The Lady’s Sickly Husband

Chapter 216 - Stay Here

Chapter 216: Stay Here

Mo Birui and Mo Birong’s pale faces at Mo Qianxue’s resolute refusal to Master Mo’s proposition now turned joyful and all smiles when she said they could stay.

As long as they could stay, there would be chances to approach Mo Qianxue. Maybe with time and proper service, Mo Qianxue would begin to like them and might decide to take them to the Ning Mansion of her own accord.

However, they were too optimistic.

Mo Qianxue changed her tone dramatically, her eyes indisputable, “However, they can only stay until my Puberty Ritual.”

She could see from Master Mo’s attitude that this old man wouldn’t give up his harassment until she allowed the two girls to stay. Besides, even if she shut them out, they would show up at her Puberty Ritual anyway.

Therefore, the best policy was to agree and just leverage on the two bitches to slap the old thing in the face and let him know the feeling of the inability to laugh or cry.

It was also a warning to those who still sought to stuff concubines to Ning Shaoqing: No through road! Don’t come to disgust her again.

Alright if you want to send over a bed-warming woman, but you would be on the wrong side of her forever.

Master Mo didn’t say anything to that, and the three Elders replied hurriedly, “Of course.” Their readiness showed the fear that Mo Qianxue would regret at any second.

After the ship was sailed, it was up to them whether the girls could stay or not.

Mo Birui and Mo Birong weren’t stupid and thanked her in a hurry.

Not having expected the plan worked out so smoothly, the Elders began to have a small smile.

Obviously, Mo Qianxue was exactly the same as her stubborn father who wouldn’t think for the good of the Mo family. What they could count on were these two Mo daughters who were promising in winning Ning Shaoqing’s affection.

As long as they succeeded, there was no doubt Ning Shaoqing would give a good turn to the Mo family. By then, it would be finally cuddled up with the Ning family.

Master Mo said with a cunning expression, “Butler, hurry and pass the words to clean up courtyards for the two ladies.”

The Elders echoed, “Right! Arrange them in the courtyards nearest to Snow.”

It was easy to let them stay but difficult to drive them away!

Butler Mo was shocked. Lady was simply asking for troubles! This Master Mo was anything but a grateful person. It would be nearly impossible to send them away if the two girls stayed.

Nanny Mo was quite at easy. She was confidence in her lady, who had refused to accept the two daughters of Mrs. Jia. How could it be likely that she would let these two girls climb up?

Nanny Mo was afraid lady had figured a good way to humiliate the two Mo girls.

Butler Mo ignored Master Mo’s order and said, “There is only one lady in the Founder Mansion, and that’s Lady Qianxue. As for other Mo daughters, even if they move in, they could only be called miss.”

Master Mo, retorted and irritated by Butler Mo, was about to reprimand, when Mo Qianxue interrupted, “I agree with Butler Mo. Please deal the rest of the matter as you deem right.”

Butler Mo was displeased, but he was too loyal to express his own opinion and bowed, “Yes, I’m arranging two courtyards for two the two Miss. Mo.”

The butler left afterwards, leaving Master Mo’s anger stuck in his throat with nowhere to vent out. The latter had to drink more tea to ease his rage.

Mo Qianxue wasn’t in a hurry and causally sorted her hair around the temples.

There was silence again in the hall. Master Mo took some tea, became less angry, and seemed to remember something after receiving the look from the Elders, “Right, Qianxue my niece, your Puberty Ritual is around the corner. I’ll let your aunt come to preside the Ritual for you…”

Before he finished, Mo Qianxue cut in, “I don’t dare to bother aunt with it. I’ve an acquired mother whom I’ve noticed in advance and will be hosting my Puberty Ritual.”

Mo Qinaxue becoming Mrs. Jia’s acquired daughter was already known to everyone in the city.

Many said Mrs. Jia was so lucky to randomly acquire a daughter who then turned out to be the madam of the first family. Certainly, the Mos knew it too.

Master Mo was upset again, “Nonsense! Mrs. Jia isn’t a member of our family. How could she be presiding a Mo lady’s Puberty Ritual.” He had counted on this grand Ritual to bring his wife in contact with more prestigious madams.

Mo Qianxue sneered with sarcasm, “Do you think Mrs. Jia is lower-ranked than Madam Mo? Or do you think Mrs. Jia isn’t eligible to preside my Ritual?”

Don’t blame her for being bitter-tongued and harsh. Speaking of rank, Mrs. Jia is first-level, while Madam Mo was merely a nameless folk. It was self-evident who was not eligible.

Master Mo cleared his throat in embarrassment.

He never dared to say that Mrs. Jia wasn’t eligible. Otherwise, he was afraid, once he walked out of here, none of the Mo children would be admitted to study in the Imperial Academy. By cutting off the means of Mo children’s education, he would become a sinner never to be forgiven by the Mo family.

Luckily, the First Elder thought fast and explained with a smile, “Master Mo means Mrs. Jia is too busy that we shouldn’t bother her for our domestic business…”

Master Mo thought it through and agreed, smiling, “Right, right. That’s what I mean. Qianxue, it’s better you don’t bother Mrs. Jia. It’s not appropriate to ask a outsider…”


Mo Qianxue’s sarcastic face became cold, “I would like to ask, Master Mo, when I was suffering in the court, when Mrs. Jia, a so-called outsider, could back my back, where is my dear aunt who’s claimed to be a family?

When I just returned, criticized by everyone and almost sentenced to death at court, who was the one arranged the beggars and stabbed me behind my back?

And who was the person calculating to seize my dukedom?”

Mo Qianxue got up and marched on step by step, “Don’t think that your dirty tricks are perfect when I don’t care to mention.”

Master Mo and the several Elders were dumb.

Mo Qianxue were engaged to Ning Shaoqing and would take control of half of the Ning family in the future, which was renown for its seamless networks of intelligence. Such things couldn’t be hid in the dark forever.

Taking away her wrath and waving the sleeves, she sat back, the overwhelming pressure naturally vanished.

Mo Qianxue’s tone was still cold, “To me, Mrs. Jia is also my mother, the only family I recognize. The so-called Madam Mo is the outsider.”

Master Mo suddenly remembered that many years ago, Mo Tianfang had said similar things, but his exact words were, “You are worthy of being my family? Now, in this world, I only have one family, and that’s Feng Qingyu.”

By then, he and Feng Qingyu hadn’t married yet, and Master Mo tried to give concubines to Mo Tianfang first to polish the apple.

In this life, what he regretted most was that he hadn’t taken Mo Tianfang and his mother back after his father’s decease.

“You…” His reason came back after the first word. He couldn’t come to an open break with Mo Qianxue yet.

The rolling blood in his heart calmed down, and Master Mo warned, “Mo Qianxue, remember, no matter what your identity is, you’re still surnamed Mo…”

Surnamed Mo? Since when did they treat her as a family? When her father was alive, they had only set themselves to gain benefit from her father. Now, when her father passed away, what they had in mind was to ruin the Founder Mansion.

Her father was scornful towards the surname. She was even more.

Mo Qianxue was about to sting the clueless Master Mo with more sarcasm, when Butler Mo came in, “Lady, Junzhu Susu comes to visit you.”

Mo Qianxue was a little surprised.

Yesterday, she had just hung out with her for an entire day, but Susu had picked her up at the gate and hadn’t come in the mansion.

Therefore, when they parted, Mo Qianxue had said out of friendliness that she welcomed her to visit at any time. It surprised her that Junzhu Susu was in such a hurry and showed up the next morning.

Though surprised, Mo Qianxue was happy to see Junzhu Susu and stood up, “I’ve an honored guest here. Sorry, I can’t be here with you, Master Mo.” Mo Qianxue specially emphasized honored guest.

It meant that they didn’t belong in this category.

Finishing her words, Mo Qianxue turned away at once, and Mo Birui followed up cleverly, “Sister, I should accompany you.”

Seeing it, Mo Birong also caught up and said, “Me too.”

Junzhu Susu was the most distinguished woman in Tianqi next to the Princess. They rarely had a chance to see her. How could they miss out this opportunity to know her?

Sister? They still didn’t give up?!

Mo Qianxue paused for a second and stared at them, ordering word by word, “I don’t have sisters. Call Me Lady.”

Then, she turned without looking back.

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