The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 433 - Black Tide—One Sword From the West

Chapter 433 Black Tide—One Sword From the West

That was the first time Li Tianlan had clearly smelled death in his life.

He had died once in Heaven Capital, more than three years before.

But the sword of the woman in white at that time had been too fast, like a streamer. The moment the light appeared, with the sword intent exploding in the sky, the sword edge had pierced his heart.

Because it was too fast, he had no time to respond.

Black Ghost’s knife was also fast.

But it had a more indescribable madness and brutality.

It was the first time Li Tianlan had seen such a knife.

Or the first time he saw such a domain.

The knife light and the domain were completely integrated. Their ultimate essence was a force sufficient to destroy everything.

Such a power, in Li Tianlan’s view, was infinitely close to perfection.

Everyone in the Dark World knew that Jiang Qiansong and Black Ghost were a perfect combination.

Even if it was not absolutely perfect, at least it was infinitely close to perfection.

At the moment of life and death, a fleeting thought flashed in Li Tianlan’s eyes.

He could not see Black Ghost or Jiang Qiansong before him.

The obscure light of the Thirty-meter Mortal World was combined with the dark knife light.

The narrow space of the castle was full of a darkness far deeper than the night.

Darkness covered the entire passage, and began to turn with the mad killing intent.



As the huge earth-breaking sound was heard, while the darkness began to turn, the ancient castle within hundreds of meters area suddenly burst with the knife light!

The three Destroyers nearby stalled immediately.

The slightly shifting darkness flowed and spun in the space, faster and faster.

The killing intent was concentrated to the extreme and was locked on Li Tianlan.

In Li Tianlan’s sight, the narrow passage completely disappeared in an instant. The sound of the blasting castle in the area of hundreds of meters rushed through. Rubble collapsed, blood was spilled and smoke rose. The darkness turned in the empty ancient castle. A madly rotating whirlpool appeared between heaven and earth.

The whirlpool whistled, spun and devoured everything. It covered the dark night sky and suppressed the entire castle from top to bottom.

Li Tianlan had no room to dodge at all.

He didn’t know if it was the knife light or the domain.

He could only name it as power.

The domain and the sword light blended together. If the defense and the attack were combined, that crazily rotating vortex would be enough to obliterate everything. It could change into an unbreakable wall at any time.

Li Tianlan did not have any chance of avoiding Black Ghost’s knife.

Defense and attack were equivalent to the two sides of light and darkness. That power was so subtle and grand, like reality and illusion.

But infinite perfection was not true perfection after all.

The knife light carried the power of heaven and earth and fell down.

It was like a dark tide that devoured everything.

There were extremely violent hurricanes in the dark tide.

The silver sword light was illuminating the current black tide with surging hurricanes.

A vast amount of blood rushed out of Li Tianlan’s body almost instantly.

The blade of Falling Stars was still stable.

The sword light was still bright.

Wind was everywhere in the black tide.

Every wind stream was a deadly edge.

Li Tianlan raised Falling Stars.

Breaking the Sea.

Cutting the Sky!

Shattering Move.

Sky-splitting Move!

The Forever Silent World.

The Shadow Formula.

Desperate Chase.

All the unique skills erupted completely from Li Tianlan.

In the black tide, a sword pierced.

But it wasn’t offensive.

It was meant to dodge.

He tried everything to dodge.

At that moment, the breaths of Black Ghost and Jiang Qiansong were connected, and their strength was enough to rank in the top ten of the Divine List.

For Li Tianlan, they were invincible opponents when acting together.

He could not defeat Black Ghost.

But that did not mean he would die because of that strike.

No one knew his Martial Arts.

Except himself.

All-embracing Collection.

The sword intent after the change of 24 Moves of Sword was illusory and stern.

That was a unique skill of Purgatory of Heaven Capital. But in Li Tianlan’s eyes, it was the 24 Moves of Sword.

A move that mimicked a sword intent.

There were more and more dense unique skills in the black tide.

The silver sharp edge passed by. The sword intents flew and spread, and were finally carved in every corner of the black tide.

Sword Intent of Mount Shu.

Sword Intent of Jade Pool.

The Jifeng Sword Intent of the Jifeng Sword-reining School.

Sword of Wuji Palace.

Even some plausible Sword of Emperor Path and Sword of King Path from the Wang family of Beihai.

Light and shadow appeared in front of Li Tianlan.

The light and shadow spun around him, and suddenly became a sword wheel.

That was the Eighth Supreme Sword Move of Kunlun City.

Countless unique skills were simulated by him.

There was no doubt that the simulated sword intents sculpting in the black tide weren’t really elite ones.

But each move was full of charm.

Jiang Qiansong, who was always less than two meters from Black Ghost, frowned slightly.

He suddenly felt that such a scene seemed somewhat familiar.

He believed he had seen it somewhere.

Where did he see it?

In thought, the black tide surged.

Li Tianlan’s silver sword light went straight forward.

The black tide diffused everything and fell over the world.

The killing intent was endless.

Li Tianlan finally carved the last sword intent in the black tide.

The sword intent was not a simulation.

It was his own unique skill. Whether it was the essence or the form, it was flawless.

The Forever Silent World.

In a silent nothingness, Li Tianlan once again used the Forever Silent World and raised the sword in his hand.

The light of Falling Stars that had pierced the black tide erupted in an instant.

Jiang Qiansong finally remembered where he had seen it.

Many years ago.

On the border between the Zhongzhou State and the Annan State.

On the battlefield of that betrayal.

He opened his mouth, but did not have time to speak.

It started with the Forever Silent World.

Twenty-first Blade—the Shattering of Land!

In the 24 Moves of Sword, it was known as an Absolute Sword that broke the domains of the world.

With that sword at its core, all the sword intents that Li Tianlan had just simulated suddenly broke out and spread.

The entire black tide twisted wildly.

There were no loud noises on the twisted battlefield.

But the constant clashing of the swords rang through the world.

No one in the castle could intervene in that battle.

Even Cool Breeze and Drifting Cloud were unable to approach the battlefield.

That was a real life-and-death fight.

It was a battle that only belonged to Li Tianlan.

The sound of crashing metals kept ringing.

In the castle, some elites with weak willpower vomited blood and fell unconscious on the spot, because of the sounds of harsh friction and collision.

The colliding sounds were getting denser.

The sounds came out of the domain, which meant that the domain had begun to weaken.

The black tide began to condense in the weakened state.

Boundless darkness permeated the area and eventually disappeared.

But a small amount of darkness was condensed and turned into an extremely sharp knife.

Black Ghost swept across with it.

Between heaven and earth, a blade shadow of tens of meters appeared.

The moment the blade shadow appeared, it began to crumble.

However, Li Tianlan, who still kept his sword move, received a strong body shock. He was directly flung by it, falling hard in a ruin dozens of meters away.

His figure moved, and his face turned extremely pale in an instant.

Blood was pouring from his body.

There were sword wounds in every corner of Li Tianlan’s body.

Especially in his abdomen and back, two startling blades almost tore his body completely.

Blood spewed out from the blade, and the bones inside his body were already faintly visible.

The most important thing was that, with the massive blood loss, the natural healing effect of the medicine was weakening, and his serious injuries from the war with Jiang Qiannian not long ago were about to fully erupt.

Being in a worse situation, Li Tianlan laughed lightly.

But Jiang Qiansong’s face became gloomier.

That move was enough to kill Li Tianlan just then. But in the end, it left him with only one serious injury.

That illustrated too many issues.

His and Jiang Qiansong’s breaths were connected, and their defense and offense were absolutely balanced. So it was infinitely close to being perfect.

But Li Tianlan did not die after such a move.

That could only show that the level of the contender’s sword intent was still above the combined attack of the two of them.

Wasn’t that a true perfection above infinite perfection?

Or in other words, the true Chosen One?

Jiang Qiansong’s mouth twitched, then he opened his mouth and said, “Kill…”

“Who do you want to kill?”

A clean and peaceful voice suddenly interrupted Jiang Qiansong’s words.

Perfect Chinese.

Jiang Qiansong’s pupils contracted instantly. He swiftly turned around.

A bit of sharp sword light appeared in his sight.

The sword light had only one point.

But Sword Energy was overwhelming in an instant.

In the eyes of Jiang Qiansong, there was only a top sword blade waving the sword light.

That was a sword that completely turned all powers into a sword intent.

Where the sword light had passed, there was only harshness.

Jiang Qiansong recognized the cutting edge in an instant.

That was a famous sword, well-known in the entire Dark World. Its fame was not inferior to Listen to the Sea in the hands of the Sword Emperor of Zhongzhou State.

Famous sword: Cutting Edge!

Recognizing the sword, Jiang Qiansong naturally recognized the owner of the sword.

“Qin Xilai!”

An indescribable mood poured into Jiang Qiansong’s heart.

His expression was suddenly distorted. He gritted his teeth and said a name that was enough to shock Eastern Europe.

Qin Xilai.

Dark Swordmaster of Eastern Europe.

He was the brother of the Qin clan’s patriarch Qin Dongchao in Eastern Europe.

No.1 in the Holy List of the Dark world!

He really didn’t make it to the Divine List.

Because Li Tianlan was still on the Divine List.

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