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Chapter 6 – Thousand Chance Umbrella

Chapter 6 – Thousand Chance Umbrella

How could the skills chosen for Lord Grim be laughed at?

First, the lower levels went by quickly. Carefully matching skill skills was completely unnecessary. Many people simply chose to be a piece of blank space, figuring it out after they reached level 20.

Second, even though level 20 and under allowed players to figure out their own profession, many incoming players already had a general idea: mage, swordsman, or gunner related? There were players like this, but players like Ye Xiu? They went as far as to tread every class. But although players below level 20 could learn any type of skill, their strength was limited by their weapons.

For example, if you learned Sharpshooter skill Floating Bullet, there was no way the skill could be used with a sword. So for Lord Grim to learn this skill, he would have to carry weapons from every class. Repeatedly exchanging them back and forth would be extremely inconvenient. And for those in the initial stages, looking for so much trouble, wouldn’t that be the same as looking for punishment? Only the once popular unspecialized players would do such a thing.

What were unspecialized players? They were players without a class. But this was something that happened back when the level cap was 50. When the level cap increased and the class awakening was introduced, the unspecialized type of playing style disappeared. The current players looking at Lord Grim’s skill set would never think of unspecialized people, they would only laugh.

Ye Xiu seemed as if he hadn’t thought of this. Lord Grim only had a blank Bronze Sword on him. And when he passed a random store, Ye Xiu actually also sold this weapon.

Soon after, he directly headed to the storage chest in the warehouse and opened it. An equipment unexpectedly lay inside.

Accounts that transferred servers should be empty. What empty means is that experience, gold, backpacks, storage chests, and even mail were all empty.

But Lord Grim, which had just transferred to the tenth server, unexpectedly had an equipment inside.

No one knew how this happened, but it seemed as if Ye Xiu had been expecting it. He knew that he would find an equipment here, but after finding it, there wasn’t a trace of happiness in Ye Xiu’s expression. On the contrary, it was filled with grief. A rare tremble once again emerged on his right hand. The last time this appeared was when he lost One Autumn Leaf. Now, it appeared when he was going to take out this equipment.

The mouse moved up.

[Thousand Chance Umbrella] – Level 5

Weight: 23 kg, Attack Speed: 5

Physical Attack: 180 ; Magic Attack 180

That was it. It didn’t even have additional properties. It was practically a blank weapon.

But the word color of the Thousand Chance Umbrella wasn’t white, rather it was silver.

In Glory, the tier of an equipment could be seen by the color of the words separated into: Orange, Purple, Blue, Green, White. White equipment did not have any additional properties. Green Tier equipment were given through quest rewards. Blue equipment dropped in dungeons though a few quests had them too. They were the most mainstream equipment. As for Purple and Orange equipment, those were high-end goods. Whether it be character or money, players had to be outstanding in some way to obtain them.

The silver word color of the Thousand Chance Umbrella didn’t belong to these five colors. If Chen Guo woke up and saw, she would definitely be amazed. Silver, those were only given to self-made equipment. Self-made equipment were a large feature of Glory. They weren’t made through manufacturing skills in the game, but through an equipment editor. They were considered endgame content.

There was a popular saying in Glory: self-made equipment weren’t necessarily powerful, but all powerful equipment were self-made.

Self-made equipment could surpass Orange Epic Tier equipment. In the Professional Union, every club invested in a specialized team that researched self-made equipment. The Battle God One Autumn Leaf held the self-made Silver Battle Lance Evil Annihilation! It was an outstanding and famous weapon and one-of-a-kind.

A self-made equipment’s feature was that it was extremely difficult to create but each was unique.

Only, it could be a unique surpassing peak Epic equipment or it could also be a unique piece of trash.

The Thousand Chance Umbrella? Was it trash or treasure?

If Chen Guo awoke, if she found about the weapon’s properties, then she would be able to immediately make a decision.

Top Quality. Thousand Chance Umbrella was truly top quality surpassing Orange equipment of the same level. 180 Physical Attack and Magic Attack. That was equivalent to a Level 10 Orange weapon. But high attack weapons were often heavy and slow. Thousand Chance Umbrella wasn’t heavy and had an average Attack Speed of 5. Even compared to Level 10 Orange weapons, just relying on this point was enough to surpass them.

But the weakness was also obvious: Thousand Chance Umbrella only had the fundamental attributes with no additional increases. Besides, Level 5, this was a level that would be passed in a flash.

But Ye Xiu did not think of these because he knew that this Thousand Chance Umbrella was a true heavenly work. After countless experiments and failure, to be able to create this Level 5 Thousand Chance Umbrella was already a great accomplishment. A feature of self-made equipment were that after reasoning and planning, they could be continuously upgraded. So self-made weapons could never go out of date and could be continuously upgraded through equipment editor.

Ye Xiu gently retrieved the Thousand Chance Umbrella and placed it in Lord Grim’s hands. “Let’s start!” He said in a low voice and immediately controlled Lord Grim to the Green Forest dungeon. It looked as if Lord Grim had heard his command.

Green Forest was a 5 person dungeon that required a player to be Level 5 to enter. Achievements by players Level 10 and above were not valid meaning that they could not participate in the different leaderboards for this dungeon. Numerous open parties sat outside the dungeon. When Lord Grim arrived, he received quite a few invitations. Ye Xiu didn’t carefully choose and picked a team that needed one more person.

“Nice nice nice.” Just as he entered, Ye Xiu heard that party leader Sleeping Moon shouting.

“How are we going to split the drops from the hidden BOSS?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Oh? How thoughtful!” From Sleeping Moon’s speaking without thinking, it looked like he wasn’t a newbie. At least, he didn’t ask what a hidden BOSS was.

The party had to be formed to have a chance at meeting the hidden BOSS. The system would give a few hints on entering the dungeon. The hidden BOSS’s strength was stronger than the dungeon’s final BOSS by a bit, but equipment that wouldn’t be dropped by a normal BOSS could burst out from it.

Actually, with Ye Xiu’s peak professional level, he had enough skill to solo the small dungeon. Forming a party was necessary to meet the hidden BOSS though. He also wanted the materials dropped by the hidden BOSS because those would definitely be needed to upgrade the Thousand Chance Umbrella. Ye Xiu understood clearly. Compared to leveling up Lord Grim, upgrading the Thousand Chance Umbrella was much harder. He decided that he would start now.

In low-level dungeons such as Green Forest, no matter how good of an equipment was dropped. It would soon die out, so it had no value. Apart from experience, materials dropped from the hidden BOSS attracted players. These materials would never grow out of date. Even in the old servers, there were many people that entered Green Forest for these materials.

Sleeping Moon evidently knew of this, so he quickly announced the distribution proposal: Everything dropped by that toy is worth money, so everything dropped will be decided by rolling dice!

“Okay.” He could only say this. How could he take them all for himself? This was a wild party. There were no grounds to.

“Good. Now that we’re all ready, let’s go.” Sleeping Moon said. After receiving everybody’s reply, he entered.

Ye Xiu had been talking to Chen Guo so he hadn’t put on headphones. Now, he took them out and put them on. Just as he entered the dungeon, he heard a roar: “D*mn! What luck! A hidden BOSS already!”

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