The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 242 - Day Seven · Under Siege

Chapter 242 Day Seven · Under Siege

Bitter winds blew, and miserable rain fell.

Lightning flashed, and thunder rumbled.

On the last day of the final battle, a particularly manic and depressive atmosphere hung over Changdao as dawn broke.

The endless rain splashed about in the air. In the raging storm, the whole world seemed to get twisted and crazy in the darkness.

In the worst weather, a white figure swiftly and fiercely flew past the temporary station of Zhongzhou State and rushed out of the village.

The heavy rain was all throughout the sky. Meanwhile, bitter winds were howling.

When everyone talked about how to retreat, all the people in the station of Zhongzhou State felt a kind of strong, suffocating killing intent.

The white figure soared across the sky, as a white rainbow arched across the curtain of night.

When the white figure passed by, the wind and rain covering the sky broke apart and dissipated while the air was vibrating. The extremely strong killing intent was continually increasing, which reached a peak in a short time that most people were shocked by.

The wind faded away.

The rain broke apart.

The white figure passed through wind and rain. When the white shadow was about to rush out of the village, a black shadow began to form in front of it abruptly.

A strand of sharp and bold sword intent almost unscrupulously swept through each space. In this place where the white shadow stood, the wind and rain faded, but only the black shadow took shape quietly and rapidly, becoming increasingly clear.

The white figure thrust forward and stopped.

In the next moment, Tribulation shifted his place with the black figure and stopped the white figure.

A silver mask covered Tribulation’s face. The Lord of Shadow of the Dark World always seemed to be calm and severe, without emotions.

Heavy rain hung over the old, run-down village. The nearby mountain forest became blurred in the rain. The whiteness on the horizon began to fill the night. The sky was getting bright, but the place that they stood became increasing obscured.

“Where are you going?” Tribulation asked.

Li Tianlan stopped.

He wore pure-white clothes and stopped in midair. He had an unspeakable presence.

He was sharp, calm, determined, and proud.

Looking at Tribulation, Li Tianlan bent down, almost lowering his head to the ground.

No greater respect than that could be seen in the upper air.

“Greetings, Junior Uncle Master,” Li Tianlan replied with a calm tone.

Tribulation’s pupils contracted without speaking.

He and Li Tianlan did not spend much time together, but he thought that he knew a little bit about this martial nephew.

Li Tianlan never treated him so politely.

However, he was so polite and respectful now. He may have decided to give everything.

“Where are you going?” he asked again after a pause.

“Little Bai is missing. I’m going to find her,” Li Tianlan replied blandly.


The silver mask hid Tribulation’s expression. His eyes flickered as he flatly spoke, “We’re making a plan to retreat. You’re on the first list to retreat. Go back. If there’s a clue, I’ll bring Boss Qin back for you.”

Li Tianlan shook his head and said flatly but with certainty, “I must go!”

The heavy rain poured down in torrents.

It was like water plunging from the sky.

Suddenly, Li Tianlan’s killing intent completely vanished. Under the vast night sky, the sword intent grew wild. Countless raindrops rapidly fell, and dense Sword Qi was howling in every raindrop.

The raindrops became cold and sharp. Abruptly, a trace of gloomy sword intent emanated from the rain.

“You want to fight against me?!”

Tribulation suddenly raised his voice. His voice was still hoarse and sullen. Through the night rain, his low voice quickly spread around half of the village.

Everybody came out of their rooms and looked up at them, who seemed to be in a confrontation in the air.

The Young Governor of Sigh City.

The Vice Governor of Sigh City.

What were they doing at such a time?

Li Tianlan looked at Tribulation quietly. He still had no anger, but rather, his feelings were a little more mixed.

He bent deeply again and said calmly, “No.”

Although he said so, Tribulation saw the resolve in Li Tianlan’s eyes when they looked at each other.

There was nothing but determination in his eyes.

Tribulation suddenly felt helpless.

Unexpectedly, Qin Weibai came to Changdao.

It was unplanned.

What was more surprising was that she was missing.

In such a complicated situation, anyone who found out that Qin Weibai knew nothing about fighting skills would not let her go easily. She was so vital that it would make sense to take her away.

Tribulation was not unaware of this news.

Actually, he knew it before Li Tianlan did. In such a dangerous situation, Zhongzhou State would care for nobody, even if the Samsara Palace and Zhongzhou State were still on very intimate terms with each other, not to mention that they appeared united outwardly but divided at heart.

Military Counselor did not get a clear response and support, so he informed Li Tianlan. It was understandable.

Li Tianlan would definitely take actions after learning the news.

In that case, Tribulation was not the only one who would suffer a headache.

Tribulation thought for a while.

He was good with words at ordinary times, but when persuading others, he was worse. He said slowly, “In the current situation, even if you…”

“Get out of the way!”

Li Tianlan spoke this before he had finished speaking. Qin Weibai’s whereabouts were still unknown, so he had no time to lose.

He could not delay for one minute.

He took one step forward.

Li Tianlan stood high in the sky, but he seemed to be radiant, like a bright moon.

“I must go!” he said firmly.

“So what? Where can you go now? Both the five great dark forces and East Island are suspected of taking Qin Weibai away. Will you investigate them one by one? Even if you do so, can you bring her back?”

Tribulation’s voice suddenly became cold.

Li Tianlan didn’t change his direction and just moved straight forward.

“I can!” he said softly and casually. Behind his casualness, there was a trace of desperate madness and confidence.

He moved forward slowly.

Everybody knew that if Tribulation did not give way, this battle was inevitable.

Li Tianlan did not want to fight, but that did not mean that he wouldn’t.

He had to go!

He would go to the place where Qin Weibai first disappeared and meet with Military Counselor. And then, he would search for her. Anyway, he would bring Qin Weibai back.

Li Tianlan looked calmer and calmer. His blazing eyes were filled with persistence and awesomeness.

At this moment, he did not think of the Li family or the future.

All he thought about was Qin Weibai, but not about her exceeding beauty, unique charm, as well as her tenderness and ambition.

They never said sweet words or made a solemn oath of love. Right now, Li Tianlan mostly thought about every movement and every look that she had made when they were together.

Those details that he had not cared about before sprang to mind.

Her eyes were limpid like water and tender like clouds.

Whether charming or enchanting, cold or blurred, her bright eyes were always full of deep love while looking at him.

Li Tianlan smiled gently.

While brushing past Tribulation, he gravely told himself that he would not disappoint her, even if he would be smashed to pieces and doomed eternally.

Tribulation made way for him.

Li Tianlan walked into the wind and rain.

He was resolute.

“Have you considered the consequences?”

Tribulation’s voice came from behind. “All are enemies outside the village. You have nothing but yourself.”

“So what?”

“If you never come back…”

“So be it…”


Tribulation was extremely angry, but he laughed, murmuring, “And what about the Li family?”

Li Tianlan’s figure suddenly disappeared.

His voice came from the front, sounding clear. “Our Li family exists for protecting what we want, and what deserves our protection. If I can’t protect my woman, what’s the meaning of the Li family’s prosperity? What does it matter to me?”

He fell to the ground.

He walked out of the village and walked into the forest.

A white light gradually appeared on the horizon.

It blew and rained like a dark night.

Tribulation stood in place and looked off into the dim distance.

The sword intent abruptly soared to the sky with burning fire.

As the sword intent scratched the sky, the flames spread wildly. Soon after, raging flames covered the mountains in the storm.

The flames rose upward against the rain. The torrent of fire flew in the rain curtain covering the sky, lighting up the sky at dawn. Flames, dancing in the countless raindrops, covered the mountains.

The sky rained fire.

In response, dark and dazzling lightning flashed.

A bolt of lightning spread across the sky. The moment that flash was accompanied by fire, a huge blast wave resounded in the mountains with a tremendous roar.

A huge explosion.

Countless trees fell down and shattered.

Li Tianlan came back or flew back more quickly.


He was entirely out of control and crashed into the village. He broke through a bungalow at the entrance of the town.

As the bungalow completely collapsed, its dust was blowing around. Li Tianlan was covered in a heap of stone bricks.

Tribulation looked solemn and squinted at the mountains.

Gongsun Qi, Firmament, and Gu Zhendong first appeared beside Tribulation.

Before anyone spoke, lots of footsteps were heard in the mountains.

The sonorous footsteps were earsplitting, like thunder in the night rain.

Figures appeared all over the mountains and plains, like a tide of people in the night rain.

The black tide of people moved forward and enclosed the village.

Without any sound, a figure seemed to appear from the void space and stopped in front of Tribulation.

With a black towel mask, he wore a tight ninja costume and held a dagger. Shinichi Miyamoto stood in the void space quietly and spoke gently; his murmuring resounded through the sky. “Nobody can leave here today except for the dead.”

Tribulation remained silent, saying nothing.

He saw many familiar figures in the crowd.

Most of them were cannon fodder of East Island, but those experts who hid among them were still dazzling.

He saw Tian Yue, the High Priest of Ise Grand Shrine.

He saw Tide and Glacier.

He saw Ben of the Heroes’ Club.

He saw King Bear of the Polar Ground Alliance.

He also saw Holy Light of the Knights Templars and Crow of the Fantasy World…

Zhongzhou State had not carried out the retreat plan, but all forces of East Island had joined hands to launch attacks in the shortest time.

At dawn, the village was under siege!

The village was solemn.

In addition to gloominess, everyone felt such a panic, but they did not want to admit it.

A confused sound rang out.

Among the ruins of the village, countless stone bricks flew up with a loud noise.

It was raining and blowing hard.

Li Tianlan, who was in white, walked out of the ruins without any dust on him.

He did not join any person of Zhongzhou State. He walked alone to the front in the sky.

In the crowd, Dongcheng Rushi quietly looked at his figure going higher and higher. Her face became blank.

One of her eyes was full of confusion and innocence. The other bright and beautiful eye was full of mixed emotions and a little fascination.

The far end of the crowd was far away from the void space of East Island and Zhongzhou State. The air twisted slightly. A slender white figure wore a long sword and had a red dagger hanging at her waist. She looked blankly at Li Tianlan, who had ascended into the sky.

At such a distance, the young white shadow already became blurred through the rain. However, she saw a touch of pride, and she felt it strangely familiar.

He was so proud and arrogant that he dared to scorn heaven and earth.

In the crowd, Li Tianlan finally rose to the top of the sky at the highest point.

The silver Human Emperor changed to the final form—the Sky Halberd, in his hand.

Two scarlet blades stretched out, elegantly and complicatedly.

Standing in the highest position, Li Tianlan held the Human Emperor and looked around.

In his sight, the crowd still thronged. The swarms of people seemed to fill the world.

All were enemies!

Li Tianlan raised the corners of his mouth slightly and looked indifferent.

In the silence, he was the first to speak with a calm tone.

“I am Li Tianlan.”

While speaking, he looked straight at Shinichi Miyamoto, the most powerful expert of the Invincible Realm. “Qin Weibai is my woman. Two hours ago, she disappeared near the No. 6 theater of operations.”

Li Tianlan paused and looked at Shinichi Miyamoto.

His voice was quiet, but it sounded like an order. “Tell me who took my woman away!”

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