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Chapter 126

Chapter 126: Chapter 126


A moment after, Kim Hye Hill and the other girls came up to the room and called me out. With a nod, I put on the shoes roughly then went outside the room.

The building didn’t have the entire lights turned on, so the bottom of the stairs looked coal-black like a monster’s mouth. As I slowly descended the staircase while feeling each step with my foot, the brightly glowing auditorium over the yard came into my sight.

Scattered stars shined in the purplish evening sky. The breeze was cool enough for summer.

I, then, furrowed my eyes when I saw the person on stage.

‘What the… why is that bastard over there?’ As soon as I had that thought in mind, Yoon Jung In, on the stage, saw me and yelled at the mic.

“Latecomers! Go run five laps of the track!”

The burst of laughter around us reached the high ceiling of the auditorium. Most of the students already arrived and gathered inside.

The girls seemed to be running late since they picked me up. Kim Hye Hill, who put on the same baseball cap as yesterday, lifted her hand then flipped off to Yoon Jung In. People burst out laughing again.

“Dude! Is she your girlfriend?! Mad pretty!”

Someone seemed to shout like that through the boisterous laughter. Before I joined the queue of Class 1-8, I glanced around. There I saw a fuss over a boy at Class 1-4. I turned my head to look back at the stage again.

Wearing the same comfortable outfit as before, Yoon Jung-in, who was holding the mic, looked well-suited for his role as a host since he was handsome and decent. It was certainly a novelty to be able to amuse the beholders just by standing there.

When a white light poured down with a thud, Yoon Jung In smiled playfully and bowed 90 degrees to this side. He then stood up straight again and spoke to the people in the auditorium.

“Good evening. This is Yoon Jung In, the host for tonight’s retreat talent show.”

When he finished his introduction, mysterious roars burst out from all sides. As I stepped back in surprise, Kim Hye Hill, in front, grinned. Kim Hye Woo was standing next to her before I even knew.

Someone’s hand then got on my shoulder, so I looked back. It was Yi Ruda. She stared at me with a smile.

“Hey?” I said.

“Everything good?”

“Uh-huh. We don’t need to rehearse anymore, do we?”

“Dude, please no more. We’re gonna puke again,” kids in the back said sulkily.

Yi Ruda and I then sat down as per Yoon Jung In’s request. Most of the kids looked at Yoon Jung In, who had a wide circle of acquaintances, with twinkling eyes as if they knew him well. They fixed their trustful gaze at him regardless of his verbal diarrhea on stage.

“Um, there would be many of you wondering why I am the host tonight instead of the student president. In my point of view, it’s because… I’m handsome.”


“Get him off the stage!”

Many kids yelled out those comments but no one really attempted to drag him out of the stage. Yoon Jung In laughed like crazy and took out a long, vertically folded paper from the pocket. He then waved it in the air. My attention followed that paper spontaneously.

The air felt hot on my face. I smelled a mix of an old tree odor and sweat odor from somewhere. Scratching his cheek, Yoon Jung In continued his speech.

“So, everyone, to talk about this paper, it’s a list of team names for the talent show; however, the list is not in order, which means, I can choose which team goes first.”

When Yoon Jung In said that, a loud booing burst out through the heated air. Kim Hye Hill, in front, smiled while hanging her head down and Shin Suh Hyun sighed while resting his chin on his hand. In the meantime, Yoon Jung In stretched his hand out to make a dissuading gesture.

He cleared his throat twice then kept on his speech with a wink.

“Oh, of course, I was joking. I can choose which team goes first but it’s life-threatening… so, let’s do a quick game.”


“Is he talking about his own idea or based on the script?”

The Kim twins asked one after another. They both looked at each other for a while then turned their heads to the front as if they couldn’t find the answer.

Both of their round backs looked alike under the lighting. Their outlandishly jet-black hairs, white necks, and overall vibes were strangely serene. As I stared at their backs, Yoon Jung In spoke further.

“The game will be… ahem… endurance game!”

Kids, who sat down on their comfortable postures, stretched their bodies a bit out to the front while frowning their brows. Regardless of the overall attention, Yoon Jung In continued to explain the game in a straight pose.

“Each class sends out a girl and a boy on the stage. When I say ‘Go!” the boy holds the girl like a princess. The class of the first couple to collapse will be on the first stage. The class of the couple, who endures to the end, will be on the last stage. Clear?”


“Then those from each class, please come out to the front. Ready?!”

While waving the vertically-fold paper in the air, Yoon Jung In finished his explanation. It turned up the kids inside the auditorium.

Students in each class stood up and talked in a puzzled face. Classes with a real couple, luckily, didn’t take much longer to decide whom to send out; therefore, a few couples went up to the stage while holding hands tightly.

Yoon Jung In shouted, “Come out, ASAP! The last class to be on the stage will get minus 100!”

“Gosh, what should we do?”

“Hey, who’s gonna be up for our class?”

“Oppa, should we be on the stage?” Kim Hye Hill asked while gently pulling her brother’s short sleeves. Kim Hye Woo then responded in a grimace.

“We won’t be embarrassed to play the game but you know, I’m weak in strength.”

As soon as he said that, Yoon Jung In shouted from the stage.

“Oh, yeah, and Class 1-8! Just in case, do not send the Kim twins up on the stage! Kim Hye Woo will collapse within 10 seconds when holding Kim Hye Hill!”

“Dude, I’m not that weak though!”

Kim Hye Woo yelled at him with a burst of anger but well… it didn’t seem to be heard inside the noisy auditorium. I tiptoed to glance at the stage.

Except for two or three classes, the stage had boys and girls from most of the classes. Among them, the most outstanding couple was Kwon Eun Hyung and Ban Yeo Ryung, who stood at the corner holding their hands.

Doing an up-do with her shiny black hair, Ban Yeo Ryung revealed her white marble-like neck under the stage light. She boasted her long and slim limbs under the T-shirt and shorts.

Kwon Eun Hyung, standing beside her, wore jet-black sweat pants and a white T-shirt on top. Honestly, he looked better when dressed formally such as wearing suits or a school uniform. His twinkling red hair and sweetly shining green eyes were, however, attractive enough to draw admiration.

As I stared at them, I heard other boys talking next to me.

“Hey, Yi Ruda is strong.”


“Then let’s send Yi Ruda up there. What about the girl? Anyone who’s not heavy, please apply!”

“We don’t have much time!”

It was then that someone’s hand overlapped on mine. As I turned my head to look at the person in surprise, there was Yi Ruda staring at me with an ambiguous grin on her face.

I asked, “Why?”

“I would like to go up there with you.”

“I… I’m not that light.”

“Hey, don’t hesitate. You’re light enough!”

Someone said like that loudly. ‘No, my bones are quite big and heavy…’ I rolled my eyeballs with that thought in mind but soon, I glanced back at the stage in a hurry. Oh, my gosh. Every class was up there except for two classes. I pulled Yi Ruda’s hand in a flash.

“Yi Ruda, come on! Let go up to the stage.”


Yi Ruda put on an unexpectedly relaxed smile then followed me quietly. As we jumped up onto the stage in a hurry, a boy and a girl came up the stage at the same time.

I glanced at Yoon Jung In. He pointed us with his finger and pretended to blow a whistle. ‘Shoot!’ When I tried to scowl at him, I heard a small shriek from the side. I turned my head to see who it was and there stood Ban Yeo Ryung.

“Hey! Why are you here with Donnie?!”

Ban Yeo Ryung was screaming at him in fury.

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