The Law of Webnovels

Chapter 145

Chapter 145: Chapter 145


Eun Jiho, however, didn’t look disturbed at all. He just mumbled with his arms crossed.

“Very refreshing reaction as always.”

Woo Jooin giggled with a shrug then looked for Woo Bee’s response. With a fan running sound, he heard her computer getting turned on.

As a hacker herself, Woo Bee was using the best computer in her age sixteen. She bought and fixed a few parts by herself and kept the hardware upgraded. She was indeed better than any other expert when it came to computers.

Woo Bee soon flung a question over the phone.

[Oppa, I’m running all the essential programs. I’m about to start right now. The time limit is 5 minutes from now.]


[When I ask, tell me what you need.]

With that said, there was immediately a loud tapping on the keyboard. Eun Jiho sat up straight out of tension. He then had a piercing gaze at Woo Jooin’s phone with his burning black eyes, which was involuntary.

He felt as if his mouth was running dry. Even the light summer rays seemed to heavily suppress the whole space. Tap tap tap… as if something had gone wrong, the tapping of the keyboard then rushed in like a storm.

While his cousin was in the middle of getting arrested or not, Woo Jooin just leaned on the back of his chair with his eyes closed in relaxation. On his white cheek, his light brown lashes tilted down. His breath even sounded tranquil. Eun Jiho had no idea how Woo Jooin could be that relaxed. Whether it was from trusting his cousin or from something else, Woo Jooin sometimes had a relaxed yet unfamiliar face alone in a very urgent situation.

It was then that sharp tension, as it was on the tip of a needle, flowed in a tight range between them.

With a fierce tapping sound, the typing stopped then, at the next moment, Woo Bee said along over the phone, which made Eun Jiho hold his breath.

[Success, I accessed the higher database that has user information. Oppa, the ID of the one you’re looking for is ‘ham310,’ right?]

“Uh-huh,” replied Woo Jooin. His voice was still nonchalant that there wasn’t any vestige of tremble left. Woo Bee, however, didn’t seem to care about it at all.

There was another typing sound over the phone. An unexpected word then came back.


“What’s wrong?”

Woo Jooin, at last, sounded a little nervous. Eun Jiho positioned himself upright as he also got concerned if something might have happened. What came out next through the phone was, however, very unexpected. Woo Bee responded in a perplexed voice.

[Oppa, you told me to search which girl was using that ID? But it doesn’t belong to a girl.]

“Not a girl?”

[No, it isn’t. You know, if this person was born in 1977, it ain’t age for a girl. Besides, this person is, conclusively, a guy.]

“A guy?” asking back, Woo Jooin put his brain to work right after.

Born in 1977, this person would have turned only thirty or thirty-one now. If the ID belonged to a guy who had a daughter, still, a thirty-one-old father with a seventeen-year-old daughter didn’t make sense. Woo Jooin then gathered his senses when Woo Bee threw a question.

[Oppa, what should we do? We only have 3 minutes left. I need about a minute to erase all the logs.]


‘What should I do?’ Woo Jooin bit his lips; however, compared to those who got blanked out in perplexity, he was the type of person who displayed his full capacity in this kind of situation. Still, it wasn’t enough to just rack his brain. Though the ID didn’t belong to Choi Yuri, he thought it would be, at least, another girl who used it, but the person was a guy in his thirties. ‘Who the hell is this…’ Woo Jooin then recalled that the name, Choi Yuri, wasn’t so unfamiliar.

As if he browsed an old newspaper, a word came across Woo Jooin’s head like a flash. He then asked calmly.

“Look up his mailbox. No, whatever it is, his mailbox, club, or job position, please find what the person does.”

[Got it, bro, hold on! I’ll transfer to the database connecting part.]

Woo Bee then tapped her keyboard again. With his eyes stiffened in anxiety, Eun Jiho stared at Woo Jooin. ‘What is he gonna do?” Eun Jiho could hardly guess. ‘He’s more than a two-wheeler while I’m halfway around my head,’ with that in mind, Eun Jiho turned his head. At that moment, Woo Bee dropped her response.

[I found him. He’s a bodyguard with a pretty high career.]

“A bodyguard with a pretty high career? Then where does he belong to?”

[Reed System. I guess it’s a global security company. Oppa, we only have a minute and a half!]

“Can you remember his name, SSN, age, face, and his phone number?”

It would be such a thing for ordinary people to try but she was indeed Woo Jooin’s cousin. A positive response came right after.

[Yeah, oppa!]

“Good, that’s enough. Come out ASAP.”

Woo Jooin’s urgent voice was followed by the keyboard tapping noise again. Eun Jiho stretched his hands back and held the bed. He then fetched a sigh while bending back.

‘Are they playing Mission Impossible or what?’ with that thought in mind, Eun Jiho waited again for Woo Bee’s response. It took not even a minute but less than thirty seconds for her to answer back.

[Oppa, all done. I deleted all the logs and came out safely.]

“Thanks, Bee. Would you tell me that bodyguard’s SSN, name and number?”

[His SSN is xxxxxx-xxxxxxx, name Kang Mino, and his number 0101-xxxx-xxxx.]

“Thank you.”

[You’re welcome, oppa. You should then come to my house later!]

“Of course, yes, but we saw each other recently.”

[Come on, I didn’t even touch your hair since other unnies and oppas ran over you! Gosh, so sad to be the youngest!]

As Woo Bee said, she was sixteen, a year younger than Woo Jooin who turned seventeen this year, and was the youngest of the Woo family. Eun Jiho giggled as he felt relieved. Woo Jooin smiled and said something to her in a friendly tone. At the very next moment, it went noisy over the phone. Eun Jiho, who leaned backward for the whole time, sat straight and flung a question.

“What’s going on over the phone? Did the police come?”

“Nope, someone scarier than the police.”

Woo Jooin’s clear response made Eun Jiho burst out laughing.

“You mean, Sanny hyeong,” Eun Jiho replied.


Whether they chitchatted leisurely or not, a fierce quarrel spread out over the phone like a blaze. If people heard their fight, they would’ve considered it as two beasts roaring or dogs barking to each other. The brother and sister then hung up the phone. ‘Someone who later calls Woo Jooin first would be the winner of this fight,’ Eun Jiho thought then tilted his body to the front.

He asked Woo Jooin, “What are you gonna do?”

“What do you mean? We now have everything that we need to know.”

‘We have everything we need to know…?’ Eun Jiho slightly furrowed his brows.

When we just heard the user of the ID was a guy in his thirties, Woo Jooin also looked disconcerted as if he never expected that part. He, however, asked what the guy’s job was within a few seconds. After that, he hung up the phone if things were all set.

Eun Jiho could hardly guess what Woo Jooin had inside his head. Nor did he want to try out. It would be better to just ask him directly.

“Well, why did you need his occupation?” Eun Jiho cast the question.

“She said he’s a bodyguard.”


“Choi Yuri…”

As the name came out of the blue, Eun Jiho frowned his brows while thinking, ‘Bodyguard and Choi Yuri? What do they have to do with each other?’ Woo Jooin laughed out loud then continued his words.

“About five years ago, you grumbled to me about a party you had to go. Do you remember?”

“Well, I grumbled for that kind of thing quite often, but if it’s about five years ago, there was something particularly big. Hanwool Group’s 20th-anniversary party.”

“Yeah, do you remember back then? You went totally pissed off saying that you should memorize everyone on the list. You threw me a pile of documents in annoyance?”

“Yeah, that happened quite often too, but why?”

“At that time, I scanned the names on the list. You know, every family member of the group owners or presidents are listed there in detail for you to greet them, right?”

“What does that suppose to mean? Hold on, are you…?”

It was total nonsense. Although Eun Jiho saw Woo Jooin having a computer-like memory from long ago, he couldn’t believe such a thing for this time.

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