The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 93

Chapter 93 The Ability to Kill

“Wish you a speedy recovery.”

During the few days Zhong Shaofeng was in the hospital, Zhong Yongming had heard it so many times on the phone and in this ward.

When the news that the son of the top leader of Huating was severely hurt spread, too many people couldn’t wait to come over and show their concern. Every one of those who went through arduous training or hard work in the system was a real actor. It was truly heartwarming to hear them say it. Both on the surface and on the inside, no one could find anything wrong with their words.

But when Li Tianlan knelt in front of the hospital bed to say this sentence again, Zhong Yongming didn’t feel that he was telling a falsehood. He heard genuine sincerity and apologies between the lines.

How sophisticated would it have to be to do that?

There was a moment that the hair all over Zhong Yongming’s body stood on end.

When Zhong Yongming looked at Li Tianlan, who was kneeling in front of the hospital bed and was saying seriously “I’m sorry I wish you a speedy recovery”, his heart was getting colder and colder and the killing intent in his eyes was also more naked and undisguised.

Zhong Yongming failed to hear a trace of shame, anger, and reluctance from the many sincere apologies.

Li Tianlan was kneeling on the ground, looking up at Zhong Shaofeng in the hospital bed, but at this point, Zhong Yongming felt him standing erect, looking down at them.

The feeling was subtle and palpable, but it was real.

At least what Li Tianlan’s kneeling brought him was not a pleasant sensation, but a strong sense of unease and fear.

This young man was too scheming and forbearing. It was the first time Zhong Yongming had ever seen a man who could kneel under pressure with such grace. Among other things, he was an unfathomable man whose future success would be enough to cause him big trouble.

“Young Master Zhong, I’m sorry, I wish you a speedy recovery.”

Again and again, Li Tianlan said it ten times in earnest. After that, he turned and looked at Zhong Yongming, saying smilingly, “Secretary Zhong, can I get up now?”

Zhong Yongming’s mind grew restless. At any rate, the young man must not live. If he let him go today, it was almost like setting free a tiger back to the mountains. If the young man was given a little more time, who knew how powerful would he be?

Was he going to risk his friendship with Zhuang Huayang and Dongcheng Wudi by killing him?

Dongcheng Clan.

The Academics.

On trends for the next two years, the Prince Group was unlikely to get along well with them. But the contests between groups and personal feuds were two totally different things.

While thinking of Dongcheng Wudi and Zhuang Huayang, Zhong Yongming hesitated inwardly, however, he remained cold and dignified on the surface. “Keep kneeling.”

Dongcheng Wudi frowned visibly. But before he could speak, Qin Weibai, who was staring at Zhong Yongming on the other side, suddenly lost her temper. Her voice was still cold and pleasant to the ear, but it became sharp. “Enough! Zhong Yongming, stop treading on the respect I showed to you. I’m here to make up with you today, but it doesn’t mean I’m afraid of you. At worst, Tianlan doesn’t stay in Zhongzhou State anymore. Who cares! He can enter the Invincible Realm as well when he goes abroad. Do you really think you can cover the sky with only one hand?”

She took a deep breath. Her expression remained unchanged, but her voice grew sharper. At this moment, Qin Weibai did not have the dreamlike feeling that made people dizzy, but there was a kind of madness and arrogance in her that she would do anything to defend her man. The two states were very different, but she was samely beautiful and striking.

“Zhong Yongming, since you show me no respect, I won’t save you face either. I cannot afford to provoke you in Zhongzhou State, but for now, I’m just going to say this one time: get my man up from your impotent son’s bed and apologize to him. I’ll count three. If you don’t do so, the entire Samsara is going to wage a war with the Prince Group until there is a clear victory!”


The expressions of all the people present, including Dongcheng Wudi and Zhuang Huayang, changed drastically.

This was no longer pure madness, but real hysteria.

To fight with the Prince Group until there was a clear victory!

No one would doubt the words of Qin Weibai. She had been in Huating for five years. Although she was not so famous, those who knew her knew that she always stood by her word.

Moreover, everything happened on Mount Dibing of Beihai also spread out in Zhongzhou State. Samsara Palace Master dared to fight Zhongzhou Sword Emperor Wang Tianzong at the risk of her life when she was seriously injured, for her younger sister Qin Weibai. She treated the Wang family of Beihai and Southeast Group like nothing. So why did Qin Weibai dare not go to war with the Prince Group?

Samsara possessed very limited estates in Zhongzhou State, and it would be nothing serious if they were lost. If Samsara Palace Master entered Zhongzhou State with the 12 Super Masters, holding the murderous weapon Blue Sky Underworld, and fought ceaselessly with the Prince Group, then the entire Zhongzhou State would face a seismic change.

And in a feud like this, no to mention what would the Wang family of Beihai do, even Kunlun City, their closest ally, may not do its utmost to help them.

On the perspective of the entire Zhongzhou State, if the Prince Group suffered great losses, the Academics—the ruling group, was equally culpable.

“Are you threatening me?”

Zhong Yongming flew into a rage after his facial expression changed drastically. He looked at Qin Weibai and asked coldly.

Qin Weibai ignored him and spoke again. Her cold, sweet voice echoed in the room, like the magic spell of death and doom. “Two!”

Zhong Yongming kind of hesitated.

If Samsara Palace really fought ceaselessly with the Prince Group just as what Qin Weibai had said, he would become a sinner in Zhongzhou State himself. If a super force that could have maintained a good cooperative relationship with Zhongzhou State turned out to be an enemy because of his son, even if he was a director, he couldn’t afford such consequences, not to mention he was merely a member of the Decision Making Committee.

If things really worsened, no matter how the relationship between Samsara and Zhongzhou State would be in the future, he would land himself in serious trouble and be dismissed on the spot at least.


Qin Weibai strode forward determinedly, her heels pounding the floor of the hospital, sounding brisk.

Gu Changjiang, the director of Huating Special Operations Bureau, who was completely bewildered by Qin Weibai’s violent reaction, finally reacted. He stepped over to Zhong Yongming’s side and said coldly, “Boss Qin, you want to betray…”


Qin Weibai slapped Gu Changjiang straight in the face and said icily, “Get out of my way!”

The entire ward was suddenly quiet.

Everyone had a feeling.

Qin Weibai, the spokesperson of Samsara Palace, went completely crazy.

“Qin, Wei, Bai!”

Gu Changjiang covered his face with one of his hands. His face was unprecedentedly grim and ferocious, and his killing intent was clearly exposed.

Without even looking at him, Qin Weibai took out her cell phone and began to make a call, without the slightest hesitation.

Zhong Yongming stared at Qin Weibai’s fingers and his expression changed drastically. In any case, he was a leader of Zhongzhou State. How could he apologize to Li Tianlan when he was under threat and his son had been badly hurt by him?

He could never have done it, even if he was going to die. Samsara annihilated Night Spirit just now, and presently, Samsara Palace Master owned a murderous weapon. Furthermore, the 12 Super Masters were loyal and mighty. The current Samsara was indeed being courted on all sides until its actual situation was ascertained. At any rate, he was a member of the Decision Making Committee, so in a reasonable case, he would not apologize to the lover of the spokesperson of Samsara Palace.

This related to the dignity of the entire Zhongzhou State.

Even if at the risk of waging a war.

Zhong Yongming took a step back and pulled Li Tianlan to his feet. Then he said deeply, “Enough!”

Dongcheng Wudi took one step forward in time and said, “Boss Qin, forget it. We’re here to solve the problem, and we don’t want to make a big deal out of it, do we? How about each of us making a concession?”

Li Tianlan came to Qin Weibai without saying a word. He reached for the phone in her hand, touched her hair, and shook his head slightly.

The domineering Qin Weibai suddenly calmed down. She just looked at Zhong Yongming coldly, without saying a word.

It was clear that she was waiting for Zhong Yongming to declare where he stood.

Seeing this scene, even Dongcheng Wudi was somewhat jealous. Apparently, Li Tianlan had become Qin Weibai’s untouchable underscore, which would piss her off once it was touched. Having such a unique beauty to protect him at all costs, the boy was really blessed. How could he deserve such treatment?

“Comrade Yongming, Tianlan has expressed his apologies. How about we all make a concession and let bygones be bygones?”

Dongcheng Wudi shot a glance at Zhong Yongming and said in a calm tone. Qin Weibai’s outburst of anger was a bit of an embarrassment to all, but the following negotiations got easier.

“I won’t bother him for the next two years.”

Zhong Yongming said indifferently.

Within two years, the midterm election would have been settled. The rising Samsara Palace would surely merge into the Dark World again and would be held back by other superpowers. He would then be a step closer to achieve his political ambition. Most important of all, even if Li Tianlan would become more powerful, his strength would not be too terrifying within two years. By then, he could punish Li Tianlan with the identity of being a director of the Decision Making Committee. Who could protect him then?

“Two years.”

Dongcheng Wudi muttered to himself. He then looked at Zhong Yongming and asked seriously, “Really?”

Zhong Yongming nodded, his face expressionless. He knew very well that it was very difficult for him to regret what he had promised in the presence of Dongcheng Wudi and Zhuang Huayang. Even if he had made a move within two years, he would never have anyone find it out.

“In that case, comrade Yongming, take good care of the sick. We shall take leave.”

Dongcheng Wudi nodded and shook hands with Zhong Yongming.

“Go? Where can you go? This woman slapped me in the face. I won’t let this matter pass easily!”

A cold voice rang out and sounded crazy.

The people in the ward frowned at the same time.

“What do you want to do?”

Dongcheng Wudi glanced at Gu Changjiang and frowned slightly.

He was a General in Zhongzhou State and also a member of the Decision Making Committee. Zhong Yongming was the only one who was of the same rank as him in the whole ward. Gu Changjiang was merely a Lieutenant General, even if he enjoyed the treatment of the Governor, Dongcheng Wudi didn’t think much of him either.

“What do I want to do?”

Gu Changjiang sneered and said with a ferocious look, “Marshal Dongcheng, I’m the director of Huating Special Operations Bureau. I am here to represent the face of Huating Special Warfare System.”

He patted himself in the face and his tone grew colder. “And now, I’ve been hit in the face by someone from a foreign force. General, as the Commander of Zhongzhou Border Praetorian Corps, you’re asking me what I want to do. Where do you stand?”

Dongcheng Wudi frowned and said insipidly, “Boss Qin is a friend of Zhongzhou State.”


Gu Changjiang straightened himself up and said with a cold smile, “I don’t think so. I’ll write a report and submit it to Kunlun City when I get back. I think Qin Weibai has a serious traitorous tendency and I will question the political stance of yours and the Sky Academy’s to Kunlun City.”

“Why does Kunlun City like to label others as traitors so much?”

Li Tianlan asked suddenly, in a serious, calm voice.

Gu Changjiang paused for a while. Without thinking too much, he continued coldly, “What? Do you want to stand up for people with traitorous tendencies? Are you qualified to do that? Or do you want to be a traitor?”

Li Tianlan narrowed his eyes and asked calmly, “You don’t seem qualified to convict us of treason, do you?”


Gu Changjiang smiled grimly and added, “In Huating, when I say you are treasonous, you are treasonous! I know you. You are a wizard of the Sky Academy who possesses Wind and Thunder Veins. From the standpoint of a senior, I would like to give you a piece of advice; you’d better straighten out your position and keep your distance from the woman beside you. In the Dark World, no one dares to oppose Zhongzhou State, much less to threaten Zhongzhou State. No matter how powerful Samsara Palace Master is, it’s useless. Is she any better than the traitor Li Kuangtu twenty years ago? Wasn’t Li Kuangtu killed at the border when he tried to escape to Annan State? If Samsara Palace Master dares to come to Zhongzhou State, she will end up the same way as he did!”

Li Kuangtu!

It was a name that had hung over the political life of Zhongzhou’s top leaders like dark clouds for years. Whether people praised him or criticized him, there was no denying that he was indeed a rare genius in Zhongzhou State in the past hundred years.

He practiced Peak Manual of Map of God of War and entered the Invincible Realm at 35 years old. When he just entered the Invincible Realm, he made it top five on the Divine List. With three moves, he defeated Xue Qingming—an experienced Invincible Realm expert from Jade Pool. Gu Xingyun, who entered the Invincible Realm at the same time as him, could only fight him for less than three minutes. He exchanged moves with the Blade Master named Liusheng Wuji from East Island in Beihai and became famous due to the fight with a magnate of the Vatican…

All sorts of things showed that if Li Kuangtu was still alive, he would be a peerless expert who was the most likely to compete with Wang Tianzong for the first place on the Divine List.

Similarly, it was also the most powerful traitor that Zhongzhou State had killed in decades.

He died many years ago, but the height of his Martial Arts still existed in the Dark World. In the past two decades, few had surpassed it.

Samsara Palace was now so strong that even the top management of Zhongzhou State had to release a certain degree of goodwill to it to maintain their relationship. But that didn’t meat that Zhongzhou State feared Samsara Palace. Qin Weibai had no sense of propriety and Samsara Palace Master always went her own way. Was the entire Zhongzhou State afraid of a superpower in the Dark World? What a joke!

Today, once Qin Weibai’s attitude was known to all, it was expected that many senior officials in Zhongzhou State would change their views on Samsara Palace a little. At the very least, there would be powerful men who would criticise Qin Weibai when they released their goodwill to her.

Gu Changjiang’s eyes glistened. Although Zhongzhou State was drawing Samsara Palace over to its side, Kunlun City didn’t like this organization that was so close to Zhongzhou State. In recent years, there had been growing collaborations between the academy and Samsara, while Kunlun City and the Prince Group tended to drift apart. Under such circumstances, the cooperation between the academy and Samsara would only harm the interests and actual power of Kunlun City increasingly. If possible, it would be better to wipe Samsara out at the beginning!

Gu Changjiang was ruthless and scheming, but he didn’t notice that Li Tianlan, who was standing opposite him, had his pupils contracted as he said these words.

“No matter what Li Kuangtu had done, you can’t kill him. What do you have to show off?”

Li Tianlan asked expressionlessly.

“Well, even though I didn’t kill Li Kuangtu in that war, I was the first to wound him among the other Thunder-shocking Realm experts who laid siege to him. I pierced his back with a sword and…”

Gu Changjiang was thinking about how to use today’s event to change Zhongzhou leadership’s view of Samsara. Absent-minded, he heard Li Tianlan’s words and replied subconsciously without thinking. Halfway through his talking, he realized that something was wrong and suddenly looked up.

In his line of sight, everybody was looking at him with a strange look in their eyes.

Li Tianlan narrowed his eyes and some extremely sharp killing intent flashed through his eyes. Even his snow-white hair seemed to burn with a kind of sword intent that was so sharp.

Gu Changjiang was taken aback and instantly calmed down with a pang of chagrin.

For the first time in decades, he was slapped in the face. A strong sense of shame almost drove him insane. Looking back on what he had said, he could have killed himself. Even if he wanted to do something, he could never tell it.

And how did he get into a forbidden subject of a man named Li Kuangtu in excitement?

“What’s wrong with me?”

“Alas, I am impetuous.”

Li Tianlan’s voice continued to ring in his ear. “Of all the people who laid siege to Li Kuangtu, you were the first to hurt him?”

His voice was strange and shaky, and in it was a trace of killing intent that was almost uncontrollable.

“Traitors deserve to die.”

Gu Changjiang took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down, his tone indifferent.

“Yes, traitors deserve to die.”

Li Tianlan laughed.

Although traitors deserved to die, who was the real traitor back then?

At this moment, Li Tianlan’s brain was roaring, and his heart was churning wildly with the uncontrollable killing intent.

Qin Weibai held Li Tianlan’s hand tightly.

While Zhuang Huayang and Dongcheng Wudi glanced at each other with deep worry in their eyes.

When Gu Changjiang saw this, something flashed through his mind. A guess he had never thought of came straight into his mind, and suddenly it was crystal clear.

Li Tianlan’s family name was Li.

He was a genius who possessed the Wind and Thunder Veins.

Samsara came out of nowhere years ago.

A leader of the Academics had been to the south-west border several times.

Dongcheng Wudi took Li Kuangtu’s place in those days.

Tribulation—the deputy Governor of Sigh City, made a surprise appearance at the Sky Academy two days ago.

Gu Changjiang’s breathing became more and more rapid. He had not thought of this possibility before, but now that it had appeared, everything seemed to make sense.

“Li Tianlan… The successor of the Li family?”

In his line of sight, the expressions of Dongcheng Wudi and Zhuang Huayang were still calm.

But to Gu Changjiang, there was something fishy about the calmness.

The Academics, Dongcheng Clan, Sigh City, and the foreign force Samsara Palace.

If Li Tianlan was really a descendant of the Li family, how many forces had he connected in such a short time?

Gu Changjiang felt cold from head to toe. There was the excitement that he had found a big secret, the panic that he had found the seriousness of the matter, and also the gladness that he had discovered the problem in time.

He was glad that he had found all this early, because Li Tianlan—the key point of these forces, was far from becoming mighty.

Otherwise, when Li Tianlan entered the Invincible Realm, even as long as the Thunder-shocking Realm, Kunlun City was likely to face unprecedented severe challenges.

Gu Changjiang’s heart beat wildly, but his expression grew calmer.

At any rate, he had to tell Governor about it at once. They had to kill Li Tianlan at all costs.

As soon as Li Tianlan died, the forces which he had connected would naturally break down, and then there was nothing to be feared.

“I’ll keep what happened today in mind.”

Gu Changjiang gave Qin Weibai a cold look and said directly, “I’m leaving.”

“Let’s go, too.”

Li Tianlan said calmly, taking Qin Weibai’s hand.

All of them went out of the ward almost at the same time.

Zhong Yongming looked extremely unhappy, but out of etiquette, he finally got up to see the visitors off.

They entered the elevator with different thoughts and the atmosphere was oppressive.

The elevator descended to the first floor.

Li Tianlan said suddenly, as he got out of the elevator, “I’m going to the bathroom.”

Gu Changjiang took a deep look at him. He wanted to test something, but he was afraid of being suspected, so he turned around and left the hospital in a hurry.

The more he thought about it now, the more he believed that Li Tianlan might be a descendant of the Li family. As long as he had this guess, the following investigation would not be difficult. It did not matter whether he tested him or not.

He got out of the hospital, got in his Benz, took out his cell phone at once, and dialed the number of Gu Xingyun—the Governor of Kunlun City.

The phone was power-off.

With a slight frown, Gu Changjiang called Gu Xingyun’s secretary again.

The phone was still power-off.

A storm was about to strike the Dark World, and the busiest of all, of course, was Zhongzhou Special Warfare System. Gu Xingyun spent a good part of his time in meetings now, and it was normal for him to be out of touch.

Gu Changjiang hesitated, wondering if he should call Gu Qianchuan to talk about it. After thinking for a long while, he finally shook his head slightly and said to the driver in front of him in a deep voice, “Go to the airport. I’m going back to Youzhou. Now.”

The Benz slowly started and moved straight to the airport.

At the gate of the hospital, Zhuang Huayang, who was waiting for Li Tianlan to return, was still holding Zhong Yongming’s hand and asking him to come to the Sky Academy to give instructions with a bright smile.

Li Tianlan soon returned. In less than two minutes, he walked up to Qin Weibai from the bathroom and whispered, “Let’s go.”

He shook hands with Zhong Yongming politely in farewell, smiled apologetically, and looked perfectly sincere.

They walked out of the hospital under Zhong Yongming’s indifferent gaze. At the hospital gate, Qin Weibai, who always grasped Li Tianlan’s hand, turned and looked at Li Tianlan, saying reluctantly, “I’m leaving.”

Li Tianlan nodded silently, hesitated, and then asked softly, “How long?”

“About three months. I’ll be back very soon.”

Qin Weibai said in a soft voice.

Three months.

Qin Weibai was going to take care of Samsara Palace Master. As an Invincible Realm expert, she had to recuperate for three months, which was sufficient to show how badly she was hurt.

Li Tianlan nodded his head slightly and said nothing.

“I’m relieved to have a sister to take care of you.”

Qin Weibai smiled gently and said softly as she glanced at Wang Yuetong, who was beside Li Tianlan.

Li Tianlan felt his blood freeze. He had no idea what Qin Weibai meant, and could only watch her get into the car and leave, without saying a word.

Flaming Fire drove in the rain and went far gradually.

Behind the rain, everything was blurred.

The inside of the car was dark and Qin Weibai’s face grew paler in the gloom. She got a bottle of mineral water from her car, took a sip, and said calmly, “Has Horsewoman had her thing done?”

“Hmm,” Flaming Fire answered, “she’s on her way to the airport.”

Qin Weibai no longer spoke after making a low noise.

At the gate of the hospital.

Watching Qin Weibai’s car leave, Zhuang Huayang finally said with a smile, “How about coming back to the Sky Academy with me now, you two?”

He pointed to Wang Yuetong and said meaningfully, “The two hundred credits are yours now.”

Li Tianlan remained silent for a short while and suddenly spoke, “Headmaster, General, who can lend me a car?”

After Qin Weibai had left, there were still two cars—Dongcheng Wudi’s black Land Rover and Zhuang Huayang’a black Benz, parking here.

Dongcheng Wudi was stunned. Subconsciously, he handed Li Tianlan the car key and asked confusedly, “What else do you want to do, boy?”

“Suddenly it occurs to me that there’s something left. I’ll go and get it.”

Li Tianlan smiled and handed Wang Yuetong the key. “We’ll go now and go back to the Sky Academy after getting the stuff.”

Wang Yuetong agreed obediently and walked to the Land Rover, like an obedient young married woman.

Li Tianlan turned and left after nodding to Dongcheng Wudi and Zhuang Huayang.

The Land Rover started slowly, rushing out of the heavy rain and moving away.

“This boy is a real troublemaker.”

Watching the Land Rover go further and further, Zhuang Huayang said hesitantly, “Keep up with him, and don’t let him stir up any trouble.”

Sitting in the front passenger seat, Li Tianlan was as calm as a mountain, his white hair fluttering in the wind.

“Senior brother, where are we going? What are we going to get?”

Wang Yuetong asked subconsciously, driving the heavy Land Rover.

“There’s still a head waiting for me to get. We’ll get it now,” said Li Tianlan calmly.

He took out his cell phone and called Liu Xiuyuan, the head of the Curtain.

At the same time.

Zhong Yongming returned to the hospital ward with his secretary.

As the top leader of Huating, he was extremely cool all the way through. After seeing all the people off, he suddenly looked a little tired.

The domineering Qin Weibai, calm and collected Dongcheng Wudi, smiling Zhuang Huayang, and Li Tianlan, who was so quiet that he made others fear…

Even the gloomy and cold Gu Changjiang was more confident than him today.

The overall situation was complicated, and in the relatively transparent political circle, Zhong Yongming felt mentally and physically exhausted.

He returned to the ward in silence, glanced at his lifeless son on the bed, then sat down on the sofa and lit a cigarette.

The bed was quiet.

Taking a deep drag on his cigarette, Zhong Yongming suddenly felt that something was wrong and sprang to his feet from the sofa.

His son on the bed was devoid of life. He realized that it wasn’t an illusion!

His son really didn’t have any vitality!

Zhong Yongming’s heart sank. He walked quickly to the hospital bed and lifted the quilt over his son.

In his line of sight, a great amount of dazzling scarlet blood stained the white sheets. It appeared unspeakably weird and terrifying.

Zhong Yongming staggered back a step and leaned against the wall, his eyes ferocious.

On the hospital bed, Zhong Shaofeng was covered in blood and was already dead.

Huge amounts of blood soaked through his hospital gown, the sheets, and was trickling down the sides of the bed.

“Tick… Tick…”

Zhong Shaofeng’s eyes were wide open and dull, and there seemed to be a little lingering fear, anger, and reluctance in them.

Blood was pouring down from all over his body.

Zhong Yongming’s lips trembled as he looked at his son’s body, but his heart was covered with an absolute chill. He gasped with frightened eyes.

Zhong Shaofeng’s body, forehead, left and right heart, right and left shoulder, right and left thigh, abdomen, and throat…

There were ten stab wounds in total.

Fresh blood was streaming out.

That meant, right after he left, someone came back into the ward and stabbed Zhong Shaofeng ten times in a row!

It was downright atrociousness and malevolence.

Zhong Yongming thought abruptly of Li Tianlan, who left in front of the hospital for two minutes and said he needed to go to the bathroom.

His eyes narrowed and his fingers, which held the cigarette between them, trembled violently. For decades, his first reaction to the body of his son was not anger and hatred, but fear.

A fear that came from the soul.

He didn’t know what the ten stab wounds meant.

All he knew was that right in front of that bed, even a few minutes earlier, Li Tianlan was kneeling down here, saying he was sorry ten times in a row.

Ten stab wounds.

The wounds were hideous.

The scarlet blood was flowing down the bed. Every drop of blood seemed to tell Zhong Yongming that the young man had endured the humiliation he had inflicted on him.

But out of his sight, he was able to kill, too!

How decisive he was!

Zhong Yongming sat slowly against the wall, murmuring to himself, “This beast, this lunatic…”


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