The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 53

Chapter 53 To Kill Someone With a Stupid Knife

Because of the awkward relationship between Li Tianlan and Wang Yuetong, no one had had fun the entire afternoon.

Li Baitian had little interest in billiards. He came to Huating University only because he was tricked to find some beauties here. The quality of the beauties there was no doubt excellent, outstanding indeed. But there was no way he could make her his girlfriend. He was chased by Han Xinyan with a cue in her hand and was unable to tell east from west. After knowing who she was, Li Baitian completely gave up his original thought about her.

To put it in his own words, one should find beauties with a simple background. It was even truer for finding girlfriends. Otherwise, a small quarrel between the couple could turn into a collision between two forces and eventually shed blood like a river. That was committing a sin.

When his original thought was dispelled, Li Baitian was not in the mood. For the entire afternoon, he was only killing time.

Ning Qiancheng was observing Li Tianlan and Wang Yuetong most of the time. Apparently, he was not sure whether or not it was good for them to be in this state in the future.

In this respect, Li Baitian’s standard of choosing girlfriends was very sensible. The relationship between Li Tianlan and Wang Yuetong would probably turn into a sin after it failed. This was the so-called bad romance.

Ning Qiancheng knew his anxiety was unnecessary, but he couldn’t stop worrying about that.

Han Xinyan had long been tired of this place. She had no feeling of freshness at all. Besides, prejudiced by the first impression, she always thought Li Baitian was thievish-looking and extremely sordid. She didn’t vent her anger with the cue only for the sake of Mount Shu and Sky Academy.

Zhang Houlong was on tenterhooks. He really wanted to see the drama, yet was afraid that Wang Yuetong would settle scores in the future. To him, the Wang family of Beihai was nothing to be afraid of. They were on the same side after all. But Wang Yuetong’s fame as a siren was not an unearned reputation. If she bore a grudge against him, he would find himself in serious trouble from now on.

Thus, during the entire afternoon, Zhang Houlong kept his eyes wide open, hiding and sneaking like a thief. Occasionally, he would glance over Li Tianlan and Wang Yuetong. He thought this was so damn exciting.

Wang Yuetong and Li Tianlan seemed to have calmed down. They went upstairs and downstairs in tandem, both empty-handed. But when they returned, they acted like strangers, paying no attention to each other while speaking and laughing with others. The seemingly normal behavior became the most abnormal element in this small group. With each of them bearing their own thought, all the people were muddleheaded during this afternoon.

Dinner was to be had in the club. As the host, Zhang Houlong said he had booked a box in the Black and Sexy Club and invited everyone to have a little fun.

Black and Sexy Club might not be as high-end as Garden Party, but its threshold was not low as well. The difference was that its main customers were young people and the atmosphere was nice. It was said that boys and girls there were very open, thus came the name Black and Sexy. Zhang Houlong didn’t know if it was black or not, but the real essence of the club lay in the word, sexy.

However, Li Baitian refused to go there and would rather find an ordinary bar. He was fond of women, but was in some ways like Ning Qiancheng, who disliked having connections with complicated circles. He had a motto—beauty and sword were both indispensable and beauty came before the sword. But when he was hitting on a beauty, he detested getting involved with some sophisticated influences.

Besides, many so-called daughters of a famous family kept messy private lives, although some were as clean and pure as Wang Yuetong. In terms of girls, the more innocent the better. If he met a girl who was reserved and naive in appearance but acted like an old hand with skills and experiences in bed, he would be caught in the middle as to whether to continue or not.

Either way, his appetite would be spoiled.

Li Baitian preferred places with high grade and opened to the public. There were many beautiful and naive girls in Mount Shu. Li Baitian seldom preyed near his hole, but he had already suffered from aesthetic fatigue just from watching them for so many years. On the contrary, those young or slightly mature women with higher education and intellectual elegance were most deadly to him. Entertainment venues without foul atmosphere but looked relatively clean were perfect places in his eyes to hit on those women.

Zhang Houlong glanced through the others to see their reactions. Ning Qiancheng and Han Xinyan were not picky about those places. Wang Yuetong and Li Tianlan were still at a “cold war”. The only advice from Li Baitian was taken by Zhang Houlong as a consensus. He nodded and said smilingly, “Then let’s go to Hengshan Road. There’s no need for reservation. Shall we go now?”

“Let’s go.”

Li Baitian stood up in high spirits.

Li Tianlan hesitated, swallowing back the words on the tip of his tongue.

Li Baitian was observing others’ reactions. He was stunned for a moment, and then asked in confusion, “Tianlan, do you have other plans?”

“No. I’m free today,” he smiled and said.

Li Tianlan really wished to go home. There was a beauty, whose glamor could overthrow cities and ruin states, waiting for him at home. Perhaps he could experience the charm of Qin Weibai on her miniskirt and black silk stockings. Thinking of this, how could Li Tianlan sit still? Be it Hengshan Road or Henghu Road, everything turned into floating clouds in his eyes.

However, this was their first group activity since the Sky Academy was on holiday. No matter how impatient he was, it was not appropriate to leave now. He had better accept the advice and have a little fun.

Wang Yuetong, who was sitting next to Li Tianlan on purpose but didn’t say a word with him during the meal, stood up in silence and followed Li Tianlan downstairs.

There were six people in the group but only three cars. Han Xinyan drove a scarlet sports car with a swanky shape. As a clodhopper, Li Tianlan couldn’t recognize its brand name but could tell from the shape that it was not cheap.

The docile and tender side of Miss Han was only a false appearance. In her bones, she was a sassy girl and a queen. She opened the door, sat inside, glanced through the others and ordered, “Houlong, get into my car and chat with me.”

“I’ll drive.”

Zhang Houlong pointed at the silver Audi in front, a little reluctant.

Han Xinyan said nothing and stayed in the car with a straight face.

Zhang Houlong gave up within two seconds. He handed his key to Ning Qiancheng and got inside the sports car. The low seat of the car made him frustrated and want to cry.

“Gee! What an RS7! Why do you paste a label of A7 on it? Little Throat, you are such a pretentious bastard, like your cousin.”

Li Baitian sighed, looking at the Audi in front.

“It’s none of my business. The guy pasted the label of A7 on purpose to make others disgusted. He said he enjoyed the pleasant feeling of overtaking a Lamborghini with one punch on the accelerator.”

Ning Qiancheng threw the key in the air and added, “Don’t bullshit. Get in the car.”

“I’ll go with you.”

While saying these words, Li Tianlan stepped forward. Just then, his palm was held by a small white hand, tender, warm and humid.

He turned his head a little.

Wang Yuetong stood beside him quietly with one hand holding his hand. She kept her head down without a word, but the message was rather clear, no way.

Li Tianlan tried to break away gently, but Wang Yuetong’s hand was holding tighter and tighter, not letting go no matter what.

Li Tianlan gave a bitter laugh and looked at the little princess of the Wang family of Beihai helplessly. She was standing in front of him quietly with her head down and refused to let go of his hand. The picture was both funny and annoying to him.

To be honest, at this moment, he was a little touched by Wang Yuetong’s lovely gesture.

Faced with such a situation, he would look rather unreasonable and mean if he broke away from her hand by force. He shook his head spontaneously and said in a low voice, “Let’s go. I’ll sit in your car.”

Wang Yuetong agreed with a hum but still held his hand. She dragged him to her blue sports car.

Li Tianlan followed Wang Yuetong without any struggle, but felt even more helpless. His headache got worse when he thought of what Wang Yuetong had told him in the afternoon. Wang Tianzong, the top one expert of Zhongzhou State and the Sword Emperor who wielded the weapon named Human Emperor, wanted to meet him.

He really didn’t want to have any connection with the Wang family of Beihai, yet he suddenly felt that he was more and more involved with Wang Yuetong now.

With Han Xinyan’s scarlet sports car leading the way and amid the envious look from other students, the three cars drove through the campus of Huating University and headed directly to Hengshan Road.

“Do you want to hear any music?”

Inside the car, Wang Yuetong asked in a natural tone.

“No need.”

Li Tianlan shook his head. Now that he was in her car, if he continued to wear a cold face and avoid communication, he would look down upon himself, let alone feeling embarrassed. Perhaps it was always so easy for a woman to break the defensive line of a man. Under such a situation, it was totally impossible for him to ignore Wang Yuetong.

Wang Yuetong nodded while driving. She fished out a pack of cigarette from the storage box and handed it to Li Tianlan. She then asked in a low voice, “Would you like to have a try? I have a whole box in my trunk, but I presume you won’t take it, will you?”

Li Tianlan took a look at it. It was a light purple wooden package engraved with the word hero, exactly the same as what Qin Weibai gave him. He hesitated for a moment before taking it, but then put it aside, answering softly, “Not for the moment.”

Wang Yuetong replied with a hum and fixed her eyes on the road ahead. Her expression grew very calm.

Li Tianlan also stopped talking. He forced himself to be clear-headed so that he could think about Wang Yuetong’s words.

“Wang Tianzong.”

“To meet or not?”

“If I refuse to meet, what excuse can I use?”

“If I agree, what will be the result?”

“What does the top one expert of Zhongzhou State look like? Will he regret if he cannot see him in person?”

Li Tianlan was lost in his mind when Wang Yuetong’s gentle voice suddenly sounded.

“Senior brother?”


Li Tianlan replied instinctively.

“When do you plan to pay back what you owe me?”

Wang Yuetong’s voice was still soft, as if this was an ordinary chat. “Can you pay them off?”

“I no longer owe you anything. At least I think so.”

Li Tianlan replied helplessly.

“How could you not owe me anything? Because you saved me yesterday? I don’t want you to save me. Do you think I will be happy if you save me and then treat me like this? Bastard! I cried the whole day yesterday. How can you not owe me? My life is worthless. You can take it if you want. You do owe me!”

Wang Yuetong gave a cold snort and raised her chin arrogantly.

Facing with such a proud, lovely and rascally little princess of the Wang family of Beihai, Li Tianlan could do nothing. When she was angry or felt wronged, Li Tianlan could always react with a cold heart and turn a blind eye. But when she acted so shamelessly, he had no way to handle the situation. He took out the cigarette from his pocket, lighted it and took a long drag. Surrounded by the light smoke, he said with a bitter smile, “You’re being unreasonable.”

“I am unreasonable. What will you do? Are you sick of me?”

The corner of Li Tianlan’s mouth twitched a little. He didn’t speak, but only took another long drag.

“I will take it over sooner or later!”

Wang Yuetong added mindlessly all of a sudden.

“Take over what?”

Li Tianlan felt a shiver.

“It’s not your business!”

Wang Yuetong looked fierce and overbearing.

Li Tianlan was so frustrated. He kept smoking and determined to shut his mouth from now on.

The distance from Huating University to Hengshan Road was neither too long nor too short. Because of the current traffic condition, the three cars stopped and started along the way. About one hour later, they approached the destination.

Victory Bar, translated as a bar for victory.

There were two floors above the ground and one floor below. The bar was not very spacious, but looked rather fashionable and trendy. Six tall young ladies in red cheongsams with high slit were standing at the door as ushers. Whenever a customer entered, they would bow slightly and said welcome. Then some parts of their bosoms would reveal from the low-cut cheongsams. The ambiguity made them even more fascinating.

There were still large areas of empty spots in the parking lot before the bar. As soon as Wang Yuetong parked the car, Li Tianlan got off and walked quickly toward the Audi RS7 driven by Li Baitian.

After one hour’s drive, he was totally unable to bear Wang Yuetong’s mumbles with implied meanings. The siren of the Wang family of Beihai deserved her reputation. Li Tianlan flattered himself as tough-minded. But within the last one hour, his entire body sweated several times. When his two feet stepped on the ground, he took a long and relaxing breath.

Inside the car, Wang Yuetong was looking at Li Tianlan from the back. She seemed to have discovered the weakness of him. The corner of her beautiful mouth lifted a little. This was an enchanting and proud smile.

When Li Tianlan reached the Audi, Li Baitian was already off the car. Standing beside the car door, he looked at the empty parking lot and frowned slightly.

Zhang Houlong also came over. He seemed to have guessed Li Baitian’s thought when he saw his expression and giggled. “Brother Baitian, this can be said to be one of the best bars in Huating. But we don’t come at the right time. The parking lot will be full in half an hour at most and it’ll be hard to find an empty place to park nearby.”

“The pace here is relatively slow, which is good for relaxing. After a while, when we get excited, we’ll go to Meisen, which is not far from here. Brother Baitian, in your own words, as long as you’re willing to wave your hand, there’re numerous beautiful girls waiting for you in Hengshan Road. I’m a frequent visitor to this place, so this is my zone. I took you here and I certainly won’t let you down.”

Li Baitian grinned. “Then don’t bullshit. Let’s move. Bring more girls, those innocent and sweet ones. Tonight, your brother Tianlan…”

“Li Baitian! Finish your words if you want to die!”

Wang Yuetong was close behind Li Tianlan. She narrowed her beautiful eyes, which was shining with killing intent.

Li Baitian paused and then continued without changing his countenance, “It’s a slip of tongue. It should be your brother Qiancheng who will have fun tonight.”

The group went into the bar laughing and chatting. Deliberately or not, Li Baitian and Ning Qiancheng slowed down their paces and were one body-length behind Li Tianlan.

Zhang Houlong didn’t have too much conversation with Li Tianlan the whole afternoon. Seeing this, he froze for a second, exchanged a look with Han Xinyan and then held his steps like the others.

Only Wang Yuetong appeared at ease and contented. She slipped her small hand into Li Tianlan’s and walked by his side.

Zhang Houlong’s pupils dilated a little and glanced at Ning Qiancheng automatically.

His cousin gave him a stern look quietly and then followed inside.

They walked through a corridor engraved with different magnificent paintings and directly entered the hall.

The hall was large in size but the dancing floor and the stage were quite exquisite. When the floor grew crowded, only those inside could experience the romantic atmosphere.

Li Tianlan was a clodhopper and certainly couldn’t appreciate the standard of equipment in this bar. He could only tell the good quality of the stereo system, which gave him a fully-immersive experience and sounded very comfortable.

On this occasion, Zhang Houlong was like a fish in water. He chuckled and pointed to one direction. “Tianlan, take a seat over there, table number one. That’s the place especially reserved for me. I’ll go and bring some girls to lighten up the atmosphere. What type do you like?”

Wang Yuetong stared at Li Tianlan with big eyes.

Li Tianlan was smart enough to keep silent and pretend to hear nothing.

“Of course the more the better. Hurry up and come back soon.”

Seeing that his cousin was proud and excited, Ning Qiancheng laughed and ordered.

Zhang Houlong guaranteed with a pat on his chest, turned around and disappeared.

“Let’s go.”

Li Tianlan went straight toward table number one, with Wang Yuetong’s hand in his, or rather his in hers.

At the same time.

The customers at table number one, which was reserved for Young Master Zhang, caught sight of Li Tianlan and the others.

“One can’t avoid one’s enemy.”

At table number one, a gorgeous girl with a delicate figure was sitting in the middle and staring at Li Tianlan, who was walking toward them. Her red lips raised slightly and the words came out in a cold tone.

The girl’s body was hot enough to raise the interest of any man. Although not tall, she had excellent physical proportion with great charm. She was an iceberg beauty, but with a wild and licentious temperament, like an untamable wild horse. Just because she was so difficult to conquer, most men were eager to experience the feeling of riding this wild horse.

“We were about to look for them and they delivered themselves to the door. What about making a move tonight?”

Next to the delicate beautiful girl, a young man said in a powerful voice. He was giant in size and fierce in appearance. The amazing evil spirit and killing intent were obvious in his sound.

The small girl narrowed her eyes. Before she uttered any words, a mild laughing sound suddenly appeared. “Youlan, who can’t you avoid? Have you seen your enemy?”

A tall young man asked smilingly as he came from the bathroom. He was looking at the girl with evident heat and lust.

The man was about thirty. His fancy white Armani suit was very garish, and the luxurious watch on his wrist was splendidly bright. The casual smile on his face increased his attractiveness dramatically.

His entire outfit was especially outstanding.

The Armani suit was nothing. But those who understood the market would know that his watch, though looked rather plain, was enough to buy a Ferrari or Lamborghini in Zhongzhou State.

The small girl cast a glance at the young man. Her peaceful and cold expression reflected a hidden disdain. She lifted her chin a little and said in a cool voice while looking at the approaching Li Tianlan, “I presume Young Master Zhong know them, too.” .


The young man raised his eyebrows. He turned his head automatically and immediately saw Li Tianlan and the others.

He frowned a little.

He didn’t know Li Tianlan, who was a complete stranger to him. But when he saw the girl this guy was holding, his pupils contracted violently.

Wang Yuetong!

The little princess of the Wang family of Beihai, Wang Yuetong!

Young Master Zhong took a deep breath. His eyes fell on Li Tianlan again.

He was holding the little princess’s hand in public. Who was he exactly?

Young Master Zhong looked further behind him.

Ning Qiancheng and Han Xinyan.

He was too familiar with them. But the bean pole was indeed an eyesore. He was a complete stranger and was laughing happily. So damnable!

Young Master Zhong bit his teeth unconsciously. He put on a grinning face but his eyes grew darker.

“Indeed, one can’t avoid one’s enemy,” he grumbled to himself.

He nodded to his friends at the table and said in a cool voice, “There’re some friends. I’ll go and say hello.”

The petite girl nodded. A faint smile went cross her lips as she watched the back of Young Master Zhong.

It felt nice to use this stupid guy as a knife.

But no one knew whether the knife could do his job.

She raised her wine glass, threw her head back and drank off. The meaningful look in her eyes became more and more evident. Whether Young Master Zhong, the stupid knife, could kill someone or not, her journey to the bar tonight was not made in vain.

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