The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 567 - There Must Be an End

Chapter 567 There Must Be an End

In the wind and rain, Recchi City was ablaze with lights.

Before the banquet of the Manlisi Hotel started, one agreement after another between Wulan State and Zhongzhou State finally began to be signed.

Reeker and Li Huacheng sat opposite each other. The camera’s light was shining everywhere in the hall. Almost all the important people from the two countries were witnessing this scene.

Repeated signatures were signed on different agreements.

All of Wulan State began to change its shape silently amidst the confusion and cheers of all the people.

Numerous interests entered Zhongzhou State along with the agreements.

The most powerful overlord country in the world crushed over with unconcealed toughness and fierceness.

Sovereignty, reputation, freedom, hope, benefit, and future.

All the things began to break into pieces.

Reeker had no expression on his face. His palms were shaking violently, and his brain was blank. He felt dizzy. He just signed his name one after another out of instinct.

After tonight, the former Wulan State would completely become the past.

Everything in this country would fall on him from now on.

An ancient sinner.

Reeker laughed in a trance and signed his name on the last agreement.

There was a burst of applause from the crowd, full of irony.

The applause surrounded the whole training ground. It was so lively that it was a little absurd.

The midday sunlight was falling down.

A crisp and determined voice seemed to echo around everyone’s ears.

People subconsciously applauded, and their minds were in a mess.

On the high platform, the enchanting and solemn short-haired woman walked down in front of everyone’s gazes.

She walked to the group of students of the Sky Academy.

In an instant, almost all of the students stood up and clapped their hands with all their might. Their applause was feverish.

Today was the graduation ceremony of the Sky Academy.

After Zhuang Huayang, the headmaster of the Sky Academy, and Chen Songlin, the dean of the Deep-sea Academy, made their speeches respectively, as a dark horse in the maneuver of the two Academies, the representative of the East Emperor Palace came to the stage and gave a general description of the plan for the East Emperor Palace for the next three years.

This was the result of the East Emperor Palace’s intentional courtesy.

Both Zhuang Huayang from the Sky Academy and Chen Songlin from the Deep-sea Academy were Generals.

The real leader of the East Emperor Palace was now the marshal who had represented Zhongzhou State to expand the territory of its motherland in Eastern Europe. He fought in a wild and aggressive way, and he would rather die than retreat.

After the end of the first day of the final maneuver, the young man who had shocked the Dark World had gone up one peak after another. This was not a rise, but a skyrocketing success. If he were here today, it would really not necessarily be Zhuang Huayang’s and Chen Songlin’s turn to speak first. At least Chen Songlin would speak after Li Tianlan.

The representative of the East Emperor Palace was Wang Yuetong.

In the uproar, before anyone returned to their sense concerning Wang Yuetong’s identity, the former little princess of the Wang family of Beihai had already talked about the direction of the future of the East Emperor Palace.

Running Tiannan.

It was not until this moment that all of Zhongzhou State discovered the real situation in Tiannan.

The Border Control Corps fell into the hands of the Wang family of Beihai. But the more than 100,000 troops of the Blood Battalion close to Tiannan were still in the hands of the Dongcheng Clan.

Ning Zhiyuan, who had supported the Li family and in the end had been transferred from the Eastern Theater of Operations, now was the Commander of the Tiannan Freedom Corps.

Mount Shu was in charge of the Southwest Special Warfare Headquarters.

Dongcheng Rushi, Li Baitian, Ning Qiancheng…

The three members of the East Emperor Palace had been completely associated with Tiannan. After his return from Eastern Europe, Li Tianlan was in Tiannan and had a steady flow of support behind him.

What did this mean?

After leaving a deep impression on Eastern Europe, the young marshal of the Li family apparently made up his mind to leave his footprints in Tiannan.

It was not the Li family’s sphere of influence, Jiangzhe.

It was not the territory of Sigh City, Liaodong.

It was not the Dongcheng Clan’s base camp, Zhongyuan.

It was Tiannan.

It was a land with a somewhat underdeveloped area of more than 40,000 square kilometers that had yet to have a clear owner.

A land of rivers and mountains was as splendid as a picture.

Wang Yuetong walked into the stands of the students and shook hands with the hundreds of students who had joined the East Emperor Palace. They would soon leave Huating for Tiannan.

That was Li Tianlan’s choice.

He chose an incomparably wide stage, with blood, schemes, and cheats. But in the bloody darkness, it was the brightest prospect and future for everyone.

On this day, Wang Yuetong was the only one in the East Emperor Palace to take the stage, but hundreds of people stood by the stage at the same time.

This was a part of the most elite members of the young generation in three years. They followed the East Emperor Palace and went far away.

Everyone was looking at this picture, but everyone saw a different meaning from it.

A complicated mood was spreading in the training ground of the Sky Academy.

Most people thought of Eastern Europe.

On this day, in Eastern Europe, the olden era had just passed.

While in the same era, a new era had begun in Zhongzhou State.

From beginning to end, Gu Xingyun, the so-called God of War in Zhongzhou State, had not appeared on the scene.

Snow Country.

In the splendid palace, the president of Snow Country, who was from the Violet family, joyfully received a man who was as tall and strong as a giant.

The man was tall, and his gray clothes looked a little dirty. His face was covered with countless small scars, and he looked extremely embarrassed. However, he stood in the palace and had an imposing momentum.

All the warriors inside and outside the palace knelt down on one knee.

The president of Snow Country, who had always been tough and even a bit overbearing in the international stage, strode over and gave the giant a heavy hug.

“Welcome back,” the president of Snow Country, Jia Delin, said in a sincere and emotional tone.

“This is my world. As long as I don’t die, I will come back anyway.”

The voice of the man who looked like a giant was steady and deep.

The President burst into loud laughter. For a moment, the compromise and retreat that he had thought about before completely disappeared from his heart. Instead, they turned into passion and boldness.

He was the leader of this war nation, so it was natural that he had a stronger desire to fight than anyone else.

He looked at the giant in front of him and said in a low voice, “What do you want?”

“I want my things back.”

The giant’s tone was calm.

President Jia Delin hesitated for a moment, and then immediately made his decision. “Of course, it’s yours.”

“I also want the Polar Bear.”

The giant’s voice grew deeper and deeper. “I need its strength.”

In the hearts of countless people in the Dark World, the Polar Bear of Snow Country was not the animal that lived in the Polar Ground and was extremely ferocious but looked a little cute after being tamed; instead, it was an elite troop that had always been protected by Snow Country and was rarely used.

That was the most elite force of the entire Snow Country army.

Zhongzhou State’s military had the most elite and horrible Thunderbolt Battalion. But under the Thunderbolt, there was also a Blood army and four armies of Black Dragon and Pegasus. The Polar Bear, in a sense, was equivalent to the trump card of Snow Country.

This was a force that was powerful enough to dominate the world.

However, few people knew that the so-called Polar Bear Detachment was actually two troops.

The former was the Polar.

The latter was the Bear.

What the giant wanted were the Polar Army and the Bear Army.

President Jia Delin took a deep look at him and said without hesitation, “Fine.”

The giant nodded and said, “Thank you.”

“There’s no problem with that.”

President Jia Delin’s voice was stern and cold. “At this moment, I can give you whatever you want. But the question is, what can you give me?”


The giant said calmly, “I can give you order; order that only belongs to us. Snow Country belongs only to the people of Snow Country.”

His voice covered the whole palace.

The bodies of all the court warriors trembled at the same time.

The giant turned around and looked at the orderly scene of the warriors in the palace. He said calmly, “Who dares to fight alongside me?”

There was a moment of silence in the grand palace.

The next second, the roar of rage rang out and shook the sky. “Fight!!!”

Jia Delin’s expression became more and more serious.

His eyes were gradually bloodshot. “Can I trust you?”

“Compared to the others.”

The giant looked into his eyes and said, “I’m more trustworthy than them.”

Jia Delin nodded, and then stretched his hand out. He said, “Your Highness, please.”

The giant walked into the palace.

The precise news, centered on the imperial court of Snow Country, spread directly throughout all of Snow Country, and then rushed out of Eastern Europe and surged through the whole world.

This was the official announcement of all of Snow Country, or it could be said that it was the final ultimatum.

On the night of August 24 in Eastern Europe…

The president of Snow Country, Jia Delin, had personally signed the combat order.

The Polar Army and the Bear Army had sent out all their elite troops.

President Jia Delin, in the name of Snow Country, officially declared war on all the dark forces remaining in Eastern Europe!

Snow Country required all the forces to withdraw from Eastern Europe within three days. Otherwise, the real war would follow.

The Polar Bear army, which had been silent for a long time, once again appeared in front of everyone.

These two forces that ruled the world both had a new leader at this time.


He was the Chief Marshal of the Army Headquarters of Snow Country!

Many people in the Dark World had never heard this name. But no one would be unfamiliar with his code name in the Dark World.

The chief of the Polar Ground Alliance.


At midnight today, the tyrant, who had been missing for a long time, reappeared in the palace of Snow Country. He took the president’s Token and rolled up the military offensives in the capital of Snow Country, and went straight to Mormans in a mighty way.

The headquarters of the Polar Ground Alliance was there.

The message was rapidly delivered.

In this night that was destined to be unusual, a lot of things quickly brewed and finally formed.

All of Eastern Europe started to take action in the chaos like never before.

All the countries, all the high-level members, and all the wealthy families…

Everyone was moving.

After a short preparation, different standpoints, demands, and expectations burst out a huge collision directly. The aftermath of the collision began to spread across all of Eastern Europe.

The President of Snow Country, Jia Delin, called up several heads of countries to have a discussion.

In Recchi City, many patriarchs of wealthy families were nervously waiting for Li Tianlan’s final answer.

The grand banquet had begun.

The agreement they had just signed was sent back to Youzhou as soon as possible under the protection of the army.

The plane flew through the clouds. In the clear sky, Wang Shengxiao, who was holding a sword case, became more and more calm and indifferent.

In the hotel in Recchi City, Li Huacheng received a phone call. He was so angry that he smashed the cup in his hand.

In the hospital, Situ Cangyue was fidgeting. In the ward next door, Qin Dongchao was talking about former things with his younger brother, Qin Xilai. The head of the Dark Knights, Rafael, was still in a coma. But he gradually showed signs of waking up.

Li Xi passed through the streets and alleys of Eyme and continued to move forward. The train ran in the darkness, and Mormans was getting closer and closer.

Wang Tianzong began to practice calligraphy again.

In the darkness, the car cut through the wind and rain. Tribulation held the steering wheel tightly, and the engine was roaring crazily. His eyes were completely silent.

The square was silent. Tens of thousands of elites of the Snowdance Corps were imprisoned on the square, like statues.

The elites of the Purgatory of Heaven Capital began to gather in the castle where Deity was.

In the church, Aresis, the Saint War Angel of the Vatican, looked at the Holy Virgin Angel, who was tied to a cross and covered in blood. He was roaring hysterically.

Angel’s face was numb.

Several strong Saint Warriors pounced on her with a grim smile and tore her dress apart.

Angel, who had already been disheartened, began to struggle desperately. With a scream, a thick steel nail pierced straight through her delicate wrist and nailed her arm to the cross.

Her white dress was torn apart and kept flying.

All the good things began to be torn apart in the last craziness, shattered and despaired.

Lin Fengting confirmed the movements of some elites of the Lin Clan in the manor again. In the manor full of the tweeting of birds and the fragrance of flowers, the dense mist had begun to rise uncontrollably.

The door of the castle hall was closed. Deity, dressed in a loose robe, took off his shoes, stood on the ground, and began to meditate.

In Lin’an, Li Honghe stood on the mountain and looked in the direction of Eastern Europe. He was muttering to himself.

At the border between Snow Country and Eyme, Jiang Shangyu, who had been missing, was holding a wine bottle and looking out of the window at the wind and rain, smiling carefreely.

At the airport of Huating, Wang Yuetong had boarded the plane with the members of the East Emperor Palace.

From every corner of the world…

Beautiful, cruel, urgent, cold, lofty, and desperate…

This era, the next era, young people, the older generation…

All the people and all the things began to gather crazily.

Outside Recchi City, in the continuous rain, a black vehicle was driving over.

The Master of Samsara Palace wore a black mask and a black cloak.

Flaming Fire stood beside the Master of Samsara Palace, looking at Li Tianlan with her eyes shaking violently.

Qin Weibai took Li Tianlan’s hand and said softly, “I’m leaving. Remember that you promised to take me to Tiannan.”

Li Tianlan nodded with a smile and touched her hair.

He looked at the Master of Samsara Palace and said solemnly, “Stay alive.”

The Master of Samsara Palace didn’t say anything, but just looked at him quietly.

Her eyes were deep and calm, so deep that they seemed to contain all emotions.

“In the future…”

As she slowly opened her mouth, it was difficult for her to speak and her voice was hoarse. However, as she spoke, her voice became smooth and calm with a bit of coldness. “Be careful.”

Li Tianlan didn’t answer, but just repeated, “Stay alive.”

The Master of Samsara Palace waved her hand, and then turned around and walked into the black car.

Qin Weibai wrapped her arms around Li Tianlan’s neck and kissed him, and then got in the car with him.

Flaming Fire stood by the car and looked at Li Tianlan. She looked at him for a long time, and then slowly turned around.

The black vehicle started.

As the storm swept through the world, the car lights drifted further and further away, and finally became extremely dim.

Li Tianlan watched them quietly. For a moment, he seemed to be at a loss.

In the car ahead, Flaming Fire looked at the Master of Samsara Palace through the rearview mirror with complicated eyes.

The Master of Samsara Palace walked in the wind and rain for an unknown period of time, then she suddenly said, “Stop.”

Flaming Fire’s eyes lit up, and she stepped on the brakes at once.

The Master of Samsara Palace opened the door and looked at the road ahead.

Heaven and earth were filled with wind and rain, as well as darkness.

The path they came from was far away.

Vaguely, in a trance, it seemed that there was a person standing under the storm, motionless.

The Master of Samsara Palace subconsciously took a step forward.

As her feet fell, she finally froze on the spot.

At this moment in the dark night, he stood far away from her. She stood far away from him. It was not a very far distance. But they were separated by the darkness and the storm, as far as a natural moat.

The Master of Samsara Palace stood there and looked at the night.

She still had a lot to say.

But she couldn’t say a word.

Under the night, the two of them stood far apart and looked at each other.

They were happy as well as sorrowful.

They thought about each other, but it was as if they had forgotten each other.

At this moment, no one knew what she was thinking.

It seemed that only a moment had passed, but it also seemed to have been tens of thousands of years.

The Master of Samsara Palace moved her body. Then she turned around and got in the car again.

“Let’s go,” she slowly opened her mouth to say, then closed her eyes.

There seemed to be liquid sliding down from the face. Through the metal mask, it was extremely cold.

Flaming Fire drove the car without saying a word. But somehow, she bit her lip and cried so hard that her eyes turned red.

“This fool!”

She cursed in a crying voice.

The Master of Samsara Palace smiled and looked a little tired.

She reached out to hold Qin Weibai’s palm and said softly, “The most difficult thing in the world is for one to be oneself.”

Qin Weibai bit her lip and nodded. Her eyes were reddish.

The Master of Samsara Palace looked ahead and no longer looked back.

As far as one could see, it was Mormans thousands of miles away.

That was the end of everything.

Her final destination.

The wind and rain were whistling.

With an unparalleled weight, she leaned against her seat and got closer and closer to the end.

It was almost the end.

There had to be an end.

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