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Chapter 48 – Countless Variations

Chapter 48 – Countless Variations

“Okay, today I’ll open my eyes and see this so-called unspecialized character!” Chen Guo said. From when she started playing Glory, unspecialized characters had already become extinct.

“Make a room, okay, pick that map, right, the smallest one.” Chen Guo stood behind Tang Rou pointing. Glory’s Arena was a joint server. After joining the Arena, a player could duel others from different servers. The character would have the server number next to the name. This way, even the those with the same name could be differentiated by servers.

“Invite him. Lord Grim. Right, those two words.” Chen Guo said. Tang Rou sent the invite and the system prompted: the player you have invited is not in the Arena.

“What are you doing, hurry up!” Chen Guo yelled.

“Wait a bit, let me use my skill points.” Lord Grim had leveled up last night. Leveling, clearing dungeons, quests, he had accumulated quite a few skill points and hadn’t had the time to use them yet.

“So slow.” Chen Guo mumbled to herself.

Although she was worried, Tang Rou, on the other hand, was calm and unhurried. Looking at Chasing Haze’s equipment: “Have you recently gotten any good equipment?” Although she didn’t play, her knowledge of Chasing Haze wasn’t lower than Chen Guo’s. After all, Chen Guo loved to talk about it!

“No, how could it be so easy!” While Chen Guo replied, she impatiently looked towards Ye Xiu, but saw that guy sneakily waving his hands at her, hinting her to come over.

What are you doing? Chen Guo muttered to herself as she walked over.

“To specially want me and her to battle a round, you don’t have any particular reason, do you?” Ye Xiu asked in a low voice.

“What do you think?”

“I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking you! You don’t need me to let her win, right?” Ye Xiu said.

“Let? Say it after you’ve beaten her!” Chen Guo said.

“Okay okay.” Ye Xiu nodded his head and let Lord Grim enter the Arena: “Ready.”

Tang Rou invited and Ye Xiu accepted. Chen Guo ran back to behind Tang Rou. Ye Xiu, however, wasn’t in a rush. He stretched out his neck and asked: “Just fight like this? Do you want to do a little betting?”

“What betting?” Chen Guo didn’t understand.

“For example, a cigarette pack.” Ye Xiu suggested.

Chen Guo almost died from anger. Right when she was about to roar, Tang Rou said happily: “Okay! I can’t smoke and I don’t have any cigarettes either. Let’s bet a hundred yuan, what do you think?

“Okay okay!” Ye Xiu gladly agreed.

“Then I’ll testify. Here’s a hundred yuan.” Tang Rou took out a hundred yuan and gave it to Chen Guo.

“Do you both agree?” Chen Guo was flabbergasted.

“It’s just for fun!” Tang Rou laughed.

“Okay.” Chen Guo delightedly took Tang Rou’s one hundred yuan: “And you?”

“I……Oh, that’s nothing, I have here a rare cigarette box…….”

“You’ve gone mad from poverty, haven’t you?” Chen Guo really was happy and laughed. She took out a hundred yuan and waved it in front of him: “I’ll let you borrow this. I’ll deduct it from your salary.”

“Okay okay. I’ll return it right away.” Ye Xiu said.

“How confident. We’re starting!” Tang Rou said.

“Start start.”

The scene changed and the two entered the Arena. The map was the smallest stage. The opponents stood on opposite sides. Chen Go served as the coach outside of the stage: “He still hasn’t changed classes. This is called an unspecialized character. He’ll have many skill variations. By looking at his weapon, you can figure out which class’s skill he’s going to use.”

“Oh.” Tang Rou replied. Although she hadn’t officially played Glory, for over a year, she had played many rounds of PK for Chen Guo. She knew of all of the different classes.

“Then what is the weapon in his hand called?” Tang Rou pointed to the screen.

“This…… This…..” Chen Guo looked for a long time, but couldn’t recognize it. She directly asked: “What’s the weapon in your hand?”

“Shameless!” Ye Xiu, “You have to ask?”

“It looks like an umbrella?” Tang Rou let Chasing Haze walk forward a few steps and zoomed in.

“Umbrella? There’s no such weapon. It’s gotta be a broom, right?” Chen Guo also leaned forward to look.

“I’m coming!” While Ye Xiu said this, he let Lord Grim run forward in a straight line towards Chasing Haze.

Tang Rou really did react fast. When Lord Grim moved, she had already moved her mouse in an instant and shot accurately. But in a blur, Lord Grim flickered and avoided the shot. Chen Guo, who was watching on the side, knew that this move was called Z Shake. The principle was simple, but was extremely difficult to pull off in an actual battle.

After dodging the shot, Lord Grim closed the distance. He lowered his body and Slide Kicked towards Chasing Haze.

“How crafty!” Chen Guo was deeply moved. Although Slide Kick was a Gunner skill, it was a body skill, so the weapon didn’t matter. This attack still didn’t reveal what thing he was holding onto.

Sure enough, Tang Rou’s hand speed didn’t disappoint Chen Guo’s expectations. Before the Slide Kick hit, Chasing Haze had already rolled out of the way. She quickly got up and prepared to use a body skill to hit back. Her dodge, move, and attacks were all performed extremely quickly.

Who knew that the screen would suddenly flash with a shining white light. Lord Grim’s right hand took out a sharp sword from that unknown weapon in his left hand.

This shining light wasn’t merely as simple as pulling out a weapon. This was the Blade Master Skill: Sword Draw!

This attack surprised Chen Guo. Even if she wanted to switch actions, she was afraid that her reaction speed was too slow. Unlike her, Tang Rou’s left hand had already tapped the keyboard twice. Her right hand pushed the mouse. Chasing Haze leaped backwards and prepared to fire another shot.

This move dodged the Sword Draw attack and returned fire. After the shot launched, using the recoil, she flew backwards to increase their distance. This was practically killing three birds with one stone. Right when Chen Guo wanted to yell out “good”, she didn’t think that after Lord Grim used Sword Draw, his sword had already returned to the sheath. He seized the opportunity to chain “Sword” “Belt” “Sheath” and chased after the mid-air Chasing Haze. At this moment, he had already closed in.

This change was even quicker. Chen Guo couldn’t figure out which Blade Master attack used a sheath to smash. But she felt that there was still a bit of distance between Chasing Haze and Lord Grim. Then, the umbrella-like thing in Lord Grim’s hands opened up. In an instant, the umbrella flipped and the umbrella bones turned upside down. They concentrated on the tip as if it were a lance and then stabbed towards Chasing Haze. Immediately following, Lord Grim flipped the handle. This lance drew a semicircle bringing Chasing Haze along with it and flipped her upside down, her head down and feet up.

Chen Guo was shocked because this wasn’t any ordinary attack. This was a skill called “Circle Swing”, a Battle Mage skill. This wasn’t a rare skill among unspecialized characters, but the problem was that Lord Grim had used that thing to execute Sword Draw, so it should be a Swordsman class weapon. How could it suddenly turn into a Battle Mage lance in the blink of an eye?

Tang Rou was more stunned by his technique. After fighting for a bit, she was actually slower by a level. This was something she hadn’t expected.

Due to Glory being a first person perspective game, this type of skill like Circle Swing was relatively strong. Having the sky and earth flipping upside down in an instant destroyed people’s sense of direction, making the victim feel vexed. Chen Guo could be considered an experienced veteran, so she wouldn’t go so far as to become confused. But Tang Rou only played occasionally. Although she had extremely high hand speed to carry her, this type of sudden viewpoint change was too much for her.

She hastily figured out the direction and twisted her body. But unexpectedly, Chasing Haze was unable to turn over her body. Her character raised her head to look. One of Lord Grim’s feet had stepped on her, while the other was on the ground. That thing in his hand had returned back to its original shape. This time, it looked like a close-ranged pose. Chen Guo and Tang Rou finally saw that it really was an umbrella and that the umbrella’s tip was aimed at Chasing Haze’s head.

The two still hadn’t recovered from the shock when the umbrella tip unleashed a tongue of flame. Peng Peng Peng, a string of gun sounds hit the downed Chasing Haze.

Gunner Class Sharpshooter Skill: Punisher.

[TL Note: – A one step instruction manual by NomYummi on how to get rid of the flying text in the video below] [TLC Note: I found a fanart model video about these forms.(unofficial, based on literary description and fantasy, not exactly same with the original work, for instance, 伞 should be Shield Form, and there should be no 权杖形态, the author had modified 权杖 into 骑士剑, which is the official name of umbrella form]

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