The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Coordination

Everything happened too fast, making it impossible for anyone to prepare for it.

That extreme speed marveled even the reaction time of men. Only a few people of the entire Sky Academy can react to that, much less the heavily injured Li Tianlan.

It was precisely because Li Tianlan could not react to it that the few individuals can capture his most genuine expressions.

Who is the most outstanding in this entrance maneuver?

It was indeed eye-opening to see Wang Yuetong from Wang family of the Southern Sea to defeat older students by the blink of an eye.

Li Baitian of Shu Mountain seemed to have not contributed much. However, him barely controlling the move “Thousand Sword Into One” at the exit of the maze showed his majestic power as well.

In the woods, Gu Yuoulan of Kunlun City defeating Xu Muye, the second-in-command of the elite organization, was impressive too.

However, the best was undoubtedly Li Tianlan.

Forcefully increasing his realm using Qi-controlling Realm to defeat Liu Xiuwei, who was at the peak of Fire-flaming Realm, showed an impressive potential that made everyone’s scalp numb.

Such a performance had already made Li Tianlan the first place in the hearts of many professors.

Now they are indeed the first team to appear at the finish line. However, how would Li Tianlan react when his first place was suddenly snatched away from him by a female member of his team just 10 meters away from the finish line?

Zhuang Huayang sat quietly in his seat, examining Li Tianlan quietly.

Ye Fengcheng casually lit up a cigarette but kept the corner of his eye on Li Tianlan.

Gu Yunxia’s eyes were full of mockery.

The mature woman who personally brought Wang Yuetong and Yu Qingyan to the finish line also looked at Li Tianlan with playful eyes.

The first and third place, or the third place and the tenth place, have a difference of thirty credits.

In a school where one credit can turn besties into rivals, thirty credits definitely meant a huge fortune.

Everyone was interested to see how Li Tianlan would behave facing these thirty credits.

The calm nature of Li Tianlan was too unusual for all.

He was dazed for a while before returning to his calm state. Facing Zhuang Huayang, he bowed and whispered, “Nice to meet you, Sir.”

“Nice to meet you.”

Zhuang Huayang squinted and smiled. “Nice performance. I’m glad that you are safe.”

At the same time, the mature woman who brought Wang Yuetong to the finish line squinted and exchanged glances with Ye Fengcheng with a tacit understanding.

This performance of Li Tianlan was not something they wished to see. They could understand if he was extremely disappointed, angry, hateful, or even if he congratulated Wang Yuetong sincerely.

However, the extremely quiet nature of this freshman surprised them as it revealed nothing of his inner thoughts. Having such good protection of one’s emotions at such a young age was simply unfathomable.

He would definitely be a powerful individual when he grew up.

Li Tianlan continued forward, but another person blocked his path just when he moved.

Gu Yunxia!

She stood in front of Li Tianlan with a cold and emotionless face.

Li Tianlan stopped in his path but did not change his expression at all. His face was not stiff like a dead man but showed calmness and peace from internally, as if cool air was dissipating from his heart.

“You go first.”

Li Tianlan stared at Ning Qiancheng and Li Baitian. Everyone from the second place to the tenth place was given 50 credits. Being roommates, the placing did not matter practically other than prestige. When the two crossed the finish line, Li Tianlan stared at Gu Yunxia in front of him and asked slowly, “Director Gu, what’s the matter?”

“Do you know what you had done?”

Gu Yunxia stared at Li Tianlan with sinister eyes.

Feeling the wrath and killing intent from the other party, Li Tianlan replied honestly, “I have completed the maneuver.”

This was definitely a right answer that avoided the intent of the question, ridiculing the other party in the process.

Gu Yunxia was raging but she did not let it show. Turning her voice sharper, she continued, “Li Tianlan, mind your attitude. You have indeed completed the maneuver but that meant nothing. You have killed deputy director of teaching from Sky Academy in the process. You need to receive your punishment from the school.”

She stared coldly at Li Tianlan and snapped maliciously, “You need to pay a price for what you have done!”

Li Tianlan frowned slightly, showing something other than calmness for the first time, but that was only because he detested the saliva that Gu Yunxia splattered on his face. Moving silently to the left by a step, he replied calmly, “Director Gu, did you see me kill Liu Xiuwei? Do you have evidence?”

Gu Yunxia was slightly stunned. To be honest, there was a thick layer of leaves and a thin layer of ice above the leaves blocking the fight between Li Tianlan and Liu Xiuwei. Thus, under the reflection of the layer of ice, the CCTV only captured huge layers of leaves. It was true that no one saw Li Tianlan kill Liu Xiuwei.

However, that part of the woods was beyond the area for maneuver, and only the two were there. If Li Tianlan did not kill Liu Xiuwei, did he commit suicide?

Gu Yunxia ground her teeth and laughed with anger, “You dare to lie?”


Li Tianlan’s eyes turned sharp with coldness as well. “I don’t need to. Liu Xiuwei deserves to die!”

This sentence showed the antagonistic nature of Li Tianlan, giving off a piercing aggression that shocked even Gu Yunxia. making her purple with rage.

“Tianlan is right. Liu Xiuwei deserves to die.”

Beside Wang Yuetong, the seductive and sexy mature woman laughed so slightly, staring at Gu Yunxia with glances that resembled sharp blades. “Director Gu, we have already discussed the matter regarding Liu Xiuwei just now. What is the point saying all these now? Oh, I remembered. I have heard someone crossing the river just now. It seems about right that the person is going to come aboard now. Could he be Director Gu’s junior? Are you fighting time for them? There is no need to do that. There is no practical difference between fifth and sixth place other than prestige.”


Gu Yunxia turned around in shock as her inner desires were exposed, making her almost vomit out blood in frustration. He had become the teaching director of Sky Academy and was full of pride. However, nothing was going in her way, making her so frustrated that she would even kill. Even though there was no practical difference between fifth and sixth place, the person behind represented the face of Kunlun City and thus it would naturally be good for him to be placed higher. However, it would be impossible for her to admit her thoughts now. “Don’t put words into my mouth, I tell you…”

“What if I put words in your mouth?”

The mature woman curved up her red ruby lips as her glances turned sharper. If I was wrong, let me pass. Director Ye said just now that Li Tianlan was not wrong. If you dare to touch him, pass through me first! I give you three seconds, be prepared to fight me if you don’t make way!”

Gu Yunxia’s face was as gloomy as the bottom of a wok, with embarrassment and malice written all over her face, but she didn’t dare to say much.

Although the woman in front was not a director or a deputy director, she was also in the management level of the school. For the next three years, she would be teaching the elite students camouflage and stealth tactics and was known for being the leader for these modules. However, the most annoying fact to Gu Yunxia was her strength.

Gu Yunxia was confident of fighting Ye Fengcheng. Even if she could not win, she also would not lose. However, if she fought this woman, it wasn’t a matter of winning or losing, but a matter of life and death.

Wang family of the Southern Sea, nicknamed “The Enchantress”!

One of the core experts of the Wang family of Southern Sea.

Within the entire Sky Academy, The Enchantress could be said to be the second most powerful individual. With the declining power of Zhuang Huayang, it was doubtful how long he could still suppress the enchantress.

The Enchantress was in the management level last year and taught the same courses on camouflage and stealth. However, in the last year, she doubled up as the leader of the assassination course group.

Only truly powerful individuals become the leader of the assassination course group as it was a title usually held by the top assassins. Holding this position was enough to show the scary nature of The Enchantress.

Thus, Gu Yunxia only hesitated for one second out of the three given to her before moving away. Even though that was embarrassing, it was nothing compared to the consequences of not giving way.

Li Tianlan successfully crossed the finish line and reported his name, getting the credits that he deserved. He had finished the first maneuver of the freshman year in the fifth place.

Walking in front of The Enchantress, he bowed and whispered, “Thank you, Ma’am.”

“I am The Enchantress.”

The Enchantress, who had a unique mature vibe all over her body waved at the boy and replied. “Don’t be so polite. As Yuetong’s friend, you can just call me Six Sister. Sigh. Actually, Yuetong should call me Six Aunt based on my age but Six Sister seemed younger, right?”

“Ma’am, you are young. Of course, we have to call you Six Sister.”

Li Tianlan said with a serious tone as if he was making a government report.

Smiling brilliantly, The Enchantress nodded profusely. “Not bad. You have a sweet mouth, unlike Old Ye. He always laments that he is of the same age as me even if I beat him up many times.”

Ye Fengcheng, who was not far away, turned red with embarrassment upon hearing this. He ground his teeth and turned around, pretending to not hear anything.

Li Tianlan did not know who Old Ye was and thus did not answer, instead choosing to wait silently for those after the fifth place.

After ten seconds, two figures appeared in her sight.

A young man and young woman appeared. The short girl was around 1.6m in height but had an extremely busty body. She walked ahead with steady strides and had a silver mask covering a huge part of her face, hiding her appearance. However, one could see her tightly pursed lips, which gave her a determined look.

The boy next to him walked at a similar pace. His superior height of nearly 2 meters showed an incredible burly power. With a rough appearance and ferocious eyes, Li Tianlan could not help but to feel that the man was the embodiment of power itself, full power!

Without even waiting for the duo to cross the finish line, Gu Yunxia announced impatiently, “Sixth place, Gu Youlan. Seventh place, Xu Yunzong.”

“All from Kunlun City.”

Wang Yuetong had appeared next to Li Tianlan silently and whispered to him with a solemn tone, “Gu Yunxia was an elder in Kunlun City before coming to Sky Academy. She was of the same sect as Gu Youlan and Xu Yunzong.”

Li Tianlan nodded. He had an instinctive hostility towards Kunlun City and wanted to ask about the exact situation of this central system in special warfare of the nation. However, he was aware that the occasion now was inappropriate.

After Gu Youlan and Xu Yunzong, the eighth-place appeared staggering after nearly half an hour of wait.

In about 20 minutes after that, more and more students completed the exercise, and the rankings listed were soon after 20.

Another 10 minutes of wait.

However, Li Tianlan noticed that all the freshmen who completed the maneuver now had lost their Credit-counting Watch. Even though they became Zhuang Huayang’s student, they now hold negative credits.

Following them was the elite organization that had just separated from Li Tianlan.

With Fan Haoyu leading them, the group headed straight towards the finish line.

Li Tianlan counted a total of nine individuals.

That was the 45th place.

Another four more places left.

Li Tianlan counted silently while judging the rest who had passed the maneuver. In the forty plus individuals here, some would become his friends, his brothers, or his enemies for the next three years or more. That included Xu Yunzong, who kept staring over coldly.

The 47th, 48th and 49th place quickly appeared.

They were familiar faces to Li Tianlan too.

The three leaders of Flames of War.

Liu Dongyu and Tan Qinghua held the severely injured Liu Dongchao and caught up to join the last few places.

There are only three left out of Flames of War, which had more than 10 members. The rest had all been wiped out.

It was apparent that Fan Haoyu was extremely excited. He tried his best to contain his laughter but his chubby face still became red with laughter, giving him a comical look.

While waiting for the last member to appear, The Enchantress, who stood beside Wang Yuetong became obviously more anxious. Her tightly frowned brows only loosened slightly when the 50th place appeared.

A woman of around 25 to 26 years of age appeared.

She was a standard beauty with an elegant and alluring figure. Her facial organs were all placed perfectly too. Such a seductive woman now had an extremely pale face, with numerous cuts through her camouflage clothing, revealing a huge portion of her snow-white skin. She walked with pain, shaking with each step. It was like she could fall at any time.

Li Tianlan noticed the weapons in her hands immediately.

They were two extremely delicate double daggers!

Double daggers?

Li Tianlan’s eyes narrowed as he turned to look at Wang Yuetong.

Wang Yuetong’s expression turned cold too.

“You have a rivalry with her?”

Noticing the change in Wang Yuetong’s expression, The Enchantress raised her brows and asked.

“She brought a group of people to have a sneak attack on us. Did you not see that, Six Sister?”

Wang Yuetong took a deep breath, and her large round breasts rose and fall accordingly, making for an extremely beautiful sight.

“I didn’t pay attention. We have too many things to take note at once and I could have been looking at something else. I am not worried about your strength when facing these students.”

The Enchantress shook her head and looked at the woman with the double daggers staggering towards the finish line. She whispered, “She is Du Hanyin, my student and a very pitiful girl. Yuetong, give Six Sister face and not dwell on the matter further, alright?”

Wang Yuetong snorted and rebutted softly, “I am not the one she hurt.”

“It’s me.”

Li Baitian laughed bitterly and replied directly without The Enchantress asking. “It’s alright. Nothing happened except for my own carelessness.”

The Enchantress nodded and did not continue.

When the 50th place Du Hanyin walked pass the finish line, Zhuang Huayang stood up accordingly.

“Very well.”

He coughed softly and looked at his watch, laughing. “The time taken for the first fifty students to complete the maneuver is similar to what I expected, even slightly exceeding it. Before the next maneuver, you all will be my students and I will treat you equally, trying my best to help you improve.”

He waved his had casually and pointed at the school bus nearby, continuing, “Enough nonsense. It’s time for the top 50 to board bus number 1. We are not waiting for the rest.”

Everyone moved at once towards bus 1.

Just when Li Tianlan turned his body, an extremely malicious and sinister roar rang behind him suddenly.

“Li Tianlan!”

Li Tianlan stopped in his tracks and turned around. It was Liu Dongchao, who walked towards him with help from Liu Dongyu and Tan Qinghua.

Other than him, Wang Yuetong, Li Baitian, Ning Qiancheng, as well as teachers such as Gu Yunxia and Zhuang Huayang turned around to this scene.

Even though no one saw the fight between Li Tianlan and Liu Xiuwei but everyone knew that it was the most exciting scene of this entire maneuver. Now that Liu Xiuwei was killed, everyone was curious about what his nephew, Liu Dongchao, will say.

“Anything wrong?”

Looking at Liu Dongchao, who stopped right in front of him, Li Tianlan spoke calmly.

“You destroyed Flames of War, ruined my future, humiliated my family and killed my second uncle.”

Liu Dongchao laughed pitifully, speaking with pauses between each word. His voice was full of uncontrollable anger and sorrow. “I will remember everything that had happened today and I will make sure you remember it too! Believe me when I say that you will regret what you did today with the rest of your life! I promise!”

“You are not my opponent.”

Li Tianlan’s tone became more indifferent.

“But I have my family.”

Like a madman, Liu Dongchao smiled brighter. “You have your family too, right? Don’t worry, they will be gone soon. I will use all my power to seek revenge on your family, your relatives, your friends and you! No one you love will like a good life and you will wish that you are dead! I can do it! Just wait!”

Li Tianlan’s glance became as deep as the sea.

“Saying all these…”

Looking at Liu Dongchao, he asked slowly, “Are you not worried that I will kill you here?”

“Kill me?”

Liu Dongchao laughed hysterically, so much that even tears erupted out of his eyes. “The maneuver is not even over yet, and you dare to kill me in front of so many people? Do you dare? Bastard! Fuck your mum! Do you dare? Come and kill me, come! Come and kill your dad, your dad is waiting for you here.”

A tinge of blood red appeared abruptly inside Li Tianlan’s pupil.

“Li Tianlan!”

Wang Yuetong screamed, “If you dare to kill senior Dongchao here, I will be the first one to hunt you down!”

She shrieked and suddenly struck. Amidst the shock of Ning Qiancheng and Li Baitian, she slammed her palm on the back of Li Tianlan.

Li Tianlan was ready to strike back but couldn’t help but notice that the attack on his back by Wang Yuetong was extremely soft and non-antagonistic. Furthermore, he could get closer to Liu Dongchao using this force.

“Such a smart girl, such an enchanting woman.”

These thoughts flashed through Li Tianlan’s mind as he purposefully spat out blood as he got pushed out by Wang Yuetong’s palm strike. His entire body lost control and slammed towards Liu Dongchao.

Before Liu Dongyu and Tan Qinghua had time to react to this strange scene, Li Tianlan’s body had already collapsed on Liu Dongchao. Coincidentally, his palm covered Liu Dongchao’s heart and twitched.

Liu Dongchao, who was hysterically laughing, twitched violently and started at Li Tianlan with widened eyes that were full of shock.

He could only see an insane man wearing a calm mask. The man seemed to have opened his mouth and whispered, “Fool.”

Darkness descended on Liu Dongchao. He, who had his heart crushed, died immediately.


Gu Yunxia, who was further away, shrieked. She flew up, conglomerating an amazing stroke of lightning in her hand, and directed it straight at Li Tianlan.

At the same time, flashes lightning erupted from Li Tianlan’s body.

Lightning was everywhere, spreading at an insane pace.

After merely a few seconds, the countless electrical currents had enveloped Li Tianlan’s body. They formed pieces of lightning in front of Li Tianlan and flew towards the air at Gu Yunxia.

Vast and dense pieces of lightning hit Gu Yunxia’s body at once. As the Director of Teaching in Sky Academy, she barely lasted for two seconds before flying out from the force of the lightning, vomiting blood in the process.

Most people stood dumbfounded in shock, trying to comprehend what they had seen.

The Enchantress looked solemn. She closed her eyes after examining the electricity surrounding Li Tianlan and the disheveled Gu Yunxia.

Principal Zhuang Huayang, who had personally protected Li Tianlan, walked straight towards Gu Yunxia, separating the cloud. He chided as he stared coldly, “Is there no rule, Director Gu? Do you think I’m dead and unable to control you?”

“Principal! Wang Yuetong and Li Tianlan are acting! Don’t tell me you don’t realize that!”

Gu Yunxia let out a hysterical roar.

Zhuang Huayang snorted at turned around to look at Li Tianlan.

Li Tianlan laid on the corpse of Liu Dongchao, completely comatose.

Wang Yuetong stood at the same place, stupefied. The plan was perfect.

“Such a smart girl.”

Zhuang Huayang silently complimented her in his heart, and then subconsciously shook her head.

Compared with Wang Yuetong’s intellect and smartness, the rarest thing here was his coordination with Li Tianlan.

That was also the most pitiful thing.

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