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Chapter 46 – Easy Glory

Chapter 46 – Easy Glory

Chen Guo didn’t know how many times she had fell asleep on the sofa while watching TV. She’d usually wake up from the cold and then slowly crawl to bed. When she woke up today, she found that there was a blanket warmly wrapped around her. The blanket felt very familiar too. It had to be hers, so the half-awake Chen Guo thought she was sleeping on a bed. She comfortably wrapped the blanket around herself and flipped her body. With a bang, she fell off from the sofa.

Chen Guo still held onto the blanket. It took a long while for her to recover from the daze. Only then did she realize that she fell from the sofa. The sofa wasn’t tall. Falling down wouldn’t do anything, it was funny though. Chen Guo carried the blanket and climbed up. Seeing that the small storage room’s door was closed, she knew that this was all done by the newcomer Ye Xiu.

After putting back the blanket, she rinsed her mouth and washed her face in the bathroom. Someone rang the doorbell. Holding a toothbrush in her mouth, Chen Guo went to open the door. She saw a girl, carrying all sorts of bags, smiling at her.

“Oh, Little Tang you’ve come back!” Chen Guo bit the toothbrush and said with a mouthful of foam.

“Yeah, how’d you just get up?” Tang Rou, who was carrying bags of all sizes, found it inconvenient to take the keys out, so she rang the doorbell. As a result, she found Chen Guo with this appearance.

“I slept late yesterday!” Chen Guo, with a mouthful of foam, still insisted on chatting.

“Why don’t you first finish brushing your teeth?” After Tang Rou entered the room, she put her stuff down wherever it was convenient, while Chen Guo continued forward to the bathroom.

“I heard that you’ve found a new employee?” While Chen Guo brushed her teeth, Tang Rou reclined outside the door and asked with her head tilted, looking a the closed storage room.

“Yup! Did they tell you?”


“There’s no vacant spot for him to live, so I’ve let him sleep there temporarily.” Chen Guo said.

“I heard he had only come for a day and had already made you terribly angry?” Tang Rou clearly heard quite a bit of news downstairs.

Chen Guo was speechless. It was terrible! Yesterday night, she wanted to strangle that guy to death. On one side, this person made her angry, but on the other side, he put a blanket over her. Good things bad things, he did them all.

“What’s wrong?” Tang Rou saw that Chen Guo’s mind was wandering and that she hadn’t said a word.

“Nothing. He’s really good at Glory.” Chen Guo said.

“How good? Like you?” Tang Rou laughed.

“You’re dead, girl…….” Chen Guo rolled her eyes. Mentioning this made her very depressed. Originally, Tang Rou didn’t play Glory. Chen Guo tried to teach the game to her so that they could play together. While PKing in the Arena with her Chasing Haze account, she explained all of Glory’s charm to her.

Because Chen Guo was doing two things at once, she had been beaten quite miserably by her opponent. But Tang Rou immediately expressed a “let me try”, which made Chen Guo feel extremely gratified.

In the first round, Tang Rou was also beaten quite miserably. She then asked Chen Guo about a few particulars on how to perform a few actions.

In the second round, she still lost. As a result, Chen Guo took the initiative and explained to her a few tactics that the opponent might use.

Finally in the third round, Tang Rou reversed the situation and beat her opponent miserably.

“This is so easy!” Tang Rou turned her head and spoke towards Chen Guo. Her previous extremely interested look had already disappeared. Chen Guo looked dumbstruck. A completely new player used only two rounds to get familiar with the controls. After understanding a tactic, she could already beat others.

Chen Guo didn’t know how good the opponent’s skill was. She immediately borrowed an account, with the same class as the opponent that Tang Rou fought against from one of the Internet Cafe guests. Although Chen Guo played Launcher, she knew a little bit about the other classes. She was at least better than a person who had only touched Glory for three rounds, plus her skilled technique……

In the end, she actually lost to Tang Rou.

Chen Guo didn’t want to believe it. Tang Rou, who didn’t want to keep playing, was forced to fight another round with her. Although Chen Guo sometimes barely won a few times, she lost more than she won. Clearly, Tang Rou was getting more and more skilled.

And now Chen Guo discovered why Tang Rou could, inconceivably, beat her.

Hand speed! This girl was born with astonishing hand speed. At that time, Chen Guo had played Glory for three years, and thought that she was just a bit off from being an expert. Yet Chen Guo could only be endlessly ashamed.

Talent! This was talent. If someone with talent didn’t play Glory, it would truly be a waste. Chen Guo began trying even harder to drag Tang Rou into playing Glory. But in the end, she failed. Chen Guo delightedly explained the charm of Glory’s mainland. Time and time again, all Chen Guo saw was Tang Rou incessantly yawning, as if she were about to fall asleep.

Chen Guo tried hard for a full two months without any results. Finally, an event happened that made her thoroughly despair. Heavenly Domain Challenge Quests. To enter the Heavenly Domain, players had to complete a series of quests. Among those were a few normal monster-slaying quests, a few BOSS-killing quests, a few “look for materials” quests, and a few Arena PK Victory quests. But the quest that made players’ heads hurt the most was still the Skill Challenge.

The Skill Challenge didn’t only require that the player beat the opponent. It also required that the player performed actions at a certain level set by the system. For example, a certain number of combos, total damage done by a back attack, the number of air juggling that had to be done, etc.

Many players were stuck here and couldn’t pass no matter what. Chen Guo was one of them. She was firmly stuck there in the Skill Challenge and couldn’t reach the requirements no matter what.

In the end, Tang Rou took her account card. After researching for a few days, she helped her finish the Heavenly Domain’s Skill Challenge.

Chen Guo was thoroughly speechless. She finally understood why Tang Rou couldn’t find any interest in the game no matter how hard she tried. This was because most players had to try hard to win. She could do things that needed hard work and practice with no difficulty at all.

Glory was named “Glory” because they hoped that players would consider equipment, skills, and every record as glory. And players approved because these things truly were difficult to get and required hard work to obtain.

But for Tang Rou? She cleared the Skill Challenge, which many players were firmly stuck on, in just a few days. How could that produce any feeling of glory? No one would consider the task of holding a glass of water and drinking it as glory.

Chen Guo despaired, but didn’t want to give up. In these two years, whenever she met a powerful opponent, she would drag Tang Rou to try. In the end, Tang Rou again and again turned her head and asked: “It was that easy?”

If she kept doing this, then Chen Guo’s face wouldn’t be able to stay on anymore! The other side would just turn her head towards opponents that Chen Guo couldn’t beat and say “that was easy.” This made it difficult for her to endure. As a result, in the recent few months, Chen Guo no longer did this often. But this time, after mentioning Ye Xiu, Chen Guo’s sealed thoughts once again reignited. She suddenly wiped her mouth and threw her towel down. With her messy hair, she was about to smash at Ye Xiu’s door: “I’m going to call him for you to try out.”

“Ai, it’s fine!” Tang Rou immediately pulled at Chen Guo: “Didn’t he just get off the night shift and go to sleep? Let’s wait until he gets up, okay?”

“Oh, that’s fine too.” Chen Guo thought for a bit and temporarily dropped the matter. She grabbed her towel and was about to go wash, when she suddenly thought of something: Right, his hands were like yours, very pretty.

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