The King of The Worlds

Volume 4: Chapter 93 - The Forest Clanks

Volume 4: Chapter 93: The Forest Clanks

Madara’s pupils shrank, at this moment he felt his Hollow power become more substantial, and at that moment, it was suddenly lowered.

Speed, strength, responsiveness, and various bodily functions were all reduced at this time.

“What’s this?”

Madara was taken aback at the weird state.

At the same time, Yasuo’s long sword had reached his eyes, and the sword light flashed.


The blood spilled out, and Madara retreated rapidly. Even if the abdomen was wrapped in white bone armour, the Injury appeared at this moment.

But soon, the white bone covered it again, and the wound recovered quickly.

Speed regeneration!

“he’s even stronger!”

Madara murmured.

In front of him, this man, holding a long sword, was stronger than a thousand troops. His strength was beyond his understanding.

“Roar!” With a roar, the black and red beams of light hovered in the sky, and the white armour on Madara’s body was getting more bones.

Even then, lightning struck down and fell on the surrounding ground.

At this moment, an eye on his forehead suddenly opened, and his slender tailbone stretched out, At the same time, there are long and narrow bony wings on both sides of his body.

All over his body, Madara was covered with bones, becoming a complete Hollow.

He raised his head and looked at the sky, and his body was filled with a terrifying monstrous atmosphere. The power of such intensity has even exceeded the limit of this boundary, breaking all hollow boundaries.

Yasuo looked at the new form of Madara, his eyes narrowing slightly.

“it’s less than I expected!”

“However, I can win!”

His right hand was pressed on his waist, and his eyes became extremely sharp.


At this moment, Madara suddenly raised his head and let out a sky-shaking roar. The violent power swept through his body, shaking the ground cracking it, bursting open, rushing all the way, tearing everything on all sides.

As fast as lightning, he was in front of Yasuo.

The slender, white bone claws, in an instant, were holding a crimson spherical energy wave and pressing it hard.

” Wind Wall!”

Yasuo shouted.

In an instant, a wall in front of him appeared, blocking the front.

Madara’s bone claw pressed against the wall, and he couldn’t make any progress, followed by the crimson energy ball exploding, pushing his body back.

But soon, Madara’s figure rushed up again.

“Sweeping Blade!”

Yasuo took a step forward, his figure suddenly rushed forward, and he came to Madara almost instantly.

Even Madara who burst out with all his strength was startled at this moment, and then quickly reacted and bent back suddenly.


The long sword swept across, almost brushing the tip of his nose.

The speed of this strike was beyond imagination, and it came suddenly.

” Sweeping Blade!”

But soon, just as Madara was about to straighten up, these words came from the top of his head.

Instantaneously, the wind swept through, and his entire body was swept into the sky by the wind.

A powerful sword aura swept across his body, quickly slashing Madara’s entire body. In an instant, his blood sputtered out, and he lost his balance and was rotated with the tornado that wrapped him.

Below, Yasuo looked up and looked at the tornado that was rolling forward. He stepped forward and waved the sword again.

But at this moment, Madara seemed cool.

The vertical eyes on his forehead suddenly opened.

“The forest clanks!” Madara said.

his eyes trembled, bursting out with an incomparably frightening light.

Yasuo, who was just about to attack, suddenly trembled and froze. His body couldn’t move and his sword couldn’t swing. It was like he was caught in his mind.

The tornado disappeared naturally, and Madara rushed out of it, with blood all over his body, but soon, the speeding regeneration restored his body to its original shape.

Surpassing starlight level 7 and gaining new strength, the ability that Madara got is incomparably powerful. he reached levels no one could before in his bloodline.

Yasuo was deterred from inside, and immediately afterward, a force from the four-sided approach rushed toward the center where he was.

His bones, muscles, and whole body were deformed at this moment, just like being squeezed inward.

After a couple of seconds, this force disappeared, but another force burst out suddenly.

Yasuo immediately flew to the sky and fell to the ground. After a few heavy bounces, he lay still on the ground.


Madara bent down and gasped.

This move is extremely powerful and powerful enough to subvert a small world in an instant. He was confident that no world under Starlight level 7 can resist this kind of power.

Now, if this force was aimed at one person, the result will be extremely terrifying.

Even Madara himself would die.

First of all, shock the spirit, so that they are absent-minded, in a dull state, unable to avoid. Then, the force from all directions presses squeezing, this force can instantly destroy a mountain. finally, another repulsive force exploded from the center, making him torn to pieces.

No one can resist such an attack.

No one can resist the Forest clanks!

But at the next moment.


Two faint voices suddenly came out. On the ground, Yasuo, who was lying down, actually stood up again slowly.

His body was covered with green light, just like the spring of life. His whole body was broken up and collapsed. It is at this moment that he quickly returned to his original state.

After a while, he stood perfectly.

“It is interesting that you could hurt me like this!”

“But, that’s it!” he slowly pulled out his sword, rubbing the scabbard, making a friction sound.

As soon as Madara moved, he wanted to attack again, but at this moment, Yasuo said.

His eyes were sharp and cold, and an incomparable aura erupted from his whole body, capturing Madara instantly.

“Just stop, I’ll win anyway!”

Suddenly, Yasuo leaped and suddenly came to Madara.

Madara’s eyes widened, and his pupils shrank to a single point.

The long sword suddenly swung, and Yasuo’s body was distorted at this moment, turning into a single point.

Suddenly appeared, and suddenly disappeared.

only then did Madara’s figure whirl and fly.

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