The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 90

Chapter 90 The Fifteenth Blade

“I am Samsara. I’m asking to see His Majesty Sword Emperor!”

The clear female voice echoed in every corner of Mount Dibing. The voice, carrying great momentum, rushed to the sky, like the singing of Phoenix.

Although the woman used words like “ask to see”, the way she showed up was not gentle, not to mention low key and humble. The strong fighting desire and killing intent surged between heaven and earth. With the ultimate majesty and might, the woman seemed insufferably arrogant, as if she looked at everything disdainfully.

This was the most direct challenge to the entire Wang family of Beihai.

For hundreds of years, generation after generation of experts in the Dark World emerged, shining like stars. But without the permission of the Wang family of Beihai, no one dared to climb Mount Dibing.

The Wang family of Beihai symbolized the peak of Martial Arts in the entire Dark World. It was supreme, and few could compare with it.

When an Invincible Realm expert intruded into Mount Dibing, it meant that he launched an all-out war against the Wang family of Beihai and would directly face Human Emperor—an weapon ranked first among the 12 Murderous Weapons in the Dark World. Moreover, it meant that he had to face numerous experts from the Wang family of Beihai…

The superpowers of the Dark World were at odds with each other. However, to wage all-out war in the most violent way possible was the last thing anyone wanted to see.

Wang Tianzong’s eyes narrowed slightly and his expression remained calm. He climbed the mountain without haste, but his cold voice instantly spread throughout Mount Dibing. “Your Highness Samsara has just eliminated Night Spirit. Why are you so eager to show your strength to the Wang family of Beihai? Are you too hasty?”

“Who is Samsara?”

Fengting walked beside Wang Tianzong with the same expression but asked in surprise.

Wang Shengxiao was even more surprised and could not help but ask, “Uncle Fengting, you didn’t know Samsara Palace?”

“What does it matter to me?”

Fengting looked puzzled and added, “Samsara didn’t bother me. Why should I know her?”

He paused for a while and chuckled, seeming pleased. “I haven’t heard of her, but neither has she. That’s even.”

The corners of Wang Shengxiao’s mouth twitched. The words gave him the feeling that an ordinary man from Zhongzhou State was telling him, “Hey, I don’t know the President of Zhongzhou State, but the President doesn’t know me either. That’s even.”

It was a little bit like that.

Wang Shengxiao looked at his father unconsciously, only to see that Wang Tianzong was still climbing the mountain slowly, and his pace never quickened or slowed. However, his aura was getting calmer and more inscrutable.

Wang Shengxiao shook his head gently.

Samsara Palace, which had just destroyed Night Spirit, would undoubtedly become one of the new superpowers of the Dark World. Nevertheless, the Samsara Palace Master climbed Mount Dibing directly. If today’s battle was already doomed, how long could Samsara Palace exist? Was it just a flash in the pan?

“The woman is kind of funny. She behaved so aggressively when asking for help.”

Wang Tianzong spoke suddenly, his voice still calm.

On the top of Mount Dibing, experts of the Wang family of Beihai had reacted as soon as possible after they heard the clear voice, even though they didn’t receive Wang Tianzong’s order.

Thunder-shocking Realm experts led the teams.

Experts of the Fire-flaming Realm and Ice-condensing Realm rushed to the sound source as fast as they could.

Within the fastest time, the entire Mount Dibing seemed to have moved. Figures could be seen everywhere. They were swift, calm, orderly, without the slightest confusion and panic.

There were untold palaces on the top of Mount Dibing, solemn and unsophisticated, and a sea of flowers was in sight.

A figure wrapped all over in a black cloak stood motionless and quietly above Sword Emperor Palace where Wang Tianzong usually lived.

The piercingly cold wind whistled past her, but her clothes were in an eerie state of complete stillness. As she looked at more and more figures gathering around her, her momentum soared up, as if it was about to break through the sky.

“I’m Saint from Samsara Palace. I’m asking to see His Majesty Sword Emperor!”

The crowd at the top of the mountain was gathering.

A soft, slow voice, with the sharp and powerful sword intent, suddenly sounded above a palace in the northwest.

As the voice sounded, many other voices followed it. They were clear and calm, with a defiant pride and determination.

“I’m Military Counselor from Samsara Palace. I’m asking to see His Majesty Sword Emperor!”

The peaceful and calm voice resounded through the southeast region of Mount Dibing.

“I’m General from Samsara Palace. I’m asking to see His Majesty Sword Emperor!”

The southwest region was covered with a deep voice, like thunder.

“I’m Duke from Samsara Palace. I’m asking to see His Majesty Sword Emperor!”

An elegant, strange voice in the northeast chuckled, like the wind.

“I’m Asura from Samsara Palace. I’m asking to see His Majesty Sword Emperor!”

A voice full of the vital force of destruction suddenly sounded right in the east.

“I’m Horsewoman from Samsara Palace. I’m asking to see His Majesty Sword Emperor!”

A solemn and dignified female voice rang right in the west.

“I’m Azure Dragon from Samsara Palace. I’m asking to see His Majesty Sword Emperor!”

The south was lit up by the lightning, and the thunder rumbled.

“I’m Swordsman from Samsara Palace. I’m asking to see His Majesty Sword Emperor!”

The north was filled with dazzling sword light and the whistle of the sword.

In the eight directions, eight figures, all enveloped in black cloaks, appeared almost simultaneously.

Majestic and grand!

The elites of the Wang family of Beihai all stood where they were. They did not panic, instead, their fighting desire soared up.

There were still voices resounded in the air, proud and firm.

“I’m Flaming Fire from Samsara Palace. I’m asking to see His Majesty Sword Emperor!”

“I’m Phantom from Samsara Palace. I’m asking to see His Majesty Sword Emperor!”

“I’m Shadowless from Samsara Palace. I’m asking to see His Majesty Sword Emperor!”

“I’m Doctor from Samsara Palace. I’m asking to see His Majesty Sword Emperor!”

The last four figures appeared at the same time above Sword Emperor Palace, standing motionless beside the Samsara Palace Master.

At this moment, even the determined elites of the Wang family of Beihai could not help but look strange.

Saint, Military Counselor, General, Duke, Asura, Horsewoman, Azure Dragon, Swordsman, Flaming Fire, Phantom, Shadowless, and Doctor.

Some were famous in the Dark World.

While others were mysterious in the Dark World.

The twelve figures in front of them had an unusually famous name throughout the Dark World.

The 12 Super Masters of Samsara Palace!

Samsara Palace had just destroyed Night Spirit. Led by their most mysterious Palace Master, the 12 Super Masters entered Mount Dibing.

“What are they going to do?”

In the crowd, several experts from the Wang family of Beihai at the Thunder-shocking Realm squinted and remained silent.

Samsara had wiped out Night Spirit.

It was a turbulent time for the Dark World, and each force was destined to set off a storm. Would the source of the storm be Samsara Palace and the Wang family of Beihai?

“What’s the matter?”

Wang Tianzong’s voice sounded again. Along with his voice, he directly appeared in front of Samsara Palace Master, although he was still on the mountain road a moment earlier.

He stood in the air above Sword Emperor Palace, and while looking down at Samsara Palace Master from the highest place, he asked seriously.

In the Dark World, the power came first and experts were respected. For centuries, the Wang family of Beihai were feared and respected because they were powerful enough.

Samsara Palace Master could bear the full force of a blow from Blue Sky Underworld and instantly killed Tian Xin, someone who ranked tenth on the Divine List. Now, she came straight to Mount Dibing with 12 Super Masters. Whether they were friends or enemies, her strength and courage could not be neglected by Wang Tianzong.

“I want to borrow something from Your Majesty,” said Samsara Palace Master calmly.

She was tall, at least more than 1.8 meters. She was slightly overweight, but it was not evident when she was in her cloak, and she looked extremely tall and plump. She looked up at Wang Tianzong floating above her. She didn’t want to get serious when she was asking for something. The most appropriate way to borrow things from a top influential family such as the Wang family of Beihai was to keep a low profile after showing her strength.

“Oh? What is it?”

Wang Tianzong asked calmly, looking at the black cloak in front of him. Samsara Palace Master’s voice was so mellow and natural that many foreigners could not imitate. Listen carefully and you would notice the difference. Take the 12 Super Masters from Samsara for example. Duke and Horsewoman were European; Asura and General were American; Flaming Fire and Swordsman were from East Island; Shadowless was born in Snow Country. No matter how fluent they were in Chinese, their tones would always carry an exotic accent.

Wang Tianzong was calm, but his eyes were thoughtful.

“Is it possible that the mysterious Samsara Palace Master, who had never been seen by anyone, born in Zhongzhou State?”

“Borrow some medicine.”

Samsara Palace Master continued placidly, “I have a younger sister, and her beloved man is in trouble. Only the Wang family of Beihai can save him. I would like to borrow the Immortal Series from the Wang family of Beihai. Please grant my request, Your Majesty.”

To borrow the Immortal Series.

Rather than an Immortality Potion.

This series now included four drugs; Immortality Potions of the first and the second version, the Youth, and the Longevity Lock. And there were two ancillary drugs; the Consolidation and the Activation.

When the six drugs were combined, they were invaluable. They were the core resources of the entire Wang family of Beihai.


Though the word was polite, the action was, in fact, equivalent to robbery.

Wang Tianzong’s eyes narrowed. Floating in the air, his body fell slightly and finally stood on a level with the Samsara Palace Master. “You want to borrow the Immortal Series? On what grounds?”

“Just because I’m Samsara Palace Master.”

Samsara Palace Master replied indifferently.

“You really have the nerve.”

Wang Tianzong added with a smile, “But it’s not enough. So the borrowing of medicine is off the table.”

“Not enough?”

Samsara Palace Master suddenly took one step forward and the temperature in her voice dropped abruptly.

“Not enough.”

Wang Tianzong continued calmly, “If you want to get the medicine through force, you can have a try.”

His body rose again, and his voice became more majestic than ever. “Fight me together with your 12 Super Masters.”

He waved his hand slightly.

In front of the palace, all the elites of the Wang family of Beihai retreated like the tide. In less than a minute, the front of Sword Emperor Palace was empty, leaving only Samsara Palace Master and the 12 Super Masters.

Wang Tianzong looked calmer.

He alone prepared to challenge the entire Samsara.

He seemed to be the only one in the entire Dark World who had this kind of confidence.

Samsara Palace Master remained motionless, as if lost in thought.

However, the killing intent of the 12 Super Masters scattered around her was surging. Their overwhelming murderous intent flooded toward Wang Tianzong.

“You’re pushing me.”

Samsara Palace Master finally said, “No one can despise Samsara, nor can you.”

Wang Tianzong’s eyes grew cold and he remained silent.

The clothes of Samsara Palace Master were eerily still in the wind before, but they suddenly began to flutter violently. Her body rose slowly above Sword Emperor Palace, and eventually, she was on a level with Wang Tianzong.

All the fierce fighting desire and killing intent suddenly vanished above Mount Dibing. Samsara Palace Master stood in the air in front of Wang Tianzong, and she instantly became aloof.

She stretched out her hand toward Wang Tianzong and spoke calmly and strongly, “Give me the medicine.”


Wang Tianzong replied indifferently.

Samsara Palace Master stood quietly in the air, keeping her hand outstretched, and remained silent.

At this moment, the sea of flowers and the palaces on Mount Dibing seemed to have completely disappeared.

The mountain was receding.

So did the sea.

Samsara Palace Master remained motionless. But in a split second, everyone felt as if they were separated by mountains and seas.

She slightly took a step back.

Her slightly fat figure and fluttering clothes were actually breathtaking.

Ten meters away from her, Wang Tianzong’s pupils contracted suddenly.

It was merely a single step.

In front of him, Samsara Palace Master just took a step back, but he had the feeling that she had stepped back thousands of miles, to the ends of the earth and somewhere outside the world.

She stood side by side with heaven and earth!

She coexisted with the world.

Wang Tianzong’s eyes lit up like never before.

“In this life, I don’t want much and I don’t care much.”

Samsara Palace Master’s voice drifted as if it was from the horizon. “But I must get whatever I want. Neither Sword Emperor nor the one who ranks first on the Divine List can stop me.”

Wang Tianzong’s eyes were fixed and he said nothing. Only the voice of Samsara Palace Master echoed between heaven and earth. “I don’t care the future of Samsara and the lives of the 12 Super Masters. Wang Tianzong, I’ll say it once more. I want the Immortal Series, will you give them to me?”


Wang Tianzong’s voice filled the air.

Samsara Palace Master gave a sweet-sounding chuckle. “I do not have the title of Sword Emperor, nor the glory of being the first place on the Divine List. I have to admit that I’m no match for you.”

She stood in front of Wang Tianzong, her palm slightly closed.


The clear cracking sound echoed in every corner of Mount Dibing. On Mount Dibing, all the air began to twist in an unheard-of state. The cracking sounds became more and more intense. Samsara Palace Master’s voice was steady, without any fluctuation. “But I have one sword move.”

She looked at Wang Tianzong carefully. “After I perform it, I will die, and you will be seriously injured. How many people of the entire Wang family of Beihai and on Mount Dibing can remain alive under the slaughter of the 12 Super Masters?”

“If the Wang family of Beihai are wiped out, what can you do when you recover and become the No. 1 expert? How will you retaliate is none of my business. Wang Tianzong, I’m not like you. I’m a lunatic who can be reckless, but can you afford it?”

Her palm finally closed.

The air was so compressed that a long, thin sword was formed in her hand.

All the air around here was twisted into a mass constantly. Under the burning sun, the light was still bright, but in the twisted air, everything in front of the people present was a blur.

Samsara Palace Master held the hilt tightly. There was no Sword Energy in the air. She seemed unreal and appeared to have become a different person.

Everything was changing in Wang Tianzong’s sight. Samsara Palace Master’s figure had vanished. With a sword in one hand, a figure in white appeared before him in the compressed air in high spirit.

The figure marched on in the air, brandishing his sword and killing his enemies. He entered the Invincible Realm from the Thunder-shocking Realm, with overwhelming momentum!

It was the momentum that would shatter anything in its path.

He was bloodthirsty, calm yet frantic.

No one could stand in front of him. Mortal beings, as well as all the gods and demons, would completely vanish with a stroke of his sword.

He marched on in the desert, deep sea, prosperous cities, strong wind and heavy rain. His sword intent grew intense and countless enemies fell before him. All images became pale, froze, and eventually disappeared.

It seemed to snow heavily.

Wang Tianzong closed his eyes and opened them again.

The figure in white was long gone. Samsara Palace Master stood before him in silence, holding a sword. Her momentum, which was able to make heaven rend asunder and earth crack, was still soaring.

At the same time.

On the mountainside.

Fengting, who was climbing the mountain leisurely with Wang Shengxiao, suddenly shook himself violently and looked up in shock.

Just as the confused Wang Shengxiao wanted to speak, his arm shook violently.

He slightly lowered his head, and in his line of sight, the draw-bar box brought over by his Uncle Fengting was shaking violently. There seemed to be something alive in the box, struggling to get out.

The clanking noise of metal rang out in the box continuously! And it seemed to be the whistle of a sword.

“Fifteenth Blade…”

Fengting opened his mouth softly and murmured to himself.


The draw-bar box in Wang Shengxiao’s hand suddenly exploded, and the articles of daily use were scattered all over the ground. A long sword with a simple and ferocious shape whistled up from the box and was unsheathed. A scarlet sword body flashed away, and an immense amount of sword intent was released, echoing the sword light at the top of the mountain!

“Will I finally pay the sword move that I owed to the Li family back?”

Fengting grasped the blade of the sword, which shook in his hand continuously, but it could not get rid of his grasp and fly to the top of the mountain.

“She turns out to be a real capable person, not a fraud.”

He muttered to himself, and his figure charged toward the mountaintop.

“Fifteenth Blade?”

In front of Sword Emperor Palace, Wang Tianzong said softly as he looked at Samsara Palace Master in front of him. The 24 Moves of Sword belonged to the family of God of Wars in Zhongzhou State, and people in the Dark World were totally overawed by them. Among them, some sword moves that belonged to Invincible Manual were known as invincible moves. However, among the 24 Moves of Sword, the Fifteenth Blade possessed the most profound sword intent, the most brilliant technique, and the most unpredictable changes.

Nonetheless, this sword move did not belong to the Invincible Manual, and it had a name that fitted perfectly with Samsara Palace.

The Fifteenth Blade—Samsara!

The Fifteenth Blade contained the cycle of sword momentum and its essence. It was the extreme concentration of essence, qi, and spirit.

The move named Asura in Blood from the Asura Path was a similar unique skill. However, Asura in Blood required to burn potential, and compared with the sword intent of the Fifteenth Blade of Samsara, there was a big difference between them.

Wang Tianzong had seen Li Kuangtu perform the Fifteenth Blade. By borrowing Li Honghe’s sword intent, he killed an expert at the Peak of the Thunder-shocking Realm when he just entered the Thunder-shocking Realm.

No one knew what this sword move was about except those who were familiar with the 24 Moves of Sword. Wang Tianzong only vaguely knew that the Fifteenth Blade was similar to imitation, but its essence was more profound; it was the most complete fusion and sublimation of will and power.

For example, Li Kuangtu was able to imitate Li Honghe’s sword intent in an instant when he was at the Thunder-shocking Realm.

This was the most special move among the 24 Moves of Sword. The Fifteenth Blade could perfectly imitate all the 24 Moves of Sword.

This could be said to be the unique skill of the 24 Moves of Sword. After one stroke of the sword, all the essence, qi, and spirit of the sword holder would be exhausted and the holder would also fall into a period of unprecedented weakness. There was even a risk of immediate death, depending on the circumstances.

To put it simply, the Fifteenth Blade was a high-level unique skill of simulation. The sword move itself was only the foundation, but the sword intent simulated by the sword holder was the most terrifying thing.

Wang Tianzong closed his eyes again and frowned slightly. The figure appeared in front of him just now was clear yet vague in his mind. He looked back and found that he was completely strange yet somewhat familiar with that figure.

Samsara Palace Master did not imitate Li Honghe.

Nor Li Kuangtu.

But the sword move performed in front of him was indeed the Fifteenth Blade.

“Whose sword intent did she imitate?”

“Is it worth fighting for your younger sister against me at the risk of your life?”

Wang Tianzong opened his eyes, and his tone was cold.

“What I cared most about was destroyed by myself. Now I only have her. So what do you think?”

Samsara Palace Master’s voice grew calmer.

The long sword in her hand stood slightly upright.


Below her, the Sword Emperor Palace instantly crumbled into dust in the sharp contortion of the air.


A hasty shout immediately sounded.

With a long sword in one hand, Fengting rushed through the twisted air and appeared directly between Wang Tianzong and Samsara Palace Master.

He turned his back to Wang Tianzong and looked at Samsara Palace Master with a wry smile. “Don’t get excited. It’s just a trivial matter. Is there any need to fight each other at the risk of life?”

Samsara Palace Master held her sword and stood still. The cloak concealed her expression, so that no one could see it.

Fengting breathed deeply as he looked at the strange, slightly fat, and tall woman in front of him. He asked tentatively, “Who are you?”

Samsara Palace Master glanced at him at last and said flatly, “Get out of my way.”

“I’m talking to you.”

Fengting continued helplessly, “Anyway, I’m an expert. I popped up here and asked who you were. Don’t you ask who I am?”

“Lin Fengting—the descendant of Xuanyuantai of Kunlun. Your ancestors established Xuanyuantai of Kunlun. Later, they lived in seclusion in Switzerland and stood aloof from worldly affairs. They handed Xuanyuantai over to their disciple from the Li family. What’s there to ask?”

Samsara Palace Master replied indifferently.

Lin Fengting’s body shivered slightly.

Even Wang Tianzong’s facial expression slightly changed.

“How did you know that?”

Lin Fengting asked instinctively.

“It doesn’t matter.”

Samsara Palace Master added calmly, “I want the Immortal Series. Give them to me or fight.”

Her gaze passed over Lin Fengting, fixing on Wang Tianzong with increasing fighting desire.

“You’re a member of the Li family.” Wang Tianzong said softly.

Instead of raising a question, he said it firmly.

A simple sentence made the sword intent all over Samsara Palace Master move sluggishly. She said blankly, “I… I don’t know.”

Wang Tianzong took a deep look at her and fell to the ground slowly and thoughtfully.

“Back then…”

He opened his mouth, and before he could finish, he had been directly interrupted by Samsara Palace Master. “I have no interest in the events of the past. I want the Immortal Series. If you gave them to me, we are even since then and the grievances between us will be written off.”

“Can you represent the Li family?”

There was a glint in Wang Tianzong’s eyes.

Samsara Palace Master said insipidly after remaining silent for a short while, “Li Tianlan is the successor of the Li family. I can’t, but he can.”


As Lin Fengting landed beside Wang Tianzong, he said quietly and gravely, “I know that my words carry no weight. But if possible, give her the potions. How about I visit the Wang family of Beihai again next year?”

“Visit the Wang family of Beihai again next year…”

Wang Tianzong gave him a deep look. Although this sentence was cryptic, he could not have been clearer about what it meant.

Chances were that the grudge that his old friend harbored against him would dissipate due to the Immortal Series.

“You can have them.”

Wang Tianzong breathed deeply and said, “But you intruded into Mount Dibing today. You owe me an explanation.”

The sharply twisted air was filled with an immense amount of sword intent.

Above Wang Tianzong’s palm, an exquisite long sword with boundless Sword Energy was slowly taking shape.

Samsara Palace Master’s body shook slightly. All the contorted air around her flowed slowly. The long sword in her hand abruptly disappeared, and she landed on the ground again.

“I’d like to bear a stroke of the sword from Your Majesty as an apology.”

Samsara Palace Master said indifferently.

Wang Tianzong waved his hand violently.

The exquisite long sword instantly shot toward Samsara Palace Master.

The sword was delicate and slender, but as its edge emerged, everything nearby seemed to converge on one point and they pressed toward Samsara Palace Master crazily.

The sovereign descended the world!

The overwhelming prestige of heaven was falling and there was no way to resist it.

It was the unique skill of the Wang family of Beihai!

Sword of Emperor Path!

In front of Samsara Palace Master, layer upon layer of air twisted madly and everything became indistinct.

Sword of Emperor Path pierced the air and pressed forward with indomitable will, like a hot knife through butter!

Samsara Palace Master put her palms together. She took one step forward in the twisted air and caught the sword edge that was shooting toward her.


With Samsara Palace Master at the center, a strong blast suddenly appeared in all directions. The nearby turf, trees, rockeries, and palaces were sent flying. They turned into dust, drifting down disorderly.


Samsara Palace Master stepped back nearly ten meters and spat a mouthful of blood.

Wang Tianzong’s figure was gone.

Lin Fengting gave her a wry smile and explained, “He went to get the medicine.”

“Hmm,” answered Samsara Palace Master coldly.

Lin Fengting became more curious. His eyes narrowed slightly as he looked at Samsara Palace Master, who was wiping the blood from her mouth, and he asked curiously, “Who are you on earth?”

Samsara Palace Master paused as she wiped the blood and said calmly, “My family name was Gu.”

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