


“Hey, let’s just leave them alone. I don’t want things to get worse,” I whispered in a low voice.

Mina’s face then darkened. I couldn’t look at her in the face but smiled awkwardly while avoiding her gaze. Of course, I would be happy to wrap up the thing clearly over here; however, as per their characters, I could hardly think that it would work that way. Glancing at the floor, I continued my words.

“I mean, from what they said so far, nothing seems to be resolved… so let’s just keep playing the game.”

“Come on!! Donnie―.”

“Hey, what are you guys whispering?”

A sharp voice suddenly intervened between Mina and me. Both of us opened our eyes wide and looked at the direction. ‘Why does she look so angry?’ That was when I had that thought in mind. Furrowing her brows, Lee Mina stepped back. She then bounced the ball, that she was holding, on the floor.

“Let’s just continue the game. If the match is paused for too long, the teacher will come to check us out.”

Lee Mina was, indeed, a thoughtful person. With my eyes wide, I stared at Lee Mina’s back and heaved a sigh of relief. I really didn’t want to be involved in any fights, so this would be enough. When I tried to step behind, the girl in Class 1-1 opened her mouth up slightly to resemble the hint of a sneer.

“Oh, really? Aren’t you just being a coward because she’s gonna lose?”

Another moment of silence went on. After quite a while, Lee Mina flung a question tilting her head.

“What did you just say?”

“The fact that she also kept silent when the rumor spread out, doesn’t it mean that the gossip has some truths?”


Lee Mina looked at me in perplexity for a moment. Was I showing a disconcerted look on my face? I mean, most of the girls in our class made a weird face at that moment. No one said anything, which probably looked like we were at a loss of words after hearing the very truth to the girl in Class 1-1. She continued her words confidently while holding her chin up high.

“What a bitch! Stop acting like you are kind enough to just move on.”

A heavy silence prevailed in the space again. ‘Hmm, what should I do…’ I looked at the girl in Class 1-1, Lee Mina, Kim Hye Hill, and our classmates one after another with tired eyes. A voice then burst out from our class.

“What should we do with her?”

“What else can we do? It’s time for war. SHOWTIME!”

Someone responded like that. In the next moment, it was nothing but a total disaster.

* * *

When the boys finished the basketball game and gathered toward the dodgeball court since they heard some noise, the situation was already done.

Instead of a physical fight, we were now standing together to hurl abuse at the other class. Most of us had friends in Class 1-1, so we excluded them in our heads and kept backbiting the rest.

The boys looked dumbfounded as if they never saw girls fighting like this. Eun Hyung then stepped toward the girls in his class and asked about the overall situation. Similarly, Yoon Jung In also came toward us with a sour face. He then asked with a shrug.

“Hey, what’s all this mess about?”

“You know, it’s because… wow…”

Pausing her words, Lee Mina swept her hair back with an exhausted face. She also looked as if it was hard to articulate the overall situation. Regardless of what provoked this fight, the atmosphere between the two classes took a turn for the worse. Even some kids spat curses against the opposing class.

That was when someone in our class shouted the words, ‘Fu*king sh*t!’ out of rage. A boy in Class 1-1 suddenly walked toward our direction with a stiffened face.

“Hey, who the fu*k just said that shit! Come out, asshole!”

‘What the heck is wrong with him? Why is he acting like a jerk out of the blue?’ I looked at him with that thought in mind. As I turned my head to the side, the girls in our class also seemed to have the same thought.

Anyway, looking at the boy, whose body was heavily sweating after playing basketball until now, striding toward us and saying something like that threateningly frightened me a little. The difference between the height of a girl and a boy felt remarkable in this kind of situation.

Another boy, who looked like his friend, intervened between us from the side.

“Dude, why are you breaking in on them? It’s a girls’ thing, man.”

“Hey, she’s crying!”

The boy then pointed at one of the girls gathered in the middle of Class 1-1. She was wiping her tears with the back of her hand, trembling. It looked as though she was very upset and tired of the situation.

As the boy acted like that, this time, the boys in our class, 1-8, steamed up. Kim Hye Woo, who rarely looked gloomy, asked while pointing at our direction.

“Hey, what about our class? Can’t you see her crying?”

Then, Eun Hyung, who asked about the overall situation to his class, came toward us with a troubled face.

I happened to be near his path, so Eun Hyung greeted me with his eyes as he walked past by me. He then cast a gaze at me in concern. It seemed that he heard the name, Choi Yuri.

‘Oh, why do things like this keep happening these days?’ I covered my eyes and waved my hand in the air as a gesture to say, ‘I’m fine, so just go ahead ASAP.’

Eun Hyung turned back with a disturbed look. He then broke into the boys gathering around and spoke to them.

“Guys, let’s first understand what happened.”

Perhaps he thought that the boys would quickly involve themselves in a physical fight compared to the girls. Gosh, Eun Hyung was undoubtedly bright. Yoon Jung In also walked toward this side and pitched in.

“Yeah, we must first calm down. It’s never too late to listen first and go on. We shouldn’t fight.”

“She’s crying!”

“Oh, what about our class? Are you deaf? Idiot!”

However, the boys were so heated with anger that they couldn’t seem to listen to anything. Those who had their girlfriends in the same class particularly erupted into fury.

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