The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 64

Chapter 64 Attack

Li Baitian began sighing as he walked along the corridor of the second floor into his room, looking miserable.

Ning Qiancheng was heavily injured but he could move around slowly as long as he chose not to fight. Following behind Li Baitian, he frowned and asked, “Why are you moaning like a ghost?”

“F*ck. This is called melancholy. Understand?”

Li Baitian rolled his eyes as he looked at the big soft bed in the room, sighing once more. He shook his head and continued, “Look at Tianlan, sleeping tonight hugging the top beauty of Huating. Meanwhile, the two of us are sharing a bed too! Such gayness! Look at the difference between people.”

The corner of Ning Qiancheng’s mouth twitched. He didn’t think much but Li Baitian’s exclamation made him feel that the massive bed was extremely sore to his eyes too. Shaking his head, he sat on the bed and stared at Li Baitian, laughing. “Why? Envious? Or hatred?”

“Definitely envious.”

Li Baitian sighed and exclaimed once more, “Didn’t you see what she had done on the mountaintop? She shot! I will be satisfied if such a woman protects me at all cost.”

“But I am not jealous. I have heard of Qin Weibai even though I have never seen her before, and descriptions of world-shattering beauty were normal for her. Now that I have seen her, I know that they were not exaggerations. She is pretty. Too pretty. That’s not good.”

Ning Qiancheng lay down on the bed. He was awake but he felt that he was dizzy, with his body turning soft. He pulled the blanket to cover his body and laughed casually, “Being pretty is not good? You’d rather find an ugly wife or girlfriend?”

“Pretty girls are good. But being too pretty could be a concern. Women like Qin Weibai are a threat to the stability of our nation and our people! Think about it, after Tianlan tasted such a beautiful woman, he will not date other women. They will all be too mediocre and he will be too lazy to date them. That’s sad. Too damn sad.”


Ning Qiancheng remained silent.

He wanted to argue with Li Baitian, but after some careful thoughts, he did feel that it was true that other women became mediocre when compared to Qin Weibai. Having only one woman for one’s lifetime seemed normal to many, but that idea was absurd and scary to someone else.

“Wang Yuetong. Can’t he date her?”

Ning Qiancheng thought for a while and opened his mouth. As they walked up the stairs, they could all feel the annoyance of the little princess from Wang family of Beihai, or even jealousy. She entered her room and slammed the door, shaking the entire building. It was terrifying.

Ning Qiancheng felt that it was absurd, but he could confirm that the little princess was interested in Li Tianlan. Ultimately, it depended on how Li Tianlan felt. Qin Weibai might be unparalleled in the world in terms of beauty, but even in face of Qin Weibai, Wang Yuetong was still a delicacy that could be consumed.

“Wang Yuetong? That’s terrifying? It’s not a matter of whether he can date her, but a matter of if he dares to do so. If he really dates her, Wang family of Beihai would tear Tianlan apart.”

Li Baitian was at a lost for words. “That’s crazy.”

“Damn you.”

Ning Qiancheng kicked him. “No more gossip. Go sleep.”

Li Baitian responded but he lay down on the bed without taking off his clothes.

Ning Qiancheng closed his eyes to meditate. After the battle tonight, he was at the edge of a breakthrough to the Fire-flaming Realm. If he could enter meditation, he could successfully break through in at most half an hour.

However, he couldn’t calm down after attempting for a while. Ning Qiancheng was not anxious and merely closed his eyes to rest. As his consciousness was about to dissipate, Li Baitian stood up and said awkwardly, “Really not used to sleeping on the same bed with a man. You sleep alone while I go down and take a walk.”

He laughed. “Didn’t Qin Weibai ask the driver girl to wait downstairs. Let me talk to her about our dreams.”

Ning Qiancheng, who was about to fall asleep, smirked. “Didn’t you hear what Qin Weibai say. That’s a Horsewoman, one of the 12 Super Masters of Samsara. Go if you want to die.”

“Do you think I am a coward?”

Li Baitian laughed as he walked out right away.


A piercing police siren rang out abruptly, tearing through the darkness of the night.

Ning Qiancheng, and Li Baitian, who hadn’t left the room yet, were stunned. Before the two could speak, the piercing siren noises surrounded the entire area. For a moment, police siren enveloped each and every corner of Yonghua Villa.

Li Baitian and Ning Qiancheng rushed to the window simultaneously to look outside.

The police sirens outside were flashing in waves as teams of policemen surrounded and dispersed outside the villa, surrounding it within seconds. Numerous policemen carried police shields at the very front. At one glance, there was an ocean of shields and helmets in front of the villa.

“How many people are here on earth?”

Li Tianlan murmured subconsciously.

Ning Qiancheng didn’t talk. He glanced past the policemen in front of the villa and focused his sight on the seven or eight military trucks behind them.

The seven or eight military truck stopped behind the policemen. As the doors opened, teams of armed soldiers jumped out of the trucks and ran straight to the front door of the villa under the leadership of a middle-aged man.

Tan Qinghua!

Ning Qiancheng’s pupils contracted as he took deep breaths.

Policemen made way to let soldiers pass. A middle-aged man bearing the rank of Assistant Police Inspector walked to Tan Qinghua and saluted.

Ning Qiancheng squinted as he saw this scene. He didn’t speak.

“I’ll go down and take a look.”

Li Baitian bore a solemn expression and opened his mouth to speak.

Ning Qiancheng looked at his watch subconsciously, saying casually, “Let’s go down together. You can’t run away from what is to come.”

The two looked at each other and walked out together.

They had initially believed that the Zhong family and Tan family would not act so fast after they left Mount Tong, and thought that at least they would be alright tonight. However, they did not expect the other party to move so fast. The formation outside consisted of policemen, armed police, special forces, and military forces. This meant that the Zhong family and Tan family had joined forces. From the timing, the two families had confirmed their alliance at once, otherwise, they wouldn’t act so fast.

Outside the villa, the siren noises had turned silent.

Tan Qinghua, the man in military uniform who came here to avenge his son, shook hands with the Assistant Police Inspector. He said in a hoarse voice, “Director He, is this the place?”

“Yes, the one who beat up Zhong Shaofeng and the one who killed Tan Xilai are all present. Do we need someone to talk to them?”

The Assistant Police Inspector let go of Tan Qinghua’s hand. He spoke in a cold and official tone.

“No need for trouble. Just capture them.”

Tan Qinghua was expressionless but was still polite to the Assistant Police Inspector. He said calmly, “Director He, sorry for the trouble. We’d need your men to coordinate with us later.”

He Ping!

One of the 11 ministers of Huating, Director of the Ministry of Politics and Law and the Chief Inspector of Huating Police Station, the key member of the Prince Group, as well as one of the main henchmen of Zhong Yongming in Huating.

The head of Huating Ministry of Politics and Law, as well as Tan Qinghua, the Assistant Commander of Eastern Theater of Operations, were working together. The collaboration between the two key members of the Prince Group showed the determination of the Zhong family and the Tan family. It looked like they were not going to pay any heed to Samsara Palace.

“We will work with our comrades from the Eastern Theater of Operations. Secretary Zhong had instructed me to fully cooperate with them.”

He Ping nodded his head and spoke expressionlessly. To be fair, this high-ranking official at the Assistant Inspector level was extremely angry too. The Assistant Head of Huating Police Station, He Qingting, was a mad dog of the Zhong family, and a trusted subordinate of He Ping. However, she was forced by Qin Weibai to kneel on Mount Tong. The kneeling of an Assistant Head not only brought shame on the policemen present but also him, the Director of the Ministry of Politics and Law.

“No matter how strong Samsara Palace is, it is still stationed outside the borders of the country. However, this is Zhongzhou State. You are a VIP of Zhongzhou State if we respect you. What are you if we don’t?”

“Regardless of how strong the Samsara Palace Leader is, he still doesn’t dare to enter Zhongzhou State for so many years!”

“Out of the four Invincible Realm masters of Zhongzhou State, how many can the Palace Leader win?”

“As a spokesperson for the Palace Leader, who gave Qin Weibai the confidence to force a top official of Zhongzhou State to kneel?”

After the shamed He Qingting returned, He Ping scolded her harshly before coming straight to Yonghua Villa to catch the culprits, following his call to Zhong Yongming. Regardless of Samsara, Zhong Yongming believed that they needed to be taught a lesson on who was the true boss of Zhongzhou State.

“Don’t worry Commander Tan, my men will fully cooperate with your mission.”

He Ping retreated and spoke calmly. That was also an order from Zhong Yongming. To be calculative, allies would be different from subordinates, but subordinates were given different treatment from himself too. Even though He Ping wanted to teach Samsara a lesson about who was the boss in Zhongzhou State, he did not mind letting Tan Qinghua test the water before he struck.

Tan Qinghua coughed, nodded slightly, and led people ahead.

Behind him, 300 elites of the Eastern Theater of Operations walked slowly as they approached the entrance of the villa.

The villa was silent, with no reaction to their arrival.

Tan Qinghua narrowed his eyes and pulled open the front door. Entering the small garden and staring at the quiet villa, he smirked and ordered without hesitation, “Raging Fire, bring Team 1 and 2 to capture the culprits. Team 3 will be in charge of surveillance. Anyone who escapes or resists arrest would be eliminated.”

His cold and eerie voice rang clearly within the garden as it entered the villa.


Beside him, policeman Raging Fire, who had a scar on his face, straightened his body. Behind him, the 300 elites of the Eastern Theater of Operations cocked the guns. The crispy sounds of metals crushing were uniform. The 300 elites were expressionless, all prepared to fight.

Raging Fire turned to look at them, narrowing his eyes. Waving his hands, he said, “Team 1 and 2, rush in with me.”

200 individuals fell out and followed Raging Fire, charging towards the entrance of the villa.

The fast and rapid footsteps were not messy. The scene of the 200 elites walking silently held a strong sense of antagonism and explosive power.

“In Europe, it’s a great crime to charge into residences. Are you sure you want to do this?”

A sexy and foreign voice rang out calmly. It was gentle and soft but carried a dangerous aura that spread across the entire garden.

Raging Fire stopped near the entrance.

About five centimeters away from his feet, a slight flash of electricity lit up. It seemed gentle but was actually spreading at a crazy pace.

Thunders roared across the sky.

Immediately, piercing lightning spread relentlessly in the air. The lightning became brighter and more flashes of lightning appeared, engulfing everything.

The entire villa was surrounded by lightning. Numerous bright lines intersected with each other, shinning crazily and messily. Beyond the twisted air, the villa behind the lightning was blurred too.

Raging Fire stopped. He was calm even when facing the terrifying lightning which could turn him into ashes.

The 300 elites were expressionless too.

“You’re in Zhongzhou State.”

Huge patches of lightning made Tan Qinghua’s face livid. He smirked before asking creepily, “Who are you?”

“Samsara, Horsewoman!”

A tall and sexy woman appeared at the entrance of the villa. Through the lightning, her golden hair flew freely, giving off an aura of reverence and holiness.

“You can stop me?”

Tan Qinghua was mocking her.

He had definitely heard of the Horsewoman before. Even within the 12 Super Masters of Samsara, Horsewoman was part of the more powerful ones, being at the peak of the Thunder-shocking Realm, even slightly higher than that. But so what?

This was Zhongzhou State!

Even Invincible Realm masters outside the border dared not kill anyone in Zhongzhou State. Tianling, who was shot dead by Human Emperor 15 years ago bore testament to that.

Tan Qinghua’s eyes were cold. Knowing that the murderer of his son was inside the villa, his patience dissipated and he became more frustrated.

“I want to try.”

In front of the villa, Horsewoman smiled gently, but the electricity surrounding her vibrated intensely.

“Try. If you can bear the consequences.”

Tan Qinghua smirked, roaring with a loud voice. “Experts outside the border who are striking us in Zhongzhou State are invaders. Sons of the Eastern Theater of Operations, how do we treat invaders?”


After a brief silence, hundreds of elites of the Eastern Theater of Operations roared.


Tan Qinghua roared again. This old General of Zhongzhou State had crazy eyes. He roared with obvious hatred and anger. “Attack!”

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