The King of The Worlds

Volume 1 - Chapter 24

Volume 1: Chapter 24: Be Patient!

Qin Yi’s talent is extraordinary, and the strength of the old man is unpredictable, plus the conditions he promised. These elders, even if they could not see the six thousand people led by Qin Yi, they would agree.

firstly, because they do not want to offend the Hokage, as it can be said that at this time, many of the clans in the fire land are united because of Senju Hashirama. Secondly, even if they formed an alliance, the impact is not significant to Konoha. This is just beneficial for them.

When these two points are achieved, the alliance with Konoha is done.

After the greeting, Qin Yi took Gandalf and the two generals to leave.

In fact, in the early days of Konoha, there were many other small Ninja villages surrounding the country of fire to seek alliance and sign various contracts. Qin Yi is only one of them.

After the news spread, there was no big change in the village, but they could see a little kindness from the people on the streets,

After returning to the place where told to rest, the two generals with him immediately talked.

“Your Majesty, the contract you just mentioned is too unfair for us.”

“Yes, to form an alliance with them, what we get is only a little grain and seeds, and weapons supply, but what we have to pay is our lives in the future.”

The two generals said after a long silence.

Qin Yi was indifferent after he heard them

“You two are impatient.”

Gandalf has laughed as he listened and nodded at Qin Yi.

Four people have hidden outside the courtyard

“I can’t hear a thing. The other side should have already sensed us.”

“In this case retreat, we are useless here.”

they said in a low voice, after a brief dialogue, two figures flashed away.

At this time, Qin Yi slowly opened his mouth.

“You think if Konoha is in a war in future we must go out and let fight for them. This is not fair, is it?”

Qin Yi said again

“But have you ever wondered if this is not the case, Konoha does not necessarily have to form an alliance with us!”

“Not to mention those seeds, food, weapons, and supplies!”

The two generals shouted with an angry voice, “even so, we should not sign such an unequal treaty.”

“So, once they get into a war, we will be dragged in.”

Qin Yi raised his head and laughed and said, “generals, don’t know when we step into this world the battle is an unavoidable thing?”

“For us, it doesn’t really matter who we fight and when we fight.”

“And we need combat like this to train our troops and improve our strength.”

“You may not understand the situation of Konoha Village and their strength.”

Qin Yi Said as he looked at Gandalf.

“Then I’m asking Mr. Gandalf give us some explanation.”

Gandalf nodded his head as he said directly

“During the day, I looked at the village of wood and listened to the talk between the villagers and I had some useful information.”

“First of all, the village hidden by woods which belong to the state of fire is the domestic fighting forces and as we can see, most of its members are ninjas! ”

“The Ninja ranks are divided into genin, Chunen and Tokubetsu jōnin. and jōnin, Chunen is the backbone and the most numerous level He can serve as the teachers and fight and work…”

“Jōnin is the key force in the village. They are the strongest people in a village. They are few, but they are able to fight in place of ten people or more.”

“and the Kage, there is only one Kage in each village, they are the most powerful ninja In my observation, there are two people like this in Konoha, Hashirama Senju, and Uchiha Madara that you see today.”

“These two people have very terrible power, as far as I can estimate, each of them is even able to stand alone as one country!”

Hearing this, the two generals sucked in a cold breath.

“Don’t think it is impossible. In a different world in which human beings have been able to use natural forces, this can actually happen.”

Gandalf said.

Qin Yi nodded, Hashirama and Madara were called the God of ninjas. Their strength is unimaginable for most of the people.

in the previous battle, if Hashirama didn’t stop Madara, Qin Yi would’ve been dead now.

This is not an exaggeration, you must know, who is Uchiha Madara!

“Konoha strength is roughly estimated at about 20000 ninjas.”

Gandalf let the two generals feel dizzy.

Qin’s full army is only 10000, and after coming here and the big losses he has now only 6000. But this seemingly ordinary Konoha unexpectedly has 20000 ninjas!

“At the same time, Konoha is also a dominating presence in this world. Among the five great powers, they are the most powerful. ”

Gandalf said.

“Konoha is very strong and they are trying to return peace to this troubled land.”

“It can be said that they are absolutely stronger than the other five villages without a doubt.”

Qin Yi said.

At that moment, the two generals were shocked as they listened. Their worldview is totally out of line with the world. Many things are totally unimaginable in their minds.

“We have been very lucky to be able to be allied with Konoha at this time.”

“In fact, it’s just between Hashirama and Uchiha Madara. Even if we are all together, I am afraid we won’t be able to confront one of them!”

Qin Yi said with a sigh.

The power extension of the Naruto world is indeed terrible. The weak are like civilians and the strong are like gods, the gap is hard to imagine.

the two generals were silent.

“At the moment, what we need to do is to settle down with the help of the other side, and then develop quickly.”

“We must make every soldier a good ninja. Only in this way can we survive in this world.”

“To achieve this goal, there are some things to be taken away, and some ideas that you have to change.”

Qin Yi said very seriously in front of the two generals.

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

At this moment the two generals who are between thirty and forty years old are like children as they listened to Qin Yi’s words.

In recent days, they were shocked by Qin Yi too much.

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