The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 573 - Sakura·Wind and Rain·Tribulation (6)

Chapter 573 Sakura·Wind and Rain·Tribulation (6)

The most dazzling light was spread through the consciousness, bringing with it the purest darkness.

The light in Angel’s eyes quickly faded away and became dimmer and dimmer, but the sword light with the name of Despair Heart kept soaring in her sight. Her spiritual realm and sword light fused into one, completely stabilizing in the Transcendent Realm.

Countless images were constantly flowing in her mind.

Life slowly flowed out of Angel’s body.

The Pope’s body began to tremble visibly.

The colorful sword light appeared in his consciousness without warning along with countless images. The images began to flash fast, like a dream.

Someone had stirred up a fierce wind in the repressed deep sea.

Someone was gathering rainwater in the dry desert.

Someone flicked his fingers in the snow, ignited the fire, and evaporated the glacier.

The Thunder rose between day and night, and it brought down the power of heaven.

Someone ascended into the sky, reaching the clouds.

There were tens of thousands of people bowing in a city where the lights were brilliant.

Under the eyes of the whole world, someone took the holy sword.

Wild waves were beating against the cliff. Someone was saying something to him, in front of the boulder that was engraved with people’s names.

He gazed into the distance while the tide thundered. The last rays of the setting sun had scattered. The quiet and free husband and wife were walking far away.

The girl was practicing one movement after another in the snow-covered attic. The serious-looking woman was very harsh as she corrected the girl’s every move.

With a smile, she raised her hand and walked forward with a swing of her waist.

A golden dog appeared in the solemn and quiet airport. Heaven and earth suddenly broke into a fist and fell.

He walked into the large and solemn conference room. The giants, who stood at the peak of power, got up at the same time. He waved his hand casually and sat down opposite the main seat.

In the grand parade, the most elite army shouted wildly, “Invincible!”

The experts of the Invincible Realm in the Dark World bent over in embarrassment one after another.

He appeared in one picture after another.

In a solemn meeting, a passionate banquet, and a fierce battle.

He naturally walked over the prosperous, the barren, the mountains, rivers, lakes, the seas, and the flourishing cities in the human world. Everything was under his feet.

The Sword Energy, which flowed with seven-colored rays of light, illuminated the night sky.

After the sword light, the world was in a vast expanse.

It snowed heavily in front of the Pope.

The wind and snow were chaotic. Endless blood spattered down.

Tens of thousands of images broke out almost at the same time. They almost destroyed his consciousness.

The colorful sword light whistled in the wind and snow. The murderous weapon fired relentlessly. The bright sword light was piercing with a determined killing intent. A beauty in red gently jumped down from the highest point of the prosperous city.

It seemed that the infinite Samsara, or the ultimate burst of sword intent, had filled the sky. The colorful sword light burned everything and rushed forward over the starlight covering the sky.

The black wave swept up to the sky, and the engraved boulder was shattered to pieces. The figure fell into the deep sea powerlessly. The perfect figure fell down from the sky.

The flowers were withering, the trees were shattered, and the water was turbid. On the other side of the barren mountain where temples had shattered one after another, a warm hand was holding a boy, walking through the wind and snow. His figure was elegant, but his voice was a little lonely.

“Grandpa Lin, I want revenge.”

“What’s to avenge? From today on, it’s over. They have paid back what they owed you.”

“Ah, ah, ah!”

The Pope suddenly clasped his head with both hands and roared in anger. Two lines of blood spurted out from his eyes. His face was contorted and pale. Countless images were still appearing in his consciousness without end; they numbered among the tens of thousands and even tens of millions.

The cherry blossoms on the northern island appeared in his consciousness, as well as the young Tribulation and Angel.

Countless people’s lives and endings flooded into his mind like tides. In the end, they became flames, igniting his will, his faith, and even his soul.

The vitality in Angel’s eyes grew fainter and fainter.

The Pope tried his best to raise his hand.


In front of Angel, Aresis held a thin warrior sword in his hand and pierced it directly into her chest.

All of Angel’s vitality began to plummet after this strike.

There would be no future.

This was true despair.

She closed her eyes. All her will began to burn like never before, as if it were going to destroy everything.

A mouthful of blood was directly spat by the Pope.

His aura quickly weakened, and even his raised palm began to tremble violently.

He tried his best to breathe heavily, and his voice was hurried and hoarse. “Purify, purify this heretic!”

The wind and rain were like knives.

Outside the church was the hell-like Asura field.

Tribulation’s straight figure moved forward in the air.

Shadows began to gather around him one after another.

He was walking, so was his shadow.

The extremely cold and cruel killing intent surged like a raging tide.

Countless people from the Saint Warrior Group flew on the air.

Tribulation was moving.

The shadow was also moving.

The shadow, with the perfect copy of Tribulation’s actions was a machine specially designed for killing and survival. The strong wind and heavy rain were swirling around the shadow, piercingly cold like a blade.

The raging fire went out.

The thunder disappeared.

The thick ice wall turned into powder in an instant.

Fresh blood flowed down.

The torn corpses and pieces of flesh kept falling everywhere.

Tribulation’s face was expressionless, as if he had never been as serious as he was then in his entire life. He sternly moved forward, slaughtering, looking deeply focused.

Everyone was like an ant in front of him, and all of them were his rivals at the same time.

Ice-condensing Realm, Fire-flaming Realm, Thunder-shocking Realm, the Peak of the Thunder-shocking Realm, and even the Half-step to the Invincible Realm.

Tribulation always went all out for each of his opponents.

One strike.

With only one strike, no matter who stood in front of him, the person would be turned into a splatter of flesh and blood.

He was calm and quiet, but he marched forward with indomitable will!

More and more Saint Warriors were gathering, but they attacked less and less.

The Saint Warriors began to retreat.

At the same time, Mellad’s figure finally managed to walk over from the corner of the church.

Before that day, Mellad had never thought he would fear anyone. As an expert who was infinitely close to the Peak of the Invincible Realm, he was never afraid of any battles, under any circumstances. After all, even if he couldn’t win, he could still leave the battlefield calmly.

But at this moment he was facing Tribulation. He didn’t want to admit it, but he had to admit his inner fear.

This fear was so strong that it was extremely difficult for him to even take a single step.

This was the opponent Mellad didn’t want to meet the most.

Tribulation, like this…

When someone fought him, it wasn’t a battle at all.

Instead, it was a life-and-death gamble.

His Majesty had asked him to hold back the other party.

But he couldn’t make it at all.

No one could stop Tribulation in this state.

Such a battle was a true moment of life and death.

“Bang!” There was a loud noise.

In front of the church, something seemed to be shattering.

A voice that was extremely weak but very sharp rang out.

It was Angel’s voice.

“All of you… must die with me!”

In the air, Tribulation suddenly looked up.

The shadow near him looked up at the same time.

The strong gusts of wind and rain stopped slightly in the air.

A sharpness that was powerful enough to tear the night sky suddenly broke out.

Tribulation reached out with one hand. The shadow next to him attacked at the same time.

The storm floating in front of him condensed into one place the moment he launched his attack. He pushed it with his hand. Then the wind and rain turned into a hazy arc of light.

The water wave looked brilliant.

The next second, blood was flowing out.

Mellad suddenly gritted his teeth. His body was shot into the skies, leaving countless afterimages behind him. Like a bolt of lightning, he charged towards Tribulation.

In the moment when he seemed to become extremely fast as well as slow, Tribulation glanced at him.

His eyes were extremely calm, devoid of emotion, life and death.

He raised his palms.

The black shadow around him dissipated.

Suddenly, a sharp sword sound filled with a killing intent was heard between heaven and earth.

With the vast heaven and earth as a sheath.

With the storm all over the sky as a sword.

Without dodging at all, Tribulation stared at Mellad. His arm fell down, and he slashed with his sword.

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