The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 77

Chapter 77 How Can You Not Die?

When Li Tianlan and Qin Weibai were sending several important figures from Dongcheng Clan out of the villa, on the balcony of the seventh building that was less than 300 meters from Yonghua Villa, a middle-aged man in a black robe was quietly watching the scene through a telescope.

Through the telescope, the man saw that Dongcheng Wudi and Dongcheng Hanguang walked in the direction of the helicopter; Dongcheng Qiuchi left by another road; Li Tianlan took Qin Weibai’s hand and returned to the villa.

The black-robed man, who saw all this with his own eyes, twitched his mouth, and his face grew grave.

“Black-robed man, what’s the matter? Have you seen any big shots?”

Beside the black-robed man, a woman in the same black suit looked at his face and asked with a gentle smile. Although the woman looked ordinary, her temperament was gentle and she had an aura of maturity and intellectuality. Especially when she was laughing, her every move carried an amorous feeling. She was a woman who was able to ooze femininity from her bones. No matter how plain she was, she was a stunner.

“Big shot?”

The black-robed man lifted the corner of his mouth and said with a cold smile, “They are indeed big enough because they are the Patriarchs of the last and the current generation of Dongcheng Clan. How many people are more suitable for the title ‘big shot’ when comparing with them?”

“Dongcheng Clan?”

The woman in black’s expression changed and her eyes became alert.

In the West, there was Kunlun City; in the North, there was Mount Taibai; and in the South, there was Dongcheng Clan.

Of the three forces, Dongcheng Clan was the only one that had no Invincible Realm expert as its backer. Likewise, it was also the biggest headache for these foreign powers.

Kunlun City’s internal structure was complex and it involved too many interests and secrets. When one encountered anyone from Kunlun City in Zhongzhou State, there were times when he didn’t have to fight. There was still the possibility of making a deal, and it was not too slim.

The Sigh City of Mount Taibai stood aloof from worldly affairs. It guarded the north-east of Zhongzhou State all the year round and worked as a deterrent against nations such as Snow Country, Outer Mongolia, High Mountain, and White Robe and so on. In the absence of a clear mandate from Zhongzhou’s top management, it almost would never interfere in affairs outside the north-east.

Only the Dongcheng Clan was the craziest and most unreasonable.

Dongcheng Wudi was known as God of Massacre, but that didn’t mean his predecessors were Mr. Nice guys. For hundreds of years, the decisiveness had passed down through this clan’s blood. It seemed that all its clansmen were very fond of killing by nature and the patriarch of each generation was a murderous monster.

When Dongcheng Hanguang served as a member of the Zhongzhou Decision Making Committee and the minister of the Army Headquarters, he had caused great damage to their organization.

After Dongcheng Wudi took over the Border Praetorian Corps, he had made their organization suffer heavily over the years.

About 13 years ago, the news that hundreds of elites of their organization lurking across the border to meet someone important leaked. As the Commander of the Border Control Corps, Dongcheng Wudi personally led his men to intercept them and hundreds of elites were completely annihilated at the border of Zhongzhou State. At that time, standing among numerous bodies, Dongcheng Wudi said a sentence. It was something that the people of the Dark World still took delight in talking about until now.

“All my enemies are to be dead!”

A behavior style so crazy as to kill anyone as long as he was the enemy was a headache for these foreign forces, and even within Zhongzhou State, there were many who disagreed with it. Furthermore, international human rights groups even blacklisted the entire Dongcheng Clan. However, the Dongcheng Clan continued in its own way, and in each battle, there must be a river of blood. To them—the people from foreign forces, there were few who were more suitable for the title ‘big shots’ than members of Dongcheng Clan, including all the big shots in Zhongzhou State.

The woman in black had a twinkle in her eyes. There was vigilance in her eyes, but the hidden killing intent was the majority.

“Why did Dongcheng Clan come here?”

She murmured, squinting subconsciously. “Does Dongcheng Clan has something to do with Samsara?”

“Isn’t that what we want?”

The black-robed man sneered and his eyes looked ferocious. “Rose, what do you worry about? The more forces that kid has around him, the better for us. And it is also in the best interest of the Second Master. If not, how could he send you and Moonlight to assist me in my actions?”

The woman was not angry at all. She was as tender as water and had perfectly combined with the night. She slightly shook her head and said in a low voice, “I’m worrying that Dongcheng Clan will become a variable. These days, I heard that the young man disabled Zhong Shaofeng—the youngest son of the Zhong family. Moreover, Tan Qinghua even avenged his son with the elites of the Eastern Theater of Operations. It was Zhuang Huayang who fought with Tan Qinghua and bought time for Dongcheng Wudi to come to the rescue of the besieged. We always thought that Dongcheng Wudi came here for Ning Qiancheng, now it seemed very likely that he did so for Li Tianlan.”

“So what?”

The black-robed man’s tone sounded cold and cruel, and his words were full of killing intent. In the organization, he was not good at planning, but he was one of the best performers. Although over the years, his strength had been receding and it was on the verge of decreasing from the Peak of the Thunder-shocking Realm to a lower realm, he had always maintained a high degree of tacit understanding with the Second Master. Therefore, his position in the organization was not much lower than it was in his heyday.

And the target this time was Li Tianlan—the descendant of the Li family. This family had caused serious Internal Demons to him over the past years. So how did he still had the mood to think about other things?

Now his every thought was about how to torture the little bastard and how to make himself satisfied.

Rose glanced at him. Seeing his ferocious expression, she sighed. Knowing that he was unwilling to listen to her at this point, she simply stopped talking.

She turned her head again and looked at the ninth building, which was dimly visible in the night. She had mixed feelings in her heart, and for the first time, she hesitated a little about what she was going to do.

“Hasn’t Moonlight come yet?”

Looking at the father and son of Dongcheng Clan go far through the telescope, the black-robed man asked in a gloomy tone.

“She is accompanying the Second Master and will come over a while later.”

Rose replied insipidly with a calm expression.

The black-robed man shot a glance at her and said nothing more. In terms of foundation and history, their organization was not much worse than that of the Wang family of Beihai. Although it was difficult for the organization to develop when it just decoupled from Zhongzhou State, after finding another backer and hundreds of years of development, it had long been flourishing with experts gathered. There were many Thunder-shocking Realm experts in their organization. But the female, especially those who possessed femininity and were also Thunder-shocking Realm experts were rare. Both Rose and Moonlight belonged to this type and were the mistresses of the Second Master. Now Moonlight was accompanying the Second Master, but Rose was working here with him for investigation. Maybe she was extremely jealous inside. The black-robed man was very wise and did not want to talk much about such a topic.

Rose turned around and walked directly back to the lobby of the villa.

She frowned in disgust at the smell of blood in the air, but she said nothing. Of course, they were not the owners of this villa, but among the entire villa complex, only this one was safe enough to have a good view of the ninth building. The black-robed man rudely occupied this villa and directly killed its owner. The bodies of the owner’s family were still lying on the floor on the other side and the blood flowed in the living room. Rose detested the atmosphere. But fortunately, she only had to stay here for one night, and she would manage to endure it.

She pulled a small box out from a corner of the living room and walked back to the balcony. While opening the small box and taking out an instrument from it, she said, “You don’t need to watch them anymore. I’ll just turn the machine on. There will be someone at the headquarters invading the traffic network of Huating, but we need to locate them using the instrument here and scan in all vehicles near the ninth building. In that way, when we take action tomorrow, we can know their position all the time.”

She paused for a while and said smilingly, “I can sleep well tonight.”

The black-robed man put aside the telescope in his hand, looking cold and remaining silent.

A telephone suddenly rang.

Rose took out her cell phone and looked at the number. She connected the caller at once and said softly, “Second Master.”

“How’s the preparation going?”

The Second Master’s deep and soft voice rang out on the phone.

“The target has returned to the ninth building. Everything is in order. We will find the right time to attack.”

Rose held the mobile phone and reported carefully and seriously.

“There’s no need to do so. Tomorrow morning will be the perfect timing. Tell the black-robed man that he must kill the young man. Success is allowed only.”

The Second Master’s voice was still low on the phone, but it sounded colder.

“Hmm,” Rose replied. She suddenly spoke after keeping silent for a few seconds, “Is it because of her?”


“Qin Weibai. I know that you met her once in Yinglun State two years ago. Seeing her living together with Li Tianlan now, are you jealous?”

Rose gritted her teeth and plucked up her courage before asking.


The second Master stopped breathing for a second, and then he said angrily, “Rose, remember who you are! That’s not your concern! I have asked Moonlight to take a Recovery Potion to the black-robed man. The young man must be killed, understand?

Recovery Potion.

This was arguably one of the top potions in their organization and it allowed a person to recover the strength in his heyday in a short period of time when he was seriously injured. The black-robed man, who was not seriously injured, was absolutely able to regain his peak state after using the Recovery Potion.

The action this time aimed to assassinate a nonentity whose strength was under the Ice-condensing Realm, but three experts at the Peak of the Thunder-shocking Realm were dispatched to join the action. This style of doing things could no longer be described as striving to be infallible.

“I thought you were going to lend the black-robed man a Murderous Weapon in the organization. Isn’t it better to kill the target with one shot?”

Rose spoke excitedly and her voice was sharp.

The black-robed man shot her a surprised glance, and then he turned and hurried away from the balcony. This conversation did him no good.

In the phone, the Second Master took a deep breath and said in a cold tone, “Rose, your current mood is not suitable for you to carry out this action.”

Rose held the phone tightly, biting her lip and saying nothing.

“For the glory of the organization, the personal affection doesn’t matter. Tomorrow is the most suitable chance. Zhongzhou State will be plunged into chaos if Li Tianlan were to die. This is the opportunity that we dream of. What the hell are you talking about with me here?”

The Second Master said extremely seriously. He seldom showed his emotions in daily life. Given his tone, Rose could figure out how agitated he was now.

She took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down. After that, she said in the phone, “Li Tianlan is not that simple. Dongcheng Wudi and Dongcheng Hanguang have just come to the ninth villa. Moreover, the Academics always chooses to play it safe, but this time Zhuang Huayang protected Li Tianlan at the risk of turning against the Prince Group, that speaks for itself.”

“I know that you want to take advantage of Li Tianlan’s death to lure Li Honghe out. But if the Li family, Samsara, Dongcheng Clan, and Academics combine their power together, how mighty the combined force will be? Second Master, this action is too risky.”

The lower she spoke, the more she felt that her reasoning was correct. This matter was originally not a big deal, but now it had gotten so many forces involved and a slight move in one part may affect the situation as a whole. Who knew if there would be a pleasant surprise or terrible news waiting for them after Li Tianlan died?

“Isn’t that what we want?”

The Second Master chuckled after remaining silent for a moment. Then he said, “If you guys do it cleanly, what are the risks? When the time comes, you just need to engage Horsewoman and Military Counselor with Moonlight. Even if Flaming Fire engages in battle, I guess you guys can tangle with them for a moment. Even if Li Tianlan has entered the Fire-flaming Realm once again, how long can he hold on in the hands of the black-robed man who has taken the Recovery Potion?”

Rose was speechless. She felt more and more uneasy without knowing why. After a long silence, she suddenly said, “Second Master, have you ever thought that what if Li Tianlan’s previous highest realm was not the Fire-flaming Realm? I bet the Li family’s descendant is out of ordinary. With their inheritance, it’s possible for Li Tianlan to enter the Thunder-shocking Realm if his talent is good enough. After all, they possess the Invincible Manual.”

“So what?”

The Second Master’s tone grew somewhat impatient. “He’s now in the Qi-controlling Realm. Even if he was lucky enough to enter the Thunder-shocking Realm, his body is now still in the Qi-controlling Realm. Once he utilizes the power of the Thunder-shocking Realm, he will surely die. Do we need to talk about this now?”

“But what if…”

“No more buts!” If there is an accident, I will choose to abandon the black-robed man. He should have died 20 years ago. Who can recognize him now?”

Rose’s expression changed and she was silent again.

“To abandon the black-robed man?”

“Perhaps this is the worst plan of the Second Master?”

“But is it really worth it?”

“Rose, tomorrow is the best chance and even a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

The Second Master explained patiently, “I got very reliable information that Zhong Yongming did not say much on the meeting of the Decision Making Committee and just emphasized the importance of Huating’s stability after his son was disabled. The more he behaves like this, the crazier his private retaliation against Li Tianlan will become. And what you don’t know is that Wang Tianzong took his heir to Kunlun City yesterday and chopped the city with one sword move. Gu Xingyun has spread news today that he asked the Wang family of Beihai to give him an explanation.

“More coincidentally, Gu Qianchuan has come to Huating and Wang Tianzong is almost there now. The latter will meet Li Tianlan tomorrow morning. After this meeting, the black-robed man will take action to kill Li Tianlan. What do you think will happen then?”

Rose held the phone and felt that her blood froze.

“If so…”

“The Li family will be completely hopeless if Li Tianlan dies. What choice will the desperate Li Honghe, who stays at the border, make?”

“Once Li Honghe takes any action, Samsara, Dongcheng Clan, and the Academics will react immediately.”

“Who are their targets?”

“The Zhong family who is most likely to retaliate against Li Tianlan.”

“The Wang family of Beihai that has every reason to kill Li Tianlan.”

“The Kunlun City that is eager to eliminate the Li family.”

“Coincidentally, Li Tianlan will meet with Wang Tianzong tomorrow. And more coincidentally, Gu Qianchuan is in Huating at this time.”

“Under their deliberate promotion and operation, what kind of storm will so many coincidences cause?”

“After the storm subsides, will there be a situation that the organization has always wanted to see in Zhongzhou State?”

“Where will Li Tianlan meet Wang Tianzong tomorrow?” Rose asked in a low voice.

In an instant, she had made up her mind that this was indeed the best chance and a risk worth taking for them.

“Garden Party. It’s secretly arranged by Wang Xiaoyao.”

The Second Master said insipidly, “Don’t worry. After they meet tomorrow, Li Tianlan will probably go back to the Sky Academy. You shall kill him near the entrance to the academy then. Otherwise, I’m afraid the academy won’t take action. If so, the drama will not be fascinating.”

“Hmm,” Rose replied and hung up the phone. Thinking of the news that the Second Master told her, she shook her head subconsciously.

Wang Xiaoyao personally arranged the meeting between Li Tianlan and Wang Tianzong.

Such a top secret thing should spread.

After going through ups and downs for hundreds of years, the interior of the Wang family of Beihai seemed to be a little unstable.

Rose stood silently on the balcony, looking at the increasingly blurred ninth villa in her line of sight. Her eyes gradually grew sharp.

“Li family.”

“Li Tianlan.”

“The time is right, and the geographical and social conditions are favorable. The general trend is coming soon and the storm is about to rise…”

“How can you not die?”

“How dare you not die?”

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