The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 559 - Traitor

Chapter 559 Traitor

The Polar Ground Alliance had collapsed violently. But this superpower, which used to dominate Eastern Europe and could be said to be the most swollen superpower in the Dark World, now still had unimaginable interests inside it after two of the four big families in Eastern Europe had collapsed and the other two had changed their standpoint.

A centipede does not fall over even when dead. The general framework of the Polar Ground Alliance still existed, and it was chaotic inside. But from another point of view, as long as there were experts to sort it out, there were still countless people who could be used in the vast Polar Ground Alliance.

As a sincere cooperation between the mysterious Majesty and the Vatican, the remaining Polar Ground Alliance was indeed a big move.

However, the other party’s large move also indicated a huge appetite.

Just as what Mellad had said.

“We want the Knights Templar.”


The Pope looked at Mellad silently. He was silent for a long time.

The other party’s move was so big that it was beyond imagination, and its requirement was equally ridiculous.

After an unknown period of time, the Pope finally opened his mouth slowly and asked in confusion, “Are you crazy?”

“His Majesty said that the two of us were worth it.”

Mellad said calmly, “Think about Eastern Europe at this moment. You don’t need to worry about the five countries in Eastern Europe. His Majesty will pressure Li Tianlan regarding Zhongzhou State. All you want to do is to get the religious power in the five countries of Eastern Europe. As long as His Majesty gives you enough pressure, for Li Tianlan, who is eager to develop his core power, he can only compromise.”

“Besides the five states of Eastern Europe, if the Polar Ground Alliance is used by the Vatican, the Vatican’s chance of victory will be incomparably high. All of the faith in the entire Eastern Europe will belong to the Vatican. Compared to it, how can the Knights Templar not be worth it?”

“It’s really worth it.”

The Pope said faintly, “But why should I believe that you can give me the Polar Ground Alliance?”

“I won’t take anything for free.”


Mellad paused for a moment. An extremely strange light flashed through his eyes. “If the Vatican wants to acquire the Polar Ground Alliance, they still need to do something.”

“For example?” the Pope asked with great interest.

“With the destruction of the Violet and the Morton families, the Qin Clan and Rekvia have changed their standpoint. The current Polar Ground Alliance has become extremely chaotic. But in fact, Snow Country has already occupied a great advantage. Anyone can see this point.”

The Pope nodded.

There were almost no powerful countries in Eastern Europe. Snow Country could be said to be the only international top dominator in Eastern Europe. They occupied the vastest territory of the world. They were tough, greedy, and very aggressive. Their strong desire to fight seemed to be carved in their bones and blood.

The four families had suffered a great change, and the Polar Ground Alliance had collapsed. The upper echelon and important figures of the Polar Ground Alliance had already regarded Snow Country as their best subject of refuge. At present, the reason why the Polar Ground Alliance was extremely chaotic was that with the great change of the four families, they were suffering an internal division.

Nowadays, most of the power of the Polar Ground Alliance had turned to Snow Country. But within them, the supporters of the over 10 countries also occupied a certain proportion of the power. Most importantly, the Qin Clan and Rekvia had united to fight for a considerable amount of power within the Polar Ground Alliance. Now, this power was arguably the biggest obstacle for Snow Country to control the Polar Ground Alliance. And this power, undoubtedly, belonged to Zhongzhou State at this time.

The Pope glanced at Mellad, and then asked, “In that case, are you confident in being able to convince Snow Country or Zhongzhou State?”

He thought for a while, shook his head, and continued to say, “Is it Snow Country?”


Li Tianlan definitely wouldn’t let go of the part of the Polar Ground Alliance that belonged to Zhongzhou State. In this case, the biggest possibility was that the mysterious Majesty was confident in persuading Snow Country.

“In fact, His Majesty has already convinced Snow Country.”

Mellad’s body slowly relaxed. “Right now, all of Snow Country and His Majesty are waiting for me to convince you.”

He looked at the Pope and said meaningfully, “The cooperation is just around the corner. It only needs you to take action once.”

The Pope raised his eyebrows slightly and said slowly, “Before that, we already had the intention of cooperating with each other. At present, we are also the only choice of Snow Country. In that case, why should I rely on you to cooperate with Snow Country?”

Everything he said was the truth.

Now, all of Eastern Europe was in a state of insecurity. The situation was like that of East Island more than three years ago, and even more serious. As the most powerful country in Eastern Europe, Snow Country had to make a choice. The invitation of a force that could stabilize the Dark World in Eastern Europe could help to lead Snow Country, to stabilize its position, and to resist the pressure brought by Zhongzhou State.

Nowadays, out of all the major forces in the world, only the Vatican was worthy of this standard. In addition, relatively speaking, the Vatican didn’t ask for too much. The faith they wanted, at the very least, didn’t have any conflicts of interest for now. If the two sides were to work together, in a short period of time, they would be able to be at ease with each other.

“You’ve said it. That was before.”


Mellad explained patiently, “The president of Snow Country was born into the Violet family. The Violet family had a close relationship with the Eastern Church. Can we really trust the intention of the cooperation at that time? Well, even if we can trust it, at that time, His Highness Aresis was still in his peak state. As for now…”

He shrugged his shoulders and said, “It’s really a pity.”

The Pope’s eyes became a little colder. “So you deliberately made Aresis seriously injured, and then saved him?”

Mellad didn’t say anything.

He didn’t mind exposing his identity, but he couldn’t explain that he had to sit by and watch Aresis get seriously injured.

“Even so, we are still the only choice of Snow Country.”

The Pope said indifferently, “Compared to any force in Snow Country that can be invited, we want even less.”

“You still don’t understand. What Snow Country really wants to invite is not the force, but the strong. In terms of the foundation of Snow Country, they only lack the strong. But now, most of the strong have their own standpoints, so they want to invite the force. In any case, the current Vatican is not the best choice for Snow Country. The best choice for Snow Country is us, because our strength has not been formed compared to the Vatican, and we want less.”

The Pope’s eyes were still.

Snow Country indeed needed the strong now.


If an Invincible Realm expert, who was close to the Peak of the Invincible Realm but had no clear standpoint, joined Snow Country, it would probably give him the most luxurious treatment at all costs. In that case, there was no need for them to invite other forces.

In other words, both Mellad, who had not fully developed his power, and His Majesty behind him were much better than the Vatican. As long as Snow Country paid the price, in the future, when the mysterious Majesty’s power expanded in Snow Country, it would become the local power of Snow Country. Not to mention the power state of His Majesty, just Mellad alone was enough to stabilize the current situation of Snow Country.

But now, His Majesty was going to trade Snow Country for the Knights Templar.

Obviously, compared to Snow Country, whose power was unclear, His Majesty, who didn’t have enough foundation, didn’t want to be involved in the current cooperation and future game with Snow Country. He didn’t have the confidence to participate, but the Vatican did have the confidence.

The weight of the Knights Templar that they wanted was naturally not as great as that of all of Snow Country, but the Knights Templar was a relatively young power group in the Dark World. The organization was simple, and its core part was clear. With the experience of Mellad in the Holy Disarmament Corps, the Knights Templar was undoubtedly the easiest one to control. Even if it was smaller in scale, it had infinite potential. It would be unrestrained and far-ranging for His Majesty to get the Knights Templar.

The Pope thought of His Majesty’s conclusion.

“We are worth it for each other.”

Finally, he nodded and said, “Get ready. Let’s go to Mormans.”

Mellad’s face was filled with joy, and a brilliant smile was on his face. He bowed somewhat exaggeratedly, and then said, “I’ll arrange it right away, Your Majesty the Pope.”

He placed a vial in front of the Pope.

“This is?”

The Pope raised his eyebrows slightly.

“A small gift, a magical medicine.”

Mellad smiled and said, “His Highness Aresis is heavily injured. But if the Vatican wants to completely control the Polar Ground Alliance, they probably will have to clash against the power of Zhongzhou State. His Highness Aresis’s power is very important. This medicine can’t make him return to his peak, but after taking it, in about 12 hours, it will help him recover at least half of his combat capability. The only disadvantage is that he will have a very long period of weakness, very long. Your Majesty the Pope can use it as you please.”

“Give it to me.”

An incomparably low voice suddenly rang out from behind Mellad’s back.

The Pope and Mellad turned their heads at the same time.

In the dark corner of the hall, an extremely burly figure walked over. His figure was steady, but as he moved forward, the candles in the room began to shake slightly.

The cold wind blew in, but it was melted by the figure’s own breath. The temperature in the whole hall seemed to rise. The cold wind seemed to burn and turned into an angry flame.


Aresis had been in a coma since he had been rescued by Mellad. He hadn’t woken up until just now.

But that furious roar just now had invisibly interrupted the Pope’s spiritual domain. It could also be considered as having saved the life of Mellad.

Mellad bowed slightly.

Aresis didn’t say a word, with his eyes fixed on the bottle of liquid medicine that had been put down by Mellad.

His body swayed as he took a step forward. He reached out his hand to grab it.

In his sight, the bottle of potion suddenly began to shine. Countless pure lights gathered together and turned into a silver cross.

Aresis subconsciously withdrew his hand and looked at the Pope.

“Now is not the time.”

The Pope waved his hand and the medicine turned into a cross again.

Aresis’s face twisted, and the infinite madness almost completely drowned his reason.

“I’m going to kill them. I’m going to kill them all!!!”

He growled word by word.

He was one of the top experts in the Dark World.

He was an expert at the Peak of the Invincible Realm.

As the Saint War Angel of the Vatican, he had never been as embarrassed in his life as he had been on the Trial Day.

As one of the most qualified people to determine the outcome of a battle on the Trial Day, the role he played on such an important battlefield was infinitely close to zero.

All his majesty and pride seemed to be completely shattered in that battle.

Aresis’s eyes trembled a little, and he almost lost his mind.

Mellad lowered his head. Suddenly, he said, “Your Highness, instead of taking revenge, it would be better for us to first investigate why that night was like this.”

He looked at the faint light under his feet and said faintly, “You’ve been coronated by His Majesty the Pope. How could you be hypnotized by a mere patriarch in Eastern Europe? Isn’t that weird?”

Aresis was stunned.


He slowly turned his head and looked at Mellad. His eyes were filled with blood.

“It’s very simple. Someone ruined your coronation state.”

Mellad said calmly, “And his methods are extremely brilliant. Such a person is very familiar with the coronation. In addition, he himself is a master-level expert in the spiritual domain.”

“Who?” Aresis suddenly burst into shouting.

But Mellad didn’t say another word.

The Pope let out a deep sigh and felt a little disappointed.

He had already known who this so-called traitor was.

This one was a master in the spiritual domain, knew the coronation, and could approach Aresis. There were only two people in the world who could do that.

The Pope was not in Eastern Europe that day, and it was impossible for him to destroy the coronation.

Therefore, there was only one candidate left.

The Holy Virgin of the Vatican.


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