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Chapter 21 – The Day’s Already Bright Again

Chapter 21 – The Day’s Already Bright Again

Ye Xiu decisively renounced it, so Seven Fields and the others accepted it. They were all old friends and they split up the drops harmoniously. The Spider Venom would be sold for money. It didn’t matter who chose it. After selling it, they would split the money up again. The Chestnut Boots was an ordinary Blue equipment, so everyone carelessly rolled for it. In the end, Sunset Clouds beautifully dispatched it with a perfect 100 points. As for the Mahogany Tachi, according to their future classes, it would go to either Sunset Clouds or Sleeping Moon. Sunset Clouds had just grabbed the Chestnut Boots. Although the value of it couldn’t be compared to the value of the Mahogany Tachi, he still happily chose to renounce it. Sleeping Moon held the Mahogany Tachi both excitedly and somewhat strangely.

The first Spider Cave clear and now the first Spider Emperor kill, both times granted them huge experience rewards. Lord Grim had already risen to Level 12, while Seven Fields and the others would certainly level up after this dungeon. Killing the normal BOSS was too easy for them and they quickly dispatched it.

After clearing the dungeon, Sleeping Moon felt conflicted again. He had originally planned on leaving the party after this run, but he had just obtained the Mahogany Tachi. Taking equipment and then leaving, didn’t seem like good manners. If I leave. No good; If I don’t leave. Seven Fields had already told me to get out, if I don’t leave then I’d lose face too.

Fortunately, Seven Fields was a good friend and took the initiative to call out to him. It seemed like what he had said in the dungeon was just a joke. And so things ended like this. With Lord Grim as the leader, everyone entered the Spider Cave once again.

Like Sleeping Moon, Blue River and his group from Blue Brook Guild were also conflicted and depressed. They weren’t the first to clear Spider Cave. And of the three hidden BOSSes, two of them had already been stolen. This was their fourth time entering the dungeon. In the end, they still hadn’t met one. Right as they were bitterly pressing on, another system announcement popped up. The last of the three hidden BOSSes in Spider Cave, the Spider Warrior, had been killed.

The first to clear the Spider Warrior were members from one of the three great guilds Herb Garden. And the previous hidden BOSS had been clear by members from the other great guild Tyrannical Ambition. From this, it could be seen that the three great guilds should have been evenly matched, but this time that guy, Lord Grim, had stolen it away. Lord Grim currently held the most records for first clears: three times. Furthermore, his party that followed him had stolen away two spots on the first clear leaderboards in the level 10 stage of the game. It made the Blue Brook Guild appear as if they had little face left.

As for hidden BOSSes, they could only blame their bad luck on not meeting them. But when they thought about those 10 seconds they were off by, for the first dungeon clear, they could still only throw up blood.

All of the first clears were gone. Blue River and the others all fall into despair.

“Where did this Lord Grim come from? Have that village’s people pay attention.” Blue River said somewhat nervously.

That Ye Xiu, who they had an extremely bad impression of, was actually in high spirits. Leaving and entering the dungeon again and again, he was awfully busy. The opening of the tenth server busily and hurriedly passed just like this. Some people were happy while some were worried.

When Chen Guo woke up from her sleep, it was already eleven o’clock, close to noon. She was usually disciplined and rarely slept in. Only yesterday was the opening of the tenth server. Following that guy and watching the excitement, made her sleep in extremely late. Chen Guo calculated the time and found that she had slept for eight hours. Satisfied, she stretched and climbed out of her bed.

Chen Guo lived in the Internet Cafe. To be more precise, she slept in the small room on the second floor, in the same area as Ye Xiu.

Compared with the newcomer Ye Xiu, Chen Guo was extremely familiar with the environment. She had grown up in the Happy Internet Cafe, eating, sleeping, and working there. During her time as a student, instead of returning home like everyone else, she squeezed into the Internet Cafe. For this reason, there were few misunderstandings.

Happy Internet Cafe was her home. Chen Guo had a deep impression of it ever since she was little. Because her parents were like this too, she carefully managed this Internet Cafe as if it were family. When the Internet Cafe was still extremely small, Chen Guo was also still extremely small. Nowadays, her home had grown extremely large, but as for her family, only she remained.

That year, at the time of her college entrance exam, Chen Guo’s father suddenly passed away from heart disease.

Chen Guo didn’t have a mother, at least, she had no impression of one. After arranging her father’s funeral, her family relatives discussed how they would handle the Internet Cafe. When they began talking about what they would do with Chen Guo, without even thinking, Chen Guo threw away her college admission notice and took over the Internet Cafe. Her friends and family held looks of astonishment. She resembled her father and continued to manage the Internet Cafe and look after the home.

In a flash, nine years had already passed.

The current Chen Guo had enough money to buy herself a comfortable living place, but she never had these sorts of thoughts. She felt extremely satisfied living in the Internet Cafe. In the Internet Cafe, she always felt steady and serene. Perhaps this was the feeling of family. Even though she was only one person, she never felt lonely.

“Today’s weather is good!” Standing next to the window, Chen Guo looked outside. The silver-white world made the sunlight all the more dazzling.

“Father should go in bathe in it too!” Chen Guo joked. Picking up the picture of her and her dad, she put the picture on the window sill..

After putting on her clothes and washing her face, Chen Guo magically and happily slipped out of the living room. Seeing that the storage room door was already open, she snuck in her head and took a glimpse, but didn’t see Ye Xiu.

“Where’d he go?” Chen Guo muttered.

Pulling open the door, Chen Guo immediately entered her Internet Cafe. The Internet Cafe was already filled to the capacity, all because of the opening of Glory’s tenth server. After the all-night party left, the early-morning party immediately followed. Every screen had scenes of Glory. Every person wore headphones and laughed or raged into their microphones depending on the circumstance.

Chen Guo went down the stairs and to the front desk. She asked the little sister receptionist on-duty where Ye Xiu went.

The little sister pointed to deep in the Smoking Area.

“He’s still playing?” Chen Guo said with great alarm. She quickly walked over there.

The smoking area was a place filled with foul black smoke. Ye Xiu was located in the middle of the main disaster area. Chen Guo furrowed her eyebrows and tried to wave away the smoke. She rushed close to Ye Xiu and lifted his headphones: “Still playing! Are you crazy?”

Ye Xiu turned around at lightning speed and nodded his head, saying “Morning.” He immediately turned back and continued making “pa pa” sounds on his keyboard.

Chen Guo sweeped her eyes over the screen: “Spider Cave!”


“What level?”


Chen Guo was startled. She carefully looked at the screen and saw Lord Grim’s experience bar. The bar was almost full. After this dungeon, he would level up to 18.

At this moment, there were still 20 minutes before 12 o’clock. To reach level 18 in 12 hours, that had to be a new record. Even though the system announcement didn’t have these sort of statistics, many players on the forum used these numbers to prove how amazing their leveling speed was.

Chen Guo glanced again and saw clearly Ye Xiu’s team mate.

Sleeping Moon? Chen Guo suddenly felt that she had seen this name before. Thinking carefully, she immediately recalled.

“Wasn’t this person slandering you last night?” Chen Guo pointed to Sleeping Moon on the party list.


“Then why are you in a party with him?” Chen Guo couldn’t understand.

“Because of his slandering, I couldn’t form a party with anyone.” Ye Xiu said.

“Who asked you for this reason.” Chen Guo grew angry.

“For someone as mature as me, how could I be mad at his slandering?” Ye Xiu laughed.

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