The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 34

Chapter 34 The Real Fate

Even as the little princess of Wang family of Beihai, Wang Yuetong behaved like ordinary people in certain aspects too. She had an extremely high interest in traveling and playing outside. Her interest was especially keen when she thought of the fact that she would be locked in this island for a very long time after this.

Wang Yuetong arrived at Li Tianlan’s ward at the start of dawn. She knew that it was early and thus she whispered as if she was guilty.

“Senior brother Tianlan, are you awake?”


Li Tianlan replied. Even though he was in a deep sleep, he was extremely alert. The strong sense of vigilance towards his surroundings was curved deep in his bones and blood. Even in deep unconsciousness, a state much worse than sleeping, he could subconsciously strike back at anyone that threatened his safety.

He had already opened his eyes when Wang Yuetong was far from the door. The hesitation near the door gave enough time for Li Tianlan to wear his clothes. Thus, he was fully dressed when she opened to speak.

He came up from the bed and stretched his body, replying casually, “Come in, the door is not locked.”

The door was gently pushed open, and a smiling Wang Yuetong walked into the ward, staring at Li Tianlan with a gentle smile.

Even Li Tianlan, whose heart was already fully filled with Qin Weibai, had his eyes brightened up when he saw Wang Yuetong.

The camouflage clothing in Sky Academy was all for ease in battle and had no fashion sense in them at all, even appearing large and bulky in size. Wang Yuetong already looked stunning when wearing camouflage clothing but her charm had more than doubled after she changed into her casual clothing. The little demoness, princess of the Wang family, seemed to glimmer as she became the center of attention wherever she walked to.

A water-white pair of tight jeans had completely displayed the figure of her long, straight and slim legs, with them being the most beautiful pair of legs that Li Tianlan had ever seen, and they were comparable to Qin Weibai’s. She changed her military boots for a pair of cute black stiletto heels, which gave off an aura of confidence. On the top, she wore a white long-sleeve blouse that was also slim fit, completely showing off her amazing figure. Her long hair was freely spread over her shoulders as she smiled gently as if she was a fairy, or an angel, lost in the world.

Wang Yuetong seemed like a different girl now. The confident and seductive aura was completely gone, replaced by a quiet, lively girl that was extremely beautiful and somewhat elegant.

“You are very pretty today, even prettier than yesterday.”

Li Tianlan kept silent for a few seconds and complimented with heartfelt admiration.

“Is it? Do you like this type of girls?”

Wang Yuetong smiled even sweeter and turned around voluntarily in front of Li Tianlan. The sound of the high heels clicking the ground was crisp and sweet to the ear. Almost out of instinct, Li Tianlan glanced at the perked butt that was hidden under the tight jeans as Wang Yuetong turned around.

Such a beautiful sight.

Li Tianlan suppressed the naughty thoughts in his mind and asked directly, “Where is Qingyan?”

Yu Qingyan and Wang Yuetong stayed in the same dormitory, and there were only two of them there now. As it was the holidays, there was no reason for Yu Qingyan to stay in school and not follow Yu Donglai since Wang Yuetong was going out. He also wanted to get the key from Yu Donglai and had envisioned traveling together with Yu Qingyan, thus he did not expect Wang Yuetong to come alone.

Before Wang Yuetong could answer, footsteps were heard in at the doorstep and Li Baitian entered together with Ning Qiancheng.

Wang Yuetong’s nimble eyes turned as if she was completely unaware of what was happening behind her. She laughed slightly and explained, “Qingyan is a nice little girl. She said that she didn’t want to disturb my time with you and thus went home by herself.”

Li Baitian and Ning Qiancheng, who just entered, froze in their tracks.

Even though Wang Yuetong said these words with her back facing them, leaving some face for them, she conveyed a message that was obvious enough. “Yu Qingyan was nice to not go out with them. If they insist on going out together, won’t they be not nice?”

It was apparent that the little princess of Wang family of Beihai wanted some alone time with Li Tianlan. If they continued to be so insensible, they would have offended her.

Li Baitian coughed softly.

Wang Yuetong turned her head around as if she had just discovered the two, exclaiming with shock, “Why are you all so early too?”

“We are here to say something to Tianlan.”

Li Baitian said solemnly.

Wang Yuetong’s eyes were full of smiles but Li Tianlan was puzzled. “Say what.”

“That, well, I suddenly have something on with Qiancheng and need to stay in the Academy for a while. Tianlan, why don’t you leave with Yuetong first and we will find you after we have finished with our matter. I’ll call you?”

Li Baitian spoke with a casual tone. However, looking at his evading glances, Li Tianlan was smart enough to realize that they were giving way to Wang Yuetong, which gave Li Tianlan a headache. Before he had completely grown, or before he became completely opposed to the Wang family of Beihai, he could be a good friend, or even the best friend, of Wang Yuetong. However, he knew that all these were a facade and that when the Li family reappeared in Zhongzhou State to face the Wang family of Beihai, that would be the crucial moment.

In considering the overall situation, the relationship with Wang Yuetong could only become helpless tangling for both parties.

Such a consideration made Li Tianlan unwilling to be close to Wang Yuetong. The healing and Life-prolonging potion given by her that night which stabilized his injury became gratitude that he must return in the future. In other words, Li Tianlan drew an obvious line between him and her, and he did not wish to be alone with her now.

Although her charm would not make Li Tianlan change his position, the thought that the two of them would split ways and oppose each other was still uncomfortable to him.

“My aunt is now in Huating and I haven’t met her for more than a year. Let’s visit my aunt after Baitian and I finish our matter. How about let’s meet at night?”

Ning Qiancheng looked at Wang Yuetong’s expression and gave a clear timing.

It was morning now and it would be ten hours until night time. That would be sufficiently long for Wang Yuetong to be satisfied as it would be impossible for the two to spend the night alone outside. Even if Wang Yuetong was crazy enough to do that, the expert from the Wang family of Beihai protecting Wang Yuetong would not agree to that.

“Senior Brother Tianlan?”

Having had a satisfying answer, Wang Yuetong turned to look at Li Tianlan. She had a soft and sweet glance that hid a mixture of toughness and persistence which did not revoke resentment.


Li Tianlan replied calmly.

“That’s a happy decision. Let’s go.”

Wang Yuetong laughed and ran over to pull Li Tianlan’s arm.

“Yuetong, where are you taking Tianlan to?”

Ning Qiancheng suddenly asked.

Wang Yuetong did not think further as she had nothing to fear when speaking with people of her generation with her status, and thus she could say whatever she wanted. “Second Uncle just returned to Huating. I’ll bring him to see Second Uncle.”

“They are going to meet the parents now?”

“Second uncle?”

Li Baitian had no change of expression. He had always been staying in Mount Shu and thus even though he was not unaware of the outside world, he would not pay much attention to it either. However, Ning Qiancheng’s expression changed greatly but it was not convenient for him to say much in front of Wang Yuetong, and hence he could only sneak a glance at Li Tianlan.

The Second Uncle of Wang Yuetong was the younger brother of Wang Tianzong, head of Wang Family of Beihai.

In Huating, or even in the entire Zhongzhou State, this is an extremely famous figure, one of the most popular rich men. Not only did he have huge connections in the wealthy circle, but he also had a huge amount of power in the areas of politics and business.

Ning Qiancheng had never seen Wang Yuetong’s Second Uncle, but he heard that this person was barely thirty years old and had been in the Thunder-shocking Realm for nearly 3 years, with the hope of reaching the Invincible Realm in the future.

The Wang family of Beihai had been in the peak of Zhongzhou State for hundreds of years. There were numerous rumors concerning each of the core members of the family.

The most widely accepted rumor was that after Prince Group snatched Huating from Southeast Group, the Wang family of Beihai was unsatisfied and pulled Wang Yuetong’s Second Uncle over to secretly fight for the control of Huating.

Today, the power hierarchy in Huating was very chaotic. Even if Prince Group had gained control of Huating now, they had merely gained the benefit of having the first move and was far from having full control of the city. Allocating such a powerful figure to Huating meant that the Wang family of Beihai was interested in fighting for the control of Huating.

Ning Qiancheng was unclear about the ability of the Second Uncle, but he was fully aware of his arrogance and ferocity.

It was rumored that Wang Yuetong’s Second Uncle had beaten Huating tycoon Zhong Youwei into a vegetative stage in Huating over a mysterious woman with the surname Qin. The matter spread across town like wildfire but the Second Uncle returned to Beihai Province unscathed and stayed with a low profile for only a few months before reappearing. Looks like nothing would come out of Zhong Youwei’s matter.

Even though Zhong Youwei himself meant nothing, his uncle was a top player and big shot in the entire Zhongzhou State.

Zhong Yongming!

He was one of the leaders of Prince Group, and also a member of the Zhongzhou State Decision Making Committee, the head of Huating.

Having such a backer, Zhong Youwei still became paralyzed and stayed unconscious in the hospital till today, with no actions from the Zhong family for the past few months. The strength of Wang family of Beihai, as well as the cruel and arrogant nature of Second Uncle, could then be seen.

Seeing that Li Tianlan and Wang Yuetong left the ward, Ning Qiancheng frowned and took out his phone, texting at extreme speed as he shortened the information that he had wanted to say.

Li Baitian also smiled and took out his phone to send a message to Li Tianlan.

“What did you send? Why are you having such a perverted smile?”

Ning Qiancheng asked, frowning.

“I told Tianlan that it is not right to not take the prey that had come to you. The little princess of Wang family of Beihai, tsk tsk, I hope he can understand what I mean.”

Li Baitian beamed.

“Bullshit! Do you know who Wang Yuetong is bringing Tianlan to see?”

Ning Qiancheng answered coldly.


Li Baitian was slightly stunned. “Isn’t it one of her elder?”

Ning Qiancheng had an angry headache. He rubbed his temple forcefully as he continued typing, without lifting up his head. “Yes, one of her elders, but also the idlest and reckless rich man of the entire Wang family of Beihai, Wang Xiaoyao! The Idle King of Wang family of Beihai! Do you really think that this would be a good meeting?”

The morning sun had already brightened up the sky when they walked out of the hospital.

The air was slightly cool.

Li Tianlan walked in front in silence, wondering silently about the nature of Wang Yuetong’s Second Uncle, and the meaning behind her bringing him to see him. Suddenly, the seductive voice rang behind him, “Senior brother Tianlan, are you very nervous?”

Li Tianlan was about to answer when the phone in his pocket vibrated. He casually took out his phone and stared at the message sent by Li Baitian, stunned. After a while, he replied. “Bullcrap!”

Just after spelling his word, his phone vibrated again. It was a message from Ning Qiancheng.

Li Tianlan opened the messaged and scanned it before smiling. He quietly returned the phone into his pocket and said, “Wang family of Beihai is a real giant in Zhongzhou State. It should not be incomprehensible for me to be a little nervous?”

“Don’t worry. Second Uncle won’t eat you.”

Wang Yuetong chuckled as she approached Li Tianlan, the sweet scent of a young girl coming with her, making him intoxicated with fragrance.

However, Li Tianlan was secretly smiling bitterly.

“Won’t eat me?”

Ning Qiancheng’s message had clearly conveyed the point that Wang Yuetong’s Second Uncle, Wang Xiaoyao, was someone who would eat you without giving a second thought.

“Furthermore, my main objective of bringing you out today was not to see Second Uncle.”

“Then who?”

Li Tianlan was confused.

“A Taoist Priest called Xuan Xuanzi.”

Wang Yuetong whispered, with reverence in her eyes. She suddenly asked, “Senior Brother Tianlan, do you believe in fate?”


Li Tianlan raised his brows and replied calmly after being silent for a while, “Yes and no. My grandfather once told me that you can choose to not believe in fate, but you can’t not fear or disrespect it.”

“You will believe.”

Wang Yuetong walked beside Li Tianlan, staring quietly at him with eyes brighter than the morning sun. “Senior Brother Tianlan, today, you will see your real fate in front of Xuan Xuanzi! The real fate!”

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