The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 73

Chapter 73 Have a Look at a Sword

Different from the detached Sigh City, as the power center of the Zhongzhou State’s Special Warfare System, Kunlun City was magnificent in both scale and atmosphere. Both built in a snow-covered land, Sigh City had a vast number of grand palaces, which were its most prominent buildings.

Whereas Kunlun City was really a city.

Kunlun City, was an area of dozens of square kilometers, located in the west of Mount Kunlun, between Qingyun Peak and Linggu Peak. It was nearly four kilometers above sea level and covered with perennial snow, but its scenery was not monotonous and the weather was not cold.

Although it always snowed, it was a picturesque place with a pleasant climate and flowers all year round.

This was Kunlun City, the most peculiar place in the whole Zhongzhou State.

The sun set in the west.

As the sun sank below the horizon, two figures were walking down the road on the eastern side of Qingyun Peak, which was covered with a blanket of snow.

A young man and a middle-aged man walked side by side. In the distance, they were like two black spots in the snow that were easily overlooked.

The young man’s tread was steady and firm, and he walked with great speed, traversing through the nearly knee-deep snow as smoothly as though walking upon the flat ground. With every step he took, his body seemed to stretch to its utmost point, as if it were perfectly formed. Apart from how he felt, he appeared quite comfortable.

The middle-aged man followed the young people idly, neither rushing nor slowing down, but he always kept abreast of the young man. The snow in the valley was blowing with the wind, and it was very cold.

The middle-aged man wearing thin clothes looked up at the white snow which looked endless, with a very calm and composed countenance.

“Shengxiao, can you hold on?”

He glanced at the young man next to him, his voice steady.

His son had just broken through, and came to the snow mountain from the desert with serious injuries within one day. Wang Tianzong seemed still to be worried about his son although his son was a genius.

“Not bad,” Wang Shengxiao replied with a smile, and his face was alight with genuine pleasure.

As one of the wealthiest families in the world, the Wang family of Beihai was too big and Wang Tianzong was too busy. Of all the young people in the family, Wang Shengxiao was arguably the one who spent the longest time with his father, but on the whole it was rather short.

In his memory from his childhood, his invincible father had been composed and quiet, like a mountain, that everyone else had to look up.

This time they came out alone and accompanied each other day and night, through the sea to the grassland, to the desert, and then to the snow mountain. Only then, it seemed, did he feel his father’s heart really really close to him.

He was no longer the proud Son of Heaven that outsiders appreciated and valued.

His father was either no longer, the family Patriarch or the invincible man in the world who took the first place in the Divine List.

Everything became simple and natural.

Wang Shengxiao enjoyed the journey from the bottom of his heart. No matter how hard it was or how tired he felt, he didn’t mind.

“Then quickly.”

Wang Tianzong nodded and urged in a flat voice.

“Yes,” Wang Shengxiao answered, his pace quickening. His body also became more and more relaxed, and his every move was full of lightness and immaculate martial charm.

Wang Tianzong still strode in an easy manner, but no matter how fast Wang Shengxiao was, he could always walk beside him. He looked as if not to move forward, but to stand there quietly, with the snow under his feet and the snowy peaks in front of him going back at full speed with his will.

He was worthy of being the Invincible Realm expert who occupied the first place in the Invincible Realm. He seemed to return to his original simplicity, but no matter where he was, he seemed to be the center of the whole world.

The snow was getting shallower under their feet.

A tall black stone tablet appeared in the snow, ten meters high, three or four meters wide, looking heavy. A few words of bright red were carved on the stele. In the midst of the snow, the bright red color made it extremely enchanting.

Military Base, No Admittance.

The writing was flippant and incisive, and every stroke showed sharpness and unrestrained style that seemed to be about to fly out.

Wang Tianzong stood in front of the stone tablet, staring at the words on it, murmuring, “Military Base. Well, Military Base.”

He then shook his head and moved on, saying drily, “An eyesore.”

At this point, Wang Shengxiao had taken off the heavy, broad sword he was carrying. A harsh light flickered in the blade. Wang Shengxiao raised his sword and cleaved it down towards the stone tablet. The blade rubbed against the stone tablet, and a fierce flickering spark flashed down from the top of the stone tablet.

After that, Wang Shengxiao turned and walked on.

A loud bang sounded behind him.

The ten-meter-high stone tablet was broken into countless pieces in an instant, and large pieces of stones flew everywhere and finally disappeared into the snow.

“Dad, are you sure it was Kunlun City that sent people to attack Yuetong?”

Wang Shengxiao, who broke the stone tablet, followed by Wang Tianzong and asked in a low voice.

“I can only be sure that Gu Xingyun didn’t do it.”

Gu Xingyun, the War God of the Zhongzhou State, the Kunlun City’s governor, as well as the supreme leader of the Zhongzhou State’s Special Warfare System.

Wang Shengxiao heard about the attack on his sister in Huating. If Gu Xingyun didn’t do it, what did it have to do with Kunlun City?

“A dummy that can’t even get to the bottom of the Holy List. An idiot. How ridiculous!”

Wang Tianzong twisted his mouth and continued in a cold tone, “Since they want me to come to Kunlun City, then I come here and have a look. How can I catch them if I don’t do what they want?”

Wang Shengxiao was silent and thoughtful.

He knew the man who could not even get to the bottom of the Holy List. It was Gu Qianchuan, the First Elder of Kunlun City. Wang Tianzong could despise him as a dummy, but he was not qualified to say anything. Although he was known as a proud Son of Heaven and had entered the Thunder-shocking Realm, he was still inferior to any of the Invincible Realm experts.

“Gu Qianchuan?” he muttered, frowning.

The interior of Kunlun City was generally harmonious, but Wang Tianzong seemed to mean that Gu Qianchuan had joined forces with outsiders to seize power, and attacking Yuetong was just one of their steps.

“When did the fighting inside Kunlun City become so fierce?” Wang Shengxiao thought in disbelief.

Who was Gu Xingyun? He could not have failed to control the situation in Kunlun City, just like the Wang family of Beihai today, whose internal branches and direct descendants also had conflicts and contradictions, but everything was under control, but Kunlun City…

How long had this power been on the rise? Only 20 years. Was its internal conflict really so intense?

How was that possible?

Wang Tianzong remained silent. The snow was less and less under their feet. They even saw some plants and flowers, looking tender and lovely against the snow.

“Are we near the dragon vein?” Wang Shengxiao whispered.

Kunlun City was windy and snowy all year round, but there were still flourishing flowers, and was as warm as spring. All this was because of the dragon vein under Kunlun City.

Wang Shengxiao had heard some rumors about dragon veins. It was said that the dragon veins moved on their own and the moving time and direction of movement were uncertain. The current Kunlun dragon vein existed as early as 50 years ago. What was more, there were also two rare earth veins where the dragon vein was located, and was in the form of double dragons playing with pearls. That was why the dragon vein stayed here for a long time.

Normally this dragon vein would have been moved 15 years ago, but it was locked up here by a miraculous Taoist Xuan Xuanzi. Xuan Xuanzi locked it up 20 years ago and then he became famous. From then on, people regarded him as a metaphysical grandmaster equal to Great Master Wuwei.

The flowers were in full bloom and the temperature was rising. It was clear that they were indeed not far from the dragon vein and Kunlun City.

“There it is.”

Wang Tianzong looked calm, but his tone was complicated. He muttered, “I learned swordsmanship here when I was a boy. At that time there was no Kunlun City, only a few huts. Things have changed… ”

With a self-deprecating laugh, he repeated, “Things have changed.”

Wang Shengxiao said nothing.

When his father was a child…

At that time, there was no Kunlun City in the Zhongzhou State, but there was the Li family of War God.

People said that where there was the Li family, there was the dragon vein.

In fact, it was that where there was the dragon vein, there was the Li family.

It went without saying who his father learned swordsmanship from.

“Come on.”

Wang Tianzong moved on and eyed up.

Through the howling snow.

As far as his eye could see, the outline of a city was becoming increasingly clear.

The sunset on the horizon was trying to burn the last touch of afterglow. The sky, dimly hidden by the snowy peaks, was ablaze with fiery red, and brilliant light fell on the snow, appearing orange. In the line of sight, the snow city between the two peaks seemed to be in the light, showing its magnificence and grandness.

Wang Shengxiao’s eyes grew cold and he picked up his pace slightly.

They were getting closer and closer to the ancient walls and tower.

Wang Shengxiao could even see two groups of soldiers standing guard outside the city gates.

The soldiers were neatly arrayed, grim, and armed. In a world of ice and snow, the morale was high to guard the city like this.

Wang Shengxiao gently relaxed his body. The snowflakes on his body were gone in an instant, leaving no trace of moisture.


At last, at the city gates, some soldiers noticed the two ‘travelers’ walking in the snow.

The bodies of all the soldiers tightened almost instinctively, clenching their guns with a firmer grip. Although their muzzle did not point at Wang Tianzong and Wang Shengxiao, their heavy killing intent was brewing.

“What are you doing here? This is Kunlun City, the forbidden land of the Zhongzhou State. Don’t you see the stele?”

The two groups of soldiers rushed to Wang Tianzong and Wang Shengxiao in a neat way, and a captain wearing a military badge snapped at them.

“Your stone tablet is of poor quality and broken.”

Wang Tianzong glanced at him and replied curtly.

“How dare you!”

The captain sneered, and before he could continue, he saw Wang Tianzong’s eyes sweeping towards him.

His eyes were not particularly harsh nor domineering. However, under his ordinary gaze, the captain lost all his strength at once. He opened his mouth, but could not make a sound for a moment.

“Who are you?”

The captain’s heart pounced wildly for no reason. He took a deep breath and asked in a deep voice.

Wang Tianzong did not answer, and just looked up silently at the tower over the city gates.

Wang Shengxiao, with his huge sword on his back, said nothing either.

In the snow, the atmosphere at the city gate suddenly became cold and depressing.

“You can’t enter the city.”

A drop of cold sweat ran down the captain’s forehead. He was doing his duty, and dry as his tone was, he went on, “If you want to enter the city, I have to report to my superiors.”

“I’m not going to enter the city,” Wang Tianzong finally answered.

“This so-called city is too small, I just come to have a look and also let you have a look,” he continued.

“Look what?”

The captain, who was stunned, subconsciously asked.

“A sword,” Wang Tianzong responded lightly.

As he spoke, the sky above the whole Kunlun City suddenly distorted violently.

It was so grand that it seemed to have gathered the sword intent that could almost fill the whole world.

The setting sun was still pale yellow.

But the sky over Kunlun City had been changing.

At this moment, almost everyone in Kunlun City went out of their houses and looked up at the sky.

The temperature was dropping fast in and out of the city.

Under everyone’s panic gaze, a giant sword about 1,000 meters long and 100 meters wide was fully formed.

The sky above the city was still changing, the air was compressed, and the incredible sword, which was beyond the limits of everyone’s imagination, became more and more solid, like an Ice Crystal!

The huge sword lay across the sky and slightly flipped.

The Sword Energy made a national sensation.

The storm was raging. The whole city seemed to quiver.

“Gu Qianchuan, come out to me.”

Wang Tianzong opened his mouth slowly, but it shook the sky. His flat and cold voice rang in everyone’s ears in Kunlun City.

All were seized with despair.


There was a loud cry of horror.

A skinny figure shot out of the city gate.

Wang Tianzong glanced at him, deadpan.

The man, who rushed out of the city gate, immediately put on a grave expression at the sight of Wang Tianzong. His original anger had completely disappeared, leaving only fear.

His voice was so shaky that he could hardly speak, but he still stammered, “Your Majesty… what… what does that mean?”

His Majesty!

In the Dark World, every Invincible Realm expert could be called His or Her Highness. It showed respect for them.

But the title ‘His Majesty’ was unique, only belonging to the Zhongzhou State’s Sword Emperor of the Wang family of Beihai.

“How dare you speak to me?”

Wang Tianzong looked at the skinny man and asked indifferently, “Where’s Gu Qianchuan?”

“First Elder has just left for Huating,” answered the skinny old man, a tremble in his voice.

His code name was Skull. He was a well-known expert in the Zhongzhou State, but in front of Wang Tianzong, he even dared not speak loudly.

Wang Tianzong frowned slightly. Then he moved, and the next second he was on the top of the city tower.

The huge sword in the air slightly quivered, and sent out imposing sword intent in a reckless way, causing the whole Kunlun City to fill with an awe-inspiring Sword Energy.

“Please stop, Your Majesty. What on earth is this for?”

Overwhelmed by terror, Skull begged, standing outside the city with a desperate look.

“What is this for?”

With a wry smile, Wang Tianzong nonchalantly replied, “Nothing, I just don’t like you.”

He then paused before going on, “Get down on your knees.”

A dead silence reigned the whole city.

Nobody knelt or moved.

Wang Tianzong narrowed his eyes slightly. The huge sword in the sky suddenly shook violently, and then turned over in an instant.


The city tower under Wang Tianzong collapsed in a second, and the huge sword, about a kilometer long, was in the air whirled, with its tip pointing straight at the ground.

Wang Tianzong hung in the air with an expressionless face, like a god descending the world.

With a look of fear on his face, Skull bent down, bent its knees, and fell to its knees unconsciously. His face was all red, but his knees in the snow remained motionless, and he bowed his head and implored, “Your Majesty, please forgive us.”

As he knelt down.

All the soldiers in front of the city gate finally knelt down.

So were the people in the city.

Groups of people knelt down.

On this day, under the powerful deterrent of the huge sword, all the people in Kunlun City knelt down.

None of the thousands of elites in the city showed their pride.

Wang Tianzong was high up in the air, watching Kunlun City where everyone was kneeling. He squinted his eyes and murmured to himself, “This is what you should do.”

With a flash, he had left with Wang Shengxiao.

In the wind and snow, their figures became smaller and smaller, and finally turned into two black spots.

Snow flooded Mount Kunlun.

After a long time, Skull knelt down first and looked up.

At the same time, the great sword that remained in the air fell straight down!


Skull cried out, his eyes immediately turned red.


The huge condensed sword fell to the ground in a flash, leaving the whole city to shake violently. The city walls and gates and countless buildings cracked and collapsed like giant earthquakes and landslides.

A sword destroyed the city!

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