The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 37

Chapter 37 The Raging Flames Burning in the Sky

This was a crucial moment when their lives were hanging by a thread.

Wang Yuetong might be a little alarmed and bewildered, but Li Tianlan never lost his calmness.

At the second when the Ice Wall appeared, he had already reached out his hand and kicked open the car door beside him.

The Beetle crashed into the Ice Wall just as Li Tianlan jumped out of the car with Wang Yuetong in his arms.

Li Tianlan’s body soared into the sky. He quickly stepped on the car, which was already kicked into the sky. With the force borrowed from the car, the two were lifted higher again. A stair entirely formed by ice suddenly appeared in the middle of the air no more than 20 meters away from Li Tianlan.

Still, in the air, Li Tianlan held Wang Yuetong and twisted a little. The next second, they were already standing on the stair floating in the air.

Li Tianlan broke into the Ice-condensing Realm again only a day later. His eyes were now piercingly cold and ferocious.

His actual Realm was still the Qi-controlling Realm. Improving the Realm twice by force within a short time looked like a very casual thing, but the pressure it brought to the body was unimaginable. This was no different from overdrawing his own potential in advance. It might be a little exaggerated to call it quenching a thirst with poison. But every time he forcibly improved the Realm, he was posing a severe impediment to his way of Martial Arts in the future. If this happened for many times, he might not have the hope of entering the Invincible Realm for his entire life and might run the risk of not being able to reach Fulfillment in a certain Realm.

But the situation was crucial right now, and he had to do this.

Apparently, this was a well-planned assassination.

He and Wang Yuetong were followed when they came out from the Sky Academy. After confirming their destination, the followers found a place easy for them to carry out the plan and then stood by a tree stump waiting for the hares. This was so adequately prepared. It was obviously difficult for him to handle such kind of assassination in the Qi-controlling Realm. Even in the Ice-condensing Realm, he could barely escape.

Now, Li Tianlan only hoped that this assassination was aiming at him. After all, looking at the current situation, his enemy was only the Liu family in Huating. Gu Yunxia might not like him, but this was only one day after the event in the maneuver. It might be a little hasty to prepare for such assassination and attack. The force he dispatched couldn’t be so strong, at least not strong enough to actually kill him and Wang Yuetong right here.

“Senior Brother Tianlan, their target is probably me.”

Wang Yuetong finally came to her senses. Being held in Li Tianlan’s arms, she felt flushed in the cheeks. This chest, even though not very giant when leaned against, felt very warm, so warm that she didn’t want to rise up.

“Do you know them?”

Li Tianlan released his arms subconsciously and asked.

“I don’t know them. But their focus was on me all the time.”

Wang Yuetong’s face was still as red as a rose, but her eyes grew sharp. Standing on the ice stair, a mighty Sword Energy swirled around her body. In an instant, a huge sword was already formed behind her.

Li Tianlan’s heart grew heavier. He looked toward the direction of Wang Yuetong’s finger. Within his view, the man and the woman disguised as a couple were racing at full speed toward them.

Wang Yuetong’s Beetle had accelerated fast. After several seconds’ acceleration, they had left the couple more than a hundred meters behind. But now, only after they had enough time to exchange a few words, the couple were catching up at high speed.

Their target was Wang Yuetong!

This was not what Li Tianlan wanted to see. Not because the Wangs’ Siren was so important in his heart, but because if their target was her, it would be much more terrible and troublesome than if their target was him.

When he was the target, they were only his enemies.

When Wang Yuetong was the target, they were the enemies of the Wang family of Beihai.

The Wang family of Beihai had a deep root in Zhongzhou State. The Patriarch, Wang Tianzong, was the No. one expert in Zhongzhou State. Under such condition, there were still some people bold enough to lurk into Zhongzhou State and lay their hands on the younger core of the Wang family of Beihai. Such influence was definitely no weaker than the Wang family of Beihai.

This was like two super influences contesting secretly in the Dark World. What could be predicted was that Wang Yuetong was only the beginning. Once she was assassinated in Huating, there must be a series of plans that followed.

Under the collision of such super influences, the one who made the first move must want to guarantee complete success. Today, when they came to kill Wang Yuetong, it was normal to see experts in Ice-condensing Realm, Fire-flaming Realm, and even Thunder-shocking Realm.


Li Tianlan was thinking. But the attackers didn’t want to give him too much time. The second when the couple rushed over, a gunshot, which sounded like an explosion, rung out abruptly and resounded in the mountain forest.

Li Tianlan grabbed Wang Yuetong and dodged. Another ice stair formed in front of them. The two escaped the bullet and stood on the newly-formed ice stair, fully prepared.

“Eh? This body technique is quite interesting. It doesn’t look like a unique technique of the Wang family of Beihai. Young man, if you are an outsider, go away now. We won’t make it hard for you. What do you say?”

The young couple who were already under the ice stair paused. The young woman squinted her eyes and put on an enchanting smile.

Li Tianlan wore a cold expression and remained silent.

Leave aside the fact that it was not his characteristic to leave Wang Yuetong behind under such circumstance, and that whether the Wang family of Beihai would blame it on him if he left. This was a well-planned assassination and Li Tianlan was an outsider. The possibility of not killing him to keep his mouth shut didn’t exist at all. The young woman’s words were bullshit. Anyone with a normal mind wouldn’t believe her.

“Who are you? Why do you want to kill me?”

Wang Yuetong finally asked. She totally cooled down. Looking down at the young couple from above, her eyes were full of extremely pure pride and coldness.

“Before the Princess dies, we’ll certainly tell you.”

The young woman’s smile became more and more enchanting and fascinating. Behind the smiling face, what was represented was the absolute strong confidence and the feeling of a play like a cat catches mouse, which made people very uncomfortable.

“You think you can take my life?”

Wang Yuetong sneered.

The attackers didn’t hurry to make a move. Naturally, she and Li Tianlan didn’t have to hurry, neither. This place was not close to the Garden Party, but neither too far. The moment she reflected this, she crumbed one of the buttons on her clothes, which was a warning device on her. Presumably, her Second Uncle had received the message. The longer they stalled, the better for her.


The young woman kept her smile and said gently, “Of course not. But with them.”

When she finished her words, there were endless sharp sounds of explosion in the air at the same time.

Suddenly, a dozen of ice swords broke through the space, and the cold and sharp Sword Energy roared in the air, close and numerous.

Wang Yuetong was stalling.

The young couple in front were also waiting for their people to complete the encirclement of their target.

It required not only courage to make a move on the young core of the Wang family of Beihai in Zhongzhou State.

Strength, information, connection and speed. Not a single one can be omitted. The young woman didn’t have the patience to talk nonsense with Wang Yuetong. Once their people assembled, they directly launched the attack without any words.

The instant the ice swords broke through space, the huge sword formed behind Wang Yuetong shrank almost in a blink of an eye. Even though the sword body shrank, the cutting edge became sharper.

In a very short time, a bulk of Sword Energy seemed to begin gathering into the shrank huge sword, but an even larger amount of Sword Energy flew to nowhere.

The dozen of ice swords shuttled back and forth in the air. Wang Yuetong, who was surrounded by Sword Energy from head to toe, suddenly leapt from the ice stair and caught hold of the hilt of the huge sword behind.

The huge sword had shrank into nearly two meters long in a very short time. But it still looked rather huge in Wang Yuetong’s hands. She waved the heavy ice sword in her hand, and the mighty and torrential Sword Energy in the air instantly disturbed!

Like the rising storms.

Like the surging clouds.

In a flash, the surrounding air seemed to be twisted into swords, and then ice.

One after another exquisite and sharp small icy swords encircled Wang Yuetong’s delicate body, howling and swirling ups and downs in countless numbers.

Wang Yuetong’s face grew pale. Again, she waved the huge sword in her hand.

Within the sight, a dozen of figures rushed out from the two sides of the road. They acted in cooperation with the ice swords in the air and ran toward Wang Yuetong and Li Tianlan.

With a wave of the huge sword, Wang Yuetong fell from the ice stair entirely and dashed toward the crowd below!

The countless exquisite small swords around Wang Yuetong flew and danced in a frenzy with her leap. The dozen ice swords shooting toward the two were torn into powder by the small swords before they approached them, but the powder reformed into identical small swords in the air and flew with Wang Yuetong’s body from high to low, going forward with great strength and vigour up and down like huge waves.

Wang Yuetong touched the ground and directly launched attack.

The sword flows which were like huge waves whirled and bloomed, encircling the dozen attackers of Ice-condensing Realm on the ground. In the dense Sword Essence on the road, the young woman and the swords seemed to reflect with indomitable determination and frenzy.

The unique technique of the Wang family of Beihai.

The Tide of Sword!

It had become a life-and-death battle. But Li Tianlan dared not to act rashly. Although there were many people beleaguering Wang Yuetong, they were a group of Ice-condensing Realm experts. The Tide of Sword had a flood of Sword Essence, which was most suitable for group fighting. It was not difficult for Wang Yuetong to hold on a while.

But the young couple in front were unknown to them. They didn’t make a move. Li Tianlan could only stay guarded while secretly looking for a chance to insert into Wang Yuetong’s battlefield.

Time passed quickly. But for Li Tianlan, a second was like a year.

The young couple, who appeared first but didn’t act, squinted at Li Tianlan and then Wang Yuetong, who looked a little embarrassed but didn’t show any signs of decline in the group fight. Apparently, they didn’t want to waste time. After waiting for two or three minutes, their patience almost ran off. They threw a glance at each other, and the young man made a sudden leap. In an instant, the flame pervaded, and he was heading toward Wang Yuetong at the center of the battle.

Fire-flaming Realm!

An expert almost reaching the Peak of the Fire-flaming Realm.

A silver light shone in the hand of Li Tianlan, who was still standing on the ice stair. Another newly-formed ice stair appeared in front of the young man.

Amid the burning flame, the freezing vapor from the ice stair blew directly in the face. Together with the icy air was a silver long spear that crashed from above.

There was no silver spear radiance being squeezed, neither was there any attack techniques formed by ice.

Just one spear.

The simplest, yet most violent shoot!

In a twinkle, the young man rushing toward Wang Yuetong had nothing in his ears except the extremely harsh whistle produced by the long spear when it broke through the air.

He could felt the extreme and pure force contained in the attack. If he confronted the tough with toughness and carried the blow, he would be instantly injured.

A shoot from an Ice-condensing Realm expert in a tough duel could severely hurt an expert reaching the Peak of the Fire-flaming Realm. This kind of strength was very stunning.

However, he was also sure that even if he was badly hurt, it would not be easy for the young man in front of him.

Within a short time of just one move, his opponent was already fighting as if he would perish together with him.

Such furious fighting style was indeed stupid enough.

The young man frowned a little bit. He didn’t think that today’s action would fail. So there was no need to play tough with Li Tianlan. When the long spear hacked down and it was very close, he leapt backward with a rush and stood side by side with the young woman who just came up.

But in the next second, they changed from anger to laughter. Because the young man with the long spear, who was with the target, wasn’t on full alert against their attack. Instead, he turned around and rushed to the besieged Wang Yuetong, exposing his back to the opponents.

How could the Wang family of Beihai have so many stupid dumbasses?

“You seek death!”

The young woman let out a cold snort and made a sudden move.

As she raised her hands, a stream of bright flowing fire spread wildly. There was a faint feeling of Thunder-shocking Realm. Without a doubt, the young woman was the most terrible attacker at present. Her strength had surpassed that of the Fire-flaming Realm, and she was approaching the Thunder-shocking Realm.

Yet Li Tianlan kept moving forward without even looking back.

He was only several dozen meters away from Wang Yuetong. Normally, as long as he could form an ice stair, Li Tianlan would stride over with just one step.

But now Wang Yuetong was being besieged. Li Tianlan tried many times. Every time the ice stair just appeared, it was immediately smashed by the Sword Energy. Desperately, he could only dash at full speed.

Behind him, the fire flow was like electricity.

Li Tianlan, at his full speed, swept with the long spear in his hand. Another two ice stairs appeared in front of him at the two sides. He jumped forward while moving from side to side, avoiding the fire flow behind and then kept rushing ahead.

The young woman sneered and leapt forward. What a terrible explosive power from an expert approaching the Thunder-shocking Realm!

They were not far from each other. In a blink of an eye, she was behind Li Tianlan. Several inconspicuous yet extremely hot fire flows came out from her whole body and tried to entwine Li Tianlan. She directly threw a punch toward Li Tianlan’s head.

“Senior Brother, watch out!”

The besieged Wang Yuetong screamed all of a sudden.

Layers of exquisite small swords around her rose up and exploded in an instant.

All the small swords were blown into pieces.

The terrible Sword Essence screamed and roared, broad and powerful.

Even though the dozen Ice-condensing Realm experts encircling Wang Yuetong were all elites, hit by such terrible explosion, five or six of them were totally smashed by the Sword Energy.


Li Tianlan’s eyes suddenly focused.

When the numerous exquisite small swords exploded, all the elites encircling Wang Yuetong defended themselves instinctively.

An ice stair was already formed in front of Wang Yuetong.

Behind Li Tianlan were the several fire flows and the young woman’s fist, which looked white and tender yet contained the strength from nearly a Thunder-shocking Realm.

The second the fire flows and the fist were about to touch Li Tianlan, his body suddenly disappeared and then reappeared on the ice stair beside Wang Yuetong.

Everything was so quick, like a white pony’s shadow across a crevice.

It was only after the young woman raised her head.

Beside Wang Yuetong, on the ice stair, the Human Emperor in Li Tianlan’s hand was beginning to shrink into its original state.

He held the metal cylinder in his hands and pulled it open.

With a clear sound of crash of metals, two slim swords flew out of the sheath, bringing the very pure Sword Essence of killing.

A faint blazing and burning flame gradually lighted up among the crushed ice from the scraps of the endless small swords. It shone dimly, but quickly extended onto the edges of the two swords.

Li Tianlan held the two swords in his hand and suddenly began to spin.

The blazing firelight immediately soared into the sky 10 meters away and continued spreading.

Li Tianlan, surrounded by crushed ice, was burning with scorching firelight around his whole body. His spinning figure with the swords seemed to appear beside every elite besieging Wang Yuetong. The flames burnt through the blurry ice. At this moment, Li Tianlan was like a flaming sun.

The raging flames were burning in the sky.

The moment became eternal.

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