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Chapter 38 – What’s Damage

Chapter 38: What’s Damage



They advanced through the dungeon astonishingly fast. Blue River looked extremely happy. Ye Xiu also felt worry-free. Blue River and the others were much better than Seven Fields and his group, whether it be in equipment or skills. After he led them through One Wave Rush the first time, he basically didn’t need to yell out instructions again. Moreover, after the four understood his intentions, they could determine the most suitable time to act by themselves.

Using this method merely two times, the monsters en route to the first BOSS were completely cleared. Blue River looked at the time. They hadn’t even used five minutes. Monsters were no longer an issue, so next up was the BOSS.

The first BOSS, Goblin Patrol Guard, was stronger than normal Goblins. He carried a Barbed Wolf Fang Stick with extremely high physical attack. Although this BOSS didn’t have any fancy skills, just him plain swinging his stick caused players to feel helpless.

The reason for this wasn’t the BOSS itself, but rather because normal parties used an MT to pull aggro. Like this, the MT could only rely on his defense and vitality to tank the BOSS’s high damage attacks. If the stats didn’t reach a certain mark, then the MT could only rely on their technique. But technique wasn’t something that could be obtained so easily. As a result, if their stats didn’t meet the requirements, then only experts could cope. Normal players would have to buy better equipment to improve their stats.

In terms of technique, Blue River didn’t have any doubts for Lord Grim. He was an unspecialized Level 20 and could already pull 20 Goblins to go running round and round in circles. If anyone said that this type of person had no technique, then Blue River could only disagree. But against the BOSS, Blue River wasn’t worried that Lord Grim would die by the Goblin Patrol Guard, but rather worried about whether he could pull it properly. If he made a mistake and the Patrol Guard’s big stick hit the mage, then the mage would instantly die.

“I’ll pull, do your best to put out damage.” Ye Xiu said.

“How long do we need to wait?” Blue River asked very professionally. Normal MT’s pulled by fighting the BOSS alone for a few seconds to accumulate enough aggro, so that others wouldn’t just directly OT it when they attacked.

“There’s no need to wait. Once it’s pulled just go in.” Ye Xiu said.

“Once it’s pulled go in?” The four all said at once in awe.

“Yeah, to beat the record, you have to hurry up. I’m starting!” Ye Xiu already hit the keyboard to let Lord Grim rush up. Blue River and the others were startled a bit, but didn’t dare complain. Although hey had saved a lot of time clearing the small monsters, they still felt that they should steady the BOSS first. As a result, they didn’t move and just watched as Lord Grim stabbed towards the Goblin Patrol Guard.

Dragon Tooth, Sky Strike, Double Stab, normal uppercut, normal stab, another Sky Strike……

“What are you waiting for?”

Hearing this, Blue River woke up as if he had been sleeping, but was still at a loss. Starting from when Lord Grim had begun pulling, this Goblin Patrol Guard had been tumbling around in the air the whole time. What gorgeous endless juggling! The four couldn’t help but think about counting how many times Lord Grim could combo and wanted to see when this BOSS would drop……

But with this yell, the four realized that they weren’t admiring a video and immediately began casting. Flipping over their magical items, taking out their swords, they all rushed over at once.

Flames, Ice, Starshine, Sword Light……The irregular attacks of the four arrived with charming effect. None of them blocked each other’s line of sight and wouldn’t block their positions. However, every one of them held a thread of wariness in their hearts, they were all afraid that their attacks would do too much damage and the BOSS would switch his big stick’s target to them.

Although Lord Grim told everyone to spare no effort and attack, he, after all, wasn’t a specialized MT. Specialized MT’s like a Knight, after changing classes, they didn’t just gain many new aggro control skills, but they also had many aggro-related skills from before Level 20. Although Lord Grim could learn these skills, he hadn’t brought these type of aggro-control skills with him.

As a result, the four attacked moderately and didn’t go all out. They professionally controlled aggro. They were attacking and attacking until they suddenly heard Lord Grim said: “Go all out! It won’t OT.”

Seeing how confident he was, not giving him face wouldn’t be good, so they clenched their teeth and fought. Everyone began gnashing their teeth and madly attacked with all their might.

Glory didn’t have any assist tool for aggro calculations. Damage and healing were also done after they cleared the dungeon. The four were all experts and all had their own set of ferocious battle methods. Before, everyone was holding back, afraid of OT. Now, in the depths of their heart, it seemed as if they were hopeful for OT. If they didn’t OT, then it would appear as if their damage was laughable.

In the end, the Goblin Patrol Guard didn’t even glance at the four of them. That big stick only went towards Lord Grim. Lord Grim moved extremely quickly, even more amazing was that none of his movements affected his ability to attack. He was never not moving and kept on running around the Goblin.

Blue River was also a melee class. Now, the more he looked the more he was fearful. With Lord Grim’s method, the BOSS responded extremely quickly and continuously turned around to chase him. Thus, no matter if he turned left or turned right, the BOSS wouldn’t be left behind. Therefore, he could only barely dodge the BOSS’s attacks. But if he were PKing, this sort of battle method would be enough to make a player vomit from dizziness. It looks like this person was also good at PKing.

The Goblin Patrol Guard finally collapsed. The four ultimately weren’t able to grab a bit of the BOSS’s attention. The four felt a bit embarrassed to say that what they had done was simply them ganging up and bullying the BOSS. They surrounded him and spared no effort to attack it, but it felt like the monster they were beating up didn’t even know about the their existence.

“Brother, how did you pull it so steadily?” Blue River couldn’t help but ask. He felt that even with a specialized MT like Flower Lantern, his damage would’ve caused the BOSS to OT several times.

“As long as my damage is greater than yours, then it’s fine.” Ye Xiu replied.


Blue River stiffened, Returning Cloud was shocked, Lunar Grace was speechless, and Thundering Light said: “He originally wasn’t an MT, he was also a damage dealer……”

The four’s cheeks streamed with tears. Right, Lord Grim had just done more damage than them and nothing more.

Without stopping to rest, Lord Grim began pulling a mob of Goblins. The four followed after him and whispered.

“His damage was actually even greater than ours.” Returning Cloud muttered.

“And by quite a bit too, How else could the aggro be so stable.” Lunar Grace said.

“I acknowledge his skill, but to be able to pull it so steadily, his attack definitely isn’t low. Do any of you guys recognize that lance?” Blue River asked.

“I don’t. It looks strange like a big clove of garlic.” Thundering Light said.

“Your family’s garlic looks like that?” Returning Cloud said.

“It was an exaggeration. Do you know what that is?” Thundering Light said.

“Get lost.” Returning Cloud disdained.

“All of you shut up. He’s started pulling, let’s concentrate.” Blue River said.

In front of them, Lord Grim started pulling monsters. The four didn’t dare complain. Although they had already done it twice successfully, they were fully aware of the risks. If they made any mistakes with their skill’s timing, then might lose a few Goblins. The results would be disastrous.

Pull monsters, gather monsters, kill monsters.

Each player completed their roles perfectly. After two waves, they killed all of the monsters en route to the second BOSS. Facing the second BOSS, Blue River and the others weren’t polite and attacked with all of their might. In the end…… in the end, the four once again silently chased after Lord Grim.

“So fast. We’ll definitely beat the record.” Thundering Light suddenly sighed.

“And by a large margin too.” Blue River was extremely gratified.

“Yay!” Returning Cloud also appeared happy.

“……” Lunar Grace didn’t know what to say.

Damage and what not. They didn’t want to think about it.

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