The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 569 - Sakura·Wind and Rain·Tribulation (2)

Chapter 569 Sakura·Wind and Rain·Tribulation (2)

In the dim light, Angel’s eyes were struggling to move.

Her gaze fell on the Pope’s face.

The Pope’s face was as gentle as it used to be, and his eyes were filled with sighs and pity.

Angel moved her body. There was a severe pain coming from the steel nails in her limbs. Her somewhat blurry consciousness came back to life from the pain.

“Oh… Your Holiness Pope…”

Her voice was hoarse and weak.

“Regret it? Angel?” the Pope asked slowly, and the compassion in his eyes grew deeper and deeper.

“I want to regret… cough… what do I regret about?” Angel asked in a soft voice.

The Pope did not speak.

Angel’s breathing quickened a little, and she said with difficulty, “I just don’t understand. What did I do wrong?”

“We didn’t gain anything in Eastern Europe. It was all because of you. Angel, you betrayed the Vatican.”

The Pope’s tone remained calm.

“It’s not betrayal. I just did what I thought was right. Aresis… whew… He can’t kill Paul. Your Majesty, whether the Vatican is willing to admit it or not, that’s the fact. With our strength, we can’t afford to offend Zhongzhou State.”

The Pope looked at him and did not say a word.

“Now… it’s too late,” Angel murmured to herself.

“No one can control everything.”

The Pope adjusted his white robe and said flatly, “I can understand your mood when you ruined Aresis’s coronation, and I can understand your thoughts at that time. But in fact, everything that happened after you destroyed his coronation was out of your expectation. Aresis was hypnotized and used the Redemption in advance. The so-called Battle of Trial Day was almost useless for the Vatican. Both Paul and KingTong were not dead. We also had no interest in Eastern Europe. In this chaotic situation, we were utterly defeated. If Aresis was in his prime, he might have another result now. I understand your original intention, but the reality is that all of this was because you destroyed his coronation.”

“This is not my intention.”

Angel remained silent for a moment, then said with a sigh, “I overestimated Aresis.”

The Pope’s gaze flashed with a hint of funniness and bitterness. He shook his head and said nothing.

Angel had indeed overestimated Aresis.

As one of the few Peak Invincible Realm experts in the Dark World, compared to the others, Aresis’s talent was not so excellent. He barely broke through the Peak of the Invincible Realm, which had exhausted or even had overdrawn all his potential. He was known as the best in close combat in the Dark World. But his willpower was always a little weak, which was also his weakness known by the others.

But before that, except for the Pope, no one had expected Aresis’s will to be so fragile. According to Angel’s original prediction, even if she destroyed the coronation, the other party’s will would be far stronger than that of an ordinary Invincible Realm expert, or at most, a little weaker than that of the Peak Invincible Realm expert. Who could hypnotize such a person except for the Pope?

Unfortunately, Aresis stepped into the hypnotic trap of the Eastern Church after his coronation had been destroyed. Thus, Aresis’s willpower was exposed clearly in front of everyone.

Without a coronation, Aresis’s overall combat capability was at the Peak of the Invincible Realm in his normal state. But when it came to willpower alone, he was at most a little stronger than the ordinary Invincible Realm expert, and there were limits to his strength.

This was the Saint War Angel that had supported the Vatican.

His willpower was not even as strong as that of Aldak, the Killing Angel who had died at Li Tianlan’s hands more than three or four years ago in East Island.

Even in this current situation, Angel still felt that this was a bit absurd. She shook her head, and her eyes were full of mockery. “In fact, that’s the main reason why you targeted me, isn’t it? The reason why I paid the price today isn’t because of a series of consequences after I destroyed the coronation ceremony. Your Majesty, the reason why you’re so cold and Aresis is so mad is because I destroyed his coronation ceremony. It has nothing to do with the consequences.”

The Pope fell silent.

What Angel said was absolutely correct. The fact that he had ruined Aresis’s coronation had resulted in the greatest loss of the Vatican and even caused the Pope to suffer a maddening loss.

On this trip to Eastern Europe, although the Vatican had gained nothing, they hadn’t suffered too many losses. They were nothing more than elite Saint Warriors. Although losing them would make one’s heart ache, as the Holy Virgin of the Vatican, Angel couldn’t possibly be treated this way.

The reason why she ended up like this was that she had overestimated Aresis.

She had never thought that Aresis’s willpower would be so fragile. After destroying the coronation and going through hypnosis, the willpower of the Pope in the coronation would constantly rebound to Aresis himself. Under normal circumstances, Aresis would not have any problem as long as he was determined. However, his willpower was too weak. Therefore, the most intuitive result was that Aresis, who had lost the coronation of the Pope, decreased his combat power a lot. His willpower also declined greatly, which meant that Aresis would soon fall from the Peak of the Invincible Realm. Even if he were to bear the coronation again in the future, he would not have the strength in the normal state.

In the battle of Eastern Europe, the Vatican had lost a Peak Invincible Realm expert!

Thus, Aresis’s behavior was getting more and more abnormal. His resentment against Angel was increasing all the time. He was going to take revenge on her with the cruelest means, on anyone related to her.

The Pope, in this case, had also chosen to acquiesce.

“Aresis told your news to Tribulation.”

The Pope changed the subject and suddenly asked, “Angel, do you think he’ll come or not?”

Angel quietly looked at the Pope.

There was no panic in her eyes. Instead, there was a very gentle smile on her face. “He will definitely come.”

She held on here and allowed Aresis to torture her body and tear up her soul. Because she wanted to see him again.

Just a glance.

“He will die.”

The Pope cast a glance at Angel. All of a sudden, he felt a little uneasy.

“Oh,” Angel said calmly.

The Pope took a deep breath, then said calmly, “What you said just now is correct. You’ve damaged Aresis’s coronation and caused the Vatican to suffer an enormous loss which we have not endured for many years. That’s why you ended up like this. But there’s one other thing. Angel, I don’t like you. The Holy Virgin of the Vatican needs to maintain a perfect, pure virgin body. For so many years, your existence has always been a humiliation to me and the Vatican.”

Angel laughed. Her smile was weak but full of sarcasm. “You don’t like it? I’m the Holy Virgin of the Vatican. For so many years, I think everything I have done is right for the Vatican. Even this time, my original intention is not…”

“I understand.”

The Pope nodded and interrupted her. “I understand, but I just don’t like you.”

Hating a person did not waver because of how many good things she had done. He just didn’t like her, and that was enough.

After a moment of silence, Angel slowly said, “I see.”

“In fact…”

In the dark environment, her voice was ethereal and enchanting, with a strong sense of depravity. “I’ve long wanted to say that I don’t like the Pope you either. I hate the Vatican more. It’s only because there is my faith in the Vatican so that I chose to stay. For the sake of faith, I gave up a lot of things. But only until today did I realize that what I persisted with wasn’t that I couldn’t give up, but for those that I’ve given up a long time ago… I really couldn’t give them up.”

She rested her back on the cross and looked at the Pope. In a complete mess of blood, she wore a solemn expression as if they had met like this. “Let me introduce myself. I’m Angel Situ.”

Aresis, who was next to him, gradually woke up in the mental domain of the Pope.

He heard Angel’s self-introduction and heard her subsequent voice. “From today onwards, I’m a non-believer.”

Aresis’s face suddenly distorted, and the furious roar echoed crazily in the church.

The Pope’s face was a little gloomy. “After all, a non-believer falls into hell.”


Angel chuckled. “Is the hell scary? I am now in the church and under my father’s gaze. But in my heart, this is hell.”

“This is arrogance! You f*cking…”

“That’s enough!”

Angel suddenly interrupted Aresis’s roar. It seemed that she had come back to herself. She felt better little by little, and her eyes gradually became clear. Then she became disdainful. “Who do you think you are? A clown hiding behind the old Pope. Do you really think you are the Saint War Angel?”

Aresis’s eyes were red, and even his hair stood up.

“That’s enough.”

The Pope’s voice rang out in a low voice. “Angel, you’ve seen your own end. What you say now makes no sense.”

He slowly turned around and walked to the way ahead. He said calmly, “As I said, no one can control everything. The reason why the chaos is chaotic is that it changes at any time. The general trend is changing, and the enemy is changing. We really have lost the opportunity to cooperate with Li Tianlan. This is a loss in your eyes, but you don’t know that we have established a cooperation relationship with the Wang family of Beihai after we lose Li Tianlan. Therefore, in the future, Eastern Europe will still be the world of the Vatican.”

He walked to the door and paused.


He said in a calm and emotionless tone, “Destroy her.”

Aresis gave a grim smile.

Angel’s body suddenly began to struggle, and the sharp steel nails rubbed against her flesh. The sharp pain made her more awake.

“You can’t destroy me! You can’t do it. I can die. But I have what this clown lacks the most. The Pope, you can’t destroy my will!”


Aresis gave Angel a hard slap in the face.

Angel no longer struggled. She suddenly began to laugh in a low voice, and her somewhat strange laughter echoed through the dark light. Her eyes were incomparably deathly still, as if there were an eternal abyss of darkness within them.

A chill gradually rose in Aresis’s heart.

“You’re all wrong.”

Angel said calmly, “Even if you unite with the Wang family of Beihai, so what? Eastern Europe will never be the world of the Vatican.”


The Pope, who was about to leave, turned around and looked at Angel.

Angel looked into his eyes. It was as if she wanted to see the depths of his heart. “Do you know the Protestant Church?”

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