The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 85

Chapter 85 Receive the Mandate from Heaven

Li Tianlan had no fear that the Liu family would not cooperate with him.

Both Li Tianlan and Liu Tianjing knew how unreliable the loyalty and power that were bought by pure violence could be.

The Liu family’s style of handling matters had always been composed and they were good at compromise and tolerance. Such a family was undoubtedly less courageous and most of the time, people would despise it. But it was undeniable that such a family was also the one with the most vigorous vitality.

Since Liu Tianjing chose to kneel, that showed he was certain to take the chips that could make Li Tianlan trust him temporarily. And that was exactly what Li Tianlan needed.

If it were not for the excessive overdrawing of his vitality by the sword move, Li Tianlan might have chosen to play with the Liu family slowly. He was calm and cautious. It was okay for him to take risks and make big bets. But when there were safer ways, he was reluctant to choose the most dangerous method.

But as his vitality and potential were completely overdrawn, Li Tianlan changed. In the face of the road to ruin, he became bloodthirsty and cold-blooded, and his mind was getting crazier.

In the face of the Liu family’s revenge, he did not hesitate to drop in on and kill them. Such a drastic move was a risk, but he didn’t see anything wrong with it. He was just risking his life on the lives of the Liu family.

If the Liu family behaved unyieldingly, Li Tianlan would never mind carrying out a mass slaughter. Because this matter involved a high official at the Deputy Governor level, the higher-ups of Zhongzhou State were bound to be furious and exert pressure on Huating officials. No matter how clean Li Tianlan had handled this matter, the truth would be discovered little by little. At that time, the Academics would surely not stand up for him due to this matter. Samsara and Sigh City were just too far away to be able to help him. Li Tianlan didn’t know and did not want to know what reaction would Dongcheng Clan have.

Given his present state, he didn’t seem to have the capital to think about the future. This time, he came to Liu’s house with a very clear purpose; either to make the Liu family his dog or send them to the hell.

Under the absolute deterrence of violence, would the Liu family stoop to compromise for future survival? Or would they rather die for the past hatred?

As Li Tianlan looked at the silent Liu Tianjing and his family members kneeling beside the table, his eyes were calm and the answer seemed to have been very obvious.

This was the best outcome for both sides and also what Li Tianlan wanted most.

As a mature and influential family with a history of nearly 100 years, the Liu family would renounce hatred and loyalty when the entire family was facing death. This was the most realistic, the most mature, the most brutal, and also the most likely outcome.

To end up together?

Li Tianlan had the determination to do so, but the Liu family did not have the courage.

“Tell me, Senior Liu, how can I trust you?”

The smell of blood filled the living room, but Li Tianlan had the meal leisurely and said in a calm tone.

The Liu family was an important component of the Special Warfare Group and also one of the significant outer forces of Kunlun City. Furthermore, Liu Tianqing was an expert at the Peak of the Invincible Realm before he died. It was impossible for such a family to have no secrets.

If the Liu family could offer Li Tianlan the secret that was worth his temporary trust, his gambit, which seemed risky but was in fact not a gamble, would be the right one.


Liu Tianjing suddenly said, “Go to your father’s study. There is a mechanism under the third grid on the right of the bookcase and there are three password walls behind the mechanism. The passwords of the first two walls are the date of your grandfather’s death and the ID number of your father. The password of the third wall is combined with your elder brother and your birthday on the Chinese lunar calendar. After you go in, take the item out.”

Liu Dongyu, who was waiting on Li Tianlan for dinner, hesitated. Her first reaction was to look at Li Tianlan subconsciously.


Li Tianlan waved his hand casually. He had now crossed the Thunder-shocking Realm with one foot, which meant he was within a hair’s breadth of truly entering this realm. With his current strength, at least he didn’t need to fear anything in the Liu family.

Liu Dongyu’s eyes were blank and she hurried upstairs.

Liu Tianjing knelt where he was, looking miserable.

“Is it something important?”

Li Tianlan looked at Liu Tianjing with a faint smile on his face.

“It’s not as important as the Liu family’s survival.”

Liu Tianjing spoke in a numb tone.

Li Tianlan gave him a deep look and said nothing.

The old Mayor of Huating did have the wisdom of compromise. The Liu family was almost entirely subdued, and the result was even much better than he had expected before he came. He had thought that even if the Liu family would compromise, this would only happen when there were only a few people left alive.

Who would have expected Liu Tianjing to be so straightforward?

The old man directly knelt down when there were only a few people from the Liu family’s branch died and its main branch was still safe and sound.

He was steady and calm…

Remembering what Li Baitian had said when he told him the Liu family’s address, Li Tianlan smiled. The old man was really calm. His calmness and rationality sent a chill through him.

Liu Dongyu’s charming figure disappeared on the second floor of the villa. Li Tianlan looked thoughtfully in the direction she was leaving. His intuition told him that the item Liu Dongyu would bring back this time was absolutely something out of the ordinary.

The sound of footsteps upstairs died away and sounded again in less than three minutes. The sound of stiletto heels beating on the villa steps was clear and light. Liu Dongyu was carrying a square metal box about fifty or sixty centimeters long in her arms and trotting downstairs.

The box was gray and white, looking particularly old and unremarkable. There was no password on it, and it only had a small screen that was dark and apparently did not turn on.

Liu Dongyu came to the dining room and directly handed over the box to Li Tianlan.

The corners of Liu Tianjing’s mouth twitched and he felt a growing sense of loss. During the last few minutes, he had been tormented inside; he hoped that Liu Dongyu could escape with the box, and also hoped that she hurried down with the box. Now that the result was clear, it made little sense to think about it anymore.

“Bring your father here. I need his fingerprint and irises to open the box.”

Liu Tianjing instructed in a calm tone.

This time, without hesitation, Liu Dongyu opened the box according to his way.

Inside the box was a small wooden box.

Liu Dongyu took out the box, put it in front of Li Tianlan, and stood beside him again.

“This is a present for Young Master Li from the Liu family. It is also the biggest secret of the Liu family.”

Looking at the box in front of him in a daze, Liu Tianjing said reluctantly.

Li Tianlan nodded. He opened the box casually and was taken aback.

In his line of sight, a soft glow shone in the box, making people who looked at it feel extremely comfortable.

This was a piece of jade about the size of a fist. It was perfect in shape, crystal clear, and milky white. Several ancient Chinese characters with complex structures were carved onto the jade in a neat way. The radiance of the jade was soft and quiet, and there was something holy and solemn about it.

Li Tianlan grabbed it casually and looked at it. He did not know the ancient characters, but he thought it was something like a seal or an antique. He frowned slightly and looked at Liu Tianjing, saying, “What does it say?”

The corners of Liu Tianjing’s mouth trembled and his voice sounded bleak. “They are the ancient characters of Qin dynasty.”

He looked at Li Tianlan’s eyes and said slowly, “Having received the Mandate from Heaven, may (the emperor) lead a long and prosperous life!”

Whether it was Liu Dongyu or other people from the Liu family who were kneeling, they all changed their expressions instantly and looked up.

Having received the Mandate from Heaven, may (the emperor) lead a long and prosperous life!

Everyone knew exactly what these characters meant in the history of Zhongzhou State.

Even Li Tianlan, who had grown up at the border since childhood, had heard of the characters.

“Is it the He’s Jade Disc?”

Li Tianlan pinched the jade in his hand and looked at Liu Tianjing while asking.

“This is the Imperial Jade Seal,” said Liu Tianjing bitterly.

. “The folk story that jade is carved into a seal doesn’t exist, in fact. The He’s Jade Disc and the Imperial Jade Seal are two entirely different things. The piece in Young Master Li’s hand is the Imperial Jade Seal that has long since disappeared in history.”

Narrowing his eyes, Li Tianlan kept his countenance and said, “Your family is unable to get such a thing, right?”

“This is…”

Liu Tianjing’s body trembled slightly and he gritted his teeth, saying, “This should be something that belongs to Kunlun City. Gu Qingfeng found the Imperial Jade Seal in one of the ruins, but he didn’t have the time to bring it back to Kunlun City. Instead, my elder brother took it back to the Liu family in secret. This was what my elder brother relied on entering the Invincible Realm.”

“Gu Qingfeng?” Li Tianlan asked with interest.


“Gu Qingfeng is an Invincible Realm expert of the last generation of Kunlun City and also the father of Gu Qianchuan—the First Elder of Kunlun City nowadays. What’s more, he was once my elder brother’s teacher.”

The more Liu Tianjing spoke, the more fluent he became. Now that the Imperial Jade Seal had had another owner, in order to survive, there was nothing he couldn’t say now. “Gu Qingfeng was seriously injured in an ambush when he had just received the Imperial Jade Seal. He was attacked by my elder brother when he was dying. And then the Imperial Jade Seal came into the hands of the Liu family. For decades, Kunlun City doesn’t know about this at all.”

“To attack his teacher?”

Li Tianlan raised his eyebrows slightly. There was something that no one could understand hidden in his tone.

“How can he deserve to be called a teacher?!”

Liu Tianjing added ferociously, “Gu Qingfeng took my elder brother for a servant and a slave. He possessed a great number of unique skills, and if he randomly gave directions to my elder brother on Martial Arts, how could my elder brother only manage to reach the Fire-flaming Realm at the age of thirty-five? A great talent matures slowly? Bullshit! With my elder brother’s gift, if he had met a famous teacher, he would have entered the Invincible Realm long ago! What a f*cking teacher he is!

“It was only with Senior Gu Yinshan’s secretive help that my elder brother managed to enter the Thunder-shocking Realm later. He is so kind to my elder brother. So how could my elder brother refuse when Gu Yinshan asked him to kill Gu Qingfeng?”

Li Tianlan frowned slightly.

Liu Dongyu, who had been observing Li Tianlan’s expression, said softly, “Gu Yinshan is Gu Xingyun’s biological uncle and now he’s dead. Twenty years ago, Gu Xingyun’s family was a branch, but Gu Qianchuan’s family members were direct descendants. Just because that Gu Qingfeng died early and Gu Xingyun entered the Invincible Realm early, Gu Xingyun now takes control of the highest power of Kunlun City. But even so, Gu Xingyun is in Youzhou all year round. At the same time, he hands over most of the things of Kunlun City to Gu Qianchuan to handle. It may also be a way for him to smooth over internal contradictions.”

The dining room was plunged into complete silence.

Everyone member of the Liu family looked pale and they all had a look of panic in their eyes.

In this past, only Liu Tianjing and Liu Xiuyuan knew the information. Now the information was revealed. Everyone knew what would happen if it was exposed.

If Gu Qingfeng didn’t die, Gu Xingyun could never be the top leader of Kunlun City even if he entered the Invincible Realm.

Once the news was leaked, even if they ignored what would happen inside Kunlun City, be it Gu Xingyun or Gu Qianchuan, they would tear the Liu family to pieces as soon as possible in order to kill them or avenge their relative.

The stakes were so high. As they handed over the Imperial Jade Seal to Li Tianlan, the fate of all members of the Liu family would be completely controlled by the later.

Li Tianlan held the Imperial Jade Seal and kept silent.

“I sent men to kill you today because I received the order from Gu Qianchuan. It has been widely known that you disabled Zhong Shaofeng. Gu Qianchuan wants to take advantage of your death to provoke contradictions between other groups and the Prince Group. In recent years, although the Prince Group and the Special Warfare Group are very close, the former has become less and less dependent on Kunlun City. But for the time being, the Special Warfare Group still needs the help of the Prince Group. Once you die, the Prince Group will continue to cooperate with Kunlun City once it’s under pressure. Then they can gain more benefits.”

Liu Tianjing simply blurted out everything he knew. “Of course, this is only a superficial explanation of Gu Qianchuan. I don’t know if he has any other purpose or not. As far as I know, a big shot at the Invincible Realm from abroad has come to Huating a week ago. There seems to be something strange about Gu Qianchuan’s visit to Huating this time.”

“What are you trying to say?”

Li Tianlan asked suddenly.

Liu Tianjing paused for a short while and then continued indifferently, “I just have some speculation, but I have no factual proof.”

“Kunlun City, Gu Qianchuan, a big shot at the Invincible Realm from abroad, Wang Yuetong’s disappearance…”

Li Tianlan narrowed his eyes and asked insipidly, “A big shot at the Invincible Realm from abroad? Who?”

“Jiang Qiannian, the Second Master of the Jiang family from abroad. His codename is Black Hand and he ranks sixth on the Holy List. That is, of course, without taking a murderous weapon. Jiang Qiannian is qualified to use the Jiang family’s murderous weapon named the Legend of Qin. Once he takes the Legend of Qin to Zhongzhou State, his combat capability will only be more terrible,” said Liu Tianjing in a low voice.


The Legend of Qin—a murderous weapon of the Jiang family!

This was the name of the third murderous weapon that Li Tianlan had heard.

When the Invincible Realm experts were armed with murderous weapons, their strength would be doubled.

Li Tianlan was not interested in the Jiang family. He was just thinking if Jiang Qiannian took the Legend of Qin to Zhongzhou State, would he have the strength to capture Wang Yuetong?

“Do the Jiang family and the Wang family of Beihai refrain from invading each other or harbor hostility against each other?”

Holding the seal, Li Tianlan suddenly said, “Go do one thing. Ask all men in the Curtain to go into action and investigate Wang Yuetong’s whereabouts thoroughly.”

His heart twitched and he continued to speak, “No matter she is dead or alive, I must see her!”

Liu Tianjing silently picked up the phone and ordered his subordinates. Then he continued to kneel on the ground, without saying anything.

“Was Liu Tianqing involved in my father’s treason case? How much do you know about it?”

Looking at Liu Tianjing who had put down the phone, Li Tianlan played with the seal in his hand and asked abruptly.

“I have no idea.”

Liu Tianjing shook his head and continued, “My brother had just entered the Invincible Realm at that time. When he came back, he was seriously wounded. He didn’t tell me about it.”

Li Tianlan shot a glance at Liu Tianjing but didn’t make a detailed inquiry. The entire process of the treason case happened in those days was done extremely clean and the truth also hid extremely deep. Even if Liu Tianjing was Liu Tianqing’s biological younger brother, it was quite normal that he didn’t know this.

“Tell me about the Imperial Jade Seal.”

Li Tianlan put the seal on the table. But before he could continue, his phone started vibrating.

Li Tianlan first looked at the number, then he suddenly stood up and connected it without hesitation.

On the phone, a clear voice sounded. The caller was a little uneasy and appeared pathetic.

“You… Where have you been?”

Li Tianlan took a deep breath, repressed his emotions, and asked calmly, “Where are you?”

“I’m in the ninth building of Yonghua Villa.”

The voice continued to sound on the phone. “Come here, be quick.”

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