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Chapter 104

Chapter 104: Chapter 104


‘No, this isn’t the right time for this!’ Hwang Siwoo quickly turned his head. He saw a boy who barely stood up and tried to get out of the vacant lot totteringly.

He yelled, “Hey, is that the asshole who pushed the girl? Get him!”

‘We should catch and hand him over to live!’

As if he heard that scream, the boy’s pace increased. ‘Holy shoot,’ Hwang Siwoo looked around the other boys while biting his lips. They were all collapsed on the ground while lacking the strength to even get up.

Hwang Siwoo began to run after him. It was, however, getting too dark, and he wasn’t sure if he could catch him. Once he got out of school, there existed a possibility to miss him due to the complicated alleys outside.

‘No…! When Kwon Eun Hyung, dealing with the seven boys with ease, learns that the boy ran away, he can do whatever he wanted to me. That can’t happen!’ It was then when Hwang Siwoo reached out his hand urgently.

* * *


Dae Lisa thought it was the first time for them to be silent for this long.

They were all gathered at the equipment room in Sun Jin High School, where they had a meeting before. Even without the rays of the sunset pouring through the small window, the room was already brightly lit with the lights open. Inside the space, they lined the chairs the same way they did before, and in the middle, there sat a girl.

She had straight black hair and beautiful, slim, pale limbs. She had her head dropped to the ground to hide the outline of her face, but her overall look was a piece of art.

Looking bewildered, Dae Lisa turned her head to check the guys around her. She then concluded, ‘They’re still unconscious’

‘I’m gonna send a person there, listen to her testimony, and decide the level of punishment to give.’

The message she received from Woo San lately was like that. He also added that the girl was close to the victim who almost had a car accident, witnessed the incident right before her, and fully knew about the victim’s wounded heart. According to the girl’s remark regarding the severity of the situation, they could decide how much punishment they could conduct on the bastard.

They accepted Woo San’s suggestion insignificantly about a few minutes ago. Gong Haru, Gang Han, Dae Lisa, and Kim Pyung Bum sat down at the recently gathered equipment room with apathetic faces and arms crossed. At that moment, they heard a knock on the rusty door.

Dae Lisa said, “Come in.”

The first thing that appeared through the door was a straight, jet-black hair. ‘What a gorgeous hair,’ Dae Lisa thought nonchalantly. The thin long white fingers that were grabbing the doorknob looked pathetic somehow. When her eyes, at last, reached the girl’s face, Dae Lisa’s jaw dropped out of surprise.

The girl was unbelievably pretty. To explain how pretty she was, Dae Lisa never imagined that a girl with such a beautiful face would exist in the world. Only a girl was standing in front, but the entire shabby and somber room seemed to brighten up.

It was not only Dae Lisa who got dumbstruck. Gang Han, Gong Haru, and especially Kim Pyung Bum, who didn’t have a girlfriend, became at a loss of words. They couldn’t even close their wide opened mouth.

Her feather-like, delicate, soft brows and her transparently black eyes under them were on Dae Lisa. Then, at the next moment, a glass bead-like tears fell from those silent black eyes. Dae Lisa felt the time it took for the tears to fall on the floor was like forever.


“Of course!” Captivated by the girl’s beauty, Dae Lisa responded immediately. Beside her, Gang Han, Gong Haru, and Kim Pyung Bum replied one after another, “What happened?” “Okay, just tell us,” “My ears are fully opened for you.”

They were all serious. Tears truly were the most powerful and manipulative weapon one could wield.

* * *

A hand popped out from the side and seized the escaping boy by the back of his neck. Hwang Siwoo, who was about to fetch a sigh of relief, felt thunderstruck. A boy with watercolor-like, rich, purple hair was there; it was Gong Haru, the nationwide Number 2.

Hwang Siwoo heard of him as a character who hated to fight, but as soon as he saw Gong Haru’s frighteningly grimacing face staring this side, Hwang Siwoo revised his mind.

‘He looks like he really loves fighting.’

Behind the terrifying Gong Haru, a few people gathered around; Hwang Siwoo thought that they looked familiar. As a school gang member himself, Hwang Siwoo knew their faces very well.

It was Dae Lisa, Gang Han, and Kim Pyung Bum!

When he took a closer look, he saw that they were talking to someone whom they surrounded. He saw a long straight jet-black hair in a glance, but he couldn’t see the person’s face at all. Maybe it’s a girl?

Dae Lisa said in an urgent look, “Don’t worry. Unnie will teach the bastards some lessons!”

“Yeah, no worries. Just believe this unnie and oppa. Oh, if anything happens again, would you like to call me? Do you have a number?”

“Yeah, let me give you mine. Call me if something happens.”

Hwang Siwoo felt that he was about to blank out. ‘What is all that? Who the hell is she to make Dae Lisa, Gang Han, Kim Pyung Bum, and the Number 2, Gong Haru, stick around her?’ As if he read Hwang Siwoo’s thoughts, Gong Haru called his name.

“Hey! Did you just chase this bastard?”

“Ye… s, sir!”

“Take him,” Gong Haru said. He then trudged toward Hwang Siwoo and handed the boy over to him. The boy looked as if he had given up everything. Hwang Siwoo scowled at the boy then raised his head to see them.

The four fearsome people were still babbling something while surrounding a girl in the middle. ‘What the… is there a pep rally for the school captains around here?’ Their voices were so loud that Hwang Siwoo clearly heard their conversation.

“We should break them into pieces.”


“Don’t cry, just believe this unnie.”

“Believe oppa, too.”

Hwang Siwoo gave up identifying who the girl was.

As he went back to the lot while grabbing the boy’s neck, he knew that the situation was already over.

Woo San declared, “From now on, the 72nd rank is Kwon Eun Hyung.”

He had already knocked down the seven guys, and in the middle, there stood Kwon Eun Hyung, who was dusting off his hands twice with a composed face. As if he went out for a morning walk, Kwon Eun Hyung looked refreshed and warm just like before. It made Hwang Siwoo’s fear against him grow. He then heard Woo San murmuring in a pale face.

“Wow, I can’t beat him.”

“What?” Hwang Hae asked back in surprise. Woo San still looked pale. He continued while shaking his head.

“I can’t beat him. Where did my little brother find such a skilled fighter like him?”

“You can’t beat him? Are you kidding me?”

“Didn’t you see him fighting until now? He didn’t have any unnecessary or big and fancy movements. It completely looked like an actual fight. He could never have such skill unless he fights every day,” Woo San mumbled while staring at Kwon Eun Hyung with a pale face.

“What kind of life did he go through?”


While Hwang Hae and Suh Jin Woon stood still with flabbergasted faces, Kwon Eun Hyung suddenly turned and faced Hwang Siwoo with a smile.

When Hwang Siwoo stepped back staggeringly in surprise, Kwon Eun Hyung spoke with a refreshing grin.

“I’m now the 72nd rank.”

“Oh… ye… ah?”

“Hey, you.”

Kwon Eun Hyung stretched out his hand to point at the boy whom Hwang Siwoo was holding. Kwon Eun Hyung glanced down at his nametag. ‘Kim Sa Hyuk.’ He knew that he was a freshman just by looking at the color of the name tag.

Kim Sa Hyuk dropped his gaze at the ground with a pale face. Who might have known this event would spiral out of control into this? When the girl fell on the road, it surprised him but he didn’t want to raise her up. He just thought things were getting a little annoying. Fearing the responsibility he might take, Kim Sa Hyuk left the spot with his members in a hurry. What if people made him stay there while he tried to raise the girl up? He, therefore, escaped immediately from the troublesome situation that he caused.

He felt a little anxious while thinking, ‘What if… what if she’s really dead…?’

‘Well, but it’s okay since she’s alive, right? Although she might have been killed, I didn’t want to take any responsibility, but…’

He never thought that such a thing could turn into something this big.

Kim Sa Hyuk looked up at Kwon Eun Hyung in full tension and waited for his words; however, what came out from his mouth was something unexpected.

“If you fight with me and win, I’ll disregard that incident.”

“… What?”

His remark came out with no hesitation that it seemed unbelievable. ‘What? If I fight with him and win, he would disregard the incident?’ Since he saw Kwon Eun Hyung fighting so far, he knew that he stood no chance against him; however, it was a good deal for Kim Sa Hyuk to resolve the incident as if nothing had happened.

Before he even noticed, Kim Sa Hyuk was already clenching his fist tightly.

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