The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 83

Chapter 83 All My Enemies Are to Be Dead

When Li Tianlan returned to Yonghua Villa, he was stunned to find that there were police cars and policemen everywhere near building nine. The nearby building seven had been cordoned off, and several plainclothes policemen and uniformed police officers were rushing in and out of the building, looking grim. There seemed to be a murder.

In addition to the police, some moving company vehicles were clustered nearby, filled with furniture, and headed outside the villa district.

Several villa security guards were patrolling nearby, dressed neatly, but the helplessness and bewilderment on their faces were visible.

Li Tianlan wasn’t going to watch it. He wasn’t in the mood for it, but he heard people talking about the fact that the owner of building seven, who had been killed, was a well-known local entrepreneur, and seemed to be close to some big deal in the district, and that the family of four and five bodyguards had all died tragically at home, which seemed that they had offended some big shots.

There were not many spectators around, and most of them were not afraid to stir up trouble. Some discussed the cause of death with gusto, such as break-in and attempted homicide. They described the enmity in vivid detail, as if everyone had experienced the tragedy inside building seven.

Li Tianlan, with his white hair and expressionless face, walked through the crowd and opened the door of building nine. He lost interest in knowing everything out there, but he guessed that it had something to do with him.

He wouldn’t speculate wildly on the cause of the building seven owner’s death, but he thought the upsurge of moving houses in the villa area was related to him.

The night before yesterday, Tan Qinghua led the team to rush into Yonghua Villa and then Dongcheng Wudi also came. Although they did not cause a big conflict, they should be enough to arouse the anxiety of the nearby owners. The murder in building seven was the catalyst. All these incidents together had led many owners to feel that Yonghua Villa had become a place of trouble. It would be nice if they stayed away for a while.

“This is a place of trouble, and I am a man of trouble.”

Li Tianlan opened the door of the villa as he laughed at himself.

The house was clean with everything in order.

Li Tianlan quietly went upstairs and into the bedroom.

The bedroom was full of Qin Weibai’s strong yet natural fragrance, and there seemed to be a vague smell in the air. The bed was covered with new sheets and neat quilts. Everything looked sweet and warm.

Li Tianlan lay quietly on the bed, dressed. He was now calm, almost numb.

He closed his eyes and felt his body silently.

The extremely violent force in his body seemed to be still expanding, as if it would never end, but Li Tianlan was very clear that this was because his vitality was still fading. He was still alive, mainly because Tribulation had pressed that blow back with part of his vitality. But the vitality could not restore original condition after being overdrawn. There was vitality in his body now, but it seemed to be passing by in a temporary store. It might not be long before he became a lifeless mummy.

Li Tianlan gritted his teeth, his expression icy as a glacier.

He sat up in bed, closed his eyes and began to meditate in a peaceful state.

No matter the end or the smooth road ahead, he would never give up or despair. If he was really doomed to die, Li Tianlan just wanted to do something in the short time from now on. He must do something. At least he couldn’t wait to die.

In the bedroom with fragrance floating in it, Li Tianlan had his mind completely free with his eyes closed. As the minutes ticked by, his breathing became slower and steadier, and he looked as if having become a statue.

The sun went down.

Then it sank below the horizon.

The moon was high in the sky.

When the moonlight filled the entire villa area, a pleasant doorbell rang, interrupting Li Tianlan’s deep meditation.

In a trance, Li Tianlan opened his eyes, breathed deeply, withdraw from his meditative state. Then he slowly went downstairs.

He felt the state of his body, but he was disappointed to find that the meditation that had spent all this afternoon did not make him any better. His life was still passing, only to become a little slower.

The only thing that pleased him was that the physical emptiness seemed to improve a little. It was not obvious, but it was true.

Remembering the Youth he drank, Li Tianlan kept silent. His improvement should be due to its effects. It was said that there was a great deal of vitality in the Youth, but the amount was only a drop in the bucket compared with his loss, which could only allow him to live a few more days.

He turned on the monitor outside the door and a shadowy figure in the dark appeared on the small screen. The figure was plump and sexy, but her pretty face was full of anxiety and uneasiness.

It was Enchantress from the Wang family of Beihai!

Li Tianlan paused for a second, and his heart suddenly sank.

“What is she doing here?” he wondered.

Then he dropped the monitor, strode to the door and pulled it open.

Outside the villa, Enchantress kept raising her hand to ring the doorbell. Seeing Li Tianlan come out, the core expert of Wang family of Beihai was obviously relieved. “Is Yuetong here?” she asked point blank.

Li Tianlan’s heart hit rock bottom. As he expected, Wang Yuetong had an accident.


He shook his head and asked, “What’s wrong with Yuetong?”

Although Enchantress had a vague idea of the answer before she came here, she could not help getting more anxious when she saw Li Tianlan shaking his head. She took a deep breath, managed to calm down, and replied, “She’s missing. Someone attacked the Garden Party at noon. Shengxiao was badly hurt and Yuetong was missing. His Majesty pursued the assailant without delay, but no one was found.”


Li Tianlan’s hand tightened sharply and his five fingers unconsciously penetrated the metal door of the villa.

“Who did it? Gu Xingyun?”

Attacking the Garden Party, injuring Wang Shengxiao, and snatching Wang Yuetong.

Wang Shengxiao might well be in the Thunder-shocking Realm by now. How powerful he, a Thunder-shocking Realm expert owning the Wind and Thunder Veins, should be!

No one could imagine it without fighting him personally.

In the case that Wang Tianzong rushed over in the first place, the assailant still beat Wang Shengxiao and took Wang Yuetong away, and was not caught up by Wang Tianzong afterwards.

Such a person should be a true Invincible Realm expert, and one of the few unrivaled.

Among the four Invincible Realm experts of the Zhongzhou State, the Kunlun City’s First Elder Gu Qianchuan, not on the Holy List, was absolutely unable to do this.

The other three were all on the Divine List. Except Wang Tianzong, only the Zhongzhou State’s Hidden God Situ Cangyue and the Zhongzhou State’s War God Gu Xingyun were left.

Situ Cangyue ranked 15th in the Divine List, which was the last place. Therefore, there was a gap between her strength and Wang Tianzong’s. Even if she made the first move, Wang Tianzong couldn’t have missed her.

That left the Zhongzhou State’s War God as the only suspect.

The Governor of Kunlun City Gu Xingyun was ranked fourth in the world Divine List. In the Zhongzhou State, his strength was the closest to Wang Tianzong’s. With a head start, only he could barely keep Wang Tianzong from catching up.

Other foreign Invincible Realm experts might be able to do this. Yet such a person was either the guardian of a big country or the ruler of a superpower. What was the point for them of taking Wang Yuetong away, regardless of whether they dared to risk being killed in Huating when being found?

Besides, since the attacker could have seriously injured Wang Shengxiao, it would be more meaningful to take Wang Shengxiao than Wang Yuetong.

“No, it’s not Gu Xingyun.”

Enchantress’ face darkened, and she could not suppress the negative emotions like restlessness and irritability.

“His Majesty has spoken to the President by telephone. At the time of the incident, Gu Xingyun was holding an internal meeting of Special Warfare System in Hidden Dragon Sea, so he was not in Huating.”

Now, Li Tianlan was distraught.

Wang Yuetong’s pretty face with tears immediately became clear in his mind. Her cry and fear, her sadness and despair…

“Is there anything I can do?” Li Tianlan asked without hesitation.

He did not know his own future, nor did he know the future of Wang Yuetong and him. If Wang Yuetong really disappeared without a trace, he would die in his grave.

Not owe each other?

The girl who would like to die with him.

She was noble but willing to lower herself and beg him.

How could they not owe each other?

Enchantress took a deep look at Li Tianlan. She saw worry, anger, anxiety and pity in his eyes. At this moment, these most real emotions all emerged in Li Tianlan’s eyes.


Enchantress was a little confused. She shook her head and said, “His Majesty has given the order for the city to be sealed in time. The army, armed police, Special Warfare System and even the ordinary traffic police have all been on duty and conducting a thorough search. The attacker must have not left Huating. We’ll find her.”

This core expert of Wang family of Beihai, who threatened to fight for life and death with Li Tianlan this morning, took another glance at Li Tianlan and said calmly, “You have a good rest. From my personal point of view, I hope you recover as soon as possible.”

She gave Li Tianlan a nod, said goodbye before she hurried away.

Li Tianlan stood at the door for a long time before he turned and walked into the villa.

As the door closed, darkness descended on the interior.

Li Tianlan sat on the couch without the lights on. After meditation, his concentrated mind became confused for no reason. He felt impetuous.

“Ding ding… ”

In the darkness, a small but extremely harsh sound rang. Li Tianlan’s wristwatch vibrated for the first time since he entered Sky Academy.

Its blue light was sparking.

Li Tianlan’s eyes instantly focused on it.

There were three colors of light on Sky Academy’s wristwatch, red, blue and yellow.

Yellow light represented temporary tasks, and every student could choose to accept or not to accept the task.

The blue light represented urgent tasks, which were voluntary to accept it or not, but once the task was completed, students who took it were often rewarded with valuable credits.

The red light meant combat missions, that students did not have the option. When the task was released, all students must accept it.

Tasks like what Li Tianlan had just received was basically an emergency. It would send to the college wristwatch before it was updated in the mission system of Sky Academy.

Li Tianlan raised his arm and looked at his wristwatch.

The watch’s screen was fully lit, and the blue light for urgent tasks was flashing.

“At 1:23 this afternoon, Wang Yuetong, an outstanding student of Sky Academy, disappeared near Lanshan National Park…”

About two to three hundred words were scrolling on the screen in line after line, giving a detailed introduction to Wang Yuetong’s disappearance. It was issued by the headmaster of Sky Academy, Zhuang Huayang. He asked the students to take part in the search as much as possible, fifty credits to the informant, two hundred credits to the person who found Wang Yuetong.

The mission specifically noted that participants were likely to encounter foreign hostile forces, so it was a four-star mission.

In Sky Academy, credits would also be awarded for completing five four-star above tasks in a row.

Li Tianlan squinted slightly at the screen of his wristwatch.

Out of question, Wang Tianzong had already started to use the power of Southeast Group to influence Sky Academy after failing to find Wang Yuetong all afternoon.

Gu Xingyun was in Youzhou, so this time it probably was a foreign force that took Wang Yuetong away, though it was the most unlikely case.

Because of the involvement of foreign force, it was acceptable for Sky Academy to issue this urgent mission.

Besides, the mission was to find people, not combat, so the four-star task was not too difficult.

Li Tianlan remained silent, watching the assignment with Rex’s signature until the phone rang.

Li Baitian’s voice came over the phone. “Tianlan, have you come back from Zhongyuan Province? Have you seen the mission posted by the academy? Headmaster doesn’t allow Brother Drunbility and me to take part in the mission. Are you going to take it?”

Li Tianlan grunted and answered, “Yes, I intend to take it. By the way, ask Qiancheng if he knows where the biggest intelligence organization in Huating is, and how to contact them?”

“You needn’t ask him.”

Li Baitian put on a wry smile and said, “I know about the most powerful intelligence organization in Huating, but you can’t count on it. It belongs to the Liu family, which has been developing in Huating for decades. It is adeep-rooted, code-named Curtain. Oh, the Liu family is just Liu Xiuwei’s family. They might have heard about Wang Yuetong’s disappearance, but at best they pretend to help find her, and don’t go all out.”

“Below the Curtain, the most powerful one is the branch of Jiangnan Society in Huating. You do not have to contact them, because they are originally a part of the Wang family of Beihai. They will certainly make great efforts to trace. I heard that their chief Liu Shuanghua has already rushed to Huating from Jiangnan with his elites. As for the other intelligence agencies, it’s no use calling them…”

“I’ll have to contact them anyway.” Li Tianlan interrupted Li Baitian abruptly in a flat voice.

Li Baitian paused for a moment and said, “Well, I’ll send you the contact information of other intelligence organizations.”

Before Li Tianlan could reply, there was a slight, almost ignored sound upstairs.

In a flash, Li Tianlan got up, and his Human Emperor in his sleeve flew out in the most primitive form. The metal tube of a dozen centimeters stretched in the air and directly turned into a spear of over two meters!

The space inside the villa was severely distorted, and the lightning struck. Li Baitian’s voice from the phone was reduced to meaningless syllables in the twisted air.

The silver spear went straight to the third floor!

Li Tianlan sprinted up behind it.

The lightning flashed on and off.

In the villa with no lights on, nine men in black who sneaked up to the third floor were wondering why Li Tianlan wasn’t in the bedroom. As they groped downstairs, the silver spear and the lightning flashed at the same time.


The moment the silver spear flashed, it went straight through the chest of the man in black in the front. He only had time to let out an unfinished scream of horror.

Upset and in a bad state, Li Tianlan went all out to fight. As a result, not only the first man in black, but also the two elites behind him were pierced with the spear.

The silver spear of more than two meters rushed past with a loud whistle. There was an almost irresistible force in the whistling.


The three men who were pierced by the spear did not even struggle before they directly turned into flesh and blood, flying in the air under the great penetrating force. They were all dead without a whole body.

The silver spear went on, nailed into the wall, leaving only dozens of centimeters of the body outside, shaking violently, and resulting in many cracks on a large area of wall.

The nine guys just met Li Tianlan, and one of their teams led by a Fire-flaming Realm expert was wiped out.

At this point, Li Tianlan had already appeared in front of two other teams.

It was the first time he killed people in Huating.

Li Tianlan breathed softly. In the darkness, no one could see his eyes which had turned red. The fierceness and madness that accumulated in his heart for years seemed to have found a most suitable outlet that could not wait to vent out. He seemed to have a huge will in his heart which kept screaming. “Kill them, kill them!”

At this moment, looking at the scattered blood in front of him, Li Tianlan felt no anger or killing intent in his heart, only a strange relief.

“Am I bloodthirsty?” Li Tianlan wondered.

“Who sent you here?”

Li Tianlan whispered, his eyes as magic as the deepest darkness, as if they could devour everything.

“You, you…”

The six people of the remaining two teams were shaking violently with a look of alarm in their eyes.

The task that they received was to come here to kill a nonentity in the Qi-controlling Realm, and they were told that the target was likely to own the strength in the Fire-flaming Realm.

They didn’t pay attention to him who they were going to kill until they took action.

What if he had the strength of the Fire-flaming Realm?

To kill a nonentity in the Qi-controlling Realm with three Fire-flaming Realm experts as the leaders and six Ice-condensing Realm experts as assists was as easy as beating a mosquito with an anti-aircraft gun.

They came full of confidence, only to find that their target was a Thunder-shocking Realm expert.

Qi-controlling Realm?

He was clearly in the Thunder-shocking Realm?

The six people subconsciously gathered together, looking frightened, and even forgot to curse the person who gave them the information.

“The Zhong family?”

Li Tianlan asked patiently, in a softer tone as he looked at his silent enemy.


“The Tan family?”

Still no one spoke.

Li Tianlan raised his eyebrows slightly. He jerked his hand into the air, and the blinding lightning flashed. In the twisted air a shriek rose and vanished abruptly.

Within seconds, one of the two teams had completely disappeared, even without blood, except for a pile of ashes.

Li Tianlan looked at the other team and chuckled. “Who the hell sent you here?”

“It’s, it’s Senior Liu.”

The three men of the final team collapsed. Their leader, trembling, dropped to his knees and begged. “Don’t kill me, please. Please, don’t kill me. I can take you to the Curtain headquarters, I can also help you find Senior Liu. Don’t kill me.”

Senior Liu.

The Curtain.

There was a light flashing across Li Tianlan’s eyes.

Over the past few days, his attention had been drawn to the Tan family and the Zhong family. On hearing Senior Liu, he even forgot who he was for a moment. Thinking of the Curtain and the Liu family, plus the information Li Baitian just told him on the phone, Li Tianlan immediately knew who was behind it.

The Liu family of Huating!

“Are you revenging me at this time?” he thought.

“It’s a good time.”

Li Tianlan’s eyes narrowed and his expression was icy.

“Where is the Liu family?”

Li Tianlan asked calmly, looking at the three men kneeling in front of him.

“I can show you the way.”

The Fire-flaming Realm leader looked up expectantly.

“No need.”

Li Tianlan raised his hand again, and the lightning flashed in the frightened and desperate eyes of the three.

Nine men, three teams, all gone.

Li Tianlan suddenly thought of a word. As he murmured, this word floated away in the dark villa, with killing intent.

“All my enemies are to be dead.”

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