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Chapter 101

Chapter 101: Chapter 101


Meanwhile, Hwang Siwoo was sweeping his hair out of anxiety. He was standing in front of the platform which was close to the empty lot. Inside his head, the scenes of himself confessing his affection towards Ban Yeo Ryung after school and getting knocked down by the Four Heavenly Kings hovered around.

‘Son of a bi*ch,’ Hwang Siwoo bit his lips. He was still at a nonplus when thinking about that time.

‘How caddish were they to surround and deal with a single person… That is why they defeated me like that without keeping my head up!’

After that happened, Hwang Siwoo and a group of boys gathered around the school entrance and attacked the Four Heavenly Kings, which turned out to be a horribly failed attempt. They even ran into Ban Yeo Ryung’s friends at the intersection in front of the supermarket chain, but again, a boy named Kwon Eun Hyung knocked them down terribly. These memories were, however, erased in Hwang Siwoo’s mind.

What existed inside his head was how that Kwon Eun Hyung had no respect as a freshman and a fu*king bastard with no basic groundings as a human being. He only knew how to gang up on someone. These were the only things Hwang Siwoo had in mind.

He heard about a girl who almost died while being involved in that incident. ‘But what does it have to do with me? I didn’t come out in front; it was my henchman’s mistake. She didn’t die or get injured eventually but came to school as usual. Everything’s okay, then.’ Hwang Siwoo decided to think like that.

As if the examples he showed had worked a little, Ban Yeo Ryung, at last, reached him back today.

Sweeping his hair again in anxiety, Hwang Siwoo opened his flip phone. He read the text over ten times.

Sent by: 010-xxxx-xxxx

Hi, Siwoo sunbae, I’m Yeo Ryung. After treating you like that, I went through so many things lately and thought I misbehaved to you. It seems to be an honor for me to be your crush, so please accept my apologies for behaving like that. If you still have a good feeling toward me, I’d like to go out with you. If you do, please come to the platform at Sun Jin High School at 6 pm. I’ll be waiting for you then.

Hwang Siwoo, who slowly went over the text, had put a smile on his lips. He then closed his phone and shoved it into the pocket.

He murmured, “Yeah, you should have behaved like this to avoid any hassle that day. You bitch awakened to the fullest of your mind at last.”

Hwang Siwoo recalled Ban Yeo Ryung’s face that he saw a few days ago inside the classroom where burning twilight shone over the window. The backlight was too strong for him to see her appearance, but he clearly remembered her dropped long lashes, shiny lips, and the pale purple eyes gazing at him.

Ban Yeo Ryung’s long black hair that waved along with her moves also came across his mind. She looked insanely gorgeous. Although she lived up to her looks, her message seemed to have resolved things.

‘Why can’t a person understand even when they talked nicely? If she behaved well from the beginning, her friend wouldn’t have faced such a thing.’ It was at that moment when Hwang Siwoo had those thoughts while patting his chin.

There was a figure walking across the schoolyard. A long black hair and a slender silhouette at a glance… Hwang Siwoo grinned with satisfaction. His eyes, however, opened wide suddenly.

Someone was next to Ban Yeo Ryung. ‘That bastard is…’ Hwang Siwoo’s face stiffened immediately. It was Kwon Eun Hyung!!

The red hair that was shining like a flame under the sunset and the green eyes glaring below it had an icy cold atmosphere. It looked different from what Hwang Siwoo had seen before.

Maybe he should call it a thirst for blood. Kwon Eun Hyung, who was walking toward Hwang Siwoo against the sunset, seemed like the angel of death.

‘Bi*ch!!’ Hwang Siwoo looked at Ban Yeo Ryung in anger and, at the same time, Kwon Eun Hyung’s calm and low voice rang around his ears.

“Don’t even say a word.”


“You will not make her ears rot with your words. Never let things happen from outside of your responsibility.”

With that said, Kwon Eun Hyung showed a refreshing smile at Hwang Siwoo. He strangely feared it more than the psychopath murderer he saw in a movie. Kwon Eun Hyung, who was lifting a guy way bigger than himself, came across Hwang Siwoo’s mind like a scene in a movie.

‘No…’ Hwang Siwoo murmured while suppressing his urge to leave. ‘Regardless of his fighting skills, over twenty of our kids gathered here in this schoolyard.’

According to the message he received just now, only three students greeted them. ‘3 vs 20? Then one person should handle almost seven people at once. Even 1 vs 2 is a tough situation, so 1 vs 7 is ridiculous!’

Hwang Siwoo kept on his thoughts with a sneer. ‘Sun Jin High School kids would have already fallen on the ground right now; my group of twenty members would wait for me with only a few injuries.’

Once they finish the brawl and come over to this place, Kwon Eun Hyung must deal with, at least, ten of them.

‘Cool!’ It was then when Hwang Siwoo tried to open his mouth in confidence.

A groovy melody rang around between them, Kwon Eun Hyung was standing in a correct posture; Hwang Siwoo was staring at him.

Bam bam bababa bam, beat them up~

The rap song ‘Monster’ had the usual thick intonation that a rapper has while putting emphasis on the ‘beat them up’ part with a heavy accent.

While Hwang Siwoo became dumbstruck, Kwon Eun Hyung took out his phone from his pocket. He still had a bright grin on his face.

He said, “Oh, I’m sorry. I like Drunken Tiger, so I had to wait for this call.”


“Oh, San hyeong. Yeah… yeah, all done? Really?”

There wasn’t much conversation between them, but Kwon Eun Hyung nodded his head as if he understood what the person on the other side of the phone said. He then suddenly stretched out his hand to give the phone to Hwang Siwoo. ‘What the…’ Hwang Siwoo took the phone from Eun Hyung’s hands and place it on his ear involuntarily.

At the very next moment, the voice coming through the phone struck Hwang Siwoo dumb.

“Oh, my~ Siwoo oppa~”

He was beyond surprised. Hwang Siwoo got so flabbergasted that he was about to throw the phone away. A guy was imitating a child’s voice with his thick masculine voice, which was enough to make Hwang Siwoo tongue-tie.

Although he felt thunderstruck, Hwang Siwoo luckily didn’t drop the phone. He soon gathered his senses then yelled out.

“F… fu*k! Who the fu*k are you!!”

The voice over the phone was still soft and shameless. He kept his voice with no hesitation and continued his words.

“Oh my~ I am a fan of you, Hwang Siwoo oppa~ I fu*king waited to see you so much. Oppa, where are you? We should meet now!” A puking sound and some swear words came from somewhere far at the other side of the call faintly–

“What… Fu*k!?”

It was then when Hwang Siwoo tried to hang up the phone in perplexity. The voice over the phone suddenly grew frigid.

“Oh, you’re not really gonna answer, are you? No, you don’t have to. I know where you are.”


“You’re at the platform in our school, right? Hey, come over here ASAP. Many people are waiting for you here. Dude, count them. How many are they?”

“Exactly twenty-three,” someone responded in an apathetic voice from the other side of the call–

“Hey, twenty-three people are waiting for you, got it? Twenty-three people waiting for 5-minutes each equals to a total of 115 minutes.”

‘Twenty-three?’ While losing himself in confusion, Hwang Siwoo used his brain to understand roughly that it was the same number of people he sent to Sun Jin High School for a brawl.

‘Then… then they are…!’ Hwang Siwoo, at last, realized what happened.

He yelled in shock, “Are you the guys from Sun Jin High School?!”

“Yey, correct. Oppa, you’re just as stupid as I’ve heard. My type LOL–”

“I’m really gonna kill you,” a calm voice roared from the side–

Hwang Siwoo’s jaw dropped after having a ludicrous feeling at the overall situation. How could a group of twenty-three people lose against only three people? Before Hwang Siwoo repeated the thought in mind, Eun Hyung snatched the phone back and said a few words on the phone.

While they made a short conversation through the call, Ban Yeo Ryung fixed her shiny black eyes under her long black lashes serenely at Hwang Siwoo.

Captivated by her beauty, Hwang Siwoo didn’t realize until now that her face looked stiff as a statue. At first, he thought she just had a blank face, but now, it looked furious one way or another. When he noticed that, Hwang Siwoo came up with the thought that he might have taken a wrong path before he even knew it.

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