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Chapter 141

Chapter 141: Chapter 141


I asked her, “What?”

I didn’t hide my true self just because I was in a bad temper. I would joke around with people and use my head with clarity once more, even amid a fit of anger. I did this to avoid reflecting on any aggressive attitude that people might link towards the way I speak.

However, my biggest pet peeve was people who would argue for no reason, implying that I did something wrong before I could even say something. These people would just go on and give me a bad name without listening to my sides, so they could provide an accurate judgement. I could never stand that.

“What? At least, at least tell me what your problem is with me,” I asked with narrowed eyes.

Still, I kept my manners. If I would behave the same way as this girl, which was rude and thoughtless, then it would just pin me to her level. I tried not to swear. It wasn’t too late for her to ruin herself by making some absurd remarks, so I just remained quiet and patient. Thus, I decided to calm myself.

At that moment, Kim Hye Hill, who was biting her lip the whole time, opened her mouth.

“Lee Soo Yeon, you’re going too far.”

“What? Why? Isn’t she ridiculous?”

“All you heard is some gossip, but why are you being so tactless? What an attitude!”

Kim Hye Hill sounded colder than usual by giving the rougher edge of her tongue. ‘The way she speaks resemble that of Kwon Eun Hyung,’ I thought. A few other kids also nodded as they agreed to her reasonable and less emotional words.

While looking at Kim Hye Hill, Lee Mina, who was beside me, spoke with a face fuming with anger.

“Hey, how dare you act like that in front of everyone? Aren’t you going too far? You don’t even know the truth yet, but why are you still harassing Donnie? What if she gets involved in some crazy rumors? Are you gonna get rid of all the shit you would bring her? Even if it turned out to be true, it’s still none of your business.”

Lee Mina was really on the ball as I observed her actions and her way of speaking. She had such a cool and dynamic personality that she would often play soccer or basketball with boys. Everyone would also gossip that no one could stop her when once her anger was provoked. Perhaps it was true because she looked and acted like a fearsome predator right now. ‘Mina, I always liked you. I think you’re super cool, but today, you look even cooler,’ I thought.

It didn’t come as a surprise that girls wouldn’t budge in front of Lee Mina when she’s this mad. Lee Soo Yeon also looked a little dampened.

“None of my business? I don’t think so… Hey, if the rumor is true, then she is so inhuman,” said Lee Soo Yeon.

“I’ll ask you then, is that rumor true? Yes or no? It’s not true, but why are you still being such a bitch? You’re the clown here. It doesn’t matter if the rumor is true or not! You still have to apologize to Donnie for shitting on her like that in front of everybody. Would it make you feel better if I called you out for doing something just as trashy in front of everybody? They wouldn’t care if it’s true. Everyone would just think of you like the trash that you are!”

“Hey, what if it turns out to be real? What are you gonna do then?”

“I don’t care! Just apologize to her.”

A threatening and murderous spirit had risen over Lee Mina’s shoulders. However, after knowing her since the beginning of the semester, I knew that Lee Soo Yeon was also a tenacious character with guts. She replied in outrage.

“Why? If Ham Donnie did such things, then everyone should be aware of the fact as her classmates. Am I wrong? We have no clue who she really is, so how can we be friends with her?”

“Getting to know someone and digging up their life is different, am I wrong?”

Kim Hye Hill’s calm voice cut through us. I somehow felt solace upon hearing her clear but cold voice after listening through Lee Soo Yeon’s loud and annoying-sounding tone. That was when I looked up at Kim Hye Hill with gratitude.

Lee Soo Yeon, who now looked like she was at the breaking point of her anger, swept her hair back. She then scowled at Kim Hye Hill ferociously and continued her words.

“You know, we can dig up someone’s life to know the truth. Yeah, for example, I heard that your boyfriend got some treatments in a psychiatric clinic before. I asked the kids, and they told me that it was true.”

“What did you say?”

“Not finished. Am I getting it wrong? Come on, I’m just telling you the objective fact. Rumors can be true, so why would it not be the case for Donnie? Aren’t you the one who is going too far for defending her?”

After Lee Soo Yeon’s remark, Kim Hye Woo suddenly intervened in the conversation in an exasperated face. He spoke slowly in a calm yet offended tone, just like his sister, Kim Hye Hill.

“Lee Soo Yeon, cut it out now. Lee Jihan is my friend, too.”

His roar sounded as if he would punch her if she would add any more words. Shin Suh Hyun, who was touching the corner of his book the whole time, also sighed and threw in a few helping statements.

“Excuse me, Lee Jihan has friends in this class too, Yoon Jung In and me. Yeah, he’s in a different class, but how dare you disclose someone’s past on your own? How are you gonna deal with this, huh?”

“Hey, ey, ey, ey! Hold on, everyone just stop for a sec,” said Yoon Jung In.

He stood up straight after leaning against the locker. Yoon Jung In then strode toward us with his long legs.

When he spoke something to Kim Hye Hill, who was showing a bitter expression, she stepped back without saying anything more unusual. Yoon Jung In also spoke to Lee Soo Yeon.

“Hey, I’m afraid that this would turn into a class fight, so I’m stepping in right now, but you should go apologies to Lee Jihan sooner. What you did just now was very shameful. Why are you talking about a person whom you have never met?


“Yoon Jung In…”

When Lee Soo Yeon shut her mouth tightly, Kim Hye Hill called him up with an anxious expression. When he turned back to see her, she opened her mouth again.

“What if this spreads and bad rumors follow Jihan? His friends could turn away from him…”

“Come on, you know that there are always many good people around him. His friends won’t take the truth that Jihan was seeing a psychiatrist seriously. I mean, at least, they would think that it’s something they shouldn’t criticize.”

Yoon Jung In then lifted his eyes to stare at Lee Soo Yeon. She stepped back when his gaze pricked her conscience.

It’s exactly what he said. Seeing a psychiatrist should not be used against someone to criticize them. It was just one of the many ways to resolve a person’s agony when he or she could no longer endure their inner struggles. ‘Yoon Jung In, you’re quite deep and considerate than I’ve expected,” I thought in admiration.

He giggled before continuing his words of relief to Kim Hye Hill.

“When his friends learned that, then they’ll be like, ‘Bro, if you have any problems, just let these ‘hyeongs’ know,’ and tase Lee Jihan for a while. At least, none of his friends would turn their backs away from him.”

“Yeah, that’s true.”

“Kim Hye Hill, just believe in your boyfriend. He’s quite a popular guy in Class 1-4.”

She then nodded at him in relief. When I saw her side, Lee Mina showed a wave of bloodthirst anger on her face while looking at the back of Lee Soo Yeon’s head. ‘What a frightening look she has,’ with that thought in mind, I suddenly realized how lucky I was to not be on the receiving side of her anger.

Feeling touched, I looked at my girls. Yoon Jung In, who went in front of the class, opened his mouth again.

“Hey, Lee Soo Yeon, come here and tell us what the rumor is in front of Ham Donnie and me. Once we resolved the misunderstanding, I’ll let everyone know that it was all bullshit. Is that clear?”

Yoon Jung In then motioned us to approach him. I stood in front of Yoon Jung In and Lee Soo Yeon, who walked hesitantly toward the front. When our eyes met, it looked as if she had recovered her confidence. With a giggle, she opened her mouth while staring at Yoon Jung In.

“You know Ban Yeo Ryung in Class 1-1, right?”

‘What about her? Why am I getting criticized for her?’ I raised my eyebrow in wonder.

“Ban Yeo Ryung… she has her hater club on the web.”

The words that she said shocked everyone.

Except for me. I never thought that anyone in this school would know about Ban Yeo Ryung’s hate club. Who would browse their classmate’s name in a search engine anyway?

Besides, unless they already knew about the existence of Ban Yeo Ryung’s hate cafĂ© in the past like my friend, no one would easily find the current search result. However, it seemed that someone was already aware of that club. If that was the case, then it must have been the person who tried to gossip about it. I bit my lip. Glancing at me, Lee Soo Yeo unexpectedly showed a confident look on her face.

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