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Chapter 50 – Again!

Chapter 50 – Again!

“Hey hey, you’re going too far!” Chen Guo was a bit angry. Although she really had looked for someone to irritate Tang Rou, she didn’t actually think Ye Xiu wouldn’t say a single good point about her. Did he really need to go so far?

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Ye Xiu said, “I was a little excessive. The one hundred years part is only an exaggeration. You don’t actually need that long.”

Hearing the first half, Chen Guo was astonished that this guy actually admitted his error. But after hearing the last half, she became so furious that her nose almost went crooked.

“You just can’t say anything good.” While Chen Guo said this, she glanced at Tang Rou. She had pushed it too far! She had always wanted to irritate this little sister once, but now that she had done it, she was afraid that she had gone too far.

“Hmm…….Her technique was quite quick. I said that!” Ye Xiu said.

“What else?” Chen Guo said.

“What else…….” Ye Xiu thought hard. His sight shifted to a different place: “She’s very pretty.”

Chen Guo coughed blood. He’s praising her, right? He’s praising her, right? But the problem was that they were discussing the game. He said “she’s very pretty”, but didn’t that still mean that there wasn’t a single good point about her playing?

Tang Rou’s going to be angry, she’s going to be angry…… Chen Guo lowered her head and looked. Tang Rou was biting her lips. Her right hand was still tightly gripping the mouse. If she were Chen Guo, then she would have already grabbed the keyboard and started smashing him with it. But after all, Tang Rou wasn’t her. She only coldly said: “Say it after we’ve finished fighting.”

“There’s no need. I was going leniently before. If not, then after the Eagle Stamp, I would have used Falling Light Blade, Sky Strike, swept the floor, Dragon Tooth, Falling Flower Palm, and then you’d be dead.” Ye Xiu said.

“Then why didn’t you continue?” Tang Rou asked.

“If I did that, then I’d have won and taken your 100 yuan. But you really don’t know how to play, so that would be too unfair. I’d be too embarrassed to take your 100 yuan. Forget about it!” Ye Xiu said and then faced Chen Guo: “Boss, that 100 yuan is mine! You can deduct that from my salary. You already agreed.”

“You you you……” Chen Guo was so angry, she almost died. Taking that 100 yuan, she crumpled it into a ball and threw it: “Take it.”

“Thanks.” Ye Xiu immediately caught it. He wasn’t actually penniless. But cigarettes were like food and had to be consumed. From a long-term standpoint, he had to be prepared.

“If I lost, I lost. You don’t need to pass on it. You take this 100 yuan.” Tang Rou stood up. She took that 100 yuan she bet and handed it over.

“Forget about it. I’d really be too embarrassed to take it.” Ye Xiu said.

“Take it!” Chen Guo glared at Ye Xiu. She knew of Tang Rou’s temper. This girl was eager and serious. If Ye Xiu insisted on not accepting the money, then things wouldn’t end well. She was now afraid that Ye Xiu was also a guy who would bash his head against a brick wall. If he didn’t take the money no matter what, then what should she do?

But in the end, she heard Ye Xiu say: “Then give it to Boss. I owe her money.”

B*stard! Kicking the ball to me! Chen Guo was furious, but Tang Rou had different intentions. Tang Rou didn’t want to anger Chen Guo, so she took the money to her: “Then his debt is clear now!”

“Let’s fight another round.” Tang Rou threw this at him and sat down. Chen Guo could only feel as if her cheeks streamed with tears. This was Tang Rou. She wasn’t like Chen Guo, and wouldn’t start yelling and strangling the other person. She was a firm believer that facts spoke louder than words and would only use her strength to make you speechless.

Due to the practice nature of the Fixed Field, there was no victory or defeat counter. The player was also free to enter or exit whenever they wanted to. After Tang Rou sat down, she directly selected the again option. Without waiting for Ye Xiu to speak, she pulled out another 100 yuan and put it on the table: “It’s still one round, one hundred. Although I don’t really know how to play, I hope you’ll treat this seriously.”

Ye Xiu turned around towards Chen Guo. Chen Guo spread out her hands, meaning that she didn’t care, you fix your own problems!

“Okay……” Ye Xiu also didn’t say too much and silently sat down.

The new round started. Chen Guo still stood behind Tang Rou, but this time she only quietly watched without saying anything. She also wouldn’t fuss too much about nothing.

The situation was the same as the previous round. Chasing Haze still lost without even touching Lord Grim’s clothing. The only difference this time was Lord Grim didn’t show any more mercy. He directly depleted Chasing Haze’s life.

“Again!” Tang Rou without saying anything further. She pulled out another 100 yuan and slapped it down. She chose the again option.

Still lost.


Another loss.


Another loss.

Ye Xiu didn’t say another word. Chen Guo looked again at Ye Xiu’s expression. She only saw that Lord Grim truly didn’t show the slightest amount of mercy. Concentrated and cautious, he didn’t let a single opportunity go. Vicious and merciless.

Many Internet Cafe guests gradually noticed this competition. A few frequent customers had already left their stations and gathered to watch the scene.

Most of the frequent customers recognized Tang Rou. To many, this beauty was their dream girlfriend. As a result, many knew that Tang Rou didn’t play Glory, but her PK skill wasn’t low. Now that they saw her repeatedly slapping down one bill after another, all of them were dumbstruck.

As for her opponent? He had only arrived two days ago and did a night shift, so frequent customers didn’t immediately recognize him. Only after seeing the battle, people behind Tang Rou exclaimed in awe: “Lord Grim, that’s the tenth server’s Lord Grim.”

“Really? Where, where?” This short remark startled many people. Quite a few customers who heard this came over to join the crowd.

Tang Rou and Ye Xiu weren’t disturbed by this. They continued to meticulously battle. When Chen Guo saw these people’s reactions towards Lord Grim, she was astonished. She seized a person watching: “Who’s Lord Grim?”

“The tenth server’s most popular character. Three first clears in beginner village. Frost Forest’s current clear record holder and has already joined Blue Brook Guild.”

“No! I know people from Blue Brook Guild. After Lord Grim helped them set a new record, he left the guild.”

“D*mn, he doesn’t even see Blue Brook Guild in his eyes. What does he want to do?”

“Hey, quiet down. He’s right there.”

“What, which one?”

This crowd that didn’t know the facts clearly hadn’t realized that the person Tang Rou was betting money with was sitting directly across from her.

“Wow, lost again……”

“What round is this?”

“I don’t know. When I came, it had already started.”

“There’s five hundred on the table, right?”

“Yeah yeah.”

“Wow, another bill!”

“Sis Tang, go go…….”

Just like this, Tang Rou lost ten rounds in a row. In those ten rounds, it couldn’t be said that Lord Grim’s clothing hadn’t been touched once, but in the spectator’s eyes, they didn’t see a single chance of her winning. The previous cheering sounds had already turned to comforting. There were also a few people who started despising Lord Grim for not having tender, more protective feelings towards girls.

“Again!” Tang Rou remained unmoved. She yelled it again. But after she pulled out her purse, she could only stare blankly.

She couldn’t fight another round… because she had no money.

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