The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 42

Chapter 42 Invincible

Even if taking the therapeutic drugs of Wang family of Beihai at once after war and barely containing the injury momentum, Li Tianlan’s internal injury didn’t fully recover.

Before the start of school, he risked his life needlessly with Qin Ke, during entrance maneuver, he risked his life needlessly with Liu Xiuwei, and today, he risked his life needlessly with two flaming fire experts who he did not know where they came from.

Three shots of enemies came from different standpoints, but for Li Tianlan, fighting was all required to go all out.

So the injuries were added up again and again, yesterday’s healing drug and life-prolonging might be futile, after the combat of today, his injury was only severer. He entered the Fire-flaming Realm by force, even if only for a few minutes. It had left a injury that took him several months or more to heal.

Inside Sky Academy with the drastic competitive atmosphere, Li Tianlan’ realm was originally not high, and now he was injured, so without doubt, anyone could imagine how difficult it would be during the following time period.

But Li Tianlan didn’t regret.

Just like what he said to The Enchantress, everything he did today was due to Wang Yuetong’s kindness. The little Princess of the Wang family of Beihai really had no bad thoughts for him. She coordinated with him to kill Liu Dongchao. She used the credits obtained from her maneuver, where he took the first place, to trade for a bottle of Heal for him, with the Life-prolonging medicine produced by the Wang family of Beihai. These were all favors.

Today, she brought him to a meeting with the semi-immortal Xuan Xuanzi, it could be seen that Wang Yuetong indeed was helping him.

In Wang Yuetong’s shoes, she perhaps wanted him to join the Wang family of Beihai and make the Wang family stronger when he entered the Invincible Realm, but one could not blame Wang Yuetong for this kind of actions. At her status, it was natural that she thought so.

And joining in Wang family of Beihai, for most people, was a road to heaven, not a bad thing at all.

What was more, one might be the potential son-in-law of the Wang family of Beihai, which was like good luck that fell from the sky.

But such a road was not suitable for Li Tianlan.

He didn’t grudge the Wang family of Beihai standing by and watching Li family fall years ago. But the Li family, which in the future would be under his leadership, would not see the Wang family as a frined, if not an enemy.

And today’s Wang family of Beihai did not need a Li family who supported them anymore.

As such, if now he became tangled with Wang Yuetong, what would he finally get?

Silently accepting the help of Wang Yuetong and waiting for the exposure of his identity, he would be looked down upon by Wang family of Beihai. Moreover, even Wang Yuetong would feel she had been taken advantage of and deceived. Their friendship might break, or even, they would become enemies.

None of these were what Li Tianlan wanted, he was just a young people who just came out of the deep mountain. He was somewhat capable and smart. However, without connections and experience, the least thing he wanted was to tangle with the superpowers. There was so many trap in their world, if he stayed there for too long, he would be choked to death.

Wang Yuetong had no bad intentions, but who knew what the Wang family of Beihai was up to?

It was better for them to part ways.

It was better to take a different path.

Now he saved Wang Yuetong, they were even. He was more than happy to get away from her.

Leaving the Enchantress and Wang Yuetong behind, Li Tianlan descended the mountain alone. His injury was temporarily stablized, but the body had become weaker because of the loss of strength. Walking for less than one mile, he had been out of breath.

Fortunately, it was a downhill path, saving him a lot of energy. Li Tianlan took out of the mobile phone while he was advancing forward. Again, he dialed the number of Yu Qingyan.

As he waited for her to pick up, Li Tianlan suddenly remembered the words of Xuan Xuanzi.

Xuan Xuanzi said he just went through a life and death calamity, then his life would be unrestrained and far-ranging.

Well, unrestrained and far-ranging.

Li Tianlan felt his injury closely, smiled wryly and muttered to himself. “Damn you, unrestrained and far-ranging.”

“Who is it?”

At the other end of the phone, the person answering the phone was Yu Donglai. He heard Li Tianlan’s last words and subconsciously said this sentence.


Li Tianlan, with a wry smile, simply sat down on the side of the road and said, “Senior Yu, I’m a little hurt. Can you let Qingyan pick me up? I suppose I can’t hitchhike like this.”

“What’s up?”

The tone of Yu Donglai suddenly became dignified. Before Li Tianlan could finish, he said directly, “Where are you? Qingyan is still cooking. I’ll pick you up myself. Is the injury serious? Is Wang Yuetong fine?”

No matter if it was the mediocre and reckless talent, or the potential and amazing Li Tianlan, in Yu Donglai heart, one thing had never changed.

That was, he had never treated Li Tianlan as an outsider.

Li Tianlan had proved his own potential, in the eyes of Yu Donglai, Li Tianlan’s future was almost as important as his granddaughter Yu Qingyan.

On Li Tianlan’s way to the future, Yu Donglai was willing to do his best to escort him, even if it meant sacrifing his own life.

So on hearing Li Tianlan’s injury, the old man immediately felt restless.

“I’m fine, Wang Yuetong is also fine, it’s just the car was gone.”

Li Tianlan described his position with a wry smile.

Yu Donglai didn’t talk much. He hung up the phone and drove off directly.

In Li Tianlan’s memory, Lanshan National Park was at least 10 kilometers away from Yu’s Restaurant. Considering the traffic conditions in Huating during this period, he felt that it would take him a while to wait.

In fact, less than 40 minutes later, a black Audi stopped beside him. Yu Donglai rolled down the window and said directly, “Boy, get on.”

Li Tianlan dragged himself onto the front passenger seat with a heavy and weak body. He tied the seat belt behind him and said, “How are you so fast?”

“I was in a hurry, who knows if someone eyes set his eyes on you now? I jumped several red lights on the road, but it’s no big deal.”

Yu Donglai shook his head. Although he was old, his action was extremely clear-cut and nimble. He skillfully turned around and drove the Audi downhill directly.

“What is the matter with Wang Yuetong?”

Yu Donglai asked on the road. After the assassination, it was quite normal for Wang Yuetong to be absent. However, with Li Tianlan’s serious injury, the Wang family of Beihai actually did not make any arrangement and let him sit here and wait alone. This was not quite in line with the style of the Wang family of Beihai.

As the second to none wealthy family in Zhongzhou State, over the years, countless people had been upset about the strong and domineering attitude of the Wang family of Beihai, but that was only condescension because of different standpoints. In terms of normal human relations, the Wang family of Beihai hardly let people find any faults.

Li Tianlan shook his head, slightly said, “The favor is too heavy, I am overwhelmed. I simply don’t want owe them anything. It’s the best outcome.”

Yu Donglai was slightly surprised, and subconsciously looked at Li Tianlan, with eyes serious.

In Yu Donglai’s eyes, Li Tianlan was calm, not depressed, not regretful or unwilling. The sun outside the window shone into the car. Li Tianlan pursed his mouth and his face was cold.

Yu Donglai sighed softly.

In those days, the treason case caused heavy losses to Zhongzhou State and also hurt the Southeast Group. At the time of the incident, the Wang family of Beihai was indeed facing a crisis. It was reasonable not to make moves. There was no reason to point finger. It was the rapid silence after the uproar of the Wang family of Beihai after the treason case that made these old people hard to let go.

After many years, Yu Donglai’s former insiders have become outsiders, but Li Tianlan’s identity could not be changed. His attitude towards the Beihai Wang family was even related to whether he would die or not.

With this in mind, Yu Donglai felt it necessary to advise him. “Boy, is there a knot in your heart that is hard to solve? About the Wang family of Beihai?”

“If you don’t do it for yourself, the devil take the hindmost.”

Li Tianlan smiled. “There is nothing to say, but things have already happened. Wang family of Beihai and Li family can’t go back.”

He looked out of the window at the busy city and muttered to himself. “I owe them nothing, I owe them nothing.”

This was not just about him and Wang Yuetong. In his heart, it was the best that Li family and Wang family of Beihai could do this.

Yu Donglai shook his head, took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, handed it to Li Tianlan, and lit one himself.

Audi was shuttling through the traffic, unhurried. Yu Donglai took a big puff of cigarette and spit out the smoke. Suddenly his eyes became serious. “Boy, I will let Qingyan follow you in the future. That girl is a bit weak, but she has some means and talent. She will grow if she is trained in Sky Academy to see more of people’s evil nature and to cut down her weakness. Within ten years or so, she will not have any problem entering the Thunder-shocking Realm. At that time, she can also help you a lot.”

Li Tianlan looked at Yu Donglai, with strange eyes.

“Piss off!”

Yu Donglai laughingly spat out a puff of smoke. “I said let Qingyan follow you and help you, not to follow you as a daughter-in-law. You are a lady killer, I know. I can’t let you harm my granddaughter, but she’ll be a good wingman.”

He drove, his tone slightly paused, his smile narrowed and his eyes became somewhat lonely. “Xuanyuantai of Kunlun, God of War Family. Hey, you may not feel anything yourself, but it is really hard for an old guy like me to watch you. Boy, you are the most down-and-out member of the God of War family I have ever seen. You are alone and helpless. Fortunately, you are still brilliant, otherwise Li family will really become a forgotten legend.”

Li Tianlan silently smoked a cigarette, and whispered, “Thank Senior Yu, if I have some accomplishment, I’ll treat Qingyan well.”

He could not refuse Yu Donglai, also would not refuse.

This was the old man who followed grandpa to fight for the terriroty, now he set his granddaughter beside himself. Wasn’t that a trust and belief he put in the Li family?

With his status, if Li family were still alive, Yu Donglai would certainly still be active on the top stage in Zhongzhou State, but now he could only run a private home cuisine restaurant. His contacts in the past might still be there, but the legends in jianghu and the general trend in Zhongzhou State were getting farther and farther away from him.

Was the old man really willing to accept the result? If he was really willing, why did he put his granddaughter by his side?

This was an old man’s perseverance and trust, and also his hope.

“For what?”

Yu Donglai threw away the cigarette butt, lit another cigarette and whispered. “It is the most important thing to set up your own squad quickly. Your grandfather had five brothers and your father had eight. This is their core and most reliable squad, which is called the holy guard of the God of War family.”

“You don’t have this condition now, but I still hope you can move faster. If you are willing to trust me, you can fully trust Qingyan. Boy, grow up quickly. This is not to urge you, but the older I get, the shorter I can wait. In my lifetime, if I can see Li family reappear in Zhongzhou State and erect the big brand of Kunlun Xuanyuan Station, then I will die without regret.”

He drove the car and muttered to himself. “After going down the river, I can also talk to those old brothers who left earlier.”

Li Tianlan tightly sipped his mouth and said nothing.

It seems that he would never become a person who always clapped his chest as a guarantee. Most of the time, he was silent and seemed to be accustomed to silence.

Yu Donglai, however, opened the chatterbox and whispered, “Our brothers at that time, the first, was named War Bear, with Thunder Vein and natural divine power. His father used to be one of the holy guards beside His Highness’s father. The eldest brother grew up with His Highness and was the most foolish and loyal.”

“He followed His Highness the earliest, but died the earliest too. After His Highness went to the border, he was said to have died the following year. He was killed by the attack and siege of Annan State experts. The experts were in the impressive Thunder-shocking Realm and even half-step Invincible Realm. Such a shame, but also a kind of honor.”

“The second brother named Sirius was an assassinator with wind pulse, elusive, he was the most ferocious and cunning one. Kuangtu’s many assassination techniques are taught by Sirius. After Kuangtu committed treason, His Highness was held accountable, and the second brother was disheartened. He went abroad and was later branded a traitor. However, he was alone and had no scruples. He was a lone ranger in the Dark World and was popular in the Dark World during those years.”

“But five years ago he took on a mission to assassinate a figure he was not to be taunted in Africa. After the mission failed, he also died and was killed with three strokes. This was my second brother who had the best relationship with me when I was young. Hearing the news, I almost went to Africa, but I couldn’t go. It was useless to go, so I had to stay in my small restaurant and muddle along.”

“Third one, codename Blue Butterfly, is third sister. She was a real expert in intelligence work. Third sister had two sons. In the last war of Kuangtu’s treason case, her sons and husband served in the legion of Kuangtu. As a result, after the war,Kuangtu commited treason. Her husband died and her eldest son also died. Only the younger son was alive, but his legs were also disabled. How sad?”

“His Highness went to the border, and third sister didn’t even show up. Over the years she has nothing to do with me, I guess that in her heart she still resented Kuangtu, of course. But unfortunately, a beautiful young beauty got old so soon and died of brain cancer three years ago. When she left, she didn’t even let her family to tell me. This kind of cruelness was not the same third sister who saved me from death together with the second brother when I was trapped in a tight encirclement.”

“Fourth code Poison Physician, is me. My time with His Highness was the shortest and I was the slowest.”

“When I met His Highness, I was still doing scientific research in the Zhongzhou State biological laboratory. I knew a little about Martial Arts, and the Ice-condensing Realm. They’re just some scentifical thing.”

“Once I churned out a research report, but I don’t know how I was targeted by a foreign dark influence. They specially sent a squadron led by a Thunder-shocking Realm expert, and held my family hostage. Hour Highness, in order to save me, chased after the group nearly for eight hundred kilometers. Our family was saved by His Highness. Since then, I had followed His Highness. I was of average strength, but I could get by with poison. Gradually, I have gained some fame in the Dark World.”

“When Kuangtu committed treason, my son and daughter-in-law were also in Kuangtu’s army. My son was an officer and my daughter-in-law was a military doctor. After the First World War, they also died, leaving only me and Qingyan. When His Highness left, I saw him off, but I didn’t follow him. I don’t know if His Highness has blamed me during all these years. I don’t hate His Highness or Kuangtu, I just don’t want to. I can’t believe Kuangtu commited treason. I can’t let my son die so inexplicably. I really can’t!”

Yu Donglai lit the third cigarette, his voice hoarse, like crying.

Li Tianlan took a deep breath and opened his mouth. He wanted to say something but could not say a word.

The eldest brother in Yu Donglai’s words, he knew who he was, grandpa once said that it was the farthest old brother who followed him. After his death, Li Tianlan was just two years old. He already did not remember the old man’s appearance, but he remebered it clearly that after the old man died, grandpa personally dug the grave and set the monument. The old man was buried in the border camp behind the unknown cemetery.

Beside the grave mound of the old man, there was a vacancy grave. In the childhood, Li Tianlan didn’t always know who the vacancy grave was set for. It was until that he returned secretly the border from that wilderness of Beijiang more than a year ago, grandpa smiled and said that the vacancy grave prepared for himself, he was a bit tipsy at that night.

Li Tianlan had seen the children of that old man, one son and one daughter. In his mind, it was an uncle with a high figure. And the aunt had an average appearance but was gentle like water.

However, until now, the children of the old man had also died at the border one after the other, even less than a month apart.

Loyal, without complaint or regret, but ended up with a bad ending, childlessly.

Whose responsibility was it?

Li family had betrayed them as well as to many people, such as today’s Yu Donglai , Blue Butterflies who died of illness a few years ago, and the 120,000 troops that were wiped out with his father’s treason, as Gu Yunxia said.

These old debts were all engraved in Li Tianlan’s heart, dripping with blood, deep into his bones.

“Kunlun City?”

Prince Group.

Li Tianlan narrowed his eyes slightly to hide the rare red light in the depths of his pupils and murmured softly, “There will be an explanation, there will be.”

Yu Donglai patted Li Tianlan’s palm and said nothing.

“Senior Yu, where is the fifth?”

Li Tianlan remained silent for a moment and continued to ask.

“Fifth, he is the youngest of the five of us, but just over 60 years old this year? He can even be regarded as a young man when he was with His Highness.”

“His codename was Fire Man, known as the strongest master of Fire-flaming Realm, until the end, he did not enter the Thunder-shocking Realm, but the Thunder-shocking Peak experts who died in his hand was nearly 10. Because of his young age, he was sent by His Highness to serve as the second in command in Kuangtu’s army. When Kuangtu committed treason, the border was chaotic and the conflicts continued. He was on another front.”

“But after Kuangtu’s treason, as second in command of the army, the fifth was also held accountable and was directly thrown into the desert prison by the Prince Group. There was no news of him for many years, and I don’t know whether he was dead or alive. His Highness once said that the five of us, the Fire Man, was the first in terms of talent and intelligence, and was truly invincible. I guess that this sentence was also one of the important reasons why the fifth finally entered the prison in the desert of Beijiang.”

Yu Donglai said softly, speaking of these, his tone was not very angry or anything, only a kind of numbness and sadness that was almost like desperation in it.

“The army?”

Li Tianlan repeated.

“Yes, the army. Zhongzhou State Border Praetorian Corps! Twenty years ago, your father was the commander of the army. At that time, both father and son entered the decision-making bureau, which symbolized the Peak of Authority in Zhongzhou State. How prominent was it to guard the peace of one city and one country with one family? Who dares to defy?”

Yu Donglai was in a trance, full of memories.

Li Tianlan’s body was slightly stiff, then returned to normal.

“I’m old, so I’d like talk nonsense, I’m suppressed, thousands of words over the years that I wanted to say, but I can’t always find the right person to say to. The first time I saw you, you hid very deep, so I thought you were dumb, didn’t have anything to say to you. It’s different now. Where is that dumb boy? It’s actually a genius. Don’t let us old guys down, please!”

Yu Donglai suddenly shook his head, laughing joyfully.

Li Tianlan nodded his head in silence.

“By the way,”

Yu Donglai took the steering wheel and made a turn. Suddenly he said, “The map of the God of War Xuanyuan Stage of Kunlun is claimed to be the holy sutra of Martial Arts in the world. Which one of the map of the God of War did you fix?”

God of War map!

It represented the Martial Arts supreme treasure of all Martial Arts Spirtual Inheritance at Xuanyuan Stage of Kunlun. If it was presented, it was probably equivalent to a real kung fu scripture.

All the Martial Arts essentials and unique technique of Xuanyuan Stage of Kunlun were recorded in them, and their value was immeasurable.

The three Martial Arts essentials of the God of War map were all the Babel Great Way leading directly to Invincible Realm , but which one to choose determined its ultimate achievement.

Yu Donglai was once one of Li Honghe’s closest confidants and naturally knew the secrets.

Li Tianlan lowered his eyelids slightly and said calmly, “It’s the Invincible Chapter.”


Yu Donglai didn’t seem to hear clearly and stared blankly for a moment.

“The map of the God of War, the Invincible Chapter.”

Li Tianlan repeated again.


Yu Donglai shook his hand that was holding the steering wheel, and the black Audi crashed directly into the roadside guardrails.

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